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1 Antiperspirants/Deodorants and Breast Cancer - NCI
However, no studies to date have confirmed any substantial adverse effects of aluminum that could contribute to increased breast cancer risks. A ...
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2 5 Things Wrong With Your Deodorant - TIME
› Health › toxins
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3 Antiperspirant Safety: Should You Sweat It? - WebMD
One common antiperspirant component -- a group of chemicals called parabens -- has been linked to breast cancer, but that link is questionable, ...
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4 Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer Risk
› cancer-causes › chemicals › a...
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5 Are Natural Deodorants Better for You? - The New York Times
There isn't enough evidence to show that they are. There have been claims that regular deodorants and antiperspirants can disrupt or kill off ...
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6 Deodorants vs. Antiperspirants: Health Benefits and Risks
Antiperspirants and deodorants work in different ways to reduce body odor. Antiperspirants reduce sweat, and deodorants increase skin acidity, which odor- ...
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7 Antiperspirant, Deodorant Health Risks: Real or Myth
The active aluminum-based ingredient in antiperspirants/deodorants temporarily plugs the sweat glands and that's how it prevents you from ...
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8 Does deodorant cause cancer? | CTCA
It's through these small nicks to the skin that chemicals from the antiperspirant may gain access to the lymph nodes, which could cause cells to ...
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9 Deodorant Health Risks - Pure and Simple Nourishment
Did you know there are a lot of potential deodorant health risks depending on the brand you use? Some of the potential deodorant health ...
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10 Antiperspirant recall: What the finding of a cancer-causing ...
› 2021/12/01 › health › deodorants-...
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11 Should You Worry About Deodorant and Antiperspirant Side ...
Are There Harmful Effects of Using Deodorant? ... Over the last two decades, studies have linked antiperspirant to serious health problems like breast cancer, ...
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12 How dangerous is your deodorant? | Health & wellbeing
The group that regularly used antiperspirants (deodorants that contain aluminium products to reduce sweat) had fewer bacteria in their armpits.
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13 Is antiperspirant bad for you? No, it doesn't pose health risks
Antiperspirant is safe to use and has no major health risks. · In the early 2000s, it was rumored that the active ingredient in antiperspirant, ...
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14 No, you shouldn't worry about aluminum in your antiperspirant
› aluminum-deoderant
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15 The Health Effects of Aluminum Exposure - PMC - NCBI
by K Klotz · 2017 · Cited by 251 —
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16 Aluminum in Deodorant: Everything You Need to Know
There are two main health issues usually cited when talking about aluminum in antiperspirant: Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer.
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17 Deodorant Side-Effects You Should Know About - Blog
Alzheimer's disease. Some believe that the aluminium content in deodorant also increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease, a brain disease that leads to memory ...
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18 Can Deodorant Cause Breast Cancer? - Cleveland Clinic
Although most deodorants and antiperspirants contain chemical ... body odor and sweat issues — not worrying about their potentially harmful ...
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19 Is Using Deodorant With Aluminum Actually Bad for You ...
Is aluminum in antiperspirants harmful? ... When it comes to being worried about aluminum in deodorant, the two main concerns are breast cancer ...
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20 Can cosmetics cause cancer? - Cancer Research UK
No, using deodorants, antiperspirants and body sprays doesn't cause cancer. Some people have wondered if aluminium in some deodorants and sprays ...
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21 Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer: Is There a Link?
The health effects of aluminum have been extensively investigated, ... To find safer antiperspirants or aluminum-free deodorants, ...
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22 Antiperspirant vs. Deodorant: Benefits, Risks & How To Choose
A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that women who used both antiperspirants and deodorants were at higher risk for ...
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23 Why You Should Ditch Antiperspirant: 6 Natural Deodorants ...
› deodorant-dos-and-donts
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24 Is Natural Deodorant Actually Healthier for You?
To date, there's no reason to believe that natural deodorants have negative health effects either. But, as is the case with conventional ...
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25 Deodorant vs antiperspirant: Differences, benefits, and risks
People may be concerned that antiperspirants can cause breast cancer because the products contain aluminum and other potentially harmful ...
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26 Can deodorants and antiperspirants with aluminium cause ...
There is no evidence to support the claim that deodorants or antiperspirants cause cancer. This link was first suggested in an email hoax, and rumours have ...
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27 How Safe are Antiperspirants for Children? - Banner Health
“There is no proven harm in your child using deodorant and antiperspirants,” Dr. Kuhn said. “It just comes down to your personal preference.” ...
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28 Deodorant Use and Breast Cancer Risk : Epidemiology
To date, the evidence has been largely inconclusive, with evidence of both protective1 and harmful2 effects of deodorant use, whereas other researchers have ...
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29 Your antiperspirant deodorant may be causing breast cancer ...
While some studies in the past have said there is no link between aluminium used in deodorants and breast cancer, two new publications have ...
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30 Effects of Deodorant on Health and Environment
A World Health Organisation study has linked the use of deodorants to Alzheimer's disease due to abnormal accumulation of aluminum in the human brain. Another ...
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31 The Benefits of Natural (Aluminum-Free) Deodorant ... - GoodRx
› ... › Alternative treatments
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32 The Crazy Ways Antiperspirant Messes With Your Health
› life › the-crazy-ways-ant...
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33 The Dangers of Aluminum in Your Deodorant
Breast Cancer · Alzheimer's Disease · Dementia · Bone disorders · Kidney problems.
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34 Deodorant - Wikipedia
A deodorant is a substance applied to the body to prevent or mask body odor due to bacterial breakdown of perspiration or vaginal secretions, for example in ...
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35 Benzene in Spray Deodorants - Health
Over the long term (i.e. a year or more), benzene can lead to side effects like excessive bleeding and an increased risk of infection, per the ...
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36 Do Antiperspirants Cause Cancer? - Verywell Health
You may be feeling nervous about using an antiperspirant after hearing about possible cancer risks associated with the use of these products.
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37 Old Spice, Secret Deodorants Recalled Over Cancer Risk
A variety of aerosol deodorants from Old Spice and Secret have been recalled due to the presence of the carcinogenic chemical benzene.
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38 3 Dangerous Ingredients Found in Common Deodorants
› dangerous-ingredie...
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39 Do You Really Need to Buy Aluminum-Free Deodorant?
To get to the bottom of the issue, scientists took a deep dive into the world of antiperspirants. Their results thoroughly debunked the idea ...
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40 antiperspirant recalled for cancer-causing chemical benzene
Benzene can result in cancer, but Unilever said that based on an independent health hazard evaluation, the amounts detected in the recalled ...
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41 5 Toxic Ingredients in your Deodorant - ENAYA
Did you know that most underarm antiperspirants/deodorants contain harmful chemicals which are linked to wide range of health problems including, ...
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42 Is it time to ditch your deodorant? - Swedish Blog
Many deodorants contain antiperspirants that contain aluminum; this may cause irritation or increase the risk for cancer. Natural deodorants can ...
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43 Cancer-Causing Benzene Detected in 40+ Deodorants ...
Cancer-Causing Benzene Discovered in American Deodorants & Antiperspirants · Deodorants Brands Caught with Benzene · Featured Deodorant: Primally ...
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44 10 Toxins In Your Drugstore Deodorant
Phthalates are added to fragrance in deodorants, but also to help your deodorant spread more smoothly. However, they have some serious health risks. Phthalates ...
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45 Dangers of Parabens & Aluminium In Your Deodorant - Vasarii
It is particularly harmful to anyone with kidney disease. FDA now requires all antiperspirant products to include a warning statement that ...
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46 (for “(Under)Arm Yourself with Chemistry!”)
Natural deodorants are an environment-friendly answer to the problem of body ... antiperspirants found in most health food stores [deodorant crystals], ...
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47 Is Deodorant Bad for You? 5 Myths About Antiperspirant and ...
› article › deodorant-bad-...
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48 Leukemia-Causing Benzene Found in Underarm Sprays
Antiperspirant and deodorant body sprays have been found to contain elevated levels of the carcinogen benzene and should be recalled, ...
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49 Worried about the safety of antiperspirants? Don't sweat it
Recent recalls on aerosol deodorants and antiperspirants may have you ... Like most health issues, how we treat chapped lips depends on the ...
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50 Is antiperspirant bad for you? Dermatologists debunk the ...
According to the American Cancer Society, however, “there are no strong epidemiologic studies in the medical literature that link breast cancer ...
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51 Deodorant Ingredients to Avoid – Truly's Natural Products
Why use a natural deodorant? Conventional antiperspirants and deodorants contain a variety of ingredients that current research is showing may be harmful to ...
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52 What's in Your Deodorant, and is it Dangerous for Your Health?
Phthalates: This group of industrial chemicals, found in many antiperspirants and deodorants, has been linked to a host of health issues. Last ...
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53 Do You Need a Deodorant Detox? - The Joint Chiropractic
With this being said, deodorants and antiperspirants are full of chemicals that can negatively affect your health. Any product that goes on our skin can be ...
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54 The Mystery of Deodorant: What's Really In There?
Conventional deodorant isn't very good for your body, as many types contain toxic chemicals that may harm human health and the environment. Deodorant soaks ...
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55 10 Non-Toxic Deodorants to Get You Through the Heat
Toxic Ingredients Hidden in Deodorants · Parabens — Preservatives that can disrupt hormones and are linked to certain cancers · Triclosan — A preservative and ...
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56 What You Actually Need to Know About Deodorant and Breast ...
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates food, cosmetics, medicines, and medical devices, also does not have any evidence or ...
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57 Why Your Deodorant Might Be Making You Flabby, Tired, and ...
What kinds of health risks? “Breathing difficulties, asthma attacks, migraine headaches, dizziness, rashes, congestion, seizures, nausea, and a ...
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58 Should You Worry About the Chemicals in Your Deodorant?
While some experts say that deodorants are safe, deodorant has been linked to allergic reactions and infertility.
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59 Deodorant poisoning: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
Aluminum salts; Ethyl alcohol. Deodorant may contain other harmful substances. Click to Keep Reading ...
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60 Why You Should Use Aluminum-Free Deodorant
Aluminum is a known neurotoxin, a poison that acts on the nervous system, that has been linked to several serious health problems. Deodorants and ...
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61 Deodorant poisoning Information | Mount Sinai - New York
If deodorant gets in your eye, burns to the eye may occur. Home Care. Seek medical help right away. Do not make the person throw up unless poison control or ...
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62 Everything You Need To Know About Aluminum Free Deodorant
Regardless of whether you have kidney or other health issues, using aluminum antiperspirant deodorant risks disrupting your natural bodily processes. Sweating ...
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63 The hidden dangers of deodorant sprays - Daily Mail
Inhaling large doses of chemicals from deodorant aerosols can be fatal · Canister fumes may cause skin reactions, allergies and heart problems ...
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64 TGW Pillars of Health - Toxic Overload - The Glow Wellness
Not only does the use of only natural ingredients in deodorants limit the skin issues and diseases possible from their non-natural counterparts, ...
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65 Underarm antiperspirants/deodorants and breast cancer
Underarm antiperspirants/deodorants and breast cancer ... esterase and human exposure, and discussion of potential human health risks.
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66 Aluminum In Deodorant Isn't The Only Ingredient To Avoid
These engineered scents can contain any combination of 3,000+ chemical ingredients (insert gasp here) and are linked to numerous health issues including hormone ...
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67 Is Deodorant Ever Safe to Wear . . . Down There?
Our free weekly health newsletter has the latest on wellness, ... When Odor's an Issue and When It's Not ... The Problem With Deodorants.
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68 DEODORANT DANGERS: Ingredients To Lose & Those To ...
Fragrance – can legally hide hundreds of chemicals. One of these is phthalates (THAL ates), which have been linked to a variety of health issues ...
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69 12 Harmful Ingredients in Deodorant for Women - Joban Beauty
The caveat with it, however, is that the compound can cause widespread health issues. They include heart and liver damage, allergic reactions ...
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70 Antiperspirants: Types, Use, and Cautions - DermNet
What are the risks associated with antiperspirants? · Associated with long-term antiperspirant use due to chronic plugging of the sweat glands and hair follicle.
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71 Why Sweat Smells (Plus the Best Non-Toxic Deodorant)
Additionally, deodorants can do damage to your gut health: a 2016 study found that regular use of deodorant significantly altered the users' armpit microbiome, ...
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72 Does Deodorant Cause Breast Cancer?
Chemicals and Metals in Cosmetics ... Some of the anxiety over antiperspirant use may have developed due to concerns about two of the ingredients ...
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73 Deodorant: Should you go natural? Myth about aluminum ...
According to the National Cancer Institute, some scientists have expressed two major concerns about aluminum-containing antiperspirants in ...
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74 Will My Deodorant Kill Me? - UF PRISM
The context of the possible health issues related to using commercially available deodorants are not drastic or sudden in nature but instead ...
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75 5 ways deodorant is harming your health - Deccan Chronicle
Aluminum: Found mostly in antiperspirants (these stop sweat), the element has been linked to a number of health issues. · Parabens: Parabens are ...
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76 Is Old Spice Antiperspirant or Deodorant Toxic?
While this is good news, there are other concerns with deodorants due ... health and environmental concerns in the Old Spice antiperspirant ...
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77 Does Using Deodorant Increase Your Cancer Risk?
In recent years, rumors have swirled that suggest deodorants and antiperspirants cause cancer, specifically breast cancer.
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78 Some Old Spice, Secret aerosol sprays recalled over benzene ...
Some batches of antiperspirant and deodorant sprays from brands including Old Spice, Secret, Equate, Suave, Tag, Sure, Right Guard and Brut ...
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79 Deodorant's Link to Cancer, Alzheimer's and Dementia
Over the past few years, rumors have circulated linking aluminum in deodorant and antiperspirants to cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, and dementia.
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80 5 Benefits of Switching To Aluminum-Free Deodorant
Alcohol is very drying for skin, and over time can lead to skin issues like rashes and inflammation. That's why our aluminum-free deodorants use ...
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81 How Bad Is It Really to Use Antiperspirant? - Livestrong
The carcinogen benzene, which has been linked to blood cancers like leukemia, has been found in several spray deodorants and antiperspirants, according to the ...
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82 Why Switching to Natural Deodorant Is Good For Your Health
Deodorant is an important part of most people's personal hygiene routines, whether you're sweating it out on the court or just going about your day.
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83 Choose Your Deodorant Wisely - Liver Doctor
It has other seriously harmful effects on the body. Research has shown that aluminium can cause gene instability in breast tissue, in a way that can cause ...
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84 Side Effects of Aluminum in Deodorant - Lavilin
› blogs › news › side-effects-of-alum...
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85 How Dangerous Is Your Deodorant? - Northwest Pharmacy
From parabens to fragrances—research has shown that there are many ingredients in deodorant which may be harmful to our health.
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86 Ask a Dermatologist: Why Is Aluminum in Deodorant Bad?
Does Aluminum in Antiperspirants Have Any Negative Side Effects? · You may feel hotter: According to Zalka, the plugging of sweat ducts impedes ...
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87 3 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Deodorant: A Detox Guide
So let's talk about those toxic ingredients that can be found in conventional deodorant, and the health concerns linked to these ingredients ...
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88 Aluminum Hydrochloride: Deodorant Uses, Side Effects ...
Irritation of the skin; Itching; Tingling of the skin. Possible serious side effects of aluminum hydrochloride include signs and symptoms of allergic reactions ...
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89 Can Benzene in Deodorant Cause Leukemia?
It is highly toxic to humans, and long-term exposure can cause “harmful effects on the bone marrow and can cause a decrease in red blood cells, ...
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90 Ingredients to avoid in your deodorant. - earth ant
This could lead to a variety of health issues such as infertility, cancers: breast, prostate, ovarian, endometriosis, asthma and allergies.
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91 Aluminum in deodorant and antiperspirant: Health issue or ...
Is there a link between aluminum, antiperspirant/deodorant, and scary health problems? We did the research ourselves and it's fascinating.
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92 Natural Deodorant: How Making the Switch Can Improve Skin ...
Circulating claims link the ingredient to serious health problems like breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease. However, other doctors claim that ...
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93 Why You Should Give Up Your Antiperspirant For A Natural ...
However, synthetic antiperspirants containing aluminum pose certain health risks. Studies have shown that aluminum applied topically through antiperspirants ...
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94 The problem with natural deodorant| Dr Dray - YouTube
Apr 21, 2020
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95 you need to know about natural deodorants and antiperspirants
Natural and botanical-based formulas don't contain any chemicals or ingredients that have been linked to health issues. There are constant ...
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96 Deodorant Myths, Busted: Is Antiperspirant Bad for Your Health?
“Indeed, the overwhelming majority of evidence confirms that spray antiperspirant-deodorants are safe and do not cause health problems.
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97 Is your Deodorant Toxic? - The Salt Suite
Aluminum · ParabensThis chemical is used in a lot of products these days as a preservative, but it is possibly one of the most harmful additives ...
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98 Dangers of Deodorant - Austin Fit Magazine
Although the label “aluminum salts” may not sound harmful, these compounds can have severe long-term effects on your health. Aluminum has been ...
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