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1 Is There a Trick to Reblogging Tumblr Posts Without a Reblog ...
Once you've selected the post you want, you can automatically reblog it to your main blog account using keyboard shortcuts as well. You must hold down the " ...
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2 6 Tumblr Shortcut Keys You Might Not Know
Just hold alt key + click the reblog button for windows or hold cmd + click reblog button for mac. Once the button is marked as green, then the ...
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3 Changes on Tumblr — Tuesday, March 9th, 2021
Fast reblogging or fast queuing on web (holding “e” to reblog or “w” to queue and clicking the reblog button) should now give you the option ...
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4 3 Ways to Reblog Something on Tumblr - wikiHow
› ... › Tumblr
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5 Instantly Reblogging Right Off Your Tumblr Dashboard
› instant-reblog
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6 Use These Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts to Blog Like a Pro
A List of Every Tumblr Keyboard Shortcut ; L · Like a post ; Alt + R · Reblog a post ; E + Left click, Click to reblog a post ; Alt + Q · Queue a post.
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7 How to Reblog on Tumblr -
Find a post on a Tumblr blog that you wish to reblog, and click the "Reblog" icon beneath it. Choose which of your blogs you wish to reblog the ...
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8 Tumblr Staff — Introducing: Reblog Controls
How does it work? When drafting a post, select the settings cog in the top right corner of your post editor. From here, you can choose one of ...
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9 the instant reblog, instant queue, go-to-dash - New XKit - Tumblr
kingdom-noise said: the instant reblog, instant queue, go-to-dash, profiler, and iconified unfollow/reblog/dashboard buttons on the top ...
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10 How to Reblog Things on Tumblr When No Reblog Button ...
Press “Alt-R” to reblog the post. The post will appear on your timeline immediately. 5 Tumblr Bookmarklet. 6 ...
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11 I would like a fast queue button please. Response... - WIP
a post in the dashboard on web. the mouse hovers the reblog icon and ... We're sorry we can't do much more about this—it's the best way we ...
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12 Tumblr quick reblog: Hold Alt key (or Option key...
Tumblr quick reblog: Hold Alt key (or Option key for Macs) and click Reblog.
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13 How To Auto Reblog On Tumblr Using Socinator - YouTube
Sep 9, 2019
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14 Top 27 Tumblr Shortcuts to Use it Like a Pro (Windows, Mac)
Posts that are just waiting to be reblogged are found pretty much everywhere. Rather than going through the reblogging phases manually, just ...
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15 How to Reblog Content on Tumblr - Tom's Guide Forum
You have several options when reblogging regarding privacy, commentary, and when to reblog. If you're on a desktop or laptop computer, you can quickly reblog ...
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16 #fast-reblog on Tumblr
thedumpstervoid · Fast-reblogging is tumblr trying to kill the tags. X_x. #fast-reblog ; betsofthorn · Why doesn't Tumblr have a fast-queue option? #tumblr ...
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17 How do i reblog faster on tumblr? - AskMeFast
Just press the refresh button or F5, if that doesn`t work then refresh again the log out then back in. source: On tumblr, my `reblog` button disapeared from my ...
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18 How to Hide the Reblogs on Tumblr With Themes
Tumblr blogs usually contain a control bar at the top of the page that includes a "Reblog" button. When other Tumblr users reblog your posts, ...
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19 How to quickly reblog on the tumblr app - B+C Guides
TAP and HOLD the reblog symbol. Eventually this loading bar will appear which indexes the status of the reblog. When the bar is fulfilled, this REBLOGGED ...
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20 How to Use Tumblr: 15+ Tips for Beginners | Crello - VistaCreate
The obvious starting place to explore Tumblr is your own dashboard. On there, you can reblog content, post your own and find blogs to follow. The best strategy ...
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21 So now when you do Alt + Reblog, the reblog symbol turns ...
It does more than just that, it quickly reblogs posts-it's very ideal who simply want to reblog posts and not go through the reblog dialog ...
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22 30+ Tumblr Tips Tricks, and Tools - Hongkiat
Use Keyboard Shortcuts On The Dashboard ; Shift + E · Add post to your queue ; Shift + R · Fast reblog ; Z + Tab, Quickly switch between dashboard ...
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23 How do you instant reblog on Tumblr? -
How do you instant reblog on Tumblr? To use fast reblog, press and hold E, and to use fast queue, press and hold W. These will show your ...
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24 Tumblr mobile: “oh so you want to quickly reblog...
Tumblr mobile: “oh so you want to quickly reblog that post to this blog that is always at the bottom of your three blogs?
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25 New XKit support - Tumblr
How can I fix this or is it a known bug? ... but i recently re-installed the old xkit just because in quick reblogs when i change to reblog to a sideblog, ...
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26 how oh how do you quick reblog on a mac book? : r/tumblr
Mouse over the reblog icon and hold down E to bring up a floating menu of your blogs to choose one to quick-reblog to. Hold down W to choose one ...
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27 tumblr keyboard shortcuts - TechBriefly
How do you reblog fast on Tumblr? Fast reblogging or fast queuing on web (holding “e” to reblog or “w” to queue and clicking the reblog button) ...
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28 How to Add Reblog Button on Tumblr
You can put Tumblr reblog button on various places on your blog. You can add reblog default button under your blog post title, at the end of your post content ...
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29 Tumblr is adding a feature to disable reblogs of posts
When composing a post, users can choose between two reblog options. One option allows anyone on the platform to reblog the post to their own ...
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30 Tumblr Engineering — How Reblogs Work
The reblog trail is no longer a messy nested blockquote chain, but instead a friendly and easy to parse JSON array, always starting with the ...
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31 How can I reblog a post from my secondary blog on Tumblr to ...
The same way you'd reblog any post: Click the reblog button. However, when the reblog window comes up, click the drop-down arrow next to your URL and make ...
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32 How To Get More Tumblr Followers (And Blog Traffic)
Reblog quality content 1 – 3 times a day (by using your queue). One of the greatest tools in Tumblr is your queue.
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33 6 Tumblr Shortcut Keys You Might Not Know
You can quickly reblog a post without even using your mouse or touchpad/trackpad. ... Note: Works only when you use keyboard shortcuts J and K to ...
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34 9 Tips To Grow Your Blog Traffic Using Tumblr - Socinator
Tumblr provides an exciting feature to its users where they can post the blog of other people on their account, and this is known as reblogging. Solely to make ...
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35 New XKit discussion - Tumblr
Not sure where best to ask this, but should I deinstall New XKit and ... Right now Titles on posts that are reblogged via editable reblog ...
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36 How to Reblog With a URL on Tumblr - Azcentral
Many Tumblr blogs contain a "reblog" button, which copies posts to your own company Tumblr page. Some blogs lack this button, but you can still reblog their ...
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37 Quick Reblog "Unable to authorize" · Issue #206 - GitHub
Posts can still be reblogged normally if stuck this way. The amount of posts before this occurs varies. Yesterday I would be lucky if one or two would quick ...
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38 Missing e {browser extension for tumblr}
show a drop-down list of blogs to reblog to when quick reblogging from tag search pages. I am still working on bringing tracked tags back to the ...
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39 YukiPri — I just wanted to ask how to reblog posts with...
I'll do my best to clarify, and I apologize if you already know some of this info. Just want to cover all my bases! Tumblr reblogs are amazing, ...
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40 How to: Block people on Tumblr | Quick Guide
According to Tumblr Support, blocked people won't be able to: follow you; send fan mails or asks; see your blog in their Dashboard or Tumblr search; like/reblog ...
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41 Tumblr – Post to Tumblr
Save inspiration from anywhere on the web • Quickly reblog photos, links, and text • Add tags for easy discovery The fastest way to make ...
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42 Four Ways to Maximize Engagement on Tumblr
The best way to improve your Tumblr presence is by creating a strategy that focuses on getting more notes. A note on Tumblr is a 'Like' or a reblog. The Tumblr ...
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43 How to Get More followers On Tumblr: 8 Proven Ways
› how-to-get-more-followe...
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44 Tumblr – Post to Tumblr – Get this Extension for Firefox (en-US)
Save inspiration from anywhere on the web; Quickly reblog photos, links, and text; Add tags for easy discovery. The fastest way to make ...
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45 Tumblr Shortcuts - the 10 most important shortcuts
Shift + R = Scroll with the Shortcuts, you can reblog a Post with a click of the "Shift" key and the "R"key is also the same. Shift + E = you Are not sure ...
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46 Pens, Swords, Stuff — How to see all reblogged tags on a post
When someone leaves some comments for you in the tags, it can be a difficult to find those nice comments again. Unlike a comment in a reblog ...
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47 javascript - Tumblr quick like button not working - Stack Overflow
I've updated my code recently to make it a cut and paste endeavor. This eliminates the need for jQuery and the post ID, two areas people always have ...
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48 How to automatically reblog your Tumblr liked posts
Is there a way to automatically reblog1 the posts you like on Tumblr? I looked into IFTTT but couldn't find the right hooks.
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49 Gridllr - Tumblr Likes Grid
Mark your favorite Likes with an extra star. Reblogging a starred post adds the #favorite tag (configurable). Fast reblogging. RB. Hover over a ...
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50 Reblogging - Wikipedia
Tumblr then built it into their social network for re-sharing posts within the network, and similar features ("Retweet" on Twitter, "Share" on Facebook) ...
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51 How-To Guide: Tumblr Marketing -
Tumblr so the content will show up on your blog. Reblogging also makes it easy to directly see the original source of the post.
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52 Tumblr for Business: How to Use It Effectively
Posting to Tumblr ... There are seven types of blog posts on Tumblr that function similarly to templates. ... Once you create a post, you can publish it right away, ...
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53 Get started on Tumblr in 5 easy steps - The Daily Dot
Reblogging is an easy way for you to feature other people's content on your blog. For example, let's say you want to repost something from The ...
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54 Blog Basics: What is Tumblr? - GCF Global
One reason why Tumblr hosts so many images that "go viral" and spread quickly across the web is its Reblog tool. Simply click Reblog on a Tumblr post you ...
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55 Tutorial: How to Reblog Tags
STEP 1: When you see a post whose tags you would like to reblog, highlight them and copy them using Ctrl+C · STEP 2: Click reblog and paste the ...
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56 11 Best Ways to Get More Followers on Tumblr (2022)
When you reblog someone's post, it'll be shared on your page to all your followers. You'll also have the ability to add images, comments, or gifs. However, it's ...
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57 A Guide to Tumblr - Storytelling for Good
Producing a steady stream of quality content is the best way to keep your audience interested. Be strategic about when to post. The best times to post on Tumblr ...
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58 How to Tag Someone on Tumblr - ThoughtCo
Alternatively, click or tap the reblog button on another user's post to prepare to repost it to your own blog. Tap or click inside the specific ...
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59 Buy Tumblr Reblogs - 100% Real, Cheap and Instant.
The Tumblr reblog feature allows users to share other people's posts on their feed; ... Let us outline the best way to buy Tumblr reblogs safely;.
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60 How do you reblog on Tumblr with keyboard? -
How do you reblog faster on Tumblr on the computer? ... Hold down the reblog button, then drag your finger to the Tumblr you want to post on.
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61 How to Use Tumblr for Marketing - WebFX
The best way to figure out how you can use Tumblr as a marketing tool is ... While many users simply reblog popular content, this approach ...
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62 Reasons To Dislike This New Tumblr Change About...
If you want to reblog from a certain point in the thread, you can do that the same way you always have. Just click on the username of the last ...
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63 Tumblr Ads 101: Ad Types, Specs, Examples & Best Practices ...
1. Sponsored Posts · Consider your audience: Pay attention to what they're posting and reblogging to understand their interests. · Use 7-8 relevant hashtags: Tags ...
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64 How to reblog long text posts without them getting... - Lolita Tips
(I made one of these a while ago but then tumblr's layout changed so this changed too.) So, instead of doing alt+reblog, just click the reblog ...
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65 The Dark Side of Tumblr - Net Nanny
Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking site that allows users to ... can do a quick internet search to find out how to disable it.
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66 Reblogging: versus Tumblr - raincoaster media
Reblogging makes it easy, and ensures you don't forget to give ... on your dashboard in anything like the in-your-face way Tumblr does, ...
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67 Promoting Your Books With Tumblr Is Quick And Simple
It's an effective and easy way to extend your book promotion. ... But for authors, Tumblr's reblogging feature is the big bonus.
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68 reminder to RP'ers to trim your posts when they...
One way to trim is to just copy the previous post, delete all of the... ... Once it is installed, you will see a new icon on your tumblr ...
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69 Tumblr adds three useful ways to post from your mobile device
Now you can add your own images when you reblog another Tumblr users post, which should help when you want to make a visual comment. If text ...
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70 How To Use Tumblr App: A Guide For Beginners - Cellular News
You can even connect with different bloggers all over the world. And finding your interests is easy with the tags. You can like posts or “reblog” them to add to ...
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71 Reblog button on Tumblr not working - Apple Community
The question is: Is this a Safari or Tumblr page problem? And if it's Safari problem: can I fix it some way? I've tried to disable Adblock, ...
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72 Tumblr Introduces Quick Send-a-Post Feature - Adweek
The quick send-a-post feature is similar to the app's quick reblog feature, which allows users to hold down the reblog button on a post and ...
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73 How to add tags to Tumblr post/reblog - Katalon Community
Hi. I try to automate adding posts in tumblr queue, but I faced a problem. I can't add tags to the p…
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74 TUMBLR 101: HOW TAGS WORK! (May 2017) Tags vs....
If you wish to reply to a post reblogged by us, you can reblog it yourself or ask the original ... The first 5 tags are your best bet!
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75 WordPress vs Tumblr: Comparing Two of the Most Popular ...
And how too reblog and become a part of the community. But the actual act of doing so is easy to do. WordPress vs Tumblr: Customization.
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76 Tumblr launches the Reblog Book Club; first title
I'm humbly suggesting that Tumblr might be the best way to do it. You can use text as short or longform as you want, art, gifs, videos, ...
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77 How to Pin Something from Pinterest to Tumblr - Lifewire
If you just want to post all your pins from Pinterest to your Tumblr blog, there's an easy way to automate that process with a handy online ...
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78 Tumblr keyboard shortcuts - defkey
Posting (Windows) (20 shortcuts) ; 0. Alt + R · Fast reblog a post (Use with J and K keys) ; 0. Alt + E · Add a post to queue (Use with J and K keys).
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79 The Most Critical Differences Between Tumblr & WordPress
You won't even have to purchase and register a custom domain name if don't want to. This makes it easy to set up a site and start publishing ...
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80 A Note on Reblogging (Your Own Fic/Art/Stuff/Etc.)
Look, here's the deal with tumblr: it moves fast. A lot of people follow enough blogs that scrolling through one's entire dash is impossible ...
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81 The Most Popular Tumblr Post Of All Time - Forbes
To understand what is happening here, you have to understand a bit about how Tumblr works. A post picks up a note when it is either liked or ...
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82 Everything You Need To Know About Getting Back Into Tumblr
The easiest way to think of Tumblr is a very sophisticated RSS reader. ... If I were to reblog that post, Tumblr would give me the option to ...
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83 Reblog yourself on Tumblr - Valuable Tech Notes
Reblogging lets you quickly share things you find on Tumblr. Clicking the Reblog button next to any post will create a copy on your blog, and give you a chance ...
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84 The 14 Best Tumblr Alternatives - MarketSplash
This post goes over how Tumblr works and features a list of the best alternatives out there. Social media platforms and blogging have taken off ...
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85 How to Hide the Reblog Credit on Tumblr - MacGateway
Tumblr gives you the ability to “reblog” posts that you find on other blogs by clicking a button. When you reblog content, it appears on your ...
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86 Re: Broken Reblog + Like Buttons - Google Groups
The standard code can be found in Tumblr's theme doc. ... Is there an easy way to fix and reintroduce this code?
→ Check Latest Keyword Rankings ←
So right now I have a bunch of asks looking for a tutorial on how to fix the most recent update. I'm going to talk you through a quick fix, with ...
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88 What Tumblr Is and How To Use It: A Practical Guide
Tumblr makes it easy to Reblog posts, while adding your own commentary, or not. Users can also Like a post. Though there is a way to leave ...
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89 Reblog this at your own legal risk - Los Angeles Times
Originally, a Tumblr reblog would re-create the original package in its ... And Twitter implemented a way to instantly repost messages with ...
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90 11 killer tips for a successful Tumblr blog - Creative Bloq
I was looking for a quick and effortless way to collect together ... Tumblr will alert you when people like and reblog your content within ...
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91 Advertising on Tumblr: A Quick Guide for Marketers
Continue reading to find out how you can best advertise on Tumblr to ... Pay attention to what they're posting and reblogging for an idea of ...
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92 Reblogging is Back! -
Reblogging is a quick way to share posts published by other users on your own blog. People have been reblogging others' posts ...
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93 Shy Themes — Text like and reblog buttons - Tumblr
Text like and reblog buttons In a previous tutorial, I demonstrated how to make like and reblog buttons as SVG icons.
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94 Tumblr Graphics: Design Awesome Graphics For Your Blog
› create › tumblr-graphics
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95 V o r a c i o u s — Adding a “Keep Reading” Break to a Reblog
We also know that the way that tumblr uses to indicate the hierarchy of responses is by a succession of indentations. Here is the reblog ...
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96 How To AVOID Getting Reblogged - Planet Botch
It's very quick, it's very easy, and maintaining high quality is ... Within the Tumblr community, reblogging is generally (but not ...
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97 This Post Cannot Be Reblogged on Tumblr | Solution
Method 3. If somehow you cannot see the reblog button or the button doesn't work then there is also a shortcut to reblog. For that ...
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