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1 Yellow, Brown, or Green Phlegm: What It Means - Healthline
Bronchitis. This usually starts off with a dry cough and eventually some clear or white phlegm. Over time, you may start coughing up yellow and green phlegm.
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2 Bronchitis symptoms & treatments - Illnesses & conditions
The main symptom of bronchitis is a hacking cough. It is likely that your cough will bring up thick yellow-grey mucus (phlegm), although this ...
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3 Understanding Mucus in Your Lungs
Mucus in the lungs is known as phlegm or sputum. It is a common symptom in chronic lung diseases such as COPD (including chronic bronchitis ...
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4 Symptoms - - - Bronchiectasis - NHS
The most common symptom of bronchiectasis is a persistent cough that brings up a large amount of phlegm on a daily basis. The phlegm can be clear, ...
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5 How to Cough Up Mucus & Phlegm from Chest Congestion
Take a breath that is slightly deeper than normal. Use your stomach muscles to make a series of three rapid exhalations with the airway open, ...
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6 Coughing Up Mucus: Types, Causes & Treatment - K Health
Reasons You Produce and Cough Up Mucus · Acid reflux · Allergies · Asthma · Infections · Lung diseases · Dehydration · Dry Environment · Caffeine and ...
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7 Mucus, Our Body's Silent Defender | UNC Health Talk
“Coughing is good,” Dr. Boucher says. “When you cough up mucus when you are sick, you are essentially clearing the bad guys—viruses or bacteria— ...
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8 Coughing up blood (blood in phlegm) | nidirect
In up to one in five cases investigated, no cause is found for coughing up blood. If you are coughing up blood, you may cough up: ... The blood is usually from ...
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9 Coughing Up Green or Yellow Phlegm - Buoy Health
If you're coughing up green or yellow phlegm, it means you probably have an infection. But it could be a virus, which improves on its own, ...
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10 COVID-19 Cough With Mucus - Verywell Health
About one-third of people with COVID-19 experience a cough with mucus (phlegm). This is due to lung congestion that can occur during the ...
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11 Coughing Up Phlegm: What Does It Mean? - Genexa
Coughing up phlegm is often a sign that you have fallen victim to some form of illness, and treatment may involve prescription medicine.
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12 What the Color of Your Phlegm Could be Telling You
It's normal to be surprised if you notice you're coughing up what looks like blood. However, if what you're coughing up looks frothy and more ...
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13 Phlegm, mucus and asthma
> · Find out why coughing up more phlegm than usual can be a sign that your airways are inflamed and how to tell one kind of phlegm from another by the colour ...
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14 4 Questions to Determine If You Have Bronchitis
Are you coughing up clear, yellow phlegm or green-colored mucus? Are you feeling other cold/flu symptoms like stuffy nose, sore throat or headache?
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15 Clearing your lungs after COVID-19 -
You may find that you are still coughing up phlegm or mucus after an infection with COVID-19 (coronavirus). This is normal after respiratory infections.
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16 Cough - Seattle Children's
Sometimes, your child will cough up lots of phlegm (mucus). The mucus can normally be gray, yellow or green. Antibiotics are not helpful.
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17 Chest infections - signs and symptoms
A high temperature, or more hot sweats/flushes than normal ... If you are someone who regularly expectorates (cough up) phlegm it is a ...
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18 Chronic cough - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic
An occasional cough is normal — it helps clear irritants and secretions from your lungs and prevents infection. However, a cough that persists ...
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19 What does the color of phlegm mean?
Sometimes people who have really significant chronic lung disease can cough up a brownish or really tenacious looking phlegm that's a little ...
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20 Coughing Up Phlegm - YouTube
What's causing you to cough up so much sputum? Could it be pneumonia, bronchitis, allergies or something else? Dr. Bob explains how to ...
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21 Coughing Up Green Phlegm: What You Need to Know
As your immune system continues to fight the infection in your respiratory system, your phlegm may become thicker and darker green. This thickening and ...
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22 For coughing up phlegm, water is key
Most people are familiar with phlegm. It's the gunk you might cough up when you have a cold or the flu. This mucus is not pretty.
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23 Cough and Sputum Production - Clinical Methods - NCBI
Expectoration or sputum production is the act of coughing up and spitting out the material produced in the respiratory tract.
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24 Plastic Bronchitis - Treatment, Symptoms and Causes
Symptoms of plastic bronchitis include a chronic dry or wet cough that can eject the rigid casts from your throat or lungs. In many cases patients also complain ...
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25 What causes me to cough up phlegm when I don't have a cold?
Coughing up phlegm when you don't have a cold could be due to a number of different conditions: a sinus infection, allergies with postnasal drip, pneumonia, ...
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26 Sputum Culture: MedlinePlus Medical Test
Sputum is a thick mucus made in your lungs. It is not the same as spit or saliva. You may cough up sputum if you have an infection or ...
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27 What Could Be The Underlying Reasons For My Morning ...
A cough can occur at any time of the day, but several conditions may cause morning cough. Some mucus (phlegm) and fluids build up in the lungs ...
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28 Coughs of Many Colors: When Should You Be Worried About ...
Phlegm is a specialized term for mucus that occurs specifically in the lower respiratory tract — that is, the lungs and throat. (Mucus produced ...
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29 Stanford scientists decipher the danger of gummy phlegm in ...
These tangles turn patients' sputum into stiff stuff that's tough to cough up, recalcitrant to oxygen exchange in the lungs and prone to ...
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30 Coughing Up Blood: Causes and When To Seek Care
Blood that's coughed up usually looks like blood-stained spit mixed with ... A sputum culture of your lung excretions to look for infectious ...
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31 Why COVID-19 May Cause Some People To Cough Up Blood
It should be noted that blood that comes up with a cough often looks bubbly since it's mixed with air and mucus. Per MedlinePlus, the blood can ...
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32 How To Get Rid Of Phlegm – Forbes Health
Excess phlegm can build up in the throat and chest for a number of reasons, leading to bothersome symptoms, such as a sore throat, cough or ...
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33 Hemoptysis (Coughing Up Blood) - Temple Health
Hemoptysis is the term for coughing up blood or bloody mucus from your respiratory tract (lungs and throat). It's not the same as bleeding from your mouth, ...
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34 Yellow, Red, Green. What Color is Your Phlegm? - Geisinger
Cough up green phlegm? Green mucus is an indication that your body is fighting off a more serious infection. While the green color may be ...
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35 3 Ways to Cough Up Phlegm - wikiHow
Coughs can be either a non-productive cough, which is dry, or a productive cough, which is wet. When you have a wet cough with phlegm, it generally means ...
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36 Chronic cough after COVID-19 and other lung problems
When will your lungs be back to normal? After recovering from COVID-19, ... If you're coughing up phlegm, it's a good thing. It means your body is working ...
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37 Coughing up blood Information | Mount Sinai - New York
Do you have blood-streaked mucus (phlegm)?; How many times have you coughed up blood and how often does it happen? How long has the problem been going on? Is it ...
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38 How to Get Rid of Mucus Buildup in the Lungs | SmartVest
According to Medical News Today2, common symptoms of mucus build up in your lungs ... Chest Congestion; Cough that Produces Phlegm; Respiratory Infection ...
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39 How To Get Rid Of Your Annoying, Phlegmy Cough
"[Phlegm] may drip down from the nose and sinuses, or get coughed up from the lower airway," Dr. Voigt says. But, sometimes, it accumulates ...
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40 Everything You Ever Wondered About Mucus and Phlegm
You may not notice phlegm unless you cough it up as a symptom of bronchitis or pneumonia. As is the case with mucus, phlegm that has a color ...
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41 Should I Worry About Coughing up Green Mucus? - Mucinex
Sometimes green mucus and coughing clear up on their own. If you're still experiencing symptoms after 12 days or so, it may be time for a checkup. Lasting ...
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42 Mucus and Phlegm: Barometers of Your Health
Thin and clear mucus is normal and healthy. White. ... People with asthma who have a cough may bring up phlegm streaked with blood. Brown.
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43 When does a cough turn into pneumonia
Maybe you've even started coughing up phlegm or have pain in your ... your symptoms will be mild and you'll probably function normally.
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44 Chest Cold (Acute Bronchitis) | Antibiotic Use - CDC
A chest cold, often called acute bronchitis, occurs when the airways of the lungs swell and produce mucus in the lungs. That's what makes you cough. Acute ...
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45 Lung cancer symptoms - Cancer Research UK
coughing up phlegm (sputum) with blood in it; having an ache or pain in the chest or shoulder; chest infections that keep coming back or a chest infection that ...
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46 Coughing up blood (blood in phlegm) - NHS 111 Wales
› Coughingupblood(bloodinph...
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47 Bronchitis | Cedars-Sinai
Coughing that starts out dry is often the first sign of acute bronchitis. Small amounts of white mucus may be coughed up if the bronchitis is viral. If the ...
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48 9 Ways To Get Rid Of Phlegm - Holland & Barrett
Phlegm is a jelly-like liquid that you cough up from your lungs.Compared to the mucus that's excreted from your nasal passages (what we commonly ...
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49 What the Color of Your Phlegm Means - Healthgrades
Possible causes of phlegm include bacterial and viral infections, allergies, and chronic lung conditions. To diagnose the cause of phlegm, your ...
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50 Causes of phlegm cough in the morning - Vinmec
Coughing is the body's way of eliminating and clearing irritants out of the respiratory system. Coughing up phlegm every morning is a common medical ...
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51 Cough | Ministry of Health NZ
A productive cough produces phlegm or mucus (sputum). The mucus may come from the back of your throat, nose or sinuses or up from your lungs ...
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52 Coughing Lately? What Does Your Cough Mean?
Your doctor will likely ask if you have a wet or dry cough. If you have a wet cough, you may notice mucus or a salty taste in your mouth. This ...
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53 Coughing Up Blood - Lung and Airway Disorders
The amount of blood produced can vary from a few streaks of blood mixed with normal sputum to large amounts of pure blood. Other symptoms, such as fever and ...
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54 Blood in your phlegm - Causes & Advice from Healthily
Coughing up blood can be alarming, but isn't usually a sign of a serious problem if you're young and otherwise healthy. It's more a cause for concern in ...
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55 Patient education: Chronic cough in adults (Beyond the Basics)
The most common causes of chronic cough are postnasal drip, asthma, and acid reflux from the stomach. These three causes are responsible for up ...
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56 Haemoptysis (coughing up blood) - Healthdirect
the sputum (what you cough up) is frothy, or looks liquid or clotted; the blood is bright red or pink; you also have lung disease; you do not have nausea or ...
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57 Is a persistent cough a symptom of COVID-19?
This is usually a dry (unproductive) cough, unless you have an underlying lung condition that normally makes you cough up phlegm or mucus.
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58 Coughing Up Blood: Care Instructions - My Health Alberta
Several conditions can make you cough up blood from the lungs. These include bronchitis and pneumonia, or more serious problems such as cancer or a blood clot ...
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59 Here's what your baby's cough could mean
If your child has a wet cough, it might be from a respiratory illness causing the airways to produce phlegm or mucous. This respiratory illness can be ...
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60 Phlegm - Everything you need to know about lung mucus
Phlegm is usually a symptom of something else, but wet coughing is a common sign that you are producing more phlegm than normal. Causes of Phlegm. Different ...
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61 Coughing Up White Phlegm: 6 Causes & What to Do
White phlegm is generally a sign of respiratory infections or inflammation, like bronchitis, sinusitis or lung diseases, like COPD.
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62 Signs and symptoms of COPD - My Lungs My Life
If the sputum is darker green it may also start to become thicker and more difficult to cough up in order to clear your airways. This can be caused by a virus ...
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63 Health Check: what you need to know about mucus and phlegm
There is a common belief that a moist (chesty) cough indicates a chest infection. But in young, healthy people, post-nasal drip of mucus is more ...
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64 The Difference Between Bronchitis & Pneumonia - FMC
If your cough continues after your cold or flu is gone · If you have a fever, especially over 101° · If you are coughing up discolored phlegm ( ...
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65 PHLEGM FACTS - The Washington Post
When you have a cold, is it okay to swallow the phlegm that drips down the back of your throat or is coughed up from your rattling lungs?
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66 Is coughing up a red phlegm mucus wad normal after a ...
Answer: Productive cough after in abdominoplastyIs not uncommon. What you describe is not totally out of the ordinary but should be getting better. I think you ...
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67 Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis (ABPA)
ABPA causes the lungs to become inflamed. This leads to symptoms such as wheezing and coughing. You may cough up a lot of phlegm or brown specks ...
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68 Clearing phlegm from your lungs
2. Drink even more water than usual to keep the phlegm moist. Do not stay in bed all day. Activity and movement help you to cough up ...
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69 Acute Bronchitis | Johns Hopkins Medicine
Testing the sputum you cough up or swab from your nose may be done to ... The symptoms often resolve on their own and lung function goes back to normal.
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70 Excess Mucus In The Throat – Causes And What Works Best
Symptoms of excess mucus are coughing up phlegm, shortness of breath, or congestion in the throat. If the cause of mucus in the throat is a ...
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71 How to Clear Phlegm From Your Throat - Men's Health
And when you're sick or suffering from allergies, your body ramps up its phlegm production in an effort to clear away the bad bugs it knows are ...
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72 Bronchitis | Ask Dr Sears
What is bronchitis? · Junky sounding cough · Child coughs up and spits up thick green or yellow mucus · Younger kids won't cough up and spit out ...
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73 What it takes for a cough to expel mucus from the airway | PNAS
Normally, cilia propel a thin layer of mucus up the trachea and through the larynx at the posterior commissure (Upper Right), ...
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74 Cough | Cancer.Net
Cough up colored mucus. Yellow, green, or foul-smelling mucus could be a sign of an infection. Common colds can cause colored mucus, but so can the flu, ...
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75 What is that morning cough all about? | Life - News24
If you cough up phlegm, especially in the morning, it might be a sign of bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is the most common form and occurs ...
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76 That Nagging Cough - Harvard Health Publishing
Postnasal drip is the leading cause of the lingering cough. But it's far from the only cause. 2. Asthma. Wheezing and breathlessness are the usual symptoms of ...
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77 Best way to tell what coughing up phlegm means for your health
She said: "If you cough up white phlegm it may mean you have an upper respiratory tract infection such as a cold, or an allergy, which can cause ...
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78 How to Regain Strength After Pneumonia - Houston Methodist
By signing up, you will receive our newsletter with articles, videos, ... leading to the green, yellow or even bloody mucus you cough up.
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79 Excessive Phlegm in Throat Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment
Phlegm may also be a reason that individuals wake up at night. Phlegm normally thin in nature; however when it becomes thick it becomes difficult to ...
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80 coughing up phlegm - Spanish translation - Linguee
[...] the frequency of coughing and the amount of phlegm coughed up decreases.
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81 What Causes a Buildup of Mucus in the Lungs? - MedicineNet
Since mucus traps dirt and bacteria, having too much of it in the lungs is not healthy. A buildup of mucus begins to show with a cough that comes up with phlegm ...
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82 Bronchitis - symptoms, causes and treatment - Southern Cross
That cause causes the characteristic cough of bronchitis, wheezing, and shortness of breath. The cough may produce sputum, which is phlegm coughed up from the ...
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83 What is Mucus and Phlegm | Words of Wisdom - Buckley's
First of all, the medical term for mucus and phlegm that has been coughed up or expelled through the nose is sputum. Sputum can be clear to varying shades ...
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84 Antibiotics have 'little effect' on cough and phlegm - BBC News
Coughing up yellow or green phlegm does not mean your GP should be prescribing antibiotics, says research which shows they have little ...
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85 Cough In Children - KidsHealth NZ
Does your child produce spit or phlegm? ... Children under 5 years do not usually spit or cough up phlegm. They usually swallow it. Small children and babies ...
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86 What your child's cough is telling you - Children's Health
The common cold often produces a wet, productive-sounding cough with mucus or phlegm behind it. Call your pediatrician if: Your child's ...
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87 Coughing Blood and What It Could Mean
Coughing up blood (blood in phlegm) ... Coughing up blood can be a scary experience, but it is not always a sign of a serious issues in a person ...
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88 How to Manage Persistent Cough in Bronchitis
› blog › how-to-manage-persis...
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89 Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer
Coughing up blood or rust-colored sputum (spit or phlegm); Chest pain that is often worse with deep breathing, coughing, or laughing; Hoarseness ...
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90 Supporting you to recover after COVID-19
A dry cough is one of the most common reported symptoms of COVID-19, however, in some cases it may be productive of phlegm – a wet or chesty ...
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91 What Does the Color of My Phlegm Mean? - CarePlus
When you cough up phlegm, it's called sputum. You may notice different colored sputum and wonder what the colors mean.
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92 Coughing: How serious is it and when should I worry?
Wet cough or coughing up phlegm – Chronic cough can be due to long-lasting or continually re-occurring infection in the lungs with diseases ...
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93 Cough - Lung Health A-Z - CHEST Foundation
Occasional coughing is normal. Coughing helps clear your throat and airway from bugs, mucus, and dust. Persistent cough with other symptoms, ...
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94 Reasons for Coughing up Phlegm in the Morning | Healthfully
Coughing up phlegm in the morning can occur with a variety of short- and long-term conditions affecting the lungs. People with a productive ...
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95 What causes me to cough up phlegm in the morning? - Quora
› What-causes-me-to-cough-up-p...
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96 Is Chronic Cough a Symptom of Cystic Fibrosis?
In a normal lung, the mucus is thin enough to move along the airways, ... The process of coughing up mucus (also called sputum) is called ...
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