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1 Retail Data Analytics - Kaggle
Historical sales data from 45 stores.
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2 There are 60 retail datasets available on
There are 60 retail datasets available on Find open data about retail contributed by thousands of users and organizations across the world.
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3 25 Best Retail, Sales, and Ecommerce Datasets for ML | iMerit
Retailrocket Recommender System Database: Collected from real-world Ecommerce sites, this retail dataset is built around visitor behavior and ...
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4 Retail Data | US Cross Shopping Transactions - Dataset Search
This dataset includes a feature release of our Spend dataset and contains consumer spending insights for major brands and chains across the US. SafeGraph's ...
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5 Warehouse and Retail Sales - Catalog -
This dataset contains a list of sales and movement data by item and department appended monthly. Update Frequency : Monthly ...
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6 All data related to retail industry - Office for National Statistics
Retail sales pounds data. Dataset | Released on 18 November 2022. Total sales and average weekly spending estimates for each retail sector in Great Britain ...
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7 Retail Data: Best Datasets, Databases & APIs 2022 - Datarade
A data retail data collector gathers price points for many categories of merchandise, to then be compiled in a commerical dataset by a data vendor. Data vendors ...
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8 Dataset Gallery: Consumer & Retail -'s datasets gallery is the best place to explore, sell and buy datasets at - Machine Learning Made Easy.
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9 Where can I find interesting data sets for the retail industry?
Brands in the retail industry normally tries it's best to protect data from ... and useful retail and ecommerce data sets n Datarade, Bright Data and more.
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10 Retail Dataset - Tableau Public
› WalmatRetailDataAnalysis
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11 Online retail dataset - Papers With Code
The company mainly sells unique all-occasion gifts. Many customers of the company are wholesalers.
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12 Warehouse and Retail Sales | Open Data Portal
Skip to Main Content. Return to dataMontgomery Homepage. Search Search. Data CatalogSuggest a Dataset. Open Budget.
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13 Retail Data Sets - Demand Data
Demand Data provides data intelligence for retailers and consumer product companies. We curate datasets to help your brand sell more product at better ...
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14 Spark-The-Definitive-Guide/online-retail-dataset.csv at master
› master › data › retail-data › all › o...
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15 Download Data Sets - Business & Industry - U.S. Census Bureau
› ... › Time Series / Trend Charts
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16 CPG and Retail Data Sets on AWS Data Exchange
The portfolio of AWS analytics services such as retail store databases, clothing store API's, online grocery store data sets, and shopping datasets, ...
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17 StandardSim: A Synthetic Dataset For Retail Environments
We're proud to present StandardSim: a first-of-its kind synthetic dataset for retail environments. Our pioneering work has recently been…
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18 RPC-Dataset Project Page
A Large-Scale Retail Product Checkout Dataset.
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19 Retail Analysis sample for Power BI: Take a tour
The Retail Analysis built-in sample contains a dashboard, report, and dataset that analyzes retail sales data of items sold across multiple ...
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20 Retail analytics sample database | YugabyteDB Docs
The Retail Analytics dataset includes sample data in the following tables: Products: Product information; Users: Customers who have bought products; Orders: ...
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21 Data Management for Retail Dataset using Python and Pandas
Data Management for Retail Dataset will be the next important project that has been added to this training. You will get to learn about the approach that is ...
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22 Dominick's Dataset - Kilts Center | Chicago Booth
Datasets This data is provided for academic research purposes only. ... The Dominick's dataset covers store-level scanner data collected at Dominick's Finer ...
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23 Tableau Projects For Practice (2nd) - Retail Dataset Analysis
Jul 25, 2021
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24 Preprocessing Large Datasets: Online Retail Data with 500k+ ...
Preprocessing Large Datasets: Online Retail Data with 500k+ Instances. Few months ago I had the opportunity to work on a project with a huge data set with ...
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25 Projects, datasets, and data stores | Cloud Healthcare API
A dataset is a container in your Google Cloud project that holds modality-specific healthcare data. Datasets contain other data stores, such as FHIR stores, ...
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26 Retail Reports | Agricultural Marketing Service - USDA
Market News now offers a Retail Summarized Dataset that combines all the data from the reports above in one unified dataset and available in CSV, TXT, ...
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27 Retail Sites - Open Data DC
The dataset contains locations and attributes of retail opportunities in DC, created by the Washington, DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP).
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28 Accurate AI Training Data For eCommerce & Retail Industry
Searching for retails & eCommerce sales datasets to train your machine learning model? At shaip, we provide high-quality data annotation & collection ...
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29 Retail Item Detection Datasets and Pre-Trained Models
Roboflow hosts the world's biggest set of open-source retail store item datasets and pre-trained computer vision models. Images are captured from personal ...
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30 Quality location data for informed retail planning decisions
Make informed planning decisions with retail datasets from Precisely. Quality location data helps to understand customers, identify targeted markets & more!
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31 High Quality Store Location Datasets for download - ScrapeHero
Retail Store Location Data For Your Business Needs · Some of the most comprehensive datasets in the industry · Explore our custom data subscriptions and data ...
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32 Using Neurolabs' Retail-Specific Synthetic Dataset in Production
We're excited to open source one of Neurolabs' synthetic datasets, CPGDet-129 that is used in our retail-focused flagship product, ReShelf.
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33 Retail Video & Image Data Annotation - Keymakr
Keymakr is an expert in providing retail annotations and creating training datasets for retail applications, machine learning models and visual AI.
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34 Data Analysis with Retail Dataset - RPubs
->Based on the result of dim(retail), we can see that Retail consists of 9994 rows and 15 columns. -Next we have to check out the type of data ...
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35 [2103.13864] A Retail Product Categorisation Dataset - arXiv
Providing this data set, our goal is to boost the evaluation of machine learning methods for the prediction of the category of the retail ...
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36 Online Retail Dataset - Classification, Clustering ... - Codersarts
Description : This Online Retail II data set contains all the transactions occurring for a UK-based and registered, non-store online retail ...
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37 Carbon (CI) and energy intensity (EI) dataset for retail stores
Based on this dataset, CI and EI benchmarks were calculated for food and non-food retailers, applying the statistic function first quartile (Q1) for the ...
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38 DataStock: Purchase Datasets| Retail Datasets | E-Commerce ...
Buy and purchase dataset ranging from different categories like Ecommerce datasets to real estate datasets. Sign up and download the dataset of your choice.
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39 Analyzing Performance of Clustering Algorithms on a Real ...
The performance of K-means, K-Medoids, Agglomerative Clustering and DBSCAN is compared on a real retail dataset of a department store.
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40 Nielsen Consumer Panel and Retail Scanner Data
About this Database. The Nielsen Datasets at the Kilts Center for Marketing is a partnership between The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the ...
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41 10 Great Places to Find Free Datasets for Your Next Project
Wondering where to find free and open datasets for your next data project? Look no further… If you're looking for a job in data analytics, ...
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42 Can I get supermarket or retail dataset from net? - ResearchGate
I am working on association rule mining for retail dataset. Can you provide the link to download data where demographic and items purchased with quantity ...
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43 Retail Centre Boundaries and Open Indicators - CDRC Data
The following statement should be included when citing the use of this dataset: “The data for this research have been provided by the Consumer ...
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44 dataset - Open Government Program
The retail sector plays a vital role in the marketplace. The business landscape is changing. Industry structure evolves, as do the strategies used to ...
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45 retail - Dataset Search - London Datastore
Modelled scenarios of comparison goods retail floorspace need 2011 to 2036 associated with the Experian/GLA publication: "Consumer Expenditure and ...
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46 Neighborhood Food Retail - Datasets - OpenDataPhilly
This dataset is derived from the Neighborhood Food Retail in ... looks at neighborhood availability of "high-produce supply stores” (e.g., ...
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47 RP2K链接 - 品览
We introduce RP2K, a new large-scale retail product dataset for fine-grained image classification. Unlike previous datasets focusing on relatively few ...
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48 12 Free Retail Image Datasets for Computer Vision - LinkSprite
Retail Checkout Datasets / Automatic Checkout Datasets. Grocery Dataset: An image dataset contains 354 grocery images of ~40 groceries, ...
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49 9 Favorite Open Source Datasets retail dataset| ThoughtSpot
› blog › 9-favorite-open-...
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50 Training Dataset for Retail Industry- AI Use Cases in Retail
Training Dataset for Retail Industry image annotation for retail shopping object detection and their sentiments analysis using varied data labeling ...
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51 Snowflake Retail Data Cloud | Snowflake for Retail and CPG
Learn how the Snowflake Retail Data Cloud enables retailers and manufacturers to access, govern and share data seamlessly.
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52 Datasets -
DCEO County Retail Sales. Historical data of Illinois County Retail Sales. CSV. You can also access this registry using the API.
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53 Revisions Analysis Dataset – Infra-annual Economic Indicators
Variable, Index of retail trade volume Information on item. Frequency. Quarterly, Monthly. Unit, Index. Edition Information on item ...
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54 BigQuery sample dataset for Google Analytics 4 ecommerce ...
Google Merchandise Store is an online store that sells Google-branded merchandise. The site uses Google Analytics 4's standard web ecommerce ...
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55 I'm looking for a retail dataset (dummy or otherwise) which will ...
I'm looking for a retail dataset (dummy or otherwise) which will help me to analyze the customer buying patterns. Any pointers, please?
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56 Dataset for cognition processes, motivations, spatial presence ...
This article presents data for the estimation of a theory-driven dynamic and contingent model of customer engagement in the context of retail mobile apps.
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57 Retail Sector Datasets and Competitions on Kaggle
Description Details Dataset House Prices: Advanced Regression Techniques Ask a home buyer to describe their dream house, and they probably ...
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58 4 External Datasets to Help Retailers Make Smarter Decisions
Reading time. 3 min read. Retail; Data & Analytics. Here are the crucial ways to utilize external data to ...
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59 The Data Engine for Retail AI Teams - V7 Labs
Train your AI on V7 or export the datasets in your desired format. CCTV Footage Annotation. Label footage from CCTV cameras quickly and accurately. With V7's ...
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60 ResourceSmart Retailers - Dataset - Victorian ... - Data Vic
The ResourceSmart Retail Program provides information available through over 300 partnering stores to help consumers compare the ...
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61 Academic Data Set - IRI
12 years of weekly store data (2001 to 2012) for chain grocery and drug stores ... An article describing this dataset was published in Marketing Science in ...
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62 Whole Foods Retail Store Locations - datasets - Diffbot
All ~500 Whole Foods retail store locations, including in-store coffee ... and filter sequence through the Diffbot Knowledge Graph to obtain a dataset.
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63 Marketplace - Google Cloud Console
Synthetic datasets across industries showcasing Google Cloud. ... BREATHE. Extensive machine consumable biomed literature dataset ... Retail(1).
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64 Retail store, method of sale, inactive - Dataset
Retail store, method of sale, inactive - Dataset ... There are no views created for this resource yet. Additional Information. Created, October 28 ...
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65 Frequent Itemset Mining Dataset Repository
The following dataset was donated by Tom Brijs and contains the (anonymized) retail market basket data from an anonymous Belgian retail store.
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66 a large-scale and fine-grained retail product checkout dataset
Follmann P, Bottger T, Hartinger P, et al. MVTec D2S: densely segmented supermarket dataset. In: Proceedings of European Conference on ...
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67 Retail sales dataset of a pharmacy in Indonesia - Mendeley Data
The dataset can be used for sales forecasting. The dataset is derived from actual data taken directly from the pharmacy database.
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68 COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports - Google
... places such as retail and recreation, groceries and pharmacies, parks, ... which adds artificial noise to our datasets, enabling us to ...
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69 Climate Data Store - Copernicus
Welcome to the Climate Data Store ... We are constantly improving the services and adding new datasets. For latest announcements, watch the posts on the C3S ...
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70 Solved You are working with a dataset of retail orders, and
Transcribed image text: You are working with a dataset of retail orders, and want to enrich that dataset with columns (from another dataset) that contain ...
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71 Google Analytics sample dataset for BigQuery
Remove access to the dataset; Related resources. Access the dataset. BigQuery has a free tier which allows you to query 1 terabyte per month and store 10 ...
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72 Retail Sales | DATA.GOV.HK
Table E089 : Retail sales by type of retail outlet [- Accompanying Files] [CSV Datasets] [Bilingual(Traditional Chinese and English)] ...
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73 How to Choose and Use the Ideal Dataset - mg Magazine
Product Brands and Advertisers. Need: Market data and prioritization, consumer data (product preferences, retail engagement), and competitor ...
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74 A pan-Canadian dataset of neighbourhood retail food ...
This paper describes the development and validation of the Canadian Food Environment Dataset (Can-FED): a pan-Canadian dataset of retail ...
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75 aus_retail: Australian retail trade turnover in tsibbledata -
In tsibbledata: Diverse Datasets for 'tsibble'. aus_retail, R Documentation. Australian retail trade turnover. Description. aus_retail is a ...
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76 Retail Trade Survey - Dataset - discover and use data
These releases provide information on the state of the New Zealand retail sector, providing a leading indicator of economic activity. Data for quarters back ...
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77 How to Predict Retail Sales Using Social Data -
Step 2: Identify the Top Retail Types for the Top Segment(s). Next, we need to find out what type of store sales over-index in areas where ...
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78 Retail Food and Drink -
A zipped TAB file is also published. More from this publisher. All datasets from Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council. Related datasets. Police Stations ...
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79 ARCOS Retail Drug Summary Reports
ARCOS Retail Drug Summary Reports. Disclaimer. Automated Reports and Consolidated Ordering System (ARCOS) is a data collection system in which manufacturers and ...
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80 A Retail Product Categorisation Dataset - Semantic Scholar
This data set is provided to boost the evaluation of machine learning methods for the prediction of the category of the retail products from ...
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81 Session 1: Core Pharmaceutical Datasets Retail and Non ...
Session 1: Learn about core pharmaceutical datasets - retail and non-retail. – Session 2: Dig deeper into analytics with APLD, EMR, and Specialty data.
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82 U.S. Gasoline and Diesel Retail Prices - EIA
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83 Exploratory Data Analysis - Retail Dataset - AWS
Make sure our data placed in the same folder our R project data. elips<-read.csv("data_input/retail.csv"). Input data is DONE ...
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84 Dataset Search
water quality Learn more about Dataset Search.
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85 Datasets - Marketing - LibGuides at MIT Libraries
Retail Scanner Data consist of weekly pricing, volume, and store environment information generated by point-of-sale systems from more than 90 ...
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86 RPC: A Large-Scale Retail Product Checkout Dataset
Over recent years, emerging interest has occurred in integrating computer vision technology into the retail industry. Automatic checkout (ACO) is one of the ...
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87 Blog - SafeGraph
Comparing SafeGraph Aggregate Spend to the Census Monthly Retail Trade Survey. May 13, 2022. by. Garrett Hoffman. Introducing Expanded SafeGraph Category ...
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88 of of wholesale and retail sales, by industry (NACE). 2000M01
Index of of wholesale and retail sales, by industry (NACE). 2000M01 - latest month · Go to dataset · Information · Variables.
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89 Retail Food Stores | State of New York - Open Data NY
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90 Ecommerce and marketing data sets for machine learning
Product datasets take several forms and can either comprise data on an individual retailer's products, or data on products across multiple retailers.
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91 Retail Zones and Statistics - City of Greater Geelong | Datasets
Parcel boundaries represent properties on which retail shops were found during the City of Greater Geelong's most recent retail district ...
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92 Video dataset collection for Retail - Statswork
Your ML algorithms need a lot of datasets to effectively recognize retail videos. However, the retail video set that you require has to be the right volume ...
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93 Online Retail - Datasets -
國網中心資料集平台 Datasets collected in the catalogue were ... and 09/12/2011 for a UK-based and registered non-store online retail.
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94 Data Analysis and Visualization in the retail/FMCG sector
Analyzing the 'BigMart Sales' dataset with the help of pandas library and visualizing the results using plotly.
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95 Dataset Store - Create Mobile Computer Vision models
Dataset Store. Get and use free computer vision datasets and train a neural network in a few clicks. Soon it will be able to share, sell and buy datasets from ...
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96 retail - Dataset - Pacific Data Hub
Wholesale & retail prices for petroleum products in the Solomon Islands, including diesel, kerosene, gasoline & LPG. Prices are given in Solomon Islands Cents ...
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97 Retail Dataset For Analytics | Vadoanalytics
Retailers seek to achieve competitive edge and always endeavor to gain a bigger market share. In-order to be successful, sellers must work ...
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98 A Retail Product Categorisation Dataset - Keuper Labs
A Retail Product Categorisation Dataset. @ janis · Saturday, Jul 10, 2021 · 1 minute read · Update at Jul 10, 2021. Pre-Print ...
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