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1 Signs Someone Isn't Supportive of Your Chronic Illness
Here are the different types of friends and family you may encounter if you live with a chronic illness, and what their remarks and actions ...
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2 When friends abandon you during illness - URevolution
Chronic illness and friendships can be difficult partners- an open letter to all my friends that abandoned me during my illness.
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3 How to Support a Friend Who Has a Chronic Illness - AgingCare
If you have a friend who is chronically ill, it's important to understand that their health is just one factor in your relationship.
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4 Friendship and Chronic Illness - Standing Up To POTS
Kids and teens only assume serious health problems come in the form of cancer unless they live with or around people who have other illnesses.
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5 Chronic Illness & Friendship: 10 Things You Need to Know
The main ways chronic illness affects friendships and exactly what you need to know about learning to cope with loss and change.
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6 Finding Friends In The Chronic Illness Community - Care+Wear
Tips For Finding Friends: · Look for support groups both local and online · Join Facebook groups (search the name of the condition you're looking ...
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7 How to help a friend or loved one suffering from a chronic illness
But it doesn't have to be that way. Research has shown us that family and friends can play a huge role in helping patients deal with a chronic illness. When a ...
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8 Maintaining Relationships While Living With A Chronic Illness
The demands imposed on friends and families following a chronic diagnosis led to many intense and long-lasting feelings—exhaustion, fear, guilt, ...
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9 I Lost Friends Due to My Chronic Illness
A patient describes how she lost friends due to her chronic illness, ankylosing spondylitis, and how hurtful it has been.
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10 Tissue Issues: My Chronically Ill Friend Keeps Canceling and I ...
Does it make you a bad friend if your chronically ill friend keeps ... disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) and other chronic illness woes.
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11 Frustrated With a Friend's Chronic Illness? These Tips Can Help
Rear view photo of two friends sitting together on beach at sunset Do you have a friend who is diagnosed with a chronic illness?
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12 How to Deal With Friends That Don't Understand Your Chronic ...
When you start developing symptoms of a chronic illness or you get diagnosed, you would hope that your friends would have your back.
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13 7 Ways to Make New Friends When You're Chronically Ill
7 Ways to Make New Friends When You're Chronically Ill · 1. Expand and strengthen your existing network · 2. Be social on social media · 3. Connect ...
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14 Chronic Illness: When Family & Friends Don't Understand ...
One of the hardest obstacles to overcome when you have a medical condition is the difficulty of family and friend understanding your health.
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15 Managing Friendships And Chronic Illness - YouTube
When you are chronically ill, it can be hard to manage existing ... to share your friendship stories since becoming chronically ill in the ...
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16 Friendship for those living with chronic illnesses
› relationships
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17 I Got Chronically Ill At 19, And All My Friends Abandoned Me
23 year old reveals struggles of chronic illness while going to college. ... While those friends checked in when my ulcerative colitis began ...
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18 Why Friendships Can Be Difficult With a Chronic Illness - Yahoo
Friendships for people with severe forms of chronic illness are not always easy. Our friends may find it hard to understand that we are too ill ...
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19 Exploring the social self of adolescents with chronic pain - NCBI
In addition to these questions, the healthy adolescents were also asked the following question: 'If you or your close friend had a chronic illness, ...
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20 6 Tips for Talking to Family and Friends about Your Chronic ...
And oftentimes chronic conditions, such as autoimmune diseases are “invisible”. You might worry that people won't believe you or think it's ...
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21 When You Lose a Friend Due to Chronic Illness - The Mighty
A woman describes how she lost a friendship due to her chronic illness ... I had heard of people losing friends over their chronic illnesses ...
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22 Sharing the Care: The Role of Family in Chronic Illness
Can family and friends provide the extra support for care that these patients need? Many patients and health care providers feel family members have been.
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23 How to Support a Friend With a Chronic Illness | SELF
How to Support a Friend Who's Just Been Diagnosed With a Chronic Illness. Navigating these waters can be intimidating, but it's so worth it.
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24 9 Tips for Having a Social Life with a Chronic Illness
Setting expectations is one of the best things you can do for a friendship, chronic illness or not. If you think there's a chance of needing ...
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25 Dear Fuck-Up: I don't think my friend's chronic illness is real
Especially since I give the same kind of support and attention to my friends and family whose chronic illnesses are, well, real. Sincerely,
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26 I'm Not The Friend I Used To Be. Friendship ... - Medium
And I know that this isn't just a chronic illness problem, because I know that work and family and even self-care can make friendships much ...
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27 What Real Friendship Looks Like When You're Chronically Ill
The best friends you can have when you're dealing with a health condition are the ones who can support you where you are.
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28 Texts To Fill Up the Heart of a Friend With Chronic Illness
As the “friend with chronic illness”, I know I've struggled mightily with communication in my relationships since my health circumstances changed.
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29 How My Chronic Illness Showed Me Who My Real Friends Are
For a year-and-a-half, I've been living with chronic Lyme disease, and each day brings its own stew of symptoms, ranging from the inconvenient ...
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30 Making Friends with Pain: Learning to Live Well with Chronic ...
Making Friends with Pain: Learning to Live Well with Chronic Illness [Elizabeth Flora Ross] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
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31 Documentaries About Chronic Illness to Watch With Friends
Friends and family constantly asking you about your chronic condition? Kick back and let these health documentaries do most of the talking.
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32 Living with a Chronic Illness Can Be Isolating — These Tips ...
I stopped reaching out to friends as much as I normally would, and at first, I didn't understand why. Over the years and through countless ...
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33 12 things your chronically ill friend wants you to know about ...
Here are some helpful hints for how friends of people with chronic illness can assist in maintaining friendships, while still doing things ...
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34 Helping a Friend With a Chronic Illness - We R Native
A chronic illness is a medical condition that will last a long time or may even be permanent. There are lots of different illnesses that can be classified ...
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35 Chronic Illness: Sources of Stress, How to Cope
Chronic illness not only has disease-specific symptoms but may also cause pain, ... you may withdraw from friends and social activities.
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36 Where Did Everyone Go? Coping with the Loss of Friendships ...
And, for a patient with chronic illness, this type of relationship unraveling tends to play itself out repeatedly, as one friend after another gradually ...
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37 Chronic Illness on The Mighty - Facebook
What is something you could do or say if you notice a friendship fading due to illness? Your response may be used in a post or video on The Mighty.
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38 Four Ways to Support a Friend with Chronic Illness - QENDO
Of course every friendship is different and what works for some friends, might not work for others. 1. Be Flexible. Living with a chronic ...
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39 The Friend Who Didn't Tell Me About Their Chronic Illness
Share Tweet + 1 Mail By Melissa Lovitz for the RSDSA blog. Dear Friend, I think you didn't tell me about your chronic illness ...
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40 Help or Hindrance? How Family and Friends Influence ...
We contribute to knowledge about older adults with chronic illnesses by identifying positive and negative influences of family and friends on ...
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41 Fluffy Friends for Children with Chronic Conditions
Striving to lessen the negative effects of lifelong illness on chronically-ill patients, such as medical PTSD, through physician-patient trust. We believe in ...
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42 10 Things to say to someone with a chronic illness
... say to someone with a chronic illness. By Gay Falkowski. As a person living with MS, you've likely got a long list of things that well-meaning friends ...
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43 The Role of Family & Friends in Chronic Illness: An IDF Forum ...
› video › role-family-friends-...
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44 Impact of chronic pain on friends and reaction of others
It can be hard for friends to know how to behave with someone with chronic pain - should they ask about the pain? Some people noted that over time friends ...
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45 Friendships Through Chronic Illness | SecuriCare
My friends have really shaped me into the person I am today because I spent so much of my life in hospital that I hardly ever got to just be a ...
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46 Caregiving for Family and Friends — A Public Health Issue
What percentage of caregivers have two or more chronic diseases or disability? What percentage of caregivers reported having coronary heart disease ...
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47 The Challenges of Dating With Chronic Illness
Eventually, she decided against that, instead choosing to share them with disabled friends who have had similar interactions. While there isn't ...
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48 How to Thrive with Invisible Chronic Illness - Joni and Friends
Subscribe to the Joni and Friends Ministry Podcast. “I used to say to God, 'Why me? ... Are You Facing a Chronic Illness or Disability?
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49 Friendship and Chronic Illness - MIGA Swimwear
Friendship and Chronic Illness · By: Lydia Andrew · I used to think I had lots of friends. · Given all of this, I really appreciate the friends ...
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50 Tips for Dealing With Unsupportive Family Members and Friends
Statements and actions may stem more from a lack of understanding than from not caring. Offering information about your chronic pain or illness can be helpful.
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51 50 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend -
Ask, "Would you be willing to talk to a friend of mine who has recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness and offer her some encouragement?
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52 Five Ways To Support Your Chronically Ill Friend
Living with chronic illness can often feel lonely and isolating. Whether it is cancer, Lyme disease, Lupus or any number of the hundreds of ...
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53 Chronic Illness Often a Taboo Subject: Survey - ABC News
The reasons why many Americans are reluctant to offer advice to chronically-ill friends or family include: They think the person has the situation under ...
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54 chronic illness friends | TikTok Search
Discover short videos related to chronic illness friends on TikTok. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #chronicillnessfriends, ...
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55 Communicating with Friends and Family about Your Chronic ...
It can be difficult talking to your friends and loved ones about something as uncomfortable as chronic pain for a multitude of reasons.
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56 Supporting a friend with a chronic illness | Health Navigator NZ
If you have a friend or family member with a chronic illness, it can be hard to know the best way to show your support.
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57 Chronic illness - Better Health Channel
A chronic or long term illness means the person has to adjust to the ... Emotional support from others – particularly family and friends, this can be a ...
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58 How to Support a Friend with a Chronic Illness - The Everygirl
I connected with Chronister to find out how best to show up for a friend who has an incurable medical condition without having to overthink ...
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59 Friends forever? How to be a good friend to someone with a ...
Friends forever? How to be a good friend to someone with a chronic illness · 1. Learn about their condition · 2. Avoid giving advice · 3. Offer ...
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60 Why I Love Having Friends with the Same Condition
How having friends with low vision and Chiari Malformation has helped me ... My experiences with low vision and chronic illness have made my life much more ...
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61 Chronic Illness | Psychology Today
A chronic illness is a condition that endures for at least a year and ... an old friend or an outing to the park—can also deliver a boost to one's mood.
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62 Why Friends Disappear When Crisis Turns Chronic
It's a common experience: Something goes wrong in a family. A child is diagnosed with a chronic illness or a.
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63 5 Tips for Supporting Family or Friends With Chronic Illness
When a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic illness, it can be difficult to know how to best support them. You may feel powerless, ...
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64 The Importance of Having Friends Who Understand Your ...
I didn't find other “Cushies” or friends with other chronic illnesses and disabilities until after I received my diagnosis and was recovering ...
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65 100 Ways to Show Up for People with a Chronic Illness - VICE
Read up on different chronic illnesses, especially those affecting people close to you. Educating friends and family about your condition ...
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66 Chronic Illness Flares: 5 Helpful Tips for a Friend Who Is ...
Chronic illness flare ups are possibly the worst part of being chronically ill. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's hormones. Maybe it's stress.
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67 12 Things TO Say To Someone With A Chronic Illness - Lyfebulb
I'd love to understand it a bit better? It's hard to understand conditions you're not living through, ask your friend to send them an article ...
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68 I am losing friends because of chronic illness. What should I do?
Unfortunately, yes. · People with chronic illness get ignored and brushed off by not just doctors but friends, family, and even other “spoonies” (this word ...
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69 5 Reasons People Abandon a Sick Friend - Fashionably ill
It explains my MG journey. Going to forward to a few other partners in chronic illness. Keep on writing. Reply. WhovianGran. March 5 ...
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70 I Lost My Friends —But I Still Had My Relationship with My ...
I didn't have a "normal" adolescence after I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. But as friends receded, I always had my relationship with my parents.
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71 Psychological Complications of Chronic Illness
It is important for parents to make sure to take care of themselves as well as their child, to manage daily stress, and to seek help from family, friends, ...
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72 I Have A Chronic Illness, And It Makes It Hard To Maintain ...
I stayed where I was and struggled conceiving as well. The friends who had babies started forming friendships with other mothers and families ...
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73 Helping Friends with a Chronic Illness | The JOY FM!-we-don%E2%80%99t-talk-about-that-...-dealing-with-chronic-illness/
Here are some similar stories to read from others about being under 50 and chronically ill. After COVID-19 quarantine this year, it's easy for ...
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74 15 Ways to Help a Friend With a Chronic Illness this ...
When hosting a dinner party (or a get together) take the time to share with your chronically ill friend ahead of time the ingredients of all of your dishes.
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75 How to Be There for A Friend with Chronic Pain
Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain ... Your friend with chronic pain might not always be able to find a way to make your plans work.
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76 4 Ways to Keep Chronic Pain From Straining Your Friendships
"Chances are your family and friends will react to your pain in one of ... 10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone With a Chronic Illness— ...
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77 5 Things Not to Say to Someone With a Chronic Illness
“Many patients with chronic illness have shared that they appreciate that their friends and loved ones take interest in their health journey ...
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78 Mental Health Is Important When Living With A Chronic Illness
Chronic pain can cause you to lose sleep, miss events, miss seeing your friends, feel fatigued, and develop anxiety or depression. It's hard on ...
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79 The Importance of a Strong Support System When Chronically Ill
“A support system can include family, friends, relatives, neighbors, therapist, doctor, or support group.” Here are four reasons why it should be one of your ...
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80 Key Ways to Offer Support to a Friend with Chronic Illness
Key Ways to Offer Support to a Friend with Chronic Illness · 1. Check in regularly · 2. Schedule some hangouts · 3. Listen · 4. Invite them out · 5.
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81 I'm a Doctor Who Has Personally Experienced Chronic Illness ...
I want to spread awareness so that friends, family, employers, coworkers, and healthcare professionals can better understand chronic illness ...
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82 Invisible Illness — What You Can't See Does Hurt Her
Millions of individuals with chronic illnesses bear the extra burden of family, friends, coworkers, and even healthcare professionals who don't believe ...
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83 How to support a loved one with a chronic illness - Hero Health
Learning that a loved one has a chronic illness can be heartbreaking. You may feel helpless as you watch your friend or family member struggle, unsure how ...
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84 Providing support to relatives and friends managing both ...
To describe how comorbid depression in chronically ill adults affects the willingness of their family and friends to provide them with illness management ...
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85 my best friend is chronically ill and i don't want to be ... - Reddit
She tried. Friend wouldn't let her. How would you like to have a chronic illness that's not your fault and have your friends ditch you?
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86 Coping with Chronic Illness - Children's Health Orange County
Many children are frightened and confused when a friend has a chronic illness. As a parent, you can help keep your child's friends strong by reassuring them ( ...
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87 6 ways to handle chronic illness burnout - Optum Perks
Living with a chronic illness can leave you feeling exhausted and burned out. Here's how to take a step ... Even if it's just a handful of close friends.
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88 HELP! I Love Someone With a Chronic Illness - What Can I Do?
If you've ever had a friend or loved one diagnosed with a chronic illness, then you've probably wondered what to do and how to help.
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I had family members who told me I was faking my symptoms. People at work disrespected my request to keep my illness private. And friends didn't ...
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90 How To Be A Chronic Illness Ally | MedTruth
Listening to podcasts, reading discourse, sharing art by disabled artists, and taking the time to research about your friends' chronic illnesses ...
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91 10 Ways to Keep Your Disabled / Chronically Ill Friends Safer ...
I asked loads of disabled, chronically ill, and immunocompromised queers what their friends, family, and event planners can do to help them ...
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92 3 Ways To Be Covid Considerate With Disabled And ... - Forbes
By and large disability and chronic illness advocates aren't looking ... masks in public indoor spaces and around friends and family who are ...
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93 Does Living With Chronic Illness Make It Difficult to Maintain ...
I have my CF Friends (some of the people I value most in my life), as I've said before, but living outside the disease is also incredibly ...
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94 Friend Exodus: Why Losing Friends to Chronic Illness is So ...
Losing friends due to chronic illness is common and painful while in the throes of adjusting to new limits, isolation, and fear.
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95 Living with a chronic illness - reaching out to others
A chronic illness is a long-term health condition that may not have a cure. Examples of chronic illnesses are:
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