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1 7 Tips and Tricks for Correct Usage of Definite and Indefinite ...
In Spanish, the definite article has four forms: el, la, los and las. When deciding which form to use, you must first identify both the number ...
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2 Using the Definite Article in Spanish | SpanishDict
When talking about something in general, such as a type of food, music, book, etc. or a group of some sort, you'll use the definite article in Spanish. examples.
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3 Use and Omission of the Definite Article in Spanish - ThoughtCo
It is very common to use the definite article in Spanish in cases where a possessive adjective (such as "your") would be used in English in ...
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4 The Definitive Guide to Spanish Definite and Indefinite Articles
When to include Spanish articles: Date and time. When it comes to talking about date and time, you generally need an article in Spanish. This takes particular ...
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5 The Complete Guide to Definite Articles in Spanish - SpanishVIP
This example is the easiest since we do this exactly the same way in English. Whenever you are referring to a specific object or a specific set ...
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6 Articles in Spanish Grammar - Lingolia
Feminine nouns that start with a stressed a/ha, take the definite article el. This is done for ease of pronunciation. The noun and its complements remain ...
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7 How to Use the Articles in Spanish - Spring Languages
In both languages, definite articles are used when reference is being made to a specific thing, place, or person. In Spanish, the article el is used when the ...
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8 Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish
When a feminine and singular noun begins with a stressed á, a, or ha, the masculine definite article is used instead, to aide in pronunciation.
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9 Guide to Spanish Articles: The Only Lesson You'll Ever Need
Although they are a common element in a sentence, articles in Spanish have to be omitted in certain situations. The following cases do not require the use of ...
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10 Everything You Need to Know About Definite Articles in Spanish
When the noun you're referring to is evident, use the definite article. Examples: La reina de Inglaterra se llama Elizabeth* – “The Queen of England is called ...
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11 Using definite articles el, la, los, las in Spanish with bodyparts ...
In Spanish, when you refer to your own or someone else's body parts (and by extension items of clothing, including pockets), you use the ...
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12 Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish | YourDictionary
The definite article can be used to talk about things in general, things that have been mentioned before, days of the week, names of languages, and telling the ...
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13 Spanish Definite Articles: El, Las, Lo, Del, Al | Lingvist
Use a definite article when discussing languages as abstract entities, such as discussing “the English language” or “the role of Chinese” as a language in ...
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14 Definite & Indefinite Articles in Spanish - YouTube
The Spanish Dude
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15 Spanish Articles - When to Use Definite Articles - YouTube
iUniversity Prep
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16 When should you use articles in Spanish?
Use the definite articles when talking about the time. You always use the feminine article because you are referring to “la hora” (the time). Es ...
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17 Definite And Indefinite Articles In Spanish: A Detailed Guide
When do we use definite articles in Spanish? ... Some of the main uses of definite Spanish articles that you should be aware of include: talking about a day of ...
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18 definite article - Collins Dictionary
› the-definite-articl...
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19 How to use Spanish Definite Articles in Sentences
Spanish definite articles are often called ARTÍCULOS DEFINIDOS or DETERMINANTES, including LA, LAS, EL, LOS, plus a fifth article called LO. These words are ...
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20 The Ultimate Tip-Sheet to Articles in Spanish: "El" vs "La", "Un ...
By using the article a, we've created a general statement, implying that any cup of tea would taste good after any long day. That's why a is called an ...
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21 Definite Articles - Spanish Grammar in Context
Spanish uses the definite article in many places where English does. However, some uses of the definite article in Spanish can be tricky for English speakers ...
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22 Omitting Articles in Spanish - Dummies
In the Spanish language, articles are often useful to indicate a subject's number and gender. However, in some cases, dropping Spanish ...
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23 Nouns & Articles in Spanish - Free Spanish Grammar Exercises
The definite article in Spanish is used when we are talking about a particular person or thing, e.g. "Do you have the tickets?" or "The street is crowded.".
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24 Complete Guide To Spanish Definite And Indefinite Articles
Definite Article is a special type of adjective which is used to modify a noun. It takes a position when a speaker believes the listener is already aware of the ...
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25 Master the Spanish Definite and Indefinite Articles in 10 Min
In Spanish, an article is not used when talking about an unspecified quantity or when the noun is uncountable. This is different from the ...
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26 When to use the article en español
specific one (where the article would be required in both languages). ... to use the definite article in Spanish in cases where a possessive.
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27 Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish Grammar
An article is a word that we use in Spanish to specify the gender and number of a noun. Articles also tell us how specific a noun is and that's why they can ...
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28 Do you use the articles in Spanish when listing a ... - Quora
Typically, you omit the articles altogether or use the definite article before the first noun. ie.: Los padres, madres y abuelos fueron invitados a la fiesta.
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29 How to Use Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish
In general, whenever you would use “the” in English, you can add a definite article in Spanish that matches the gender and number of the noun.
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30 Spanish Articles 101: How to Say “the/a” in Spanish - BaseLang
The Spanish “the” is used just like we would in English. This is called the “definite” article (because you're talking about a particular thing, ...
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31 Definite and Indefinite Articles (a, an, the) - TIP Sheets
Articles are used before nouns or noun equivalents and are a type of adjective. The definite article (the) is used before a noun to indicate that the identity ...
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32 Articles in Spanish - Berges Institute
The cool thing is they work in the same way in English and Spanish. We use the definite article when we assume the listener knows which concept/thing/place ...
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33 Definite and indefinite articles in Spanish
Definite articles are used to talk about a specific person, animal or thing in a concrete situation. Los loros son muy bonitos. – The parrots ...
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34 Definite and Indefinite Spanish Articles - Busuu
Articles are words that go before a noun and help to define it in a better way. In English, articles are 'the', 'a' or 'an' we use in everyday sentences.
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35 Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish - Live Lingua
INDEFINITE ARTICLES: 'a' and 'an' are used for singular nouns, depending on the word beginning with a consonant or vowel sound. The words 'some' and 'any' may ...
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36 Definite Articles and Gender Rules in Spanish -
Using Definite Articles in Spanish ... To determine the appropriate definite article, one must first determine if the noun is feminine or ...
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37 Definite Article – el, la, los, las - Lawless Spanish
For me, it helps to remember that if you have a noun in Spanish, there is virtually always an article (either definite or indefinite) in front of it, unless you ...
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38 When should we use articles before nouns and when are ...
In English: It is similar to having 'a' or 'an' in front of a noun. We would say an apple. In Spanish: We use the appropriate article in front of the noun ( ...
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39 Spanish Definite and Indefinite Articles - Transtle
Definite article · El niño. – The boy. You must use el because niño is a masculine, singular noun. · El cielo.- The sky. · La niña. – The girl. · La flor amarilla.
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40 The Definite Article: Part II -
The definite article is used when reflexive verbs are followed by body parts, clothing or other very personal possessions. María se lava la cara. Él se pone el ...
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41 A Quick Guide to Spanish Articles | My Daily Spanish
When we use the Spanish definite article ... (but don't forget that this is Spanish, so there are some exceptions out there!): In reference to a ...
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42 Definite articles in Spanish - Blablalang
The above articles are singular definite articles and plural definite articles in Spanish. How you use them will depend on the root word and, ...
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43 Definite and indefinite articles in Spanish - Hispanissimo
Would you like to sound more like a Spanish native speaker? Do not worry! · In Spanish grammar, we can find two different types of articles: the ...
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44 Spanish definite articles | SpanishDictionary
In Spanish, definite articles are used with days of the week in Spanish, also to indicate habitual recurrence. For example: Los viernes nos ...
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45 6 rules for using definite articles in Spanish - Preply
In cases where English would use “on” before a day of the week, Spanish uses a definite article. Trabajo los lunes I work Mondays. EXCEPTION: ...
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46 Spanish Grammar/Definite and Indefinite Articles - Wikibooks
Definite articles are words that translate to " the". Indefinite articles correlate to the English "a" or "an". Spanish articles change form to agree with ...
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47 Nouns and Articles in Spanish
The definite article in Spanish is used when we are talking about a particular person or thing, e.g. “Do you have the tickets?
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48 Definite and indefinite articles in Spanish - TANDEM Madrid
The masculine plural definite and indefinite articles (los / unos) are also used to indicate a group of mixed sex. For instance, “los gatos” could refer to a ...
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49 The Use of Definite Articles in Spanish | Verbling
The definite article has another form which is neutral and we use it for adjectives, adverbs, and possessive adjectives that become nouns. Some ...
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50 The Ultimate Guide to Using the Definite Articles in Spanish
A definite article (or artículo definido in Spanish) is a word that refers to nouns but not just any nouns. Definite articles are used most ...
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51 How To Use Articles In Spanish? -
When I was teaching English back home, my Spanish speaking students would say “is that it?!” referring to the articles in English and how easy they are to learn ...
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52 Spanish definite and indefinite articles
You do not use articles in Spanish when you are speaking about something very generally. · Also notice that plurals often to not take articles in Spanish, but it ...
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53 Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish (+ Free PDF)
In Spanish, articles agree in gender and number with the nouns they modify. Therefore, we use feminine nouns with feminine articles. We say, for example, “la ...
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54 Episode 1: 1. Nouns & Articles - News in Slow Spanish
Do you remember what a noun is? A noun gives a name to a person, place, thing, or idea. Nouns answer the question “Who is it?” and “What is ...
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55 [el, la, los, las] - Spanish Definite ARTICLES - Hola Qué Pasa
Definite articles in Spanish are: el – la – los – las . They are equivalent to the English word «the». By the end of this lesson, you will be able use these ...
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56 "The" and "a" in Spanish - Free Online Spanish Lessons
First let's meet the definite articles. Remember these are the equivalents of "the", and you use them when you're talking about a specific thing, rather than a ...
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1.The definite article is used when the noun is determined. · 2. The definite article is used also with nouns that refer to the totality, abstract sense, essence ...
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58 Spanish Gender: How to use the Gender and Articles in Spanish
Spanish is a gendered language and requires the learner to master which nouns are masculine and feminine and which articles to use with ...
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59 How to Use Articles (a/an/the) - Purdue OWL
What is an article? Basically, an article is an adjective. Like adjectives, articles modify nouns. English has two articles: the and a/an. The is used to ...
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60 Indefinite Articles In Spanish: Un & Una = A/an [+6 Examples ...
how to practice with flashcards regarding how to use indefinite articles in Spanish; how and why you should use the courses of Language Atlas to learn Spanish.
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61 How to use articles in Spanish? - MyTutor
In general, there are two types of articles in Spanish - definite and indefinite.DEFINITE articles are the equivalents of English 'the' and are used to ...
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62 The Articles in Spanish - Learn Spanish with Norma
Las: is used with feminine plural nouns. Keep in mind that, in Spanish, all nouns have gender. Spanish articles must match the gender and the number of the ...
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63 The Definite and Indefinite Article in Spanish
In Spanish as in English, the indefinite article is used in front of a non-specific item. ... NOTE: Some nouns use singular and plural forms, for singular form.
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64 Spanish articles & demonstratives | Speakeasy
We use a definite article when we are talking about something specific, something that we know or something that can be identified. This would ...
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65 Understanding Spanish nouns and articles - Digestible Notes
⇒ Nouns that refer to all the members of the relevant class usually require the use of the definite article, although in English the article is omitted in such ...
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66 Articles - Spanish I - Cliffs Notes
In Spanish, the definite article reflects the gender of the word that follows. The definite article el (the, masculine) is used in front of a masculine noun ...
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67 Definite articles in Spanish: basic grammar (A1)
You come across many instances in Spanish where you use the definite article even though you may or may not use it in English. The rules in the following ...
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68 Understanding Spanish Articles
They are all articles in English! You can see that they indicate whether the noun in the sentence is going to be singular or plural. Articles in ...
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69 Spanish Definite and Indefinite Articles - Rocket Languages
Spanish has definite and indefinite articles as well. However, as mentioned before, Spanish speakers must suit the form of the article to the gender of the ...
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70 1.6: Definite and indefinite articles (Gender and number)
Definite articles are used when you have a specific item in mind. The English equivalent is “The.” In Spanish, there is a “the” for each Gender/ ...
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71 The use of articles by monolingual Puerto Rican Spanish ...
Each noun in Spanish has an inherent or lexical gender (Harris, 1991), and both articles and adjectives must conform to this gender. A summary of the Spanish ...
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72 A An The in English. English articles for Spanish speakers ...
English has two articles: the and a/an. 'The' is used to refer to specific or particular nouns; 'a/an' is used to modify non-specific or non- ...
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73 Articles: definite and indefinite ‹ Absolute Beginner Spanish ...
The definite article is the equivalent of the English article the, and is used to talk about things which are already known through context, because they have ...
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74 Spanish Articles - Spanish Booster
For example: Tengo un perro. / I have a dog. Tengo al perro. ( remember a + el = al ) / I have the dog. i) The article "lo" is used with: - Masculine adjectives ...
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75 Articles - Definite / Indefinite - Learn Spanish Online Lessons
The choice of article is dependant on two things; the gender of the noun and whether it is singular or plural. All Spanish nouns take a gender. We must know the ...
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76 Definite Articles In Spanish Teaching Resources | TPT
There are 58 fill in the blank. Students must put the definite article that corresponds in gender and number. It is mostly a and o ending ...
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77 Spanish Articles - All you should know about them - IL Spanish
Generally you can use the Spanish definite articles like you use it in English, but there are exceptions, here are some examples: Spanish is the ...
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78 La/Las/El/Los, Articles & Plural | Spanish, Grammar - LENGO
The definite articles in Spanish are: el, la, los and las. There are 4 different forms because the article must match the gender and number of the noun.
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79 Spanish Grammar Book 8-10 - Bowdoin College
Spanish does not use the indefinite article before words denoting occupations, religions, political affiliation or nationality; they are treated as ...
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80 Definite Articles in Spanish -
Spanish has four definite articles. Like adjectives, articles match their nouns in gender and number. ... Unless you are telling the day using ser (Hoy eslunes.), ...
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81 A1 Level. Learn about the definite Articles in Spanish
Definite Articles in Spanish Definite articles are used to talk about specific nouns. Spanish has four definite articles: el, la, los, ...
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82 Topic 1 Gender and Number of Definite and Indefinite Articles
Un is the indefinite article, libro is the noun. Notice that both, the indefinite article and the noun, are masculine/singular. Los libros verdes. Los is ...
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83 Definite articles in Spanish | Wyzant Ask An Expert
"el oso". (the bear). In most cases when nouns end in "o" are masculine so you use "el" " la" (for feminine , ...
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84 Definite Spanish Articles
Nouns can be SINGULAR or PLURAL...The article you place in front of the noun must match!! Let's learn how we're going to use each one of these and when!
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85 A1-3 Articles: definite and indefinite -
Articles, in Spanish, can be definite or indefinite. DEFINITE articles identify a known object that can, therefore, be identified. ... If the noun is feminine and ...
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86 Spanish Articles | Definite and Indefinite Explained | Free Quiz
In this lesson, you've learned how to use definite and indefinite articles in Spanish. Remember Spanish articles must reflect the gender ( ...
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87 Spanish Gender and Articles - Linguasorb
Spanish Gender and Articles ; el, masculine singular, un ; la, feminine singular, una ; los, masculine plural, unos ; las, feminine plural, unas ...
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88 Spanish Indefinite and Definite Articles - The Language Island
Like English, Spanish has both indefinite and definite articles. The singular forms of the indefinite articles are equivalent to “a” or “an” ...
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89 When to use articles (or not) in verb phrases? : r/Spanish
So we use indefinite articles when something isn't specific, say «Ayer vi una película». Which? Who knows? The natural question to follow could ...
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90 Comparison of Italian and Spanish 5
Generally speaking, Italian uses articles more frequently than Spanish. For example, 'Do you have another pen?' is Hai un'altra penna? in Italian, ...
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91 Definite Articles and Indefinite Articles
Definite articles are placed in front of nouns and must match the noun in GENDER and NUMBER. In English, there is one definite. article: THE. In Spanish ...
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92 Article omission - Spanish A1 Grammar EN - Books4Languages
Articles [artículos] are words that accompany a noun. They can be indefinite or definite. In some cases the article can be omitted [omisión del artículo]. Form.
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93 How to use gender and articles in Spanish - BBC
Every noun in Spanish has a gender and must have the correct article. Learn how to use gender and articles in Spanish in this guide for students aged 11 to ...
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94 Spanish articles
Spanish Articles: Articles are special modifiers that appear before nouns or noun phrases. There are only two articles in the English language: the and a (and ...
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95 1.A Nouns and Articles – El Español por el Mundo
Use definite articles to refer to specific nouns. The equivalent to the English definite article the. ... Indefinite articles to refer to unspecified persons or ...
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96 Choose the correct gender in Spanish: el & la - ALL you need ...
Spanish nouns are masculine or feminine. This means you either have to put "el" or "la" before the noun. In Spanish, these articles are called ...
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97 Spanish Articles - Enforex
While in English you can simply apply the same articles - the, a, an, some - to all nouns, in Spanish there are distinctions between masculine and feminine ...
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98 Using the Spanish Definite Articles, Part 1 - SpanishPod101
Anna: So, in this lesson, we'll see how definite articles work in Spanish. Articles work mostly the same as they do in English, with a few exceptions. One of ...
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