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1 US Air Force connects 1,760 PlayStation 3's to ... -
The Condor Cluster consists of 1,760 Sony PlayStation 3's, and is the US Department of Defense's fastest interactive computer.
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2 PlayStation 3 cluster - Wikipedia
A PlayStation 3 cluster is a distributed system computer composed primarily of PlayStation 3 video game consoles. ... Before and during the console's production ...
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3 The rise and fall of the PlayStation supercomputers - The Verge
The game consoles entered the supercomputing scene in 2002 when Sony released a kit called Linux for the PlayStation 2. “It made it accessible,” ...
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4 TIL the U.S. government used 1760 Playstation 3's to build a ...
TIL the U.S. government used 1,760 Playstation 3's to build a supercomputer for the Department of Defense. Their reason: It was more cost efficient and "green".
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5 The Air Force built one of the world's fastest computers out ...
Jul 14, 2021 —
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6 Air Force Unveils Fastest Defense Supercomputer, Made of ...
... but apparently so is the military. The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has strung together 1760 PlayStation 3 gaming systems to ...
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7 Rome Lab's supercomputer is made up of 1,700 off-the-shelf ...
By linking together 1,716 PlayStation 3s, they've created a supercomputer that's very good at processing, manipulating and interpreting vast ...
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8 PlayStation 3 Video Game Consoles - Blogs@Baruch
The military used 1,760 PlayStaion 3 consoles to make, according to., “the 33rd largest supercomputer in the world. In addition to its.
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9 Air Force Taps PlayStation 3 for Research - Computerworld
Supercomputer experts at the Air Force already have 336 PS3 consoles hooked together in an experimental Linux-based cluster. Now they want 2,200 more to ...
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10 US Air Force connects 1,760 Playstation 3's to build ...
Sony absolutely adored that supercomputer project if you lived through this period and ... I'd be more surprised if the Navy approved a PS3 supercomputer, ...
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11 PlayStations power Air Force supercomputer - CNET
PlayStation 3 processors find an unlikely home in the Condor Cluster, a mega-computer built to undertake highly specific military tasks.
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12 Why did the US Air Force assemble a supercomputer using ...
US Air Force connects 1,760 PlayStation 3's to build supercomputer ... Navy's advantage is the Tridents are very stealthy and constantly moving while the ...
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13 US Air Force sad over PS3 'Other OS' feature removal
They liked them so much that they bought 2,200 more last year. The USAF made some supercomputer with the systems, grouping these 2,200 systems with the 336 ones ...
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14 The Infographics Show - Facebook
The PS3 was chosen due to its computing power and ability to run custom software, as well as its relatively low cost. The consoles in the Condor Cluster ...
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15 20 Years Later: How Concerns About Weaponized Consoles ...
The Japanese military threatened to step in and prevent Sony from ... While most of the PS3-based supercomputers have been disassembled and ...
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16 Air Force Reveals the Fastest Military Supercomputer
This Project began some years ago, and during that time, the PlayStation 3 supercomputer consoles cost around $599 each, and at the same time, ...
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17 How to build a PlayStation Supercomputer: PS3 Cluster
PlayStation 3 actually has a powerful octa-core processor inside. Mostly supercomputers and servers have hundreds of Intel Xeon processors. But ...
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18 Military purchases 2200 PS3s - SciTechBlog - - Blogs
It seems generous grandmothers aren't the only ones purchasing PlayStation 3 (PS3) consoles this holiday season. The U.S. Dept. of Defense ...
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19 Sony still subsidizing US military supercomputer efforts
Calling the PS3 "the only viable technology for HPC applications" is wildly overstating it, but we get the picture. The reason that the PS3 is a ...
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20 PS3 Supercomputer in a Refrigerated Shipping Container
Things started to get really interesting when the military caught wind of the entire project and decided to have a go themselves. They took his ...
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21 At Pentagon, the PS3 only does everything - Fedline
CNN said the military is shopping for 2,200 new PS3s to complement a supercomputer cluster already running on 336 PS3s.
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22 New PS3 "Condor" Supercomputer Now Fully Online
The Air Force hopes to use the PS3 cluster to allow for real-time surveillance over large areas without sacrificing image quality. According to ...
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23 U.S. Air Force Uses PS3 Consoles for "Cheap" Supercomputer
The U.S. Air Force used 1,760 Sony Playstation 3 video game consoles to create a supercomputer at about a tenth the normal cost for such a ...
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24 Culture.Mil - Playstation 3 Cluster :: Ft. Gordon - Army MWR
Nicknamed the “Condor Cluster,” the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) created a supercomputer with a core made of 1,760 Sony PlayStation 3 ...
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25 US Air Force setzt auf Supercomputer aus 1.760 PlayStation 3s
Über 1.700 PS3-Konsolen rechnen im "Condor Cluster" ... auch nicht: Der PlayStation 3-Supercomputer der Forschungsabteilung der US Air Force ...
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26 Air Force To Expand PlayStation-Based Supercomputer - N4G writes: The U.S. Air Force is looking to buy 2,200 Sony PlayStation 3 game consoles to built out a research ...
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27 PlayStation 3 | The JH Movie Collection's Official Wiki - Fandom
As a more cost-effective alternative to conventional supercomputers, the U.S. military has purchased clusters of PS3 units for research purposes.
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28 Supercomputers Made from PS3 Parts - Trend Hunter
A US military supercomputer built with Sony PlayStation parts is now the world's fastest computer. The IBM machine, affectionately dubbed "The Roadrunner," ...
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29 Sony PSPs enlisted as study aids by the Royal Navy | Engadget
Whoever it was at Sony HQ that decided to pursue "military ... its PS3 supercomputer, we're hearing glorious Britannia's Royal Navy has ...
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Retail PS3 Slim units cannot be used for supercomputing, because the PS3 Slim lacks the ability to boot into a third-party OS. On March 22, 2007, SCE and ...
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31 Sony PlayStation 3: It's not all fun and games - GCN
Physics professor Gaurav Khanna has turned to Sony's PlayStation 3 to build a supercomputer to help with the work.
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32 PS3 Sony PlayStation 3 Console PS3 Games PlayStation3 ...
(SCEI) President and CEO, Ken Kutaragi as a "supercomputer for computer entertainment." This next-generation Sony video game console is rumored to be available ...
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33 US Air Force connected 1,760 PlayStation 3's to build a ...
Nicknamed the Condor Cluster, the supercomputer allows the military to perform fast analysis of large high-resolution imagery captured by satellites. The PS3 ...
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34 Playstation 3 HistoriayJuegos - leer wikipedia con nuevo diseño
La PlayStation 3 ( PS3 ) es una consola de videojuegos doméstica ... Retail PS3 Slim units cannot be used for supercomputing, because PS3 Slim lacks the ...
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35 ps3 supercomputer, That Can Aid - The New Times
ps3 supercomputer, Got a PS3 from the Condor Supercomputer :, Supercomputers Made from PS3 Parts: IBM Roadrunner Is Fastest, The rise and of the ...
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36 All news - SCV @ UMassD
Gaurav Khanna's PlayStation 3 supercomputer is featured as one of the 11 Inventions ... who was recently awarded a $753,841 grant from the Office of Naval ...
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37 History of Innovation - Kai Staats
Sold largest Sony PS3 supercomputer (1,760 nodes) to U.S. Air Force. 2008. Terra Soft helps Student Project Africa Network raise more than $3000 ...
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38 International Centre for Earth Simulation - ICES Foundation
DoD to Install Cray-AMD System at Navy DSRC in Mississippi · Fujitsu A64FX Supercomputer to Be Deployed at Nagoya University This Summer.
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39 The Economic Trend of Video Game Industry - arXiv
[2]US Military Creates Supercomputer from. PS3.”GoodNewsWeekly. n.p. 04 May. 2011. Web. 30. September. 2012. [3]Workman, Robert. Motion gaming review: Xbox ...
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40 PlayStation 3 - Informatika - 1 3065 - UNKRIS Jakarta
11 PlayStation 3 supercomputer; 12 Content notes; 13 References ... conventional supercomputers, the U.S. military has purchased clusters of PS3 units for ...
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41 Tagged: Air Force - Technabob
On March 3, 1969, the United States Navy established an elite school for the ... Condor PS3 Supercomputer Goes Online for Air Force: Shall We Play a Game?
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42 'ps3' related words: wii sixaxis motorstorm [276 more]
... create drive-by shooting bb gun fedora middle east singapore dollar supercomputer sony pictures united kingdom cpu united states stereoscopy dualshock 3 ...
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43 Ps3 - XOG - Weebly
[26] During the event, Sony showed 27 playable PS3 games running on final ... [71] Retail PS3 Slim units cannot be used for supercomputing, because PS3 Slim ...
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44 The Seventh Generation of Console Video Games / Useful ...
The PlayStation 3 was marketed more or less as a household supercomputer (in Britain, there was a bizarre and weirdly durable urban legend pre-release that it ...
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45 ASUS P6T7 WS Supercomputer "Ultimate Gamer" choose ...
Buy ASUS P6T7 WS Supercomputer "Ultimate Gamer" choose 3Way SLI + PhysX at Real ... SATA RAID, 6 x SATA 3Gb/s port(s), navy blue Support Raid 0, 1, 5, 10 ...
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46 PS3 'OtherOS' Scandal: Sony 1, Customers 0 | TechPowerUp
Even the US military built a "supercomputer" around a cluster of 1760 PlayStation 3's, finding them very useful for such things as ...
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47 The US Air Force One Built A Supercomputer Out Of PS3s
We had no idea that the United States Air Force once made a supercomputer out of PlayStation 3s but yeah, they absolutely did.
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48 Sony, Microsoft see games key to console race | Reuters
Sony cut the price tag for its PS3 by 17 percent on Monday, ... considering it has a supercomputer processor, a 60-gigabyte hard drive and a ...
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49 Why Did Sony Take So Long to Revamp the PS3?
There's been much hand-wringing about the PS3's price and the fact it ... even powerful enough to be networked into a cheap supercomputer, ...
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50 How the Globalization of Video Games Is Changing the Way ...
future generations have using game controllers will only drive the military further into the video game market place. Air Force PS3 Supercomputer.
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51 Terra Soft Carries the Torch for Cell and Power Platforms
Since launching Yellow Dog Linux for the PLAYSTATION3 (PS3) last ... hardware into the 3,000 square-foot supercomputing room which has a ...
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52 yakuza 3 playstation store - Tatousenti
... the last of us part 1 ps5 · carrion ps4 store · playstation 2 socom us navy seals · ps3 military supercomputer · game shopping sites · ps4 games resale ...
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53 Will next-gen intel and ryzen chips finally beat the PS3's cell?
I remember the navy sued Sony for the removal of Linux support, because they had a super computer consists entirely of PS3 running Linux.
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54 【Kylat Tech】美軍曾用上千台PS3 打造超級電腦! - INSIDE
PlayStation 3 不僅對玩家來說是經典回憶,對當時的美軍來說還可以集結上千台PS3 來組成 ... 美軍,PS3 (us-military-used-ps3-to-build-a-super-computer)
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55 The PlayStation Supercomputer - DCD - DatacenterDynamics
The PlayStation 3 launched, after some delays, in late 2006 with a 90nm Cell chip inside it. A year later, IBM released the BladeCenter QS21, an ...
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56 Space engineers drone ai - Stratégie digitale ebook
... a design challenge for UK Naval Engineering Science and Technology (UKNEST). ... so it doesn't require a cloud-based supercomputer like other AI Jun 17, ...
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57 World of Warcraft e altri giochi Blizzard lasciano la Cina da ...
[I][COLOR="Navy"]But Blizzard isn’t giving up on China and is open to finding alternative publishing partners, which are required for ...
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58 Astrophysicist Replaces Supercomputer with Eight PlayStation ...
Gaurav Khanna, an assistant professor of astrophysics, is using a cluster of eight Sony PlayStation 3 consoles running Linux to run ...
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59 Build an 8 PS3 supercomputer - ZDNET
Look under the hood The PS3's Cell Broadband Engine processor, or Cell, is a heterogenous multiprocessor. Instead of identical cores - like the ...
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