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1 The New U.S. Plan to Stabilize Conflicts: The Case of Libya
Yet Libyans' own peacebuilding work underscores that a targeted U.S. investment in the country's stability will have allies and the potential ...
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2 Libya and U.S. Policy - CRS Reports
Terrorism and Foreign Military Forces​​ Other U.S. priorities in Libya include preventing the resumption of destabilizing conflict, encouraging ...
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3 America's Window in Libya
In tandem, the United States should redouble its long-standing technocratic and diplomatic efforts to reform and unify Libya's banking sector, ...
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4 What Biden Can Do for Libya | The Washington Institute
American involvement in Libya, at least at a senior level as Secretary Blinken's call signified, should not be taken for granted.
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Does the administration contend that U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 overrides ... America's involvement in Libya directly supports the United States' ...
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6 U.S. military interventions loom large 10 years after Obama ...
10th anniversary of Obama intervening in Libya has lessons for U.S. ... This anniversary of another American war should remind us that next ...
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7 The Biden administration inherits a rapidly deteriorating Libya
An unsettled Libya, caught up in persistent civil war, destabilizes North Africa ... What Washington should do amidst dangerous trends ahead.
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8 Destroying Libya: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Policymakers should use the Libyan disaster as a “teachable moment ... But think of all the good that will be done when America's plans are ...
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9 The United States and Libya - JSTOR
In the next section, we shall suggest that the basis of American antagonism to Qaddafi is conflict over who will dominate the Mediterranean. It will be shown, ...
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10 US Intervention in the Libyan Civil War: Are There Lessons to ...
A faction of the Democratic left doubts that human rights abroad or civil liberties at home will be best served by armed interventions.
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11 Libya Country Report 2022 - BTI Transformation Index
Libya introduced a trademarks law in 2010 but does not yet have a national ... abroad is as high as 20,000 (in Europe, North America, Egypt and Malaysia).
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12 Where is the United States? Military basing and energy are ...
When elections eventually occur in Libya, they could be a critical step towards its post-civil war reunification. They will also likely ...
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13 The Legacy of Obama's 'Worst Mistake' - The Atlantic
There's a problem with the American way of war. ... plan for the day after, what I think was the right thing to do, in intervening in Libya.
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14 Remarks at a UN Security Council Briefing on Libya
Delays do a disservice to the Libyan people, who are demanding their rightful opportunity to choose leaders who will deliver transparent ...
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15 Libya - The New York Times
Libya's Long-Awaited Election Will Most Likely Be Delayed ... The attack was the second-deadliest terrorism attack in American history. By Reuters.
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16 Joe Biden Needs To Start Paying Attention To Libya
Why should we care? North Africa is an integral part of the “Greater Middle East,” and a Middle East at peace and prosperous is good for America ...
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17 Libya: Transition and U.S. Policy
and parliamentary elections that will pave the way for a unified and stable future for Libya.”3. Following the announcement of the election ...
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18 Libya–United States relations - Wikipedia
Libya–United States relations are the bilateral relations between the State of Libya and the United States of America. Relations are today cordial and ...
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19 Public Wary of Military Intervention in Libya
The view that the United States does not have a responsibility to act in Libya is shared widely across demographic and political groups.
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20 U.S. Assistance to Egypt, Tunisia and Libya - Wilson Center
The U.S. will assist with promoting regional stability, countering terrorism, preventing the proliferation of illicit items, building law enforcement ...
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21 3 Steps Libya's New Government Should Take to Stabilize the ...
Libya's newly elected government should make explicit commitments to ... Security and Peacebuilding at the Center for American Progress.
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22 U.S. remains on the sidelines in Libya's conflict as Russia ...
Troops loyal to Libya's U.N.-backed government prepare on July 6 to head ... Even so, the war in Libya does not figure among America's top ...
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23 The Last Thing Libya Needs Is an Intensification of a U.S. ...
The last thing that Libya needs is intensification of the proxy war in the country. Americans should agitate to prevent their government from ...
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24 America's Counterterrorism Wars: The War in Libya
In 2011, during a national uprising in Libya, NATO intervened to protect civilians from the forces of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, a military action ...
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25 The Libya Allergy - Foreign Policy
It has also emerged as a test of the Biden administration's will to assert American diplomatic leadership in a crisis that many of his top ...
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26 Libya: Freedom in the World 2022 Country Report
Libya has been racked by internal divisions and intermittent civil ... legal and security environment does not allow for normal political competition; ...
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27 Who's Who in Libya's War? | Council on Foreign Relations
Where Will American History Go Next? Turkey. Like Russia, Turkey's involvement in Libya, where it supports the GNA, stems from a desire for a ...
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28 US: What is President Biden's Libya strategy?
Biden's election in November 2020, however, suggests that the US will return to the Libyan case. Washington is now showing its willingness ...
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29 Libya Overview: Development news, research, data
Political instability in Libya and the ongoing war in Ukraine will likely slow down Libya's economic recovery. If the country could sustain current levels ...
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30 Heed the Lessons From 2011 Libya to Prevail in Ukraine Today
Anyone even remotely familiar with the intervention in Libya will nod ... While “America First” may have worked as a campaign slogan in 2016 ...
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31 Democracy and Governance | Libya
USAID assistance helps to strengthen Libyan national and local government institutions, ... USAID does this through the following programs: ...
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32 Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen
It also warns that there will be powerful and enduring destabilizing forces regardless of how successful the U.S., its partners, and the host country are in ...
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33 U.S. Embassy Libya: Homepage
The mission of the U.S. Embassy is to advance the interests of the United States, and to serve and protect U.S. citizens in Libya.
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34 Libya needs more than a vote - Chatham House
The government will be elected on a contested basis but there is little clarity over how the roles and responsibilities of key positions in the ...
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35 Will the US take on a bigger role in Libya? - TRT World
Libya's interior minister Fathi Bashagha proposed to host an American military base in Libya to counter Russian influence in the region.
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36 Libya Turns the Page | Crisis Group
Libyan politicians have moved with salutary speed in 2021 to reunify ... Most Libyans are hoping that the new government will improve living ...
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37 American Bombing of Libya: An International Legal Analysis
Because the air strike was a short-lived event with limited political and military objectives, it is possible that the American strike on Libya will draw little ...
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38 America needs to stabilize Libya | The Hill
What is needed is a level of diplomatic engagement the U.S. alone can muster, and soon. Libya's dysfunction will likely deepen the longer the ...
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39 The Libyan Crisis, 10 Years On - GIS Reports
2021 marks the ten-year-anniversary of the crisis in Libya. ... American involvement will be essential to restore balance in the country and ...
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40 Libya's global civil war - European Council on Foreign Relations
It will also require them to establish an inclusive international working group on Libya, using a mixture of incentives and disincentives ...
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41 A US citizen wants to overthrow a US-backed government in ...
A US citizen wants to overthrow a US-backed government in Libya. ... “The people of Tripoli, hopefully, will be seeing the victories of the ...
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42 How do Americans feel for what they did to Libya? - Quora
I think politically speaking they will be happy. Especially as no one in the world can count American politicians. However morally we should look at Libya ...
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43 The Pendulum: How Russia Sways Its Way to More Influence ...
Russia has been doing well in Libya — and it likes the fact that few ... Although not a vital interest for Russia, Libya does attract it for ...
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44 Libya's Civil War: US Abdication Providing a Playground for ...
A central tenet of US policy towards Libya after Qaddafi was to prevent ... Libyan disagreements about how to share its oil wealth will ...
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45 An International Financial Commission is Libya's Last Hope
However, this will not be enough to solve the conflict. ... An American-led attempt to restart Libya's oil production by arranging a ...
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46 Britain's Libya intervention flawed, ex-PM Cameron to blame
Britain and France led international efforts to help oust Libya's then-leader Muammar Gaddafi in early 2011, using fighter jets to beat back ...
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47 Why Do Libya and Egypt Hate America? - The Daily Beast
I am also sure that almost no one will focus on why the masses in Egypt and Libya, two countries of the Arab Spring that have recently ...
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48 The Protracted Civil War in Libya: The Role of Outside Powers
Unless those foreign powers have achieved their goals in Libya, ... The irresolution of the conflict will also certainly exacerbate the ...
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49 The Challenges and Opportunities in Libya Today
Nor does the coming period until December, when the country holds ... he remains under American sanctions for his role in stalling Libya's ...
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50 Promoting Lasting Stability in Libya - The Defense Post
Lasting order in Libya will depend largely on America's ability to mitigate Turkish influence in the region, which brings with it the shadow ...
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51 Arab Spring: when the US needed to step up, it stood back
When America did get involved, its efforts were severely limited. Obama went into Libya with Nato under the guise of humanitarian ...
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52 If America Re-enters Libya, it Must First Build Trust
The presidential council will administer the government until the December elections and the supporters of the GNA and the LNA will actively try ...
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53 World Report 2022: Libya | Human Rights Watch
Libya. Events of 2021. A member of the General Authority for Search and Identification ... Libyan law does not specifically criminalize domestic violence.
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54 Use Force to Forge Peace in Libya - RAND Corporation
True, some Libyans, such as the Islamic State group, will surely use a foreign intervention to their advantage. But for most Libyans, a range of ...
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55 How Obama's Libya Intervention Ended in Failure
The 2011 U.S.-led NATO intervention in Libya against the dictator Muammar al-Qaddafi was a complete failure. Libya has not only failed to evolve into a ...
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56 War in Libya: how did it start, who is involved ... - The Guardian
What is the international community doing? ... Over the last few years foreign powers have increasingly intervened in Libya's civil war to defend ...
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57 US military enters the fray in Libya to push for elections, exit of ...
In an unprecedented development, the Libyan Joint Military Committee “5 + 5” ... This clearly indicates that Washington does not see an ...
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58 United States Justifies Its Use of Force in Libya Under ...
Obama, Case 1:16-cv-00843 (D.D.C. 2016) (The 2001 AUMF “does not authorize the war against ISIS. It authorized the President to wage war against those ...
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59 Libya Stabilization Act - Libyan American Alliance
LAA continues working vehemently, advocating for this bill and other efforts that will benefit both Libya and the U.S. However, we can't get this bill ...
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60 EU-Libya relations | EEAS Website - European Union
The EU also has dedicated CSDP actions and missions to assist Libya return to peace and ... In 2022, the EU will continue to address existing needs.
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61 Why the Trump Administration Is Wrong on Libya - AEI
To stay neutral will not achieve neutrality, for there is no even playing field when Washington stands down but Ankara funds and supplies its ...
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62 What next for world powers in war-torn Libya? - Al Jazeera
A member of the Libyan security forces holds a rifle in Misrata ... for Brussels, there will not be tomorrow either,” she told Al Jazeera.
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63 Remarks by the President in Address to the Nation on Libya
THE PRESIDENT: Tonight, I'd like to update the American people on the international effort that we have led in Libya –- what we've done, ...
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64 Libya - Traveler view | Travelers' Health - CDC
Going to American Tropics? Food and Water: What's Safer · Food and Water: ... This dose does not count as part of the routine childhood vaccination series.
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65 The United States and Libya: Turbulent History and Uncertain ...
'Not only does Obama's decision to intervene militarily in Libya not serve any tangible American interests; it may directly serve the ...
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many Americans as the 1980s Al Qaeda to a hoped-for model for Iran, North Korea, ... will strongly support the objectives of the state sponsor legislation.
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67 U.S. bombs terrorist and military targets in Libya - HISTORY
In accordance with United Nations and American demands, Libya accepted responsibility for the bombing, though it did not express remorse. The U.N. and U.S. ...
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68 Libya country profile - BBC News
What does an unheated room do to your body? 5. Crypto exchange FTX owes biggest creditors $3.1bn. 6. Iran's Hajsafi ...
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69 US Should Stop Weapons Flowing To Libya - Breaking Defense
Transfers of American weaponry to Libyan militias would not only violate the UN embargo but also be in direct violation of U.S. arms export laws ...
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70 Trump on Libya: "I was never for strong intervention" - YouTube
Face the Nation
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71 Libyan National Found Guilty of Terrorism Charges in 2012 ...
“And we will not rest in our pursuit of the terrorists who attacked our facilities and killed these four courageous Americans – they must be ...
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72 How should the United States intervene in Libya?
Right now it is just a rebel uprising, no different from the uprisings in South America . The US should not do any more in Libya than it did for the ...
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73 Where Does Libya Fit in Biden's Foreign Policy Priorities?
Libya offers a crucial milieu where the Biden administration can put its commitment toward multilateralism and diplomacy into action. This ...
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74 What future for Libya? - Fondation Méditerranéenne d'Etudes ...
10 years after NATO's Operation Unified Protector, is Libya engaged in a virtuous political process that will finally be able to put an end to ...
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75 Libya / Economic Studies - Coface
This will affect exports (48% of GDP), of which oil and gas make up 87% and 5%, respectively. With exports set to outpace imports, the contribution of trade to ...
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76 The Real Cost Of U.S. In Libya? Two Billion Dollars Per Day.
Can America continue to sustain the kind of global military ... Nor does anyone else have a fleet of 500 aerial refueling tankers that can ...
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77 Americans Resist a Major U.S. Role in Libya - Gallup News
The American public is closely divided on this question: 45% say the goal of military actions being conducted in Libya should be limited to ...
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78 Report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Libya
To give effect to its commitment to improve the human rights situation in Libya, the interim Government will need considerable support from the United ...
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79 In Libya, U.S. Steers Clear Of Nation-Building - NPR
The U.S. saved American lives and money by not invading and occupying Libya. It also helped foster conditions that now will make it easier ...
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80 US withdraws troops from Libya amid rival militias fighting ...
A small contingent of American troops has been in Libya in recent ... “We will continue to monitor conditions on the ground in Libya,” Col.
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81 Why Is Turkey Involved in Libyan Conflict?
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, right, and Libyan Prime ... “History will judge those who cause bloodshed and tears in Libya by ...
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82 Lessons from Libya: How Not to Intervene - Belfer Center
During 2013–14, he will be a Jennings Randolph Senior Fellow at the U.S. Institute of Peace, in Washington, D.C.. International Security is America's leading ...
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83 Foreign Policy- Embassy of the State of Libya Washington, D.C.
These elections will finally give Libyans the opportunity to choose a new way ... El Mangoush will lead the charge in helping to implement Libyan foreign ...
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84 Russia Now has a Position in Libya. What Next?
In times of diminished U.S. leadership, Khaftar's position in Libya will allow Wagner and the Russian state to take advantage of the ...
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85 The Euro-US War on Libya: Official Lies and Misconceptions ...
The “rebels”, once in power, will be political clients of their militarist imperial mentors. Clearly, imperial military intervention on behalf of regional ...
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86 Any change in US policy on Libya crisis? - SETA
In spite of some explanations made by American officials, it seems that the U.S. government still does not have a clear Libyan policy ...
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87 What Should The U.S. Do About Libya? Most Americans Say ...
The administration faced calls for military actions ranging from bombing Libyan airfields and imposing no-fly-zones, and criticism of Obama's ...
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88 Explaining President Obama´s Libyan Decision
When sending troops abroad, governments want to make sure that the decision does not impact negatively on their political power at home (Kreps ...
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89 America's 11 years long planning in Libya is about ... - TFIGlobal
However, the plans of the US and Europe in Libya will eventually fail as the people of the nation support Seif-al-Islam who has the backing of ...
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90 United States Still Strongarming 'Democracy' Onto Libya
Of course the Libyan people should have the right to decide their leaders, ... as was commonly done to the late Muammar Gaddafi.
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91 Libya and the Left | The Point Magazine
For had Qaddafi and his forces managed to crush the Libyan ... It does, however, allow American leftists to cheer on the Arab Spring while ...
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92 Why America was right to Intervene in Libya, and what went ...
Why Did America Intervene in Libya? ... The US entered the conflcit with the explicit instructions to not conduct “regime change.” Rather, the US military (along ...
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93 Should the US Become Involved in Libya, Again?
There are arguments that support a renewed US presence in Libya. One obvious humanitarian argument is to ease the suffering of civilians caught ...
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