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1 Fanfic: Naruto: Rinnegan Chronicles Ch 1, Naruto | FanFiction
Naruto asked frantically as tears were falling down his face. "Your have the Rinnegan," Jiraiya gulped. "He has the what?!
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2 輪廻眼 ナルト: Rinnegan Naruto! - FanFiction
Naruto leaves for training for four years, he unlocks the Rinnegan and strives to become Hokage, on his way back he comes across the Kakuzu and Hidan battle ...
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3 Fanfic: Naruto: Jinchuriki of the Six Paths Ch 1 ... - FanFiction
The Rinnegan is my favorite bloodline for Naruto to have. I'll do my best not to make him overpowered. Right now, I haven't decided on the ...
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4 Fanfic: The Rinnegan: Gods Eyes Ch 1, Naruto | FanFiction
Naruto's eyes had been barely able to keep up with what was happening, all he knew was that Tsunade had now stopped her fist mere inches away ...
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5 Fanfic: Tales of the Rinnegan Ch 1, Naruto - FanFiction
› Tales-of-the-Rinnegan
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6 Fanfic: Naruto: Wielder of the Rinnegan Ch 1 ... - FanFiction
This will be a rinnegan Naruto story with the pairing as Naruto x Hinata x Ino. He will start out with the ... You unlocked your sharingan.
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7 Fanfic: A Different Scroll Ch 5, Naruto - FanFiction
"Naruto," the Hokage began, and sat behind his desk. "Please give us the most detailed report you can of how you unlocked the Rinnegan, and what ...
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8 Rinnegan Naruto + Bloodline Naruto | FanFiction
What if during the month before the finals of the Chunin Exams, Naruto unlocked a powerful bloodline? Watch as Naruto becomes one of the greatest ninjas of ...
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9 Fanfic: The Demon's Blessing Ch 1, Naruto | FanFiction
In this story, Naruto awakens his bloodline, the Rinnegan, granted by Kyuubi at the age of 6 after being assaulted by a mob of ninja.
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10 Fanfic: The True Rinnegan Ch 1, Naruto - FanFiction
The Sage Past his Rinnegan on to naruto? The true Rinnegan with the abillaties of the Sharingan and Rinnegan. Along with a few extre gifts.
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11 Fanfic: Chronicles of My Shinobi's Way Ch 2, Naruto - FanFiction
Chapter-2: The Legendary Rinnegan Awakens. "Orochimaru, long time no see," said Kisame having a maniacal grin on his face. "Kisame?
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12 Six Path Naruto, Rinne'gan Naruto All 9 Sealed ... - FanFiction
What if Naruto is somehow given the power to unlock the Rinnegan? Read on to find out...First Fanfic. Strong/Smart Naruto, AU, Disclaimer: I do not own ...
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13 Power of a God Ch 3, Naruto | FanFiction
"Yes Naruto you seem to have unlocked the Rinnegan the Eyes of the Rikudou Sennin." Hiashi and Iruka froze to hear that.
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14 Fanfic: Through the Eyes of a God Ch 1, Naruto | FanFiction
He immediately lifted his headband and opened his Sharingan eye to examine what appeared to be a Rinnegan eye. He channeled chakra into it and ...
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15 Fanfic: The True Wielder Of The RinneSharingan Ch 1, Naruto
Summary: What if Naruto grew up with a parent instead of being an orphan. ... You have unlocked the Sharingan and the Rinnegan.
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16 Rinnegan Chronicles Ch 30, Naruto - FanFiction
› Naruto-Rinnegan-Chronicles
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17 Rinnegan Naruto : r/NarutoFanfiction - Reddit
(An attempt at a better Rinnegan!Naruto fic. Canon up until the Pein arc.) Site: [][139974024652224:site] | ...
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18 Rinnegan Stories - Wattpad
Quick Summary Kusho is the youngest brother of Hamura & Hagoromo, He has the knowledge of the Naruto series/Manga & Boruto series/Manga. As well as a Gamer ...
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19 Fanfic / A Different Scroll - TV Tropes
"Ten-year-old Hinata works up the courage to talk to Naruto, and ends up ... Locked into Strangeness: When Naruto unlocks his Rinnegan, he uses Rinne Tensei ...
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20 Rebirth with the Rinnegan(Naruto Fanfiction) Chapter 1
Read Rebirth with the Rinnegan(Naruto Fanfiction) chapter 1 - CHAPTER 1(New world) on Webnovel. Rebirth with the Rinnegan(Naruto Fanfiction) novel written ...
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21 KamiOfKamis -
Will she be able to unlock her chakra and find the love and acceptance that she always wanted?Godlike,Neglected,Sharingan,Wood,Rinnegan Naruto,Alive Minato, ...
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22 After Sasuke Death !!! Naruto Activated Rinnegan and Unlock ...
All Shinobi
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23 What could change in the Naruto plot if Naruto is female? I ...
Just that Naruto fanfiction is far more prevalent than other ones. It could be spelling, grammar, paragraphing/word walls, and turning Naruto into a Gary Stu or ...
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24 Chakra Chains - Archive of Our Own
The council wants Naruto Uzumaki to be turned back into a civilian, but they also want the nineteen year old Kakashi Hatake to have children.
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25 Naruto awakens a bloodline in the forest of death fanfiction
Summary: What if Naruto unlocked a bloodline after his fight with Orochimaru. ... he awakens the Rinnegan. orochimaru is naruto's mother fanfiction.
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26 Naruto Sonic Bloodline Fanfiction - Miecadeau
In this story, Naruto awakens his bloodline , the Rinnegan, ... naruto was getting beaten up,but during the process unlocks his clans age old bloodline.
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27 Naruto Rinnegan Highschool Dxd Fanfiction
Naruto Rinnegan Highschool Dxd FanfictionEsta es mi teoría de que pasaría si Sasuke fuera al mundo de High School DxDEspero que les guste esto lo hago sin ...
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28 Naruto awakens a bloodline in the forest of death fanfiction
Rinnegan Naruto + Bloodline Naruto FanFiction. But what happens, when a year before his ... Unlock new worldsNaruto- Bloodlines Awakened Chapter 3: 3.
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29 Boruto Uzumaki | Narutopedia - Fandom
On the day that Naruto was to be inaugurated as the Seventh Hokage, Himawari wanted to bring her panda toy to the ceremony, but Boruto, fearing that he would ...
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30 Naruko raised by orochimaru fanfiction - Timo´s Homepage
Orochimaru gets naruto pregnant fanfiction. ... Rinnegan naruto neglected by family fanfiction Rinnegan naruto neglected by family Naruto lifeless eyes ...
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31 God naruto neglected by family fanfiction -
A young god's awakening. in the fanfiction naruto gets in a fight with his family ... Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze Rinnegan naruto neglected by family fanfiction ...
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32 Naruto trained by jiraiya before academy fanfiction
1 day ago · Naruto gets banished and becomes powerful fanfic. ... Naruto betrayed dxd fanfiction Konoha-Opening Sign In To Rinnegan Chapter 58 Naruto ...
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33 Naruto loses his humanity fanfiction. Butterfly effect nothing
Read The Unknown Goddess A Naruto Fanfic Archer Phoenix Webnovel Ongoing First ... and unlock the secrets of the Village of Shadows, or all is lost.
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34 How To Fix F1 2017 Errors Crashes Black Screen ... -
Ric Flair gets brutally honest about CM Punk s media scrum tirade discloses The Elite s ... Naruto without Kurama vs Sasuke without Rinnegan Who would win ...
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35 Why these Cruise prototype cars now drive around S F at night ...
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