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1 Gargoyle - Wikipedia
In architecture, and specifically Gothic architecture, a gargoyle is a carved or formed grotesque : 6–8 with a spout designed to convey water from a roof ...
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2 Gargoyles in Gothic Architecture: Explore the Fantastic History
Gargoyle-like structures were employed in ancient cultures, with the style and intention of these works varying according to period and place.
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3 What Is a Gargoyle? | Wonderopolis
Many gargoyles feature troughs cut into their backs to catch water. The water that's caught is usually directed out of the open mouth of the creature. Gargoyles ...
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4 10 Fearsome Facts about Gargoyles - Mental Floss
The word gargoyle derives from the French gargouille, meaning "throat." This  ...
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5 Gargoyles in Gothic Architecture: History & Purpose -
According to a French legend, the inclusion of gargoyles in architecture comes from a story of a French saint who fought a dragon. According to ...
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6 Gargoyles and Grotesques - Google Arts & Culture
Derived from the Old French gargouille, meaning throat, the term was first used to describe carved lions and spouts on ancient classical buildings. It later ...
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7 Gargoyle - Designing Buildings Wiki
The precise purpose of gargoyles was to act as a spout to convey water from the upper part of a building or roof gutter and away from the side ...
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8 What are Gargoyles? Everything You Need To Know
Gargoyles were most popular in the medieval period from 900-1500AD. This was when superstition was high, and belief in evil spirits was a part of everyday life.
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9 Gargoyles: 21 Crazy Facts About Those Hideous Stone ...
Gargoyles were designed to protect buildings from water erosion. They are basically rain gutters with ugly faces. 2. The word “gargoyle” is ...
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10 A Brief Introduction To The Art Of Gargoyles - Culture Trip
Gothic sculpture, characterized by the representation of animals, both real and fantastic gave rise to gargoyles. These mythological representations ...
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11 Why Notre Dame's Gargoyles Are More Than Art - PBS
People often assume they're simply decorative but the gargoyles are vital to the structure of Notre Dame, serving as part of the water ...
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12 Gargoyle - Buffalo Architecture and History
Gargoyles History dates back to antiquity. Gargoyles can be found in Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Roman and Ancient Greek architecture although they are most ...
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13 The amazing gargoyles of Notre-Dame-de-Paris
By evacuating rain water, the gargoyles protect the cathedral and protect the stone from damage caused by excessive runoff. That is in fact the main difference ...
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14 History of Grotesques and Gargoyles - This Old House
In 12th century Europe, grotesques, as well as open-mouthed gargoyles—which directed rainwater away from buildings—became commonplace, especially on the outside ...
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15 gargoyle - Kids | Britannica Kids | Homework Help
Gargoyles have been used for more than 2,000 years. They were most popular in parts of Europe during the later Middle Ages, from about 1000 to 1500 ce. During ...
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16 Why gargoyles adorn cathedrals - The Compass
The gargoyles that became famous on Gothic churches around Europe were adaptations of architectural features that directed rainwater away from ...
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17 How gargoyles and pinnacles saved gothic architecture
Gargoyles were initially simply decorative elements placed over the pipes or drains provided to channel rainwater from the roofs. To hide the drains' rather ...
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18 Why Do Churches Have Gargoyles? - Theosis Christian
Gargoyles were originally made as a way to protect churches from evil spirits and bad luck. They also served as a warning sign for people who didn't belong in ...
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19 Gargoyles and grotesques (architecture) - Odyssey Traveller
Gargoyles and grotesques were a hallmark of the Gothic period of architecture, which grew popular in Western Europe from the 12th to the late 15th centuries, ...
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20 Why are gargoyles posted on castles and churches? - Quora
Gargoyles were very common in Medieval architecture. Historically, they served two purposes: to divert water from the roof and away from the building during ...
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21 Five Fun Facts About Medieval Gargoyles - DailyArt Magazine
The gargoyles stick out from the sides of buildings, so the water lands away from the body of the building. This function is how gargoyles get ...
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22 Why Are There Gargoyles on Buildings? - J Radford Group Ltd
What do gargoyles represent? ... Driven by a haunting belief that evil was all around, gargoyles are meant to ward off evil and also to remind ...
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23 Packet #20. Gargoyle Sculpture - Evergreen Art Discovery
Most people today think that Gargoyles once represented the struggle between good and evil. · Other interpreters see Gargoyles as sort of medieval spiritual ...
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24 Meaning of Gargoyles - Zhki's Gallery
So the gargoyles would represent a pagan deity that the non-Christians or pagans could relate to and wonder into the church. Kind of like a giant billboard for ...
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25 Gargoyle | Dungeons & Dragons Lore Wiki | Fandom
In the 4th edition Monster Manual, gargoyles could strike foes with their claws while flying past them, but would eventually become impatient with such tactics ...
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26 Gargoyles vs. Grotesque - The Johnny Green
The term gargoyle originates from the French word “gargouille.” Gargoyles are used for many reasons. They ward off any evil, harmful, or ...
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27 Gargoyles and Grotesques - Crystalinks
Gargoyles are said to scare off and protect from any evil or harmful spirits. A grotesque figure is a sculpture that does not work as a waterspout and ...
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28 Gargoyles in Gothic Architecture | PocketBuildings
Many cultures use gargoyles to enhance the design of a building and protect the surface of the walls. Although most known in French gothic ...
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29 Gargoyles Vs. Grotesques: Why Are Sacred Buildings ...
With that being said, gargoyles continued to be used through the medieval ages by the clergy to encourage members of the church. By having these ...
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30 Ghastly Gargoyles Around the Globe | Travel Channel
From Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral to Manhattan's Chrysler Building, the most ominous and haunting gargoyles and grotesques glare down at us from up on high.
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31 The Gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral in the Heart of Paris
A heron gargoyle Protects his church—although the heron gargoyle did a good job at scaring away evil spirits, he needed the wire on his neck to ...
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32 Gargoyle Facts, Worksheets, Etymology & Origin For Kids
Known for being hideous stone-like monsters, gargoyles are grotesque mythical creatures that sit on top of old cathedrals and churches.
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33 Historical Base for Gargoyles - Northstar Gallery
Gargoyles stand guard, warding off unwanted spirits and other creatures and If they're hideous and frightening enough, it was thought they would be especially ...
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34 Gargoyles and Griffins -
The true gargoyle functions as a water spout that medieval artisans transformed into functional fantasies. With routes stemming back to the ...
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35 Gargoyle - Monsters - D&D Beyond
You could also see a Gargoyle postie or detective (as they are often employed by House Tharashk), so a suspicious-looking statue might be doing the work of ...
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36 Gargoyle - GargWiki
We do know that they are descended from other gargate species, and not aliens or creatures of magic. · Gargoyles are, however, younger than the ...
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37 The Grotesque World of Gargoyles | Ancient Origins
The original legend of the gargoyle (or more accurately gargouille) was French, and it described the heroic endeavors of St. Romanus, a 7th ...
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38 Notre Dame gargoyles: Medieval symbol or practical structure?
The main purpose of the gargoyles is actually quite practical: They serve to drain rainwater so that the stone is protected from damage caused ...
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39 What is the origin and meaning of gargoyles? |
Catholic churches in the Middle Ages used gargoyles for a secondary purpose, after diverting water from the church walls. Some believe gargoyles ...
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40 40 Gargoyles and Grotesques Around the World - TwistedSifter
A grotesque is a sculpture that does not work as a waterspout and serves only an ornamental or artistic function. Both gargoyles and ...
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41 How does it work? - Gargoyles Canada
How does it work? ... The Gargoyle is a laundry ball using innovative technology designed to clean fabrics naturally through a physical process that is harmless ...
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42 Pop Culture Gargoyles Hidden in Gothic Architecture
They evolved to become “grotesques, ” ornamental elements with a specific symbolic charge. With their demonic grins and anthropomorphic shapes, gargoyles and ...
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43 Gargoyles and grotesques get their closeup - CBS News
The word gargoyle comes from the French gargouille, which means "to gargle." "And that is, of course, what a gargoyle does; it spits water from ...
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44 The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame
Even as the work continued apace, Paris's medieval streets were being destroyed to make way for the wide boulevards of Baron Haussmann. The restoration of Notre ...
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45 Gargoyles: Demons in the Sky or Grotesque Guardian Angels?
Regardless of their symbolic meaning, we need to remember that gargoyles were created during a period of mass illiteracy in Western Europe. They ...
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46 Help Restore Notre-Dame Cathedral by Adopting a Gargoyle
While we always call them gargoyles, some statues are technically grotesquesOpens in new tab. Gargoyles serve a specific purpose: they drain ...
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47 About Gargoyles & Grotesques - Northstar Gallery
Gargoyles stand guard, warding off unwanted spirits and other creatures and If they're hideous and frightening enough, it was thought they would ...
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48 Gargoyles in the house -
"The real history of gargoyles is they were used as downspouts," says Diane White, spokeswoman for Dedo, an Auburn Hills, Mich., company that ...
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49 Gargoyles and Grotesques (Shire Library): Woodcock, Alex
Gargoyles are an architectural feature designed to throw rainwater clear of the walls of a building. Widely used on medieval churches, these water spouts were ...
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50 History of gargoyles remains a mystery
Gargoyles, in case you have forgotten, are representations of monsters, devils, chimeras (unusual animal mixtures) and other grotesque creatures ...
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51 Notre-Dame's magical gargoyles - a history - TheMayor.EU
What are the gargoyles? They are mythological creatures, monsters to be precise, whose heads were nailed to walls to serves as water ...
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52 11 Types of Gargoyle Statues for Your Garden - Dengarden
The imperfect physical characteristics of many "human" gargoyles probably symbolised the medieval belief that physical ugliness, oddity and ...
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53 Gargoyle | Encyclopedia MDPI
Gargoyles are usually an elongated fantastical animal because the length of the gargoyle determines how far water is directed from the wall. When Gothic flying ...
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54 Gargoyles FAQ
How does stone sleep work? Greg's answer: At sunrise (more or less), the entire gargoyle body turns into an organic substance that resembles stone, ...
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55 Double-Take-Inducing Gargoyles and Grotesques
What would you call the figure pictured above? ... when restoration work took place on the 16th-century Cathedral of Salamanca in Spain, ...
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56 The Gargoyles and its Creator. Art, History and Research
However, in the case of gargoyles, we could say that we're looking at a clear ... According to him, this idea confers nobility on the architectural work.
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57 Field Guide to Gargoyles, Part One - A Scholarly Skater
Technically speaking, a gargoyle is a fancy drain spout – something that diverts rain water off of a roof and away from a building. More ...
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58 6 Creepy Things to Do in Paris - Pinterest
6 Creepy Things to Do in Paris ... Notre Dame Gargoyles, Mason Work, Gothic Buildings, Creepy Guy, Gargle, Masonic. More information ...
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59 New York City's Spookiest Office Building Gargoyles | Convene
That thing you imagine when you hear the word gargoyle probably isn't a gargoyle. Gargoyles, by definition have a specific, functional purpose— ...
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60 Gargoyles and Grotesques - JSTOR
actually executed those forms". Jude was "one who knew their beginning, could tell whether they were difficult or easy in the working, had taken.
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61 Dragons in Our Midst A Look at Gotham's Gargoyles
Lots of work could be found here by itinerant carvers hungry for work, and they obviously left their mark on the city." According to notes from the Brooklyn ...
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62 Working Gargoyles - nailhed
In case you don't know what a gargoyle is, they are more than just creepy stone carvings—they serve as roof drains, funneling water off of the building.
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63 The Disquieting Theology of Gargoyles - Sacred Windows
The reason gargoyles were never placed inside cathedrals was that to enter into the Church meant to be saved. The angels that rebelled against ...
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64 12 Crazy & Fearsome Gargoyle History Facts |
We often think of gargoyles as associated with European churches, but gargoyles of all kinds have been around for a very long time - in ancient Greece they were ...
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65 Headscratchers / Gargoyles - TV Tropes
A page for describing Headscratchers: Gargoyles. ... Why do Goliath's clan show concern for Demona's safety whenever they work together, to the point of ...
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66 Gargoyle - Blood Wiki
Gargoyles are common enemies in Blood. They have lean muscular builds, clawed-arms, and membraned wings, giving them the ability to fly. They ...
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67 Outdoor Gargoyles | Wayfair
Shop Wayfair for the best outdoor gargoyles. Enjoy Free Shipping on most stuff, ... Gargoyles chase off the bad spirits, and this fellow does the job well.
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68 Gargoyle - Mythical Creatures - Weebly
The name Gargoyle comes from the Old French "gargouille" and the Late Latin "gurgulio", both meaning throat. These were the early rain gutters and served to ...
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69 The Origin of French Gargoyles - The Good Life France
An architect got the idea that this would be the perfect way to keep rainwater from running down the sides of the church and damaging the masonry. He carved ...
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70 Gargoyles And Grotesques - HubPages
Coming from a spiritual level, gargoyles can help in healing work. Each has his or her own ideas on how to boost healing spells and rituals, so try to meet in ...
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71 Best way to use gargoyles? : r/DnD - Reddit
My thought was to have them be malleable and able to change shape somewhat, so they could become different shapes, and meld into stone walls, and look like cave ...
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72 Gargoyle - The Art and Popular Culture Encyclopedia
A chimera, or a grotesque figure, is a sculpture that does not work as a waterspout and serves only an ornamental or artistic function.
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73 A talking gargoyle that is trending online - STIRworld
Do you want to be a member of the great Illuminati? We are going to make you rich, powerful, famous and to be a world known star, get a good job ...
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74 Soul Gargoyle - Official TF2 Wiki
In recent events, new players who did not yet own a Soul Gargoyle have received one by launching Team Fortress 2 during an event, ...
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75 About Gargoyles and Gothic Down Pipes - Valiant Exteriors
The water spout concealed in the throat of that lion would have been one of many on all four sides of an enclosed parapet. Remember, they assembled those ...
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76 Would You Like to Adopt a Gargoyle? Notre Dame Is Raising ...
To date, 10 artworks have been fully funded, all of them sculptures, at around $10,000 each. Many are the work of Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, the ...
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77 The Grotestque Chimerae & Gargoyles of Notre Dame
The term 'gargoyle' likely derives from the French word 'gargouille,' which could ...
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78 Why do gargoyles have wings when they can't fly?
Your gargoyles are the modern descendants of creatures whose main mode of predation was dropping from trees into the heads of unsuspecting ...
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79 General Discussion: The Trouble with Gargoyles - Paizo
What do you guys think? What gargoyles look like ARE essentially ordinary statues. If you look at many midieval works, you'll see gargoyle ...
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80 The Grotesque Stories Behind the Famous Gargoyles of Notre ...
By definition, a gargoyle is a carved or sculpted mythical figure, usually designed with a spout of some sort that carries water away from the ...
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81 Gargoyles and grotesques get their closeup - Home - WCBI TV
The word gargoyle comes from the French gargouille, which means “to gargle.” “And that is, of course, what a gargoyle does; it spits water from ...
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82 Cathedral of Cologne, The Gargoyles - Progetto Michelangelo
Gargoyles were „invented“ in antiquity. They were used to guide the rainwater from the roofs of temples and they were often shaped as heads of animals, foremost ...
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83 Gargoyles - On the Edge - The University of Chicago Library
Michael Camille, The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame: Medievalism and the ... The Roman de la Rose, one of the most popular works of literature in the Middle Ages, ...
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84 Darth Vader 'Gargoyle' - Washington National Cathedral
Get the insight scoop on the origin of the Darth Vader Gargoyle, along with tips for how to find him. It's not easy, but you can do it!
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85 Gargoyle |
gargoyles A gargoyle is a waterspout designed to throw rainwater away from the walls of a building. The German term is wasserspeier (water spitter).
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86 Grotesques, Gargoyles, Divine Architecture and Sacred ...
'Gargoyles' are carved figures in stone, metal or timber which serve as water spouts, to direct water from the roofs of mainly religious buildings down to the ...
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87 Gargoyle Symbolism & Meaning | Spirit, Totem & Power Animal
The purpose of Gargoyles links them to symbolism relating to protection, defense, prevention, and conditions requiring long-term maintenance. Serving as ...
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88 Gargoyles - 8 For Sale on 1stDibs
What gargoyles symbolize is largely a matter of personal interpretation. Some historians believe that gargoyles served as reminders of the presence of evil in ...
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89 MY MANHATTAN; Stone-Faced Sentinels With Their Eyes on ...
Gargoyles were used originally as large gutter spouts on cathedrals to drain rainwater away from the foundations of buildings. This is one ...
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90 The Cast: Magic and Technology - The Gargoyles Fans Website
A sun shaped Mayan amulet that is linked to four crystals. Apparently, it was created by a Mayan mage to ensure that a pyramid would be guarded constantly. To ...
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91 The True Horror Of Gargoyles - Speculative Tertulia
Gargoyles are believed to turn to flesh at night and fly around seeking victims (sorry, trespassers), and punishing them. If they do not return ...
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92 The Strange, Real History of Gargoyles | The Mary Sue
While classic gargoyles are a product of the middle ages, the practice of decorating drain spouts with animals, and creatures like gargoyles ...
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93 Gothic Gargoyles and Churches |
Print Gothic Gargoyles and Churches Reading Comprehension with Third Grade Work ... Others think that they were there to make the rest of the church seem ...
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