When everything started, the estimated number of downtrodden who lived on the streets of Calcutta was 500’000 according to official statistics, 1 million according to Mother Teresa. Most of them were migrants from neighbouring states or Bangladesh, looking for work and needing urgent medical help.


The clinic Jack Preger started up rapidly changed and developed into high standard medical projects. Its services are described today by the police as the best available in the whole town. In 2009, Calcutta Rescue was also recognised as the best medium size NGO (500’000/1’000’000 $) in India by the Resource Alliance Organisation and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Extraordinary quality treatments
A wide scale medical commitment

His commitment to fight tuberculosis has been materialized by the installation of two WHO clinics (World Health Organisation) according to the DOTS – world fight for tuberculosis in the North of Calcutta and in the rural zones of West Bengal. Calcutta Rescue provides free treatment to the people who have tuberculosis and multi-resistant bacillus or ultra-resistant bacillus. It is a unique chance for these sick people seeing these treatments are not offered anywhere else in the whole State.


For a long time, Calcutta Rescue has been the only one to offer first intervention  treatment to people infected by HIV when this treatment was not available from the governmental hospitals. It continues to offer 2nd Intervention treatment for resistant cases, as the medication is not available in West Bengal or neighbouring states.


Numerous patients with an advanced state of cancer have seen their treatment financed by Calcutta Rescue as they would not have been treated anywhere else. Without forgetting a care centre for leprousy, a programme for mother-child health, mobile medical teams in the slums and villages, immunisation programmes, a street medical project, a programme in case of specific needs and filters for water in the villages of the Malda district providing drinking water to thousands of inhabitants.  In the frame of these projects, Calcutta Rescue works hand in hand with governmental agencies.

Education and training for the most underprivileged.

The four schools for street and slum children, offer basic training each day to 670 children, balanced meals as well as medical and dental treatment. The children who follow the programme have the possibility to continue their training in a governmental school if they are gifted, or to do an apprenticeship in one of the weaving centres of the organisation.


These centres not only train weavers but also employ former patients to make bandages for the Calcutta Rescue clinics, clothes for the patients and school children and material which will be used for handicraft.




If you become a sponsor and support Calcutta Rescue with a fixed monthly sum, you allow underprivileged children to envisage long term projects.

Jack particularly wants to offer free treatment to HIV sick people, he says that since he has been working in Bengal, it is the best thing he has accomplished.


Despite a large number of humanitarian organisations working in this field in India, only a few organisations distribute treatment directly and to a very restricted number of patients. Calcutta Rescue renders medicine accessible to the poorest, which even though subsidised, is impossible to get when the vital needs are already missing.

Your support is precious
Help the poor

Calcutta ‘s success is due to the fact that it not only takes care of people from underprivileged background who need medical treatment, but also offers many possibilities to considerably improve their standard of life and become independent.


Despite the opening of 5 clinics and the acquisition of 3 ambulances which travel through the city every day, the survival of Calcutta Rescue remains extremely fragile. The funds collected are often insufficient and the authorisation to treat difficult, even impossible to obtain.

Calcutta Rescue

Many support groups in the world are gathering funds necessary
for Jack’s projects, started more than 30 years ago.

Thanks to your donations, Calcutta Rescue offers a better life to more than 100’000 persons.

You are the proof that this world is possible.


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