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1 10 Great Tank Mates for Silver Dollar Fish (Compatibility ...
1. Other Silver Dollars · 2. Bala Shark · 3. Giant Gourami · 4. Corydoras · 5. Black Skirt Tetra · 6. Redtail Shark · 7. Angelfish · 8. Blue Ram ...
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2 10 Silver Dollar Fish Tank Mates - List of Compatible Species
Conclusion. The Silver Dollar fish is highly compatible in most community tanks. This species is medium-sized, peaceful, and has pretty standard water ...
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3 15 Best Tankmates for Silver Dollar Fish -
Which Fish Make the Best Tankmates for Silver Dollars? · Silver Dollars · Giant Gouramis · Black Ghost Knifefish · Black Skirt Tetras · Bala Sharks · Redtail Sharks.
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4 Silver Dollar Fish All You Need To Know: Size, Types and More
Some of the best tank mates are peaceful bottom feeders such as the Bristlenose Pleco, Kuhli Loach, and Cory Catfish. These types of fish can ...
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5 Silver Dollar Fish Care (Behavior, Food, Tank Mates & More)
Good and Bad Tank Mates for Silver Dollar Fish · Bristlenose · Clown Plecos · Kuhli Loaches · Cory Catfish · Doradids · Cichlids · Plecos · Other South American ...
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6 Silver Dollar Fish Care: Complete Guide For Aquarium Keepers
One thing to mention, cichlids can make good tank mates for silver dollars, but most species of cichlids become absolute holy terrors when they ...
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7 Silver Dollar: Complete Care Guide - Fish Tank Advisor
Often, it is recommended to keep dollars with other large fish, simply for the aesthetic, like Bala sharks and catfishes, but they are equally ...
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8 Silver dollar fish (Metynnis argenteus) -
› silver-dollar-metynnis-argenteus
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9 Silver Dollar Fish - Metynnis hypsauchen
› ... › Freshwater Fish › Tetras
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10 Caring for Silver Dollar Fish - Build Your Aquarium
Silver dollar fish, pacus, and piranhas are grouped in the subfamily Serrasalminae, which is under the main family Characidae. This makes them ...
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11 Silver Dollar Fish Care, Diet, Breeding & Habitat
› ... › Freshwater Fish
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12 Silver Dollar Complete Guide to Care, Breeding, Tank Size ...
Silver Dollars are perfect for community tanks as they are compatible with many other peaceful fishes. You can easily keep them with tank mates that swim in the ...
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13 Silver Dollar Fish Care (Lifespan, Tank Mates, Diet, & ...
Tetra; Bala Shark · Catfish · Arowana; Giant danio; Knife Fish; Firemouth Cichlid; Angelfish; Gold saum; Tin foil barb. Silver Dollar General ...
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14 Red Hook Silver Dollar: A Comprehensive Guide
– Compatibility With Other Fish. This type of fish makes excellent tankmates for shy fish. They are sometimes used as dither fish due to their docile nature. As ...
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15 Silver dollar (fish) - Wikipedia
Silver dollar is a common name given to a number of species of fishes, mostly in the genus Metynnis, tropical fish belonging to the family Characidae which ...
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16 Silver Dollar: Tropical Fish for Freshwater Aquariums
Silver Dollars are a lively schooling fish and best kept in groups of three or more. Rocks, plants, and driftwood help mirror its natural habitat and will help ...
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17 Will silver dollar fish eat tetras? - Quora
The 2 big issues are their tiny size, which makes them subject to getting eaten or picked on by other fishes, and their need to be kept warm, about 78F is good.
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18 Silver Dollar Fish - Metynnis argenteus - Animal-World
Silver Dollar Fish · Same species - conspecifics: Yes - They are most comfortable when kept in schools of 5 or more individuals. · Peaceful fish (): Safe - They ...
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19 FAQs on Silver Dollars - WetWebMedia$f.htm
Clown loaches are schooling fish, and should be kept in at least a trio. Keeping a single specimen isn't very fair to the fish, and you'll probably find it is ...
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20 The Complete Care Guide of Silver Dollar Fish - Fisharoma
Metynnis hypsauchen are also known as Silver Dollars. The only difference between them is and Metynnis argenteus is that Metynnis hypsauchen have black patches ...
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21 Silver Dollar Fish Profile: The Elementary Care Guide
You must not put them together as the Silver Dollar fish grows more extensive and can bully the small fishes by nipping their fins or may even ...
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22 Can I Kept Tiger Barb, Zebra Danios, Neon Tetras, Silver ...
your tank is facing serous compatible issue.silver dollar is incompatible with all other.where as you can't keep neon tetra and danio with tiger barb.gourami is ...
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23 Silver Dollar Fish Species Profile - The Spruce Pets
The aquarium fish known as the silver dollar is a vegetarian cousin of the piranha. Learn about its origin, diet and feeding, breeding, ...
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24 Tips for Breeding Silver Dollar Fish -
Silver dollar fish gained their name from their thin, flat and silvery appearance. These fish, though related to the piranha, ...
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25 Silver Dollar Fish 101: Care, Diet, Appearance, Breeding & All
Silver dollar fish are also used to being in schools, so it is best to keep them in groups of at least 3-5 fish. They generally get along with ...
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26 Choosing a Silver Dollar - PetPlace
Silver Dollars are a schooling fish and do best when kept in small numbers of three to five. If you keep only one Silver Dollar in the tank, it ...
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27 Silver Dollar Tropical Fish Information
Silver Dollar Tropical aquarium fish species index. ... learn all about how the tool works in assessing fish tank mate compatibility at the link provided or ...
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28 Silver Dollar Fish: (13 Silly Facts & Advanced Care Guide)
Tank Mates. Silver Dollar Fish is a large, peaceful, and active species of fish. These fish are great for the community and they can be ...
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29 Silver Dollar Characin - Aquarium Setup - Tim's Tropical Fish
Lighting should be subdued. The Silver Dollar Characin can accept variations in water quality. Silver dollars are generally plant eaters. They will eat flake ...
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30 Silver Dollar Fish: Complete Care, Lifespan And Breeding- 2020
When kept together, Silver Dollars are at its best. They 're schooling fish so in a group they feel safer and protected.
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31 Silver Dollar Fish Care 101: Size, Tank Mates, Care and ...
Some recommended tank mates for silver dollar fish include the green severum, blue acara, angelfish, yoyo loaches, nerite snails, and plecos. Be ...
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32 hatchetfish compatibility... or silver dollars
The Silver Dollar is a six inch fish which should be kept in groups of 5 or more. I would say that your tank is considerably less than the ...
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33 Blue Hook Silver Dollar (Myloplus cf. schomburgkii)
Remarks: Blue Hook or Wide Bar Silver Dollars tend to eat plants in aquaria, so plastic plants or hardy plants like Java Fern or Anubias ...
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34 Silver Dollar Fish - The Buffalo Zoo
Silver dollars although herbivores are close relatives of the piranha. They have a very powerful bite and relatively strong teeth. Exhibit. Diversity of ...
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35 Neon Green Silver Dollar - Aqua Imports
As they grow, this color fades slightly but adult fish retain a distinctive green hue, with males developing reddish pink patches on their sides. Like most ...
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36 Silver Dollar - Pete's Aquariums & Fish
Silver Dollar Fish · Feederfish or Live Feeding Fish · Gold Severum Cichlid or Banded Cichlid · Iridescent Shark or Siamese Shark · Red-Line Torpedo Barb or Denison ...
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37 Silver dollar compatibility? Rainbow fish, corys, etc. Need advice
Besides, from what I've read/experienced, silver dollars are incredibly hardy fish. The reason I want to put them in the cichlid tank is because the filter for ...
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38 Silver Dollar Questions.... [Archive] - Aquarium Forum
Silver Dollars are awesome, wonderful fish and they will not bother any others in the tank. They do get large and are very skittish and fast ...
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39 Silver Dollar - Metynnis hypsauchen - Aquarium Industries
Feeding. Silver Dollars are predominantly vegetarian and will eat aquatic plants in a tank. They will accept all fish foods like Tetramin Tropical crisps, ...
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40 Pacu~Silver Dollar compatibility | The Reef Tank
Silver dollars and pacu are pretty closely related, but once again they can become aggressive, but on that note most fish do get aggressive with ...
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41 Are Discus,Silver Dollars & Angels All Compatible?
Welcome to Aquarium Space! We are a friendly online community for aquarium owners all over the world who love their tanks including their fish, ...
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42 Metynnis hypsauchen (Silver Dollar) - Seriously Fish
Much smaller fish may be eaten. Silver dollars mainly occupy the middle and top areas of the aquarium, so it is a good idea to select tankmates that occupy both ...
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43 Silver Dollar – 6cm (Metynnis argenteus) - Rebel Pets
Giant Danios, Pacus and Anostomus are also good tank companions. Do not keep your Silver Dollars with smaller fish such as Gouramis, Bettas and Tetras as they ...
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44 Silver Dollar - Serrasalminae - Metynnis argenteus | Tank Facts
The Silver Dollar is closely related to piranha and pacu, they have a round-shaped silver body making them widely popular in the hobby.
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45 Silver dollar/red tail shark compatibility? - Aquarium Forum
I just transferred my 3 Silver dollars and 3 Leaf fish from a 20 gallon to a 65 high. My Silvers have always been extremely hyper active while ...
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46 What fish to put with my 3 x silver dollars??? - Aquarium Advice
Also, as oceangirl said. The fish you are thinking of aren't compatible with each other even in a suitable tank. Cichlids should not be mixed in ...
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47 Silver Dollar Fish: The Complete Care And Breeding Guide
You won't have to flip a coin to decide if taking on Silver Dollar Fish ... make a great fit for just about any tank community with compatible parameters.
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48 silver dollars & malawi cichlids can they mix?
Your other fish - the red empress, blue dolphins and aceis are all good choices. The frontosa are not a good pick for tankmates though. Bear in ...
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49 Will a female betta get along with a pleco and silver dollars?
My husband is also planning on getting a school of silver dollar fish for that tank as well. Will my betta be able to live with the pleco ...
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50 Silver Dollar Tropical Fish - All About Aquarium Fish
In community aquarium, they will stay at the middle level of the tank and they will get along well with other tropical fish species such as hatchet fish (be ...
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51 Metynnis argenteus (sliver dollar) - Aquafind
There are well over a dozen species of Silver Dollars, all of which are similar in appearance. Metynnis argenteus, Metynnis hypsauchen, Metynnis lippincottianus ...
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52 Silver Dollar-Metynnis hypsauchen - Maidenhead Aquatics
Care. Silver Dollars are a timid, but peaceful, shoaling species, juveniles of which will require an aquarium at least 4ft long. These fast-swimming fish ...
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53 Silver Dollar with Parrot fish? | The Planted Tank Forum
Asking for a friend - would they get along? The silver dollar is fairly good sized, comparable to the parrot.
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54 Silver Dollar Fish (2018) - IMDb
Silver Dollar Fish: Directed by Bob Denney. With Cylk Cozart, Skeeta Jenkins, Curt Willis, Cami Jenkins. When an unexpected injury forces Jesse out of work, ...
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55 Best 15 Freshwater Aquarium Fish Combos | OceanFloorStore
Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish Combinations · 1) Apistogramma Dwarf Cichlid and Green Neon Tetra · 2) African Cichlids and Synodontis Catfish · 3) ...
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56 Silver Dollar (Metynnis argenteus) - The Aquarium Wiki
Tank compatibility[edit]. A shoaling fish that should be kept in groups of 5 or more. Do not keep with aggressive fish nor with smaller fish ...
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57 Silver Dollar ~ 4cm - Tropco
Tanks Mates and Compatibility – They are generally peaceful herbivores. They can be stocked with any other peaceful fish.
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58 Do Jewel Cichlids & Silver Dollars go together okay?
SD's don't get that 'big'. Well not as big as the likes of Tin Foil barbs or Silver Sharks (or even Pacu's) which people also use to co-habitate ...
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59 Silver Dollar - Fish Bazaar
Silver Dollar ; Compatibility · Aggressive to small fish ; Origin · Brazil ; Family · Characidae (Serrasalmidae) ; Life Span · 15 years or more ; Aquarist Experience ...
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60 Silver Dollar Characin Metynnis argenteus aquarium tropical ...
Silver Dollar Characin, Origins, Aquarium Setup, Compatibility, Breeding, Profile ... Tropical Freshwater Fish, Tropical. Pruning - A general guide to plant ...
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61 What Fish Can You Put With Angelfish in a Community Tank?
Silver dollars are a schooling fish that can be kept with angelfish. They are silver round shaped fish. They are mostly vegetarian.
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62 BLACK BAR SILVER DOLLAR (Myleus Schomburgkii) 1.25
A distincively marked schooling characin, the Black Bar Silver Dollar makes an impressive dither fish in a tank of large cichlids or predatory fish or as a ...
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63 Fun Spotted Silver Dollar Facts For Kids - Kidadl
The spotted silver dollars are tropical fish that live in freshwater habitats in the wild. They are found in freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds. The fish ...
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64 Silver Dollar - Aquatics To Your Door
Feed plenty of foods for herbivores but also supplement with meaty foods such as bloodworm. Will eat most plants. How compatible is it with other fish?
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65 Red Fin Silver Dollar - Lone Star Rare Exotic Fish Co.
Red Fin Silver Dollar fish are herbivores. You can provide them with vegetable foods like Algae wafers, plant flake food, cooked carrots, shelled peas, squash, ...
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66 Sick 9 or 10 year old silver dollar - Monster Fish Keepers
90 gallon 2 bp, 2 blue acaras, 4 silver dollars, a pleco, an albino peacock, 1 fire eel, 2 skunks, 6 corydoras, and a rainbow shark.
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67 Silver Dollar | fish Goldfish, Betta & More - PetSmart
Tetras are an active, peaceful, schooling fish that mix well with other community fish. They prefer to swim in schools of five or more. Tetras can share their ...
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68 Silver Dollar Tank mates - General Discussion - Forums
Moving the SDs means homing them with the Tinfoil Barbs. The barbs are supposed to be a peaceful community fish, and the Silver Dollars are too ...
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69 Silver Dollar - Facts, Size, Diet, Pictures - All Animal Facts
Silver dollars are known for their peaceful nature and can be kept with other peaceful fish species. However, they can be aggressive towards ...
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70 Silver Dollar (Metynnis argenteus) - Tropical Fish Keeping
Juvenile Metynnis argenteus can be housed in a peaceful community tank with fish of the same size but if a tankmate can fit into their mouth, ...
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71 Spotted Silver Dollar - Metynnis Lippincottianus
Much smaller fish may be eaten. Metynnis mainly occupy the middle and top areas of the aquarium, so it is a good idea to select tank mates that occupy both the ...
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72 File:Silver dollar fish Metynnis argenteus.jpg
share alike – If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same or compatible license as the original.
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73 20 Best Arowana Tank Mates (With Pictures) - AquariumNexus
The peaceful nature of silver dollars means that they will be ideal companions for your arowanas. The fish need a plant-based diet to thrive in ...
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74 Can Silver Dollar Fish Live With The Betta? - Tiny Fish Tank
Silver dollar fish become too large in a short period. Therefore, the fish need a large size tank of 70 gallons or more capacity. Also, choose the vertically ...
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75 Silver Dollars | Fish Breeds – Information and pictures of ...
A standard in the aquarium industry, the bright and flashy Silver Dollar is easy to raise, easy to feed, easy to breed, and easy to care for.
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76 Striped Silver Dollar 5cm - LiveFish
Silver dollars are also regarded as very peaceful fish meaning they can be kept with a range of fish. Their wild location is the vast rivers of the Amazon in ...
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77 Silver Dollar Fish: An Ultimate Guide
The Silver Dollar belongs to the Characides family and primarily the genus Metynnis. These freshwater fishes are closely related to piranha and ...
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78 Red Hook Silver Dollar Fish: Care, Diet, Breeding, Tank Mates...
Red Hook Silver Dollar Fish Tank Mates · Suckermouth catfish · Clown plecos · Oscar fish · Red Empress cichlid · Bristlenose pleco · Blue dolphin ...
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79 Silver Dollar Fish 101: Care, Tank Mates, Diet & More!
Aquaman Says: Smaller fish may not make the best tank mates for Silver Dollars, as they may mistake them for food! So stay away from tank mates ...
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80 How to Care for Silver Dollar Fish: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
› ... › Fish › Fish Breeds
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81 Dinner - Menu - Metro Diner
Fried Chicken & Waffle · Fried Chicken Plate · Charleston Shrimp & Grits · Iron City Meatloaf · Fish & Chips · Chicken Tender Plate · Chicken Pot Pie · Steak Tips.
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82 Silver Dollar Fish {Metynnis Argenteus} Care Guide
The Silver Dollar is a classic schooling fish that does best when kept with a group of five or more of their own species. These are peaceful ...
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83 Silver Dollar - Metynnis sp. -
Silver Dollar native habitat, distribution, behavior & aquarium compatibility. The Silver Dollar (Metynnis sp.) fish is a South American species closely ...
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84 Monitors & Computer Screens | Costco
... Energy Drinks · Fish Oil & Omega-3 · Glucosamine & Joint Supplements ... Lenovo IdeaPad 1 15.6" Laptop - Intel Pentium Silver N6000 - 1080p - Windows 11 ...
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85 Ice Chests & Soft Coolers - YETI
› coolers
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86 Black Friday iPhone Deals 2022 -
› ... › Apple iPhone
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87 Pocket Guide to the Care and Maintenance of Aquarium Fish
Silver dollars can eat almost any fish food , but will demolish live ... Compatible tankmates : Silver dollars are best kept in a school , or even in a pair ...
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88 Silver Dollar Fish - Milwaukee County Zoo
These fish are closely related to the pacu and piranha, and they typically live in schools of four or more fish. Silver dollar fish reside in tropical ...
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89 Essential Tropical Fish: Species Guide - Google Books Result
... considered for large aquarium setups and are compatible with silver dollars, knife fish and plecos Provide live plants, rocks, driftwood in their tank.
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90 Peacock endler
The types of fish we tend to keep are primarily found in tropical waters. Adult male peafowl have an ... 5cm silver dollar, spotted . org/10. 20 %.
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