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1 The Link Between Menopause and Chronic Pain - WebMD
A study has found that women with menopause symptoms are nearly twice as likely to have chronic pain diagnoses, such as fibromyalgia, migraine, and back ...
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2 Complete Symptom Guide to Menopause Aches and Pains
Around the time of menopause, many women notice an increase in aches and pains in their joints and muscles. These can be related to menopause itself, ...
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3 Menopause and Pain: Is There a Connection? - Healthline
Menopause may cause joint pain that can affect the knees, shoulders, neck, elbows, or hands. Old joint injuries may begin to ache. As time goes on, ...
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4 Menopause, muscle aches and pains
Musculoskeletal pain is common in the menopause – particularly joint aches. In one recent survey, joint aches were experienced by almost 40% of ...
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5 Menopause and joint pain - the causes and how to ease it
Muscle aches are often experienced during menopause and can range from a mild discomfort to chronic pain. While the natural ageing process is usually attributed ...
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6 Joint Pain and Menopause: 11 Pain Stoppers - Gennev
Since OA disproportionately affects women in menopause, it is likely that hormone changes may contribute to arthritis symptoms. Beyond hormones, carrying excess ...
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7 Joint Pain and Menopause - Dr. Thais Aliabadi
Aches, stiffness, and swelling around the joint are common symptoms of menopausal joint pain. As a woman approaches menopause, her body goes ...
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8 What causes menopause joint pain and how can you treat it?
When levels of oestrogen naturally fall during the menopause, this joint protection can sometimes weaken, causing joint aches and stiffness.
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9 Menopausal arthralgia: Fact or fiction - PubMed
Arthralgia is experienced by more then half of the women around the time of menopause. The causes of joint pain in postmenopausal women can be difficult to ...
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10 Joint Pain and Muscles - The Menopause Charity
Joints have oestrogen receptors which are affected by the loss of oestrogen in menopause, and pain in joints can affect women's ability to ...
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11 The Link Between Menopause and Joint Pain
Joints that are most frequently affected during menopause are the neck, jaw, shoulders, wrists and elbows; though other joints in the body may ...
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12 Here's what you should know about peri-menopausal body ache
Aches, stiffness and swelling around the joint are typical symptoms of menopausal joint pain. These may be worse in the morning, improving as ...
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13 How to ease joint pain during the menopause -
Menopause joint pain is one of many possible menopause symptoms. Lifestyle adjustments, including changes to your diet and exercise routine, ...
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14 Joint and Muscle Aches In Menopause - Elektra Health
Joint and muscle pain is a common, although less-well-known, symptom of menopause. It manifests as an achy, stiff, creaky feeling that may even have a ...
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15 Menopause and Chronic Pain - Salonpas
Some women in menopause suffer with generalized achy muscles, bones and joints. “Menopausal women have a number of reasons to have aches and ...
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16 10 Natural Remedies for Menopause Aches and Pains
› blog › 10-natural-rem...
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17 Menopause aches and pains & how to ease them - YouTube
Feeling achy and sore is a common problem during menopause, but like everything else, women experience different types of pains and to ...
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18 Abdominal pain during the menopause transition and early ...
To assess the relationship between abdominal pain severity during the menopausal transition (MT) and age, MT stage, reproductive biomarkers, ...
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19 Perimenopause | Cedars-Sinai
Hot flashes; Vaginal dryness; Trouble with sleep; Joint and muscle aches; Heavy sweating; Having to pee often; PMS-like symptoms. The symptoms of ...
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20 Joint Pain a Symptom of Perimenopause | Meno-Me
It's believed that the fluctuating levels of hormones experienced during menopause have an impact on the immune system. Estrogen helps prevent inflammation in ...
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21 Pain with Penetration, Sexual Side Effects of Menopause
As estrogen levels fall as women approach and pass menopause, the resulting dryness and thinning of vaginal tissues can cause penetration and intercourse to ...
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22 How Fibromyalgia Symptoms Affect Women
Menopausal women also feel the effects of fibromyalgia, making their experience worse. Some of the symptoms that intensify during menopause are achiness and ...
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23 Muscle Tension and the Menopause: Aches and Pains
Along with joint pain, muscle tension is a common symptom as many women approach menopause. You might feel that your body feels tight, or your muscles are ...
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24 Joint pain in menopause - is there a link? - PositivePause
› joint-pain
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25 Struggling with joint pain during menopause? Try cinnamon!
However, menopause comes with certain symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, weight gain, anxiety and depression, painful intercourse, ...
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26 Menopause and arthritis: Is there really a causal connection?
Low estrogen has also been linked to an increased perception of pain; for example, in women with depression. Other research states there is some ...
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27 Menopause and joint pain: What is the link? - Natures Best
Stress can take a huge physical toll on the body. Long-term stress and anxiety — which can be common in perimenopause — are known to release high concentrations ...
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28 How to Manage Joint Pain & Issues during Menopause
There are many potential causes for painful, aching joints. Among them are the hormonal changes commonly associated with menopause. Luckily, ...
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29 Achy joints over 50? The causes may suprise you.
In fact, in one of the most comprehensive studies done on joint pain and menopause, post-menopausal women were twice as likely to report joint pain and ...
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30 How the menopause can predispose you to gluteal tendinopathy
Many women (and medical practitioners) don't realise that women who are going through the menopause are at a higher-than-normal risk of ...
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31 Menopause Leg Pain, Aching, Cramps, Swelling & Symptoms
Fluctuating hormones during the menopause can cause leg aches, cramps, swelling, cellulite and even hotness. By exercising, ensuring good ...
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32 Menopause Symptoms - An Overview - My Second Spring
This last few months I've started with night sweats which were fierce at times and hot flushes boob aches lower abdomen pain near ovaries but recently getting ...
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33 Why is sex after menopause sometimes more painful?
After menopause, painful intercourse often is associated with changes due to decreased estrogen levels. The vaginal tissues tend to become ...
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34 Common signs you're in perimenopause - Nuffield Health
The years leading up to the menopause can be a difficult time due to ... Sexual symptoms: Pain, impaired function, lack of lubrication and ...
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35 What are the 34 symptoms of menopause, and what helps?
Females going through perimenopause or menopause can also experience muscle tension or aches. This is due to the same factors as menopausal ...
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36 How Menopause Can Affect Your Legs - Legology
› how-menopause-can-impact-yo...
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37 Dealing with the symptoms of menopause - Harvard Health
Hot flashes and vaginal dryness are the two symptoms most frequently linked with menopause. Other symptoms associated with menopause include sleep disturbances, ...
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38 Perimenopause Ovary Pain: Causes and Treatment
People who have never experienced ovulation pain before may start to experience it during perimenopause due to a fluctuation in estrogen levels.
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39 Joint Pain - Australian Menopause Centre
Menopause and Peri menopause can bring with it joint pain. The changes in hormonal levels which occur during the onset and duration of menopause can have an ...
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40 Introduction to Menopause | Johns Hopkins Medicine
Menopause is said to be complete when menstrual periods have ceased for one continuous ... This can lead to pain during sex, as well as vaginitis, cystitis, ...
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41 Cathy's Story - Alva Health
"You are quite correct that muscle and in particular joint pain are very common menopausal symptoms. From back pain to all other joints and muscles these ...
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42 Everything I needed to know about the menopause... No One ...
I was expecting irregular, heavier periods. I wasn't expecting to bleed three weeks out of four, or to have such excruciating period pain that I ...
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43 Can Lack Of Estrogen Cause Joint Pain?
Menopause can also cause hormonal imbalances which make one's bones more brittle. This puts women at a higher risk of developing joint pain or arthritis. Even ...
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44 10 Symptoms of Menopause and Perimenopause
Hormonal changes during perimenopause and menopause can be unpleasant. ... In fact, between 17 and 45 percent of post-menopausal women say sex really hurts.
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45 Menopause Muscle Tension - Causes and Solutions - GenM
Menopause muscle tension, pains and aches are due to seesawing hormones in your body. Follow these simple tips to keep supple and relaxed.
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46 8 Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance
5. Muscle and joint pain and swelling: Estrogen protects against inflammation, so when levels lessen, as in perimenopause and menopause, many women report ...
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47 Menopause Information | Mount Sinai - New York
Doctors generally prescribe vaginal applications of low-dose estrogen therapy to specifically treat menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness and pain ...
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48 Does Low Estrogen Cause Chronic Joint Pain in Post ...
As we will demonstrate below, joint pain can be a symptom of menopause. Estrogen has been shown to protect joints from inflammation damage.
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49 Perimenopause Aches and Pains: Finding Relief - Kindra
Research estimates that nearly three-quarters of women experience musculoskeletal pain during perimenopause — the period leading up to menopause marked by ...
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50 Surviving joint pain during menopause - Our Health Hub
Most often menopausal joint pain presents as stiffness and swelling in the hips and knees, but the elbows, neck, shoulders and fingers can also be affected, ...
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51 The best supplement for menopause joint pain | Reviews
It's not just new aches and stiffness you may experience during menopause. If you have an old injury from years ago that used to cause you pain, ...
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52 Menopause: The unexpected signs you're about to hit it
'Collagen loss causes muscle pain and skin formication,' says Professor Studd. Meanwhile, panic attacks and depression in the perimenopause ...
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53 Hip & leg pain? - Caria: Menopause Simplified
I have started taking Vitamin D once a day as well as a calcium and magnesium supplement and they have really calmed down the horrid aches. I also regularly ...
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54 Why Our Joints Ache After 50 - Adena Health System
For women, menopause may also cause joint pain in the knees, shoulders, neck, elbows, or hands. It can also make older joint injuries ache ...
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55 Emotions to Expect When Going Through Menopause
What Emotions to Expect During Menopause ... If you find yourself on an emotional roller coaster, crying at the drop of a hat, overreacting to almost everything, ...
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56 How to Take Care of Your Joint Pain During Menopause
Menopause occurs when you no longer have your periods and are unable to become pregnant. Low hormone levels in the body can cause a variety ...
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57 Menopause - Better Health Channel
Menopause symptoms · hot flushes · night sweats · aches and pains · crawling or itching sensations under the skin · forgetfulness · headaches · irritability · lack of ...
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58 Signs and symptoms of menopause - NHS inform
The first sign of the menopause is usually a change in the normal pattern of your periods. You may start having either unusually light or heavy ...
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59 Symptoms - Rock My Menopause
Hips and knees, hands and fingers, and neck and shoulders are often affected, but any or all joints could ache. Oestrogen plays a part in maintaining joint and ...
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60 Painful Sex and Menopause | It Isn't Acceptable - Winona
Penetrative sex, even with lubrication, can be painful for many peri- and menopausal women. Because women's levels of testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen ...
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61 6 Essential Nutrients to Reduce Menopausal Joint Pain
One of the common symptoms seen during menopause would be extreme joint pain. It affects the knees, shoulders, neck, elbows, or hands.
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62 How can menopause affect your mental health?
Menopause has a variety of physical symptoms such as tiredness, night sweats, insomnia, hot flashes, memory loss and tension, which can all cause you to feel ...
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63 Aging changes in the female reproductive system - MedlinePlus
Most women experience menopause around age 50, though it can occur before ... Sometimes sex becomes painful due to these vaginal changes.
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64 Hot Flashes: Triggers, How Long They Last & Treatments
There are many symptoms that you might experience during menopause (the transitional phase when your menstrual cycle stops), ranging from ...
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65 Lesser Known Menopause Symptoms
Arthritis, joint, bone, and muscle aches: Estrogen minimizes inflammation. Loss of it intensifies aches, pains and stiffness. Irregular heartbeat and ...
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66 Ache all over and excessively tired - Menopause Matters
Over the counter pain relief may well ease symptoms. As oestrogen levels drop so muscles may become lax = aches and pains. Crashing fatigue is ...
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67 Is It Possible for Menopause to Impact Sciatica Pain?
However, estrogen levels drop during menopause, compromising bones' health. The combination of low estrogen and vitamin D can cause and impact back pain. This ...
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68 Perimenopause: The Ovary's Frustrating Grand Finale
Women have often called “ menopause ” everything they experience during the ... nausea and chest pain as well as the feeling of heat and the ...
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69 Tips to help with weight gain, sex, hair loss and more
The loss of estrogen during menopause can change the tissues of the vagina, causing them to become thinner, dryer and less flexible. This can ...
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70 Can Cancer Symptoms Be Mistaken for Menopause?
Joint pain. During the period after menopause, which is referred to as postmenopause, menopausal symptoms may begin to ease and become less ...
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71 Digestive Problems? Menopause Might Be To Blame
Many women experience bloating, abdominal pain and changes in bowel habits before and during their periods, as well as during perimenopause ...
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72 Is It Menopause or Could It Be Heart Disease? - Health Matters
Chest Pain. While chest pain alone isn't necessarily a menopause symptom, it's worth mentioning that it is the most commonly ignored symptom ...
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73 Menopause Is Different for Women of Color - EndocrineWeb
Black and Latina women enter menopause earlier and experience more severe ... Everything from whether you smoke to how much you exercise to your family ...
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74 4 Stages of Menopause - Lane Regional Medical Center
Technically, a woman is in the pre-menopause stage at any point before entering perimenopause. Perimenopause Stage. Perimenopause is a ...
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75 Caring for your skin in menopause
You'll find everything you need to know to examine your skin at, Detect skin cancer. Ask your dermatologist to recommend treatment for age spots. Before you buy ...
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76 'It feels impossible to beat': how I was floored by menopause
This is the maximum dose of oestrogen, and it took about a year for me to understand that I needed this amount – a year of peeling skin, sore ...
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77 Everything Hurts! 19 - Mumsnet
What is the difference between perimenopause and the menopause? How do you avoid weight gain? Does the menopause magnet work?
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78 What To Eat (or Not) During Menopause | Henry Ford Health
Most women agree, menopause is no picnic. Just as shifting hormones can lead to acne and mood swings during puberty, they can also wreak ...
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79 Menopause and… All Those Pesky symptoms!
Shortness of breath, chest pain, or tightness can be tricky, so it's definitely worth seeing your doctor as soon as possible. Unfortunately, ...
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80 30 Symptoms of Menopause - Equelle
18. Your head hurts ... Migraines, tension headaches, and cluster headaches can be associated with hormonal changes and the constricting and ...
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81 Breast pain in menopause, menopause joint pain & back pain ...
Menopause muscle pain ... Muscle aches and pains are common around menopause. Why? Well, magnesium is crucial for muscle function, and oestrogen ...
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82 Fibroids - NHS
... a frequent need to urinate; constipation; pain or discomfort during sex ... After the menopause, they'll often shrink without treatment.
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83 Body Aches and Menopause - New Braunfels HRT
As women go through menopause, they may experience a variety of symptoms due to the hormonal changes that are taking place in their bodies. One ...
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84 Ovary fluttering feeling - Kirchenmusik
I feel like I was able to feel everything that's been going on in my uterus from conception. Sometimes ovarian cysts will cause pain from bleeding or ...
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85 Best mattresses for back pain UK 2022 - Women's Health
Most chiropractors agree that back pain sufferers should choose either a firm, dense foam mattress or a hybrid spring and foam mattress. Memory foam is the go- ...
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86 9 vitamin D deficiency symptoms (and 11 high vitamin D foods)
Fatigue; Not sleeping well; Bone pain or achiness; Depression or feelings of sadness; Hair loss; Muscle weakness; Loss of appetite; Getting sick ...
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87 Menopause and divorce: The surprising correlation and its ...
Her latest book, “This Changes Everything: The honest guide to menopause and perimenopause”, is what couples like Marilyn and her ex, ...
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88 Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Increased fatigue and joint aches are common symptoms of menopause. So when are these symptoms considered “normal” or fibromyalgia or ...
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89 7 things every woman should know before freezing her eggs
... can be toxic to the ovaries and cause premature menopause. ... It can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.
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90 I Took Everlywell Fertility Test to See If I Entered Perimenopause
Once you have both your samples, you put everything in the box with a prepaid label and send it away. Understanding my results. My results ...
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91 [Beginnings & Breakthroughs] Breaking Free From Foods That ...
Here, Laura and JJ talk about managing cholesterol, menopause, shifting perspectives ... JJ also exposes popular “health” foods that can actually hurt you, ...
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92 The menopause turned me into a stroppy emo teenager again
I realised that I no longer could try and make everything OK for everybody ... my husband in a very impulsive way that hurt a lot of people.
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93 Joint Pain During Perimenopause & Menopause - Alloy
Painful, achy joints primarily in the knees, hips and shoulders is a very common complaint after menopause. Estrogen binds directly to estrogen receptors on ...
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94 Not Just Hot Flashes...Joint Pain During Menopause
Aches, stiffness and swelling around the joint and sometimes heat are typical symptoms of menopausal joint pain. These may be worse in the morning, improving as ...
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