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1 Patents - USPTO
Apply for a patent · Get started filing online · Register and easier filing resources · Check application status · Filing fees and payment · Forms ...
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2 Google Patents
Search and read the full text of patents from around the world with Google Patents, and find prior art in our index of non-patent literature.
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3 U.S. Patent Searching - Patents and Trademarks
If you know the patent number use either Google Patents or the USPTO website to find the patent. Enter the patent number without commas and ...
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4 Steps for patent searching - Patents: A How-To-Find Guide
To find patents based on the type of invention: · The Lens: Patent Search. Open Access. The Lens covers over 100 million patent documents from ...
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5 How to Search for Existing Patents - Entrepreneur
You can also access U.S. patent applications online. Start at Next, under the heading Related USPTO Services, click on Tools to Help Searching ...
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6 How do you know if a patent already exists? - LegalZoom
To search patents you need a patent database. Not too long ago, your search had to happen at the patent office. Now, the United States Patent ...
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7 EPO - Patent searching - European Patent Office
One way of checking whether or not your product or idea has already been invented and patented by somebody else is to consult the EPO's free search service ...
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8 Patents Belonging to a Person or Organization - NCSU Libraries
Go to the USPTO's online database. Choose the Issued Patents (as opposed to Published Applications) Quick Search. In the right pull-down field menu, select " ...
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9 Check the patents journal - GOV.UK
Search patent information held by the Intellectual Property Office in the patents journal. Start now on IPO online services. Before you start. The online ...
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10 Search - DPMA
A successful patent application always requires thorough search. Only those who know the state of the art and have an overview of already existing IP rights ...
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11 Conducting a Patent Search - NYS Library - Nysed
(USPTO) web site allows you to search for patents and published patent applications. The full-text of patents from 1976 to the present is ...
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12 Is My Idea Patented Already? Patent Search - UpCounsel
Go to the official website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Use the "Full-Text and Image Database" search to verify any present patent applications and ...
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13 How to Search for an Historical U.S. Patent - NYPL Libguides
Copies of patents, patent applications, and many other patent-related filings are available on the USPTO web site. Patent searching can be done ...
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WHY SEARCH FOR A PATENT? Personal: If you want to patent an invention, a preliminary search of existing patents will help you to determine if your invention ...
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15 Using the Patents Search Tools - IPOI
Why search? Searching can help you see whether there is anything similar in the market place which may affect the likelihood of your invention getting patent ...
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16 Patents and Trademarks - LibGuides at Tufts University
Where to find patents online · US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Patents Database · European Patent Office. Includes PDFs of US patents filed ...
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17 Patent Searching 101: A Patent Search Tutorial
It is always more wise to broadly search, perhaps searching the specification (using SPEC/) and find somewhat relevant patents. Then with ...
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18 Free Patent Searches - Neustel Law Offices
Free Patent Search Online · USPTO. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office provides free patent searching of its public databases. · Google Patents. A relatively easy ...
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19 Canadian Patents Database - Introduction
Welcome to CIPO's Canadian Patent Database. This database lets you access 153 years of patent descriptions and images. You can search, retrieve and study ...
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20 Welcome - Patents: How to Search - LibGuides - UMass Lowell
Finding US Patents · The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) Patent Database includes full text of patents from 1790 - present and also ...
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21 How to Check Patents on Amazon: 3 Ways - Prosper Show
There are two online sources to search for patents. One is the U.S. Patent & Trademark website, and the other is Google Patents. At either site, ...
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22 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office | USAGov
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is the agency responsible for granting U.S. patents and registering trademarks.
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23 Search Provisional Patents -
The easiest way to do this is to spend an hour or two searching and Try to think of different keywords to describe your idea and ...
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24 Patent Search Tutorial - 2019 | Penn State University Libraries
Why conduct a patent search? People search patents for many reasons, most often because they have an invention they hope to patent. A search will determine ...
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25 Searching patents - IP Australia |
Before you apply for a patent, it is important to conduct a comprehensive search for patent information. This step in the application ...
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26 How to check the status of a patent application?
For checking the status of a U.S. patent application, the simplest case is where the patent application has already been published. A patent ...
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27 How do I find my competitor's patents or patent applications?
If the patent number or patent application number is known then it is easy to retrieve the corresponding patent or patent application. For example to your type ...
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28 Finding Historical Patents by Inventor Name at the Arizona ...
Use the United States Patent and Trademark Office website at with Patent Number search. You can bring up images of patents issued ...
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29 4 Ways to Check a Patent - wikiHow
› ... › Vital Records
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30 Patent Searching Online | Nolo
Fee-Based Patent Searching Companies · Clarivate, a fee-based company that provides a range of services including patent searches. · Sagacious IP, a multi-service ...
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31 Patent databases and registers |
Patent database Espacenet. Check if your invention has been invented before in Espacenet, the worldwide online search system for patents. · Dutch patent register.
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32 How to Do a Patent Search | Justia
Patent searches require you to search different databases or specialized libraries to see whether there are any identical, similar, or partly ...
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33 Patent Search / Utility model Search | Japan Patent Office
J-PlatPat (Japan Platform for Patent Information) is an official digital library for patents, utility models, designs and trademarks. Search ...
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34 How to do a Patent Search in 6 Steps (The ... - Bold Patents
STEP 1: Understand What a Patent Search is and What it is Not · STEP 2: Invention Disclosure · STEP 4: Begin Searching Broadly · STEP 5: Classification Searching: ...
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35 Your Complete Guide To Conducting A Patent Search
Check out the official website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and click on the Full Text and Image Database. Search ...
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36 Espacenet – patent search
Espacenet: free access to millions of patent documents. Find out if your invention is unique or if other inventors have filed patent applications that are ...
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37 Intellectual Property India
Patent Search · Patent E-register · Application Status · Help. Application Number: Captcha Text Refresh Captcha Captcha Audio. Enter Code *.
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38 How do I figure out if a US patent is still in force?
To determine if a patent is still in force, you will need access to the USPTO's website. You can find most of the information in the text-based display, ...
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Verify that the classes and subclasses identified through the Index to the U.S. Patent Classification are actually relevant and further refine your search.
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40 Search for Patents ITP - Instituto de Tecnologia e Pesquisa
It is recommended to perform a prior search before filing a patent application. This search is to evaluate the state of the technology related to the material ...
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41 How to Do a Patent Search - Science | HowStuffWorks
To find out if someone has a patent on a particular idea or object, you'll need to do a patent search. However, this isn't as easy as entering a few ...
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42 Searching for patents yourself - Swiss Federal Institute of ...
If you want to search for relevant patents, then Espacenet is the right database. The European Patent Office's database contains more than 90 million patent ...
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43 Patents - How to find resources by format
Patents: Search Tools · United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the federal ...
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44 Search Patent – The Official Portal of Intellectual Property ...
IP Online Search ... Register as user and start your search on Patent, Trade Mark, Industrial Designs, and Geographical Indications now! bi-iponline ...
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45 Search For Patents - USPTO Patent Search
Inventors are encouraged to search the USPTO's patent database to see if a patent has already been filed or granted that is similar to your patent.
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46 Additional Patent & Trademark Search Resources
Web-based patent search application from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Includes issued patents and patent applications. More information ...
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47 How to Find a Patent Document - Patents and Designs
The easiest way to retrieve a patent document from a patent database is by its publication or patent number. Patent documents can be ...
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48 Databases & Tutorials - Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright
Patent Searching - Databases and Tutorials · Patent Public Search - New in 2022. · Google Patents - Google for patent searching, with well- ...
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49 Search Patents - WVU Libguides - West Virginia University
7 Steps for Effective Patent Searching · Find keywords to use with the Index to US Patent Classification. · Check the Manual of Classification.
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50 Patent search, analytics & research services - Clarivate
The Clarivate patent research team helps you to navigate the IP landscape and provide actionable insights to improve decision-making across the IP ...
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51 Patent Searching & Citing - Research Guides
Google's basic patent search, collecting patents and patent applications from the patent offices of the US, Europe, Canada, Germany, China, ...
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52 Find Patents - Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Covers US patents issued from 1790 to the most recent weekly issue date. See ...
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53 What is a patent search and How to do it?
What is a patent search? A patent search, aka novelty or patentability search, confirms whether an invention is new. If it isn't, then you won ...
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54 Conduct a Patent Search - Secure Your Big Idea
A patent search takes place to determine if other inventions similar to yours exist or if yours is truly “novel.” Sometimes, experts call a patent search a “ ...
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55 4. How do I conduct a patent search?
Before embarking on the process of patenting your idea, you should conduct a patent search to ensure that the same idea has not been patented before by ...
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56 Patents > Apply for Patents > Search
see.ip, espacenet, depatisnet and Co ... Find out if your invention is actually new by searching yourself! You will find an instruction for this in the ...
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57 International Patent Law Research Guide - LibGuides
Free Patent Search Sites · Free Patents Online. Issued patents and published patent applications from the USPTO, WIP, EPO, Japanese Abstracts, ...
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58 Patent Search and Analytics | IPOPHL
In conducting patent search, patented and non-patented information are identified and analyzed to determine relevance and similarity to a given patent or ...
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59 Basics of Doing a Patent Search - Explained
USPTO Database - The USPTO database allows for a search of all granted and petitioned patents. The search criteria allows for searching granted ...
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60 Search for existing patents - IPONZ
search for a case you have an interest in, if you want to conduct business with us concerning a patent application or registration. Once you have selected from ...
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61 How to Do a Patent Search in 5 Steps: What You Need to Know
A patent search or patentability search is the process of evaluating the patentability of your invention. Patent applications will be ...
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62 Patent search — English
The inventor may use the search in patent documents in order to assess the possibility for a patent to be granted for his invention and/or ...
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63 Searching Patents - Patent and Trademark Resource Center ...
1. Do a keyword search in Google Patents, · 2. Locate several patent(s) that are relevant to your research · 3.
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64 All About the Patent Search - Snow Christensen & Martineau
Most patent attorneys recommend a patent search before filing a patent application. During a search, a patent agent or attorney reviews the prior art ...
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65 Search for patents - Research and innovation - European Union
Consult the online directory of patent information centres and other useful resources. Find patents on the Joint Research Centre (JRC). Search patents and ...
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66 How To Conduct A Patent Search - Heer Law
Patent searches are commonly conducted by patent lawyers with experience filtering through hundreds if not thousands of documents to identify ...
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67 What is a Patent Search? - Oppenhuizen Law PLC
A patent search, or patentability search, is a search of existing patents and other publicly-available documents (which is referred to as “prior art”) to ...
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68 Patent Search and Analysis
› inportal
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69 How To Complete A UK Patent Search | The British Library
Using Ipsum it's possible to view up-to-the-minute information on patents, see which classifications and fields of search have been used and submit observations ...
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70 Legal Patent Search - Volta Law
Once you share your idea or invention with your attorney, they will conduct a USPTO patent search. Part of the patent approval process is ...
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71 Finding patent information: Google Patents
Google Patents is Google's own patent search tool. It draws on patents from more than 100 of the biggest patent offices from around the ...
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72 How to do a Patent Search? - GreyB
For a US patent search, go to On the left side column, i.e. 'PatFt: Patents', is the section where you can search for the ...
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73 Are Provisional Patent Applications Published?
The U.S. Patent Office never publishes provisional patent applications, making them unavailable for a patent search or public viewing.
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74 How to Do a Patent Search - IndiaFilings
By entering a query in more than one box, the applicant can run very precise patent searches. Once the required keywords are entered in the respective boxes, ...
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75 How To Do a Patent Search & How Much Does It Cost
A patent search is a search of issued patents and published patent applications for inventions that might be considered important “prior art” references ...
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76 Patents and Trademarks - ULibraries Research Guides at ...
Search for patents: · PatFT - USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database · AppFT - USPTO Patent Application Full-Text and Image Database ...
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77 Engineering & Applied Science Resources: Find Patents
Google Patent Search covers United States and world patents. ... Discovery and analytics tool for the patent literature. ... The espacenet system is ...
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78 Search - BLM GLO Records - Bureau of Land Management
You do not have to fill in all fields, but provide at least one additional field. Click the Search Patents button. Search Tips: Hover your mouse over a field to ...
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79 The Lens - Free & Open Patent and Scholarly Search
Check out the latest stats on the Lens patent data (coverage, date range, and various accessible metadata). Updates are performed on a 2 week basis at the ...
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80 Home - Patent Searching - LibGuides at Cornell University
A patent for an invention grants a property right to the inventor, usually for 20 years. The USPTO isn't the best place for patent searching, ...
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81 Databases for Finding Patents - Patents and Intellectual Property
The USPTO's PATFT searches and serves over 7,000,000 patents and includes all three types of patents (utility, design and plant). Word searches ...
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82 Patents -
A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, such as a product or a process. Learn about, search for or apply for registration.
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83 Where to Search - Patents - LibGuides at MIT Libraries
Search Sites · Espacenet. European Patent Office patent search tool with access to information about inventions and technical developments from ...
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84 Patent and Trademark Resource Center
Patents · General Information Concerning Patents · 7 Step U.S. Patent Search Strategy Guide · Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) · Search USPTO Patent Full ...
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85 Patent Searching - M-WTCA
The simplest search is where you already know the patent number. You can enter the patent number at
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86 Patent Search | LexisNexis TotalPatent One®
Patent search with LexisNexis TotalPatent One® for quick, precise, and reliable results from global patent authorities.
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87 Search for existing patents |
You can search for patent information in specialist or trade magazines or any other relevant literature. You can also use search engines and websites to look ...
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88 Patents and Trademarks - Research Guides
Searching for Patents · Patent Public Search. Patent database from the United States Patent and Trademark Office · European Patent Office ( ...
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89 Foreign Patent Searching Guide - Fondren Library
IPAIRS (India) - Search granted patents and applications, an agent register, and application status. See also the Patent Searching Guide for U.S. Patents. URLs ...
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90 Searching - Google Help
From the homepage, you can begin your search in a few ways: Enter a patent publication or application number, such as US9014905B1, 9014905, or US 14/166502 ...
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91 Patents - IPOS
A patent can help you to protect your new product, process or technical improvement to existing technology. Read on to find out more about ...
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92 How do I Check the Status of my Patent Application? - IPhuddle
If your patent application has not published, you'll have to ask your attorney for a status update on your application. When checking the status of your ...
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93 What Happens After a Patent Application Is Filed in the U.S.?
Attorneys complete final check of the application prior to payment of the issue fee, to be sure that no formal documents are outstanding, and ...
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