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1 How do I heal my characters if they are zombies? - GameFAQs
You can't heal in any way while afflicted with zombie, the best thing to do if you get zombied is either have yuna get rid of it with white magic, ...
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2 Zombie (status) | Final Fantasy Wiki - Fandom
Zombie can typically be cured via Holy Water (also been called Magic Tag or Revivify), and not by normal healing items/spells. Zombie status usually ...
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3 Zombie status? - Eyes on Final Fantasy Forums
Esuna or Remedy can't heal this status, you need Holy Water or save point, you can buy Holy Water at Calm Lands and Mount Gagazet. If you found ...
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4 Status Effects (FFX) - Final Fantasy Wiki - Neoseeker
Zombie - You will become undead and healing items will have the opposite effect on you. You become immune to death Cure: Remedy, Holy Water & Esuna.
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5 Status Ailments - Final Fantasy X Tips and Tricks -
Can be removed by casting Haste. Haste · Remedy. Zombie, The target will be hurt by curative magic and items until the status is removed. Holy Water
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6 Where To Get Holy Water in Final Fantasy X - FandomSpot
Holy Water cures both the Zombie and Curse status effects. It's also used to apply the Zombie Ward ability onto armor and Zombietouch to weapons. You'll need 30 ...
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7 [FFV] Why is zombie so terrible? : r/FinalFantasy - Reddit
I believe you can only get remedies in FFV via the Chemist job mixing items. They're not sold. I also don't think Remedy will heal zombie ...
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8 Final Fantasy 10: Tips And Tricks - TheGamer
Yes, Auron can turn people into zombies. But so can enemies. This is an awful status since it prevents players from healing. To deal with it, ...
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9 Yunalesca fight :: FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster ...
You only take zombie off to heal and you only do it one character at a time to avoid he mega death, Also that mega death is telegraphed you can ...
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10 Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster - Yunalesca Boss Guide
To keep zombie characters alive, cast Reflect on them to make the healing spell bounce back to Yunalesca. Just remember to use Dispel when she ...
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11 Equipment Customization - Final Fantasy X Wiki Guide - IGN
weapon abilities ; Evade and Counter, Teleport Sphere, 01 ; Magic Counter, Shining Gem, 16 ; Magic Booster, Turbo Ether, 30 ; Alchemy, Healing Water, 04
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12 Final Fantasy 10: Yuna's 10 Best Abilities, Ranked - Game Rant
Cure can be used both in and out of combat and is always a solid choice for healing the party. As it levels, more targets can be healed at once ...
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13 Final Fantasy X Part #107 - Episode XCVII: Our Broken Cycle
Of course, we cannot heal Zombie status characters without clearing the status effect with Remedy, Holy Water, or in a pinch reviving a KO'd party member. Much ...
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14 【How to】 Cure Final Fantasy X Zombie -
00:00 what's up guys Harker Hector here with a. 00:02 quick guide on how to obtain anima in. 00:04. Final Fantasy 10 case you don't know. 00:07 anima is one ...
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15 Help - FFX Yunalesca | Final Fantasy Forums
Make sure Haste is cast, so you can quickly remove the zombie effect, and if your lucky she will actually heal you instead of killing you. Keep ...
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16 Revive Kills Zombie - TV Tropes
A game mechanic where undead enemies can be quickly defeated with health items or by casting healing/revival magic. From a gameplay standpoint, ...
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17 Final Fantasy X / FFX / FF10 - Status Ailments
› final-fantasy-x › status-ailm...
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18 [Final Fantasy X] Yunalesca Boss Guide - YouTube
... Auron) Heal Tidus, Auron with Pray or items if they don't have Zombie status Use Riku's Luck if no healing is needed Phase 2: Don't ...
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19 Yunaleska I need help | Kingdom Hearts Insider
This attack inflicts zombie status on your characters, so quickly use a Holy Water or Remedy. Yunalesca will then cast healing magic on ...
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20 Yunalesca - Bosses - Bestiary | Final Fantasy X HD Remaster
You will want to keep Zombie on your characters because of Mega Death and possibly put Reflect on everyone to bounce back the healing spells.
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21 Which creatures are damaged by Cure spells? - Arqade
Further testing reveals that Vaan's Curaga spell (Knight/Foebreaker) does indeed HEAL enemies. So only the White Mage can use healing spells ...
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22 Final Fantasy X | 10 | FFX | FF10 - Abilities - Armor - FFWA
Auto-Med, Character automatically uses items to cure status ailments. Remedy x 20 ... Fireproof, Character is immune to fire elemental attacks.
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23 Let's Talk Zombie (Status) - FF6 Hacking
Zombie in Final Fantasy 8 and later, however, uses the Undead model in its entirety: it inverts healing magic, grants immunity to death ...
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24 "Final Fantasy X" Boss Guide - LevelSkip
Normally, I settle in with Yuna healing Lulu and Auron while they take turns smashing the thing. "Peel the fruit" for Lu with Mental Break. Once ...
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25 How to beat Evrae Altana Tips and Guide | FFX - Game8
Details. FFX Evrae Altana Boss Fight The undead version of Evrae. Weakened as a Zombie but is still a tough fight.
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26 Final Fantasy X – Silver Bullets | Marathon Recaps
Treating FFX as though it seriously addresses either theme is to get ... In this form, Yunalesca had an attack to mass-inflict Zombie, ...
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27 Final Fantasy X Walkthrough - Lady Yunalesca - Lisa Shea
Be very careful about healing your people - don't use a heal when someone is a zombie!! Have Tidus keep a haste on the party, have everybody give ethers to Yuna ...
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28 Holy Water - Chrysalis
Final Fantasy V. Final Fantasy VI. Final Fantasy X. Final Fantasy XIII-2. Final Fantasy Tactics. Crystal Chronicles. Usually cures the Zombie status.
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29 Why can I heal my enemies in Final Fantasy? | Page 2 - NeoGAF
1) Undead enemies take damage by being healed. Some are killed outright by Phoenix Down. 2) When you and your enemies both have reflect on, ...
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30 Final Fantasy X - RPGDL
Healing and damaging White Magic is based off the Magic stat, and damaging magic is subject to target Magic Defence and is magical damage ...
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31 Final Fantasy X HD - The Remaster Supplement Guide
Zombie Attack, Holy Water x 99. Regen. Healing Spring x 50. Scan. Ability Sphere x 10. Shell. Lunar Curtain x 4. Slow. Silver Hourglass x 4.
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32 Status Effects - Final Fantasy X/X-2 - EIP Gaming
› Final Fantasy X/X-2
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33 How to Achieve 100% Completion in Final Fantasy X-2 HD ...
The main game is broken into 5 chapters, each with a variety of ... as he did in your first encounter and allow Yuna to take a healing role.
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34 Perpetual Final Fantasy X thread - the place for all FFX ...
Sorry, read this in the other thread on FFX renaming that someone wanted ... of remedies to cure confusion cause the al bhed potions can't.
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35 How d you beet Yunalesca without Holy? - Super Cheats
Question for Final Fantasy X ... Is there an easy way to defeat Lady Yunalesca. ... Don't use Esuna to cure zombie because it will miss.
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36 Final Fantasy X/Zanarkand Ruins - StrategyWiki
Yunalesca's attacks do fairly low regular damage, relying on zombie and healing magic to inflict high damage, so if you use this on a ...
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37 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Review -
Even more jarring, FFX-2 is inconsistent with its new models, ... click through two or three menus even for simple actions like healing.
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38 In Final Fantasy X, if Tidus was a dream and Auron was real ...
“Sin” is the Giant Aeon guardian of the ancient summoner Yu Yevon. 1000 years before ffx starts, Yu Yevon created Sin in order to wage war against Bevelle.
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39 Learning and Collaboration Technologies. Novel Learning ...
Final Fantasy X. Developed by Squaresoft, Final Fantasy X breaks the mental model of how healing and damage dealing effects can be applied (Fig. 6).
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40 Final Fantasy X HD - Strategy Guide - Google Books Result
Stone Ward Stoneproof Death Ward Deathproof Zombie Ward Sometimes ... Haste Casts Haste when HP is low SOS Regen Casts Regen when HP is low Healing Spring ...
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41 FFX Walkthrough | PDF | Final Fantasy - Scribd
just causes it to avoid healing itself. Crap. But, yeah, it's all magic here. MAIN STRATEGY: I HATE this ... uh ... gelatinous blob thing! You cannot hit ...
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42 undead - RPG Maker Forums
RMMV Making a healing spell do damage to Undead enemies ... 2016; ffx heal healing abilities hp regeneration state undead yanfly zombie ...
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43 Final Fantasy 10 / X / FF10 - Items List - UFFSite
Holy Water, Cures Zombie and Curse ... Al Bhed Potion, Cures Poison, Silence, Petrifaction. ... Healing Water, Fully restores HP of party.
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44 Calm Lands - Final Fantasy X - Fiends & Strategies
The only one you can complete would be the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth one which ... which can be taken off by Esuna or a Remedy, but cure this fast or it ...
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45 Trick Or Treat [Pegasus Smith] - 8 . Timmy Strikes Back
... Eggs, Layer Cake, Tail Plug, Zombie, Long Tongue, Multiple Penises, Horse Girl, Grandmother, Humiliation, Big Balls, Orgasm Denial, Video, MTF Threesome ...
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