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1 Life Insurance Terms and Definitions
Browse our glossary of common life insurance terms so you can better understand how life insurance helps financially protect what matters most.
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2 Glossary of Life Insurance Terms -
Life Insurance Terms · Administrative Expense: The life insurance company's operating costs. · Accelerated Death Benefits: The death benefits that are available ...
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3 Essential Life Insurance Definitions and Terms - NerdWallet
Life insurance is a contract between a policyholder and an insurance company. The policyholder agrees to pay premiums to the company and, in ...
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4 Life Insurance Terminology & Definitions - Policygenius
Life insurance terminology doesn't have to be confusing. Here are definitions of the most common terms and phrases you'll find in a policy.
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5 Life Insurance Terms & Their Definitions - TD Insurance
Life Insurance Glossary of Terms · Beneficiary. This is the person or persons named to receive the death benefit on the death of the life insured person. · Claim.
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6 Life Insurance Glossary
The first party is called the insurer; the second, the insured; the contract, the insurance policy; the consideration, the premium; the property in question, ...
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7 Consumer Glossary - NAIC
This page provides a glossary of insurance terms and definitions that are ... (In Life and Health) this document would be called an "Actuarial Memorandum.
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8 Glossary of Common Insurance Terms
Annuity - A contract in which the buyer deposits money with a life insurance company for investment. The contract provides for specific payments to be made at ...
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9 Life Insurance Terminology You Should Know | AIG Direct
Life Insurance Definition Glossary · Severe Cognitive Impairment: A loss of mental capabilities due to illness or injury. · Suicide Clause: An agreement in a life ...
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10 Term Life Insurance: What It Is, Different Types, Pros and Cons
Term life insurance guarantees payment of a stated death benefit to the insured's beneficiaries if the insured person dies during a specified term. · These ...
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11 Life Insurance: Glossary of Terms - Security Underwriters
Attained Age: The age of the insured on a given date. Automatic Premium Loan: Provision in a life insurance policy authorizing the insurer to use the loan value ...
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12 Life insurance glossary: 30 insurance terms everyone should ...
Life expectancy: In insurance terms, it's the statistical age that a person is expected to live based on actuarial data. Life expectancy is how ...
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13 Terminology | Health & Life Insurance Section
A Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB) This can help people who have a fatal illness. The member or spouse can get specific life insurance benefits as an early ...
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14 Glossary of Insurance Terms
Cancellation: The termination of insurance coverage during the policy period. · Claim: Notice to an insurer that under the terms of a policy, a loss maybe ...
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15 Term Insurance Terminology - ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
1. Policyholder: Also known as the policy owner, this is the person who owns the policy. · 2. Life Assured: This refers to the person for whom the insurance is ...
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16 Life Insurance Glossary: Key Terms & Definitions
A form of level premium life insurance that provides a decreasing death benefit throughout the term of the contract, reaching zero at the end of the term. This ...
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17 Life insurance common terms and their meanings
Life insurance is a contract between you and the life insurance company. You pay premiums (monthly or annually) for a payout that your living ...
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18 Glossary of Life Insurance Terminology
Life Insurance Terminology · Term Life Insurance. Term life insurance provides life insurance coverage for a designated period of time. · Renewable Term Policies.
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19 Glossary of Insurance Terms -
Accident-only policies - Policies that pay only in cases arising from an accident or injury. Accidental death benefits - If a life insurance policy includes an ...
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20 10 Life Insurance Terms You Need to Know | John Hancock
Life insurance defined: 10 terms you need to know · 1. Types of Insurance · 2. Policy · 3. Underwriting · 4. Premium · 5. Beneficiary · 6. Death Benefit · 7. Insured.
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21 Life Insurance Terminology Glossary | White Coat Investor
List of Life Insurance Terms · Accelerated Death Benefits: In some life insurance policies, some of the death benefits are available even before ...
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22 Glossary | New York Life Insurance Company
In business, an agreement that specifies the terms and conditions for the surviving co-owner(s) to buy a deceased's interest in the business. Life insurance on ...
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23 Glossary of Insurance Terms You May Need to Know
A. A.M. Best An independent insurance rating firm that ranks firms on financial strength, operating performance and market profile.
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24 Glossary of Common Insurance Terms, Words & Phrases ...
Life Insurance. Life insurance is a contract with an insurance company that helps financially protect your loved ones if you pass away. You pay your premiums, ...
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25 Life Insurance Terminology | Legal & General America
The party designated to receive proceeds of a life insurance policy following the insured's death if the primary beneficiary predeceased the ...
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26 Insurance definitions: 45 basic insurance terms EVERYONE ...
Whether you're new to insurance or just need to brush up on your insurance terminology, these 45 basic insurance terms are essential!
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permissible taxable benefits, including cash, and nontaxable benefits such as life and health insurance, vacations, retirement plans and child care.
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28 Glossary: Life Insurance -
Glossary: Life Insurance · Alternate, contingent beneficiary: a person who you name to receive the death benefit if your named beneficiary dies before you, or at ...
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29 15 Basic Life Insurance Terms Everyone Should Know About
Policyholder. An individual who buys the life insurance policy as well as pays its premium is known as the policyholder. · Life Assured. The ...
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30 Know The Important Terminologies Of Life Insurance
Know The Important Terminologies of Life Insurance · Sum assured. The sum assured, also known as the life cover, lies at the heart of a life insurance policy.
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31 Glossary -
CREDIT LIFE INSURANCE - Term Life Insurance issued through a lender or lending agency to cover payment of a loan, installment purchase, or other obligation, in ...
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32 Life Insurance Terms | QuickQuote®
Benefit: For life insurance, it is the amount of money specified in a life insurance contract to be paid to the beneficiary upon the death of the insured. It is ...
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33 Glossary of Common Insurance Terms - Nationwide
The person or entity specifically identified as the named insured in an insurance policy. This person is also referred to as the named insured. Premium. The ...
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34 Glossary of Insurance Terms - CLHIA!OpenDocument
A feature in a permanent life insurance policy that allows the insurance company to pay for overdue premiums by taking a loan against the policy (as long as it ...
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35 Life Insurance Glossary: Terms, Definitions to Know
Annuity: A life insurance payout option that provides money at a fixed amount on regular intervals, usually for the remainder of the policyholder's life. The ...
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36 Glossary Of Insurance Terms And Definitions - GEICO
Protection and benefits provided in an insurance contract. Customized Vehicle. A vehicle that has been altered or has equipment or accessories not typically ...
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37 Glossary Of Insurance And Annuities Terms -
The person or entity designated to receive the death benefits from a life insurance policy or annuity contract when the insured person dies. Benefit Rate.
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38 Understanding Life Insurance Terms - Van Nostran Young
To help you understand the information included in a life insurance policy, we've gathered some basic terminology in this easy-to-reference overview.
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39 Life Insurance Terms and Definitions - Glossary - eFinancial
A term life insurance policy provides coverage that is designed for a specified period of time, such 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. Unlike permanent insurance, ...
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40 Life Insurance 101 - Prudential Financial
Term life insurance is like leasing a car. You choose how long the term is (typically 10, 15, 20, or 30 years) and you make equal payments for that length of ...
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41 What are the principal types of life insurance? | III
A term life policy is purchased to last for a specified period, such as 1, 5, 10, or sometimes as much as 30 years. Coverage expires when that period ends–hence ...
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42 Life Insurance Glossary: Key Terms to Know - Dundas Life
The portion of a life insurance document that provides information about the policy, such as the policyholder's name and the death benefit amount. Decreasing ...
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43 Life insurance terms you must know - MassMutual Blog
Life insurance terms you must know · Death benefit. Also referred to as face value, this is the amount guaranteed by the insurance company to go to your ...
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44 Glossary of Insurance Terms - Liberty Mutual
Additional Insured: An individual or organization covered by an insurance policy other than the named Insured. In an auto policy, anyone who drives the ...
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45 20 Basic Life Insurance Terms You Should Know About
20 Things to Know Before Buying a Life Insurance Policy · 1. Policyholder: · 2. Life assured: · 3. Sum assured (coverage): · 4. Nominee: · 5. Policy tenure: · 6.
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46 How Term Life Insurance Works | Guardian
A term life insurance policy is the simplest, purest form of life insurance: You pay a premium for a period of time – typically between 10 and 30 years ...
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47 Glossary | Sun Life U.S.
Glossary · A. Accidental death benefit, Money paid to the beneficiary if the insured person dies due to an accidental injury · B Basic life insurance · C ...
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48 Insurance Terms and Definitions | Allstate
Insurance Terms · Tax-deferred. Earnings on an investment taxed at a later point in time, usually when the money is withdrawn. · Term life insurance. An ...
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49 Life insurance glossary: Terms you should know - Protective Life
Life insurance glossary: Terms you should know · Annuity income rider · Beneficiary · Irrevocable · Lapsed · Owner · Premium · Rating · Replacement.
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50 Review and use these key life insurance terms - Equitable
Terms from N-R ... No Lapse Guarantee (NLG) – A life insurance policy feature (or rider) guaranteeing that a specified level of face amount coverage will continue ...
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51 Insurance Glossary - OPM
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Exclusions (FEGLI): The Office of Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (OFEGLI) will not pay AD&D benefits if your death ...
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52 What are the different types of life insurance? - Life Happens
Term life insurance is the type of life insurance most people are familiar with. It pays a cash benefit to your loved ones (also known as your ...
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53 Life insurance glossary of terms - Compare The Market
Life insurance glossary · Accidental death benefit (aka accidental death cover) · Beneficiary · Benefit period · Claim · Duty of disclosure · Death benefit · Exclusion.
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54 Life insurance guide
Universal life insurance is more flexible than whole life. You can change the amount of your premiums and death benefit. But any changes you ...
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55 Life Insurance Glossary - AccuQuote
A type of term life insurance that has a death benefit that decreases over time at a predetermined rate. The premium typically does not change. Decreasing term ...
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56 Insurance Terms To Know Before Open Enrollment - MetLife
A death benefit is the amount of money a beneficiary will receive when a person with a life insurance policy dies. A death benefit is also known ...
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57 Glossary of Insurance Terminology - Catholic Financial Life
Death Benefit: The amount of money payable upon the death of the insured. Total death benefit may include paid-up additional insurance and the amount of any ...
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58 Life Insurance -
Term Insurance – This type of policy covers you for a term of one or more years. It pays a death benefit only if you die during that term. · Cash Value Life ...
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59 Term Life Insurance: What It Is & When To Get It - Forbes
Term life insurance is a contract between a policyholder and an insurance company that says if the insured person passes away within the time ...
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60 Life Insurance Glossary - Proformex
Term Life Insurance - Life insurance protection that pays the sum insured if and only if the insured dies within the coverage terms of the policy. Third-Party ...
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61 Basics of Life Insurance Terms - TrueNorth Companies
A life insurance policy beneficiary who has a vested interest in the policy proceeds even during the insured's lifetime because the policy owner has the right ...
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62 18 Life Insurance Terminologies a Policyholder Should Know
Terminologies of Life Insurance · Policy Owner/Policyholder · Life Insured · Nominee/Beneficiary · Premium · Premium Mode · Due Date · Grace Period · Payment Term.
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63 Life insurance glossary - Aviva
A - H · A. Age limits · B · Beneficiary ; I - P · I. Income protection · J K. Joint life insurance ; Q - Z · Q R. Quote · S · Separation option.
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64 Life Insurance Terminology - Quotacy
Payor – The payor is the person who pays the premiums of a life insurance policy to keep it inforce, or active. The payor is often the policyowner but not ...
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65 Insurance Words & Terms - Delaware Department of Insurance
Claim: a formal request to the insurance company for payment of benefits under the insurance contract. COBRA: If you lose your job and you worked for an ...
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66 Glossary - Kentucky Home Life Insurance Company
Accidental death means death resulting from an accident under terms of the policy or policy benefit rider. Age Age means the insured's age at the insured's last ...
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67 Important Insurance Terms | Insurance Explained
Important Insurance Terms · Premium. This is the actual cost of your insurance plan. · Deductible · Co-Pay · Coinsurance · Provider Network · Usual, Reasonable and ...
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68 Glossary - ABI
This glossary is intended as a general aid to help you understand some of the commonly occurring phrases and jargon used in the insurance world.
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69 Important Terminologies Of Life Insurance Plans - Kotak Life
Important terminologies of life insurance · Insurer and Insured · Grace period · Free-look period · Lapsed policy · Death benefit · Accident benefit · Sum assured.
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70 Types of Life Insurance | MD in the Black
› life-ins-part-2-types-o...
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71 Insurance Terminology | Owners Choice Benefits | Florida
Term Life Coverage– The type of coverage that lasts for only a specified period of time (the “term”) and has a defined ending date. The face amount would be ...
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72 Glossary of Financial and Insurance Terms - Tony Steuer
The amount payable if a life insurance policy is canceled by the insured before it either matures or is payable on death. Cede. To transfer risk from a direct ...
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73 Life Insurance Terms Flashcards - Quizlet
A beneficiary in a life insurance policy whose designation cannot be changed without his or her consent. IRS. Internal Revenue Service.
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74 Straight life insurance - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms
insurance on the life of the insured for a fixed amount at a definite premium that is paid each year in the same amount during the entire lifetime of the ...
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75 Understanding Your Insurance Policy - Official Website
Similarly, the Declarations Page of a life insurance policy will include the name ... Most policies have a Definitions section, which defines specific terms ...
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76 Glossary - Lincoln Financial
Comprehensive glossary for financial and business definitions and terms from A-Z. ... including The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne, IN, ...
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77 Glossary of Insurance Terms | America's Professor
In Life and Health insurance, the Insurable Interest must exist at the time of the application (at the inception of the policy). In Property and Casualty ...
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78 Glossary of Terms - International Insurance
Death Benefit (Survivor Benefit): The total compensation that is paid to the beneficiary of the life insurance plan when the insured passes away.
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79 Historical Development of Some Basic Life Insurance ... - JSTOR
the Editor of the Committee on Life In- surance Terminology is to conduct re- search on the historical development of basic life insurance terminology. This.
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80 Life Insurance Terms & Definitions (A-Z) |
A list of life insurance terms from A to Z. · Accelerated death benefit rider. An optional add-on that pays a portion of the death benefit to ...
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81 Glossary - OMA Insurance
Life insurance payable to the policyholder, if living at the end of a specified period, called the maturity date, or to a beneficiary if the life insured dies ...
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82 Glossary of Health Insurance Terms - Medical Mutual
Long-term Insurance - A type of health insurance that covers certain services over a set amount of time (typically a 12-month period). Medical Care - Medical ...
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83 Insurance Glossary Terms - Florida Insurance - 954-510-7177
Insurability: The condition of the individual wishing to be insured, including their health, susceptibility to injury and life expectancy. Insurance: A formal ...
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84 Important Life Insurance Terminologies | SBI Life
Purchasing Life Insurance policy? 10 essential terms that you need to know · 1. Accident · 2. Age limit · 3. Agent · 4. Beneficiary · 5. Coverage · 6. Exclusions · 7.
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85 Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms - CMS
See page 4 for an example showing how deductibles, co-insurance and out-of-pocket limits work together in a real life situation. Allowed Amount.
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86 Understanding Life Insurance Terms
the information included in a life insurance policy, we've gathered some basic terminology in this easy-to-reference overview.
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87 Life insurance terminology -
5. Beneficiary: means the person or organization nominated by the Policy Owner to receive all or part of the insurance benefits stipulated in the Policy. The ...
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88 Glossary - Life Insurance Corporation of India
Glossary ; Limited Payment Life Policy, Premiums need to be paid only for a certain number of years or until death if it occurs within this period. Proceeds of ...
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89 What is Term Life Insurance? | U.S. News & World Report
Normally, term life policies are anywhere from five to 30 years of coverage. The policy might also end if you hit a specific age, which is ...
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90 Insurance Terms and Definitions - Progressive
An insurance company's decision not to renew a home or auto insurance policy after the current policy term ends. Companies must appropriately notify ...
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91 Insurance Terms Glossary | Understanding Common ...
A benefit in addition to the face amount of a life insurance policy, payable if the insured dies as the result of an accident. Sometimes referred to as ...
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92 Health insurance terms to know as open enrollment begins
In this episode of Life Kit, we'll have experts guide you on where to look for coverage, how to narrow down plans — and how to get ...
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93 Glossary of Health Insurance Terms
Glossary of Health Care Terms · Lifetime Limit. A cap on the total benefits you may get from your insurance company over the life of your plan for certain ...
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94 Insurance Terminology Glossary - Alliance West Insurance Inc.
Cash Surrender Value: The amount of money received when the policyowner surrenders a life insurance policy with cash value. Casualty Insurance: The type of ...
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95 Health Care & Insurance Glossary of Terms - Aetna
This is a plan offered by a plan sponsor to an employee group or other group. The plans offer health, dental, life insurance coverage and more. Group plans may ...
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96 Life Insurance Glossary A to Z You Should Know - PayBima
A term insurance plan is a life insurance policy that offers you financial coverage in case of loss of life during the term. You pay a yearly ...
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