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1 A quote-a-Day from the Marxists Internet Archive
Communism alone is capable of providing really complete democracy, and the more complete it is, the sooner it will become unnecessary and wither away of its own ...
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2 Communism Quotes (1177 quotes) - Goodreads
“When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.” ... “Freedom in capitalist society always ...
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3 Portal:Communism/Quotes - Wikipedia
"When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a Communist.".
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4 20 quotes from the great German socialist and philosopher ...
20 quotes from the great German socialist and philosopher, Karl Marx · “Catch a man a fish, and you can sell it to him. · “Landlords, like all ...
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5 Quotations: communist leaders and ideas - The Cold War
“God is on your side? Is he a conservative? The Devil is on my side, he's a good communist.” Joseph Stalin, Soviet leader, to Winston Churchill at Tehran ...
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6 60 Karl Marx Quotes to Inspire Critical Thinking & ...
Considered the founder of Marxism — also sometimes referred to as communism or socialism — Karl Marx wrote the famous Communist Manifesto in ...
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7 Dorothy Day - Wikiquote
The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us?
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8 Karl Marx: Quotes | Britannica
Communism and Socialism. A specter is haunting Europe—the specter of Communism. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: The Communist Manifesto. History.
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9 Factbox: Key Xi quotes at China's 20th Communist Party ...
› world › china › key-xi-quotes-...
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10 TOP 25 COMMUNIST QUOTES (of 888) | A-Z Quotes
Communist Quotes · How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. · Communism has never come to power in a country that was not ...
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11 Communism Quotes - Best Quotations
The goal of Socialism is Communism. ... God is on your side? Is He a Conservative? The Devil's on my side, he's a good Communist. ... There is no difference between ...
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12 I am a Communist, a convinced Communist! For... - Quote
I am a Communist, a convinced Communist! For some that may be a fantasy. But to me it is my main goal. Mikhail Gorbachev Communism 41. Copy Quote. Favourite.
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13 Truman Quotes
› Truman
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14 Day of Affirmation Address, University of Capetown, Capetown ...
I am unalterably opposed to communism because it exalts the state over the individual and over the family, and because its system contains a lack of freedom of ...
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15 Jane Fonda - IMDb
Quotes (76) ... If you understood what Communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that one day we would become Communist.
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16 174 years of 'The Communist Manifesto': 10 quotes from the ...
... said Julia Reichert quoting 'The Communist Manifesto' after receiving her Oscar on Feb 9, 2020. Here are 10 other notable quotes.
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17 "Communists in Government Service," McCarthy Says
"Today we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between communistic atheism and Christianity. The modern champions of communism have selected this as the ...
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18 Communism Quotes - Famous Quotes 123
Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Love · Mao Zedong.
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19 Communism Quotes - Notable Quotes
The principle of communism is the enrichment of the idle at the expense of the provident; it is plunder legalized. MARY TRIMMER. attributed, Day's Collacon.
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20 Communism | The Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and ...
In 1953 Martin Luther King called communism “one of the most important issues of our day” (Papers 6:146). As King rose to prominence he frequently had to ...
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21 The Ultimate Collection of Latter-day Saint Prophets and ...
The whole program of socialistic-communism is essentially a war against God and the plan of salvation – the very plan which we fought to uphold during 'the war ...
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22 Quotations – C - Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation |
“Communism will fail because what it attempts is against human nature. No man will provide me with food and other necessities of life unless he is a gainer by ...
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23 The History of the Cold War in 40 Quotes
› blog › history-cold-war-40-quotes
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24 This Day in Quotes: “Workers of the World, Unite! You ...
“Workers of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!” ; One is The Manifesto of the Communist Party, more commonly known as ...
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25 Quotes of Willy Brandt
“Whoever becomes involved with the United Communist Front will go down the drain with it!” Willy Brandt in a speech to officials of the Berlin SPD, 12 March ...
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26 35 Comrade ideas | communist quotes, malayalam ... - Pinterest
See more ideas about communist quotes, malayalam quotes, che guevara images. ... On your Marx: meet the modern-day communists. More information ...
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27 The Communist Manifesto Quotes: Class | SparkNotes
Start your 7-day FREE trial now! The Communist Manifesto. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
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28 Martin Niemöller: "First they came for the Socialists..."
The quotation expresses Niemöller's belief that Germans had been ... Niemöller listed: communists, socialists, trade unionists, Jews, ...
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29 Quotations about Democracy -
working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of ...
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30 101 Important Communist Manifesto Quotes From Karl Marx
One of the most famous quotes from 'The Communist Manifesto' is "working men of all countries, unite!", and this motto still enjoys great popularity among ...
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31 10 memorable quotes by Karl Marx | The Times of India
› ... › Books
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32 How Are Socialism and Communism Different? - HISTORY
› news › socialism-communis...
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33 Quotes | Eisenhower Presidential Library
"Since the day of creation, the fondest hopes of men and women have been to pass on to their children something better than they themselves enjoyed. That hope ...
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34 Dorothy Day Quote: “Certainly we disagree with ... - Quotefancy
Certainly we disagree with the Communist Party, as we disagree with other political parties who are trying to maintain the American way of life.
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35 The Threat Posed by the Chinese Government and the ... - FBI
China—the Chinese Communist Party—believes it is in a generational ... Our folks at the FBI are working their tails off every day to protect ...
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36 Quotation of the Day on the Gospel of Marxism…. - AEI
› carpe-diem › quotation-of-the-da...
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37 No, Khrushchev didn't say this about Americans 60 years ago
There is no evidence Soviet Union leader Nikita Khrushchev said this quote about “gullible” Americans being fed “small doses of socialism.”.
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38 Address to the Nation on the Situation in Nicaragua
With over a billion dollars in Soviet-bloc aid, the Communist government of ... America was, quote, ``boiling like a cauldron'' and ripe for revolution.
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39 In a democracy, the opposition is not... Walter Lippmann
More Quotes on Democracy ... while communism suffers from the great tactical liability that anyone who is not specifically for ... Forbes Quote Of The Day.
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40 McCarthyism and the Red Scare | Miller Center
The paranoia about the internal Communist threat—what we call the Red Scare—reached a fever pitch between 1950 and 1954, when Senator Joe McCarthy of ...
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41 Did Nikita Khrushchev Say 'We'll Keep Feeding You Small ...
Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev said: "We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in...
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42 Days Into Which 20 Years Are Compressed - Quote Investigator
In 1918 U.S. communist activist Louis C. Fraina published a translation of ... The piece titled “The Chief Task of Our Day” discussed events ...
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43 Communist Quotes/Quotations from Liberty Quotes
Communist Party Education Workers Congress, Communist quotes: We must create out of the younger generation a generation of Communists. We must turn children, ...
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44 First They Came – by Pastor Martin Niemöller
First they came for the Communists ... Because I was not a Communist ... Learn about what is marked on Holocaust Memorial Day and find out how to get ...
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45 Ronald Reagan: In his own words - BBC NEWS | Americas
How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-communist? It's someone who understands ...
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46 Top 30 COMMUNIST Quotes and Sayings |
If you feed the poor, you're a saint. If you ask why they're poor, you're a Communist. -- Dorothy Day · #Saint #Communist #Poor · Communists ...
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47 Niemöller, origin of famous quotation "First they came for the ...
Communists, Trade Unionists and/or Socialists, possibly the Disabled, Jews, ... The neo-Nazi group "Daily Stormer" adapted and perverted the quotation for a ...
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48 Quotes/Dirty Communists - TV Tropes
› Quotes
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49 Quotes By Marx and on Marxism - The University of New Mexico
› ~soc101 › quotemarx
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50 Harry S. Truman Quotes
“There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.” “For our day, and our children's day, education must become a continuing adventure in ...
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51 79 Famous Quotes By Karl Marx That Show What A Great ...
Communism is the riddle of history solved, and it knows itself to be this solution. History. Karl Marx. pinterest · twitter.
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52 "The Only Good Communist is a Dead One" Sign in Des ...
A man holds a anti-communist protest sign as many other Iowans gather to see Courtesy of Library of Congress, O'Halloran, Thomas J., 23 September 1959 ...
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53 Alvin Dark Quotes | Baseball Almanac
"Any pitcher who throws at a batter and deliberately tries to hit him is a communist." ... "Every player should be accorded the privilege of at least one season ...
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54 Funny Karl Marx quote Communist Manifesto mug | eBay
In stock
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55 Communist Leaders Speak Their Minds | EWTN
When the time is ripe, we will strike, comrade. In one day we will wipe out all the American war bases from Spain to Alaska. And on the very same day, the one ...
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56 Clash Legend PAUL SIMONON About His Communist Dad
TURN UP THE VOLUME. Dope Blog for Music Junkies and Gig Addicts. Quote Of The Day. Quote Of ...
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57 Enemies from Within' Speech by Senator Joseph McCarthy
Senator Joseph McCarthy's 1950 Lincoln Day Address ... Gustave Duran, who was labeled as, I quote, "a notorious international communist,"
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58 Quotes from The Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx and ...
The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing ...
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59 One Hundred Years of Communist Experiments - JSTOR
The promise of communism in 1917 was a world without war, social classes and, to quote the other Lenin, John Lennon, “no religion too.
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60 5 Powerful Malcolm X Quotes That Could Have Been Spoken ...
5 Powerful Malcolm X Quotes That Could Have Been Spoken Today ... should look over [to socialist and communist] Asian countries and find out ...
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61 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Quotes – What The Gulag ...
“Until the Gulag, the Communists and their allies had persuaded their ... from The Gulag Archipelago that are relevant to the modern day:.
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62 Abraham Lincoln: Karl Marx influenced his opposition to ...
President Trump attacks Democrats as "socialists" and "communists," ... By the next day, all 7,000 words of the manuscript were published in ...
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63 A Witness and a Warning - Church of Jesus Christ
The struggle is more momentous than a decade ago, yet today the conventional wisdom says, “You must learn to live with Communism and to give up your ideas about ...
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64 Trotsky's Struggle against Stalin | The National WWII Museum
The next day, Trotsky succumbed to his wounds, dead at the age of 60. ... for the position of General Secretary of the Communist Party.
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65 Communist Quotes Gifts & Merchandise for Sale | Redbubble
High quality Communist Quotes-inspired gifts and merchandise. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent artists ...
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66 Singapore bank quotes communist Friedrich Engels in ...
“DBS, one of Singapore's biggest agents of capital, quotes a communist as part of its daily ad in the Life section of The Straits Times.
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67 Karl Marx quotes and memes to celebrate the philosopher's ...
'The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.' 'Capitalist production, therefore, ...
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68 Quote of the day: Commie pinkos - Poor Stuart
Quote of the day: Commie pinkos ... –“Communist language” expressions listed in a 1955 U.S. Army manual, How to Spot a Communist, ...
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69 Women of the World, Unite! - Blog - Free Library of Philadelphia
This 1932 Soviet IWD poster celebrates women's freedom from domestic drudgery It reads: "8th of March is the day of rebellion of the working ...
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70 My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt, October 31, 1951
Here is a quotation: "The welfare state is a name that has been substituted as a more acceptable one for communism-socialism wherever, as in the United ...
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71 Anti Communist Quotes Yard Signs - CafePress
Best of all, you'll find these garden signs are anything but garden variety. You can welcome home your favorite hero, celebrate your wedding day, share a bit of ...
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72 Dorothy Day quote: When I feed the hungry, they call me a saint.
„When I feed the hungry, they call me a saint. When I ask why people are hungry, they call me a Communist.“ — Dorothy Day. Dom Helder Camara, Brazilian ...
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73 US Enters the Korean Conflict | National Archives
On that day, North Korean troops coordinated an attack at several ... Fearing that the Soviet Union intended to "export" communism to other ...
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74 35 famous Karl Marx quotes on capitalism, communism and ...
Communist Manifesto quotes · "The book is the foundation of the body of belief and thought called Marxism. · "The theory of communists may be summed up in the ...
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75 Top 25 Quotes by Karl Marx | Quotes Video MUST WATCH
Sep 4, 2021
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76 The 15 Ronald Reagan Quotes Every ... - Entrepreneur
14. "How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone ...
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77 Dr. W. E. B. Du Bois Joins Communist Party at 93
"No universal selfishness can bring social good to all," he said. "Communism -- the effort to give all men what they need and to ask of each the best they can ...
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78 The Grapes of Wrath Economy Quotes: Socialism, Marxism ...
The Grapes of Wrath Economy Quotes: Socialism, Marxism & Communism ... Well, they were a young fella jus' come out west here, an' he's listenin' one day.
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79 Six "Spooky" Socialism Quotes to Enjoy on Halloween
Send us your favorite spooky socialist quotes and we will update this article to ... Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, “Chapter 1”, The Communist Manifesto.
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80 Dorothy Day: Communist Why Poor - Money Quotes
Dorothy Day Money Quote saying simply giving food to people in need is seen as a godly thing, but wanting to solve the poverty is suspect.
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81 Letter: Khrushchev prediction slowly coming true
This is a quote attributed to the late Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Sounds like a wise man, a modern day Nostradamus - and also a man ...
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82 First They Came by Martin Niemöller - Amnesty International UK
By Martin Niemöller. First they came for the Communists. And I did not speak out. Because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the Socialists.
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83 City Investigating if a Brooklyn Principal is a Communist ... - NY1
Bloomberg says she has not been recruiting students to communism, instead teaching them to speak out against racism. "And because of that, we ...
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84 What Paul Robeson Said | History| Smithsonian Magazine
By the following day, editorialists and politicians had branded Robeson a communist traitor for insinuating that black Americans would not ...
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85 What are your favourite communist quotes? : r/communism
What are your favourite communist quotes? ... “You are horrified at our intending to do away with private property. But in your existing society ...
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86 Karl Marx Birth Anniversary: Best inspirational quotes you ...
His best-known titles are the 1848 pamphlet The Communist Manifesto and the three-volume Das Kapital. Marx's political and philosophical thought ...
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87 Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation to Honor Victims of ...
MIAMI – Today, Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill (HB) 395, establishing November 7 as “Victims of Communism Day” to honor the hundreds ...
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88 Best Anti Communist Quotes - QuotesGram
Discover and share Best Anti Communist Quotes. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. ... Free Daily Quotes.
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89 Julius Kambarage Nyerere Quotes - ThoughtCo
"You don't have to be a Communist to see that China has a lot to teach us in development. The fact that they have a different political ...
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90 The Ugly Racism of Karl Marx - The Daily Signal
Many would be shocked to learn that founder of communism was a thoroughgoing racist.
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91 Wallace Quotes | American Experience | Official Site - PBS
A timeline of quotes that traces Wallace's political career. ... and an Alabama Democrat is like the difference between a Communist and a non-Communist.".
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92 If you're not a communist… - Status-Q
If you're not a communist at the age of 20, you haven't got a heart. If you're still a communist at the age of 30, you haven't got a brain. I've ...
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93 35 Grateful I Am A Communist Quotes - Quotlr
The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party. — Mao Zedong. 174.
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94 The 15 Ronald Reagan Quotes Every Business ... - NBC News
"Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July. The Democrats believe every day is April 15." 14. "How do you tell a communist? Well, it's ...
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