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1 A Whisky Investment Guide for Beginners - Arts & Collections
'Whisky investing is an economically simple market, it's supply versus demand. Entry and exit is all important. Whisky can't pay a dividend like equities and it ...
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2 8 Tips For Investing In Whiskey From A Pro - Uproxx
Whiskey isn't just for drinking, sometimes it's also a good investment. Here are eight tips for investing in whiskey from a professional.
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3 How To Invest In Whisky: A Beginner's Guide - Benzinga
Cons and risks of investing in whisky ; Authenticity: it is crucial to ensure authenticity ; Storage: collectibles need to be stored correctly to ...
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4 Investing In Whisky: A User's Guide - Forbes
Step 1: Do Your Homework · Step 2: Source Rare Bottles · Step 3: Understand The Auction Market · Step 4: Valuing a Whisky Collection · Step 5: ...
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5 8 tips to know before investing in whisky, ... - Lifestyle Asia
1. Look for a reputable seller · 2. Stash your investment away · 3. Think about casks… · 4. Or hyper rare bottles · 5. Invest in what you can afford.
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6 Whisky Investment: A Beginner's Guide - Mark Littler
The most important takeaway should be that the whisky bottle market has undergone significant transformation over recent years so caution should be used when ...
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7 Tips for investing in whisky (and avoiding scammers)
Seven tips for investing in whisky · 1) Don't! · 2) Distilleries can go under · 3) Don't pay too much · 4) Do some digging · 5) Make sure you have a ...
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8 Whisky Investment Guide
UKV International Whisky Cask Investment Guide. ... A whisky cask is equal to a gold mine. they're progressively coveted as dependable supports against seasons of ...
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9 The Beginner's Guide to Whisky Cask Investment
Young distilleries welcome the investment in their casks. There's a long lag phase between setting up a distillery and welcoming the profits ...
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10 Whisky Cask Investment Guide
Whisky Cask Investment · Get Started by Downloading Our Guide · Speak to our expert team · Pick your cask(s) · Own your cask · Let your cask mature · When the time is ...
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11 Top Tips Investing in Whisky | The Spirit Exchange
Whisky accrues in quality while it is maturing in the barrel. It improves with quality and even reduces by 2% per year in the barrel (angel share) evaporating ...
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12 How to spot a potential whisky scam or rip off
'Guaranteed' returns · Bullying you for a phone number or email address · Why are they rushing you to invest? · Does whisky investing need to be regulated? · How ...
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13 The Market for Fine Whisky in 2022 – 2023
As an investment, the drop in the value of fine whisky was only temporary. A V-shaped market indicates value will continue to rise, marking the ...
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14 Advice on Whisky Investment - Catawiki
It's official: whisky has far exceeded other popular investments in value, such as wine or gold. The Rare Whisky Apex 1000 benchmark for Scotch whisky rose ...
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15 How to invest in whisky - The Three Drinkers
There are two principle ways to invest in whisky: one is to invest in bottles. These can be old or new bottles, and the brand or distillery ...
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16 2020 Whisky Cask Investment Guide
Learn how to profit by investing in casks of whisky from leading Scottish distilleries. This extensive 42-page guide highlights the historical growth of whisky, ...
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17 Best Whiskey Investments for High Returns in 2022
If you have a high tolerance for risk, you may want to consider investing in a whisky cask to maximize ROI. A cask investment takes longer to mature but is more ...
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18 Whisky broker launches investment guide
With increasing interest in rare whisky bottles as an investment, a whisky broker has launched what is billed as the first-ever comprehensive guide to help ...
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19 Whisky Investment Guide | Highland Cask Group
The Complete Whisky Investment Guide teaches you about investing in whisky. We'll give you information about whisky, the investment process and potential ...
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20 Best Whisky Cask Investment Guide - Vintage Acquisitions
The desirability and quality of Scotch whisky clearly increases with age. Common sense tells us that the longer you hold on to your whisky cask the more coveted ...
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21 How to invest your first £5k in the Scotch whisky market
If you want to dip your toes into whisky investment but you're unsure of where to start, here's an expert guide on how to invest your first ...
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22 How to Invest in Whisky
Secondly for single malts, the quantity of the whisky that is produced is key. The more limited the initial quantity, the quicker the whisky will increase in ...
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23 Whisky investment: a beginner's guide to 'liquid gold'
The market for luxury whisky investment is booming, and if you've already got an enviable whisky collection, you could be halfway there.
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24 Whisky Investment Guide | Market, Costs, Process, Strategies ...
Whisky investments have proved to be a high-performing asset class, with prices reaching new highs in recent years. For new investors looking to enter the ...
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25 whisky investment guide - Rare Finds Worldwide
WHISKY INVESTMENT GUIDE ; Broaden your portfolio. Diversify your portfolio and limit exposure to market risks ; A stable physical asset. Whisky has strong appeal ...
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26 Investing // How to: Invest in Whisky - The Dura Society
The most common method of appraising whisky is looking at the latest sale prices. I'd recommend speaking to professionals in the industry to get ...
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27 Whisky Investments
The explosion is being driven by investors seeking safer havens that can help stem volatility, increase income and protect their portfolios by adding asset ...
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28 How to Invest in Whiskey and Other Spirits: Beginner's Guide
There are a variety of liquors to invest in, so if you're new to investing in liquid commodities like alcohol, stick to one, such as whiskey, to ...
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29 Your Ultimate Guide to Whisky Investment (top tips)
Your Ultimate Guide to Whisky Investment (top tips) · The overall state of the bottle · The filling level · Make sure the bottle is sealed and ...
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30 The dos and don'ts of whisky investment : r/Scotch - Reddit
The dos and don'ts of whisky investment · Bottles are fragile. · Liquor evaporates even through a sealed cap, slowly · Storage requirements and upkeep requirements.
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31 A Comprehensive Guide to Investing in Whisky Casks
Whisky casks are an alternative investment that could help to diversify portfolios. Now is the time for investors to strengthen their diversification and be ...
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32 Whisky Investor Guide - CASK
What's The Investment Process? · SOURCE. Our analysts track the market on a daily basis and can identify Whisky that has the best potential for long term growth.
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33 Cask Whisky Investment - Hackstons
One of the key strengths of whisky investment is the wide range of options when you decide to exit. At Hackstons we will help you every step of the way to ...
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34 A Guide To Investing In Whiskey
A Guide To Investing In Whiskey · Get to know your local store owner · Attend events such as Whiskey Live · Visit local distilleries · Follow producers on Social ...
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35 Whisky Investment Guide (@whisky_liquid_gold) • Instagram ...
Whisky is a real asset. The linked book shows you how to make #money by #investing in #whisky · #smart #investments · #scotch #singlemalt #whiskey
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36 Introduction to investing in whisky - Koia
If you don't get access to the bottles at retail price, they can still make a good investment because if there are only a few hundred or thousand bottles of a ...
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37 Invest in Whisky | Vincent
As with many investments, the returns on whisky investments can vary. As a rule of thumb, a good return should be anywhere between 10-15% per annum depending on ...
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38 Whisky Investment Guide - Spirit Traders
› whisky-investment-guide
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39 'Whisky Bottle Investment Guide' Released | Whiskey Raiders
Littler's company, Mark Littler Ltd., has launched an extensive, 82-page guide to investing in whisky, called the “Whisky Bottle Investment ...
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40 Market Statistics - Whisky Investment | London Cask Traders
Whisky has been proven to outperform the stock market and the property market ... It is no surprise that investors are switching from their traditional ...
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41 Everything you need to know to start investing in Whisky: Part 2
Some tips from the expert Pawel Morozowicz on how to build up your whisky collection and start investing in this world.
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42 What is the Best Whiskey to Buy for Investment?
It goes without saying that the whisky cask investment returns can vary, as with any investment. Whiskey & Wealthy Club research has found that ...
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43 Massive Growth In The Whisky Category: Talisker Delivers ...
High quality single malt whisky at a lower price point is one of the exciting whisky investments of the future that only very few are ...
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44 Hackstons - Download our free whisky investment guide to...
› ... › Hackstons › Videos
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45 How to start investing in whisky - Reader's Digest
For those with money to gamble on a whisky investment there are broadly two routes to follow: putting your money in full casks, ...
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46 Investing in Whisky - What You Need to Know?
› 2022/02/15 › investing-i...
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47 Scotch Whisky Investment - All About Cask Whiskey Ownership
Purchase Scotch cask whisky and become part of the spirit's storied tradition. From our tips for purchasing cask whisky to an overview of the exit strategies ...
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48 Cask whiskey investment guide offers all the essentials
It is important to note that not all whiskey is the same. Those looking to invest should avoid cheaper whiskies, known as blends. Blends only ...
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49 How To Invest In Whiskey / Whisky - WhiskeyBon
The most obvious way to begin investing in whiskey is to purchase some highly valuable collectible whiskeys. Investors simply store these valuable bottles for ...
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50 Whisky Investment Tips - Crowns 3 Luxury
Whilst a little whisky is lost every year from whisky in a cask (the 'angel's share'), a bottle with whisky that only reaches up to the shoulders has probably ...
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51 The Whisky Bottle Investment Guide - Mark Littler -
This Whisky Investment Guide is a comprehensive introduction to the world of whisky bottles as an alternative investment. Whisky bottles can be a fantastic ...
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52 Liquid asset: how whisky investment became the toast of the ...
› static › financial-advice-sc...
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53 Whiskey is the New Wine | Chubb
Whisky is the New Wine: Tips for Collecting One of the Most Popular Spirits · Get engaged in the market. It is important to do your homework before investing in ...
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54 USA – Whisky Investor Club
Best performing investment of the decade? Whisky ... Get Your Whisky Investment Guide ... Scotch Whisky Cask Investments. Scotch Whisky is an asset with a ...
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In this week's episode we welcome whisky investment specialist Mark Littler on to the podcast to talk about bottle and cask investment and collection.
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56 How to invest in Japanese whisky - Nomunication
That said, definitely don't take this article as investment advice. From an investment perspective, whisky is extraordinarily risky.
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57 How To Start a Scotch Whisky Collection - Bloomberg
The most recent Rare Whisky Market Report, from 2019, taps Springbank as the No. 1 distillery in investor rankings. A few years ago, older ...
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58 Liquor Lovers, Here Are 3 Ways You Can Invest In Rare Whisky
Buying and selling whisky bottles · Purchasing whisky casks · Investing in whisky funds ...
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59 Can whisky play a part in your pension portfolio?
Whisky as part of a diversified investment strategy can create exceptional returns especially with demand growing in Emerging Markets.
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60 Why Invest in Whisky?
Why Invest in Whisky? · Tax-free and a highly liquid asset class · Whisky can hedge against inflation and low interest rates · Minimum investment from just £3,000 ...
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61 Benefits of investing in Whisky - Investaguide
› benefits-of-investing-in...
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62 Cask Ownership Guide
Discover why Auction Your Cask is the expert partner in your whisky journey. ... medium and long-term returns depending on your investment goals.
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63 Whisky investment: What do NFTs have to do with it?
CNA Luxury speaks to Rickesh Kishnani, founder and CEO of Hong Kong-based Rare Whisky Holdings, who shares investment tips for whisky ...
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64 Investing in whisky: making money from 'liquid gold'
The experts' guide to good living ... In a blog on Master of Malt, Ian Buxton said that the rapidly-expanding whisky investment market “can't keep ...
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65 Cask Whisky Investment - Cask Whisky Experts in London, UK
When you invest in a cask, you buy the whisky while it's maturing. You don't just buy one bottle with a label. You get a cask full of whisky while it's ...
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66 Whisky is a better investment than wine – here's how to start ...
› Magazines › Style › Leisure
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67 Column: 4 Top Tips To Help You Safely Buy A Scotch Whisky ...
Many of these new firms are claiming that whisky investments have seen a 586% ROI in the last 10 years, or are all but guaranteeing impressive ...
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68 Turn Your Dram Into Dollars By Investing In Whisky - Zee Zest
If you want to dip your toes into whisky investment but you're unsure of where to start, here's a guide for you. Read more own
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69 Best whiskies to collect | Square Mile
Whisky is a delicious drink – and potentially a great investment. The right bottle can escalate many times in value over the years, ...
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70 Whisky Stock Exchange & Stock Market | Our Investment Guide
For the last 10 years the Whisky Cask Market has yielded an average return of 12% per annum. The market has moved from the margins into the mainstream due ...
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71 Whiskey Investing - The Lazy Trader
The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index in 2020 estimated that rare whiskey had seen its asset value grow by a staggering 582 percent over the last 10 ...
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72 Cask Is King (Are Whisky Casks A Good Investment?)
Whisky as an investment has attracted interest over the last decade, presumably because it has proven to be a good investment since the GFC in ...
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73 Beginner's Guide to Collecting Whiskey | McGriff
› resources › articles › beginn...
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74 Why whisky casks could be a better investment than you think
While returns of 4,700 per cent are exceptional, and whisky investments are unlikely to help you retire early, the key principle to bear in ...
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75 Scotch and Bonds: How to Invest in a Liquor Collection
Is that bottle investment-worthy? · 1. Decide Whether You're a Drinker or an Investor · 2. Understand That Collectible Spirits Are a “Passion ...
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76 Why whisky casks could be a better investment than you think
While returns of 4,700 per cent are exceptional, and whisky investments are unlikely to help you retire early, the key principle to bear in mind is that ...
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77 Why alternative investment in rare whisky is booming - CNBC
Whisky brokerage and investment experts at valuation firm Rare Whiskey 101 said that the number of bottles of single malt Scotch whisky sold ...
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78 Here's why you should be buying your whisky by the barrel
... your whisky by the barrel? We asked the world-leading whisky investment experts why there's cash to be had in casks… ... Want more portfolio tips?
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79 Why Whisky is the Safest Investment to Make Right Now
Throughout history, whisky has proven a reliable investment even in time's of economic decline. Whisky proved a popular choice during the ...
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80 How to Invest in Whiskey | Brindiamo Group
Cask Schemes · Buy Rare for Whiskey Investment · Buy Shares on the Stock Market · Invest in a Whiskey Fund.
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81 Whisky for investment: Eight of the best -
Best whisky for investment: Eight top bottles · Black Bowmore DB5 1964 · Hakushu 18 Year Old · Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Ellen.
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82 Free Whisky Investment Guide - Cru World Wine
Positioned as one of the most compelling alternative assets on the market today, investing in Whisky offers rates of return that dwarf those of fine wine, ...
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83 how to invest in whiskies in 2022
Others treat whisky as an investment, as with other rare products like antiques or paintings that increase in value with time; whiskies are the ...
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84 Investment Whisky 2022 - UKV International
Whisky Investments in 2022. Free Guide to Collecting Rare Whisky. The top 100 superior grade whisky brands are up over 500% in the last decade.
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85 Whisky Investment – Whisky Cask Investments by VCL Vintners
Why invest in Whisky? · What's inside the guide? · Get Your Free Guide on Whisky Investment · How it works · 1. · 2. · 3. · 4.
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86 Rare Whisky Bottle Brokerage
... means we are perfectly placed to help you buy and source Rare Whiskies. ... Many bottle buyers – be it for consumption, collection or investment – are ...
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87 A Guide to Investing in Whisky - Menswear Style
As with anything bought specifically as an investment, it is sensible for the investor to keep a close eye on the performance of his or her ...
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88 Rare Whisky Outperforms Blue Chip Investments… Or Does It?
The end of last week saw a torrent of business stories based on The Rare Whisky Apex 1000 Report, trumpeting that rare Scotch whiskies are now a ...
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89 VCL tips 2022 to be a bumper year for whisky investors
The US market will be a key source of whisky investment. Although the tariffs imposed by President Trump on single malt whisky were lifted by ...
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90 Do You want to invest in rare Whisky?
› Knowledge › Collectors
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In this week's episode we welcome whisky investment specialist Mark Littler on to the podcast to talk about bottle and cask investment and ...
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92 The world's leading whisky wholesale opportunity
The minimum investment is in a 200 litre single malt whisky cask. It is accompanied with storage facility and a 10-year insurance. request free guide. whisky.
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93 Single Malt Bottles worth Investing - TheWhisky.SG
WHISKY INVESTMENT GUIDE 2021 ... THE WHISKY.SG brings you an exclusive investment opportunity. One that continues to out-perform the traditional assets classes in ...
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94 Rare whisky purchase produces a dramatic profit but beware ...
Another whisky investment site,, reckons that good returns from whisky maturation have been achieved over many years but ...
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