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1 A review of the causes of poor fertility in high milk producing ...
What are the reasons for high fertilisation failure observed in high producing dairy cows? Factors such as heat stress, oocyte quality and sperm characteristics ...
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2 Trouble-shooting Infertility Problems in Cattle
› trouble-shooting-infertility-p...
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3 Genomics & Dairy Cow Fertility | Veterinary Medicine Extension
Our research hypothesis is that lactating cow fertility can be increased through genetic selection for maternal fertility in heifers and use of sires with high ...
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4 Reproductive management in dairy cows - the future
Components of reduced fertility in modern dairy cows include delayed resumption of normal ovarian cyclicity [16,17,18], uterine health [17 ...
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5 Improving Dairy Cow Fertility | Zoetis US
Optimize Cow Fertility With Fixed-time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) ... Research shows maintaining a high fertility cycle in the dairy herd supports maintaining ...
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6 Farmer and Veterinary Practices and Opinions Related to ...
Moreover, infertility is the top reason for involuntary culling in dairy farms (2). Adding losses due to cows culled from failure to conceive (£ ...
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7 Managing Dairy Cattle for Fertility -
Darwash et al. (1997) defined fertility in dairy cows as follows: 'the ability of the animal to conceive and maintain pregnancy if served at the appropriate ...
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cows, endometritis and other forms of infertility was studied in 2·83 ... various environmental factors on the fertility of dairy cows was.
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9 Fertility in dairy cows - AHDB
Fertility is one of the major factors affecting the efficiency of any dairy herd. It can account for one of the major costs of production and also ...
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10 How to improve dairy cow fertility through nutrition - Megalac
How to improve dairy cow fertility through nutrition · Improved milk yields, decreased fertility · The danger of negative energy balance · Make ...
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11 Reproductive Loss in High-Producing Dairy Cattle
Conception rate and ovarian function fob lowing oestrus control by progesterone in- jections in dairy cattle. J. Animal Sci.,. 14 : 739. (45) Wheatley, I. S., ...
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12 Fertility in dairy cows and ways to improve it - SciELO
The fertility of dairy cows affects the genetic improvement and financial sustainability of a dairy herd. Cows calve down to start a new milk production phase, ...
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13 The Infertility of Repeat-Breeder Cows During Summer Is ...,%201-10/2434451
Oocyte quality is known to be a major cause of infertility in repeat-breeder (RB) and heat-stressed dairy cows. However, the mechanisms by which RB oocytes ...
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14 Influences of nutrition and metabolism on fertility of dairy cows
Keywords: dairy cow, embryo, metabolism, reproduction. Introduction. Reproductive efficiency of the lactating herd is a major component of ...
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15 Declining fertility in dairy cattle: changes in traditional and ...
by MD Royal · 2000 · Cited by 814 —
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16 Disease Incidence Affects Fertility in Dairy Cows
Cows with mastitis, retained placenta, metritis, respiratory, or digestive diseases have reduced fertility. Decreases in fertility are seen regardless of ...
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17 Solutions to Infertility Caused by Heat Stress - DAIReXNET
Depressed reproductive function during heat stress is one of the most difficult problems to solve on the dairy. Cows exposed to heat stress ...
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18 Part 1 : What does poor fertility cost - NADIS
Highly productive farms tend to have good fertility; farms with poor fertility tend to be less productive. At the herd level, productivity is no excuse for poor ...
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19 Fertility in high-producingdairy cows: Reasonsfor decline and ...
the fertility of both lactating cows and heifers. Four primary components of infertility in dairy cows. Infertility in dairy cattle is multi-faceted and ...
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20 Infertility Problems in Dairy Herds - XLVets
Infertility issues within dairy herds can be subtle, complex and costly. Losses ... having the potential to improve herd fertility rates over time.
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21 The impact of stress and selected environmental factors on ...
In addition, there are many factors influencing the cows' fertility. Unsuitable nutrition, litter in a barn, as well as the stress experienced by cows can ...
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22 The effects of lactation on the fertility of dairy cows - 1996
International comparisons show that pasture-fed dairy cows may experience extended periods of anovulatory anoestrum but have normal fertility (60% pregnancy ...
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23 Using Hormones to Manage Dairy Cow Fertility - PLOS
In the face of a steady decline in dairy cow fertility over several decades, using hormones to assist reproduction has become common.
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24 Infertility and other reproductive disorders in dairy cattle - Shop
This collection features four peer-reviewed reviews on infertility and other reproductive disorders in dairy cattle. The first chapter discusses ...
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25 Feeding for fertility - Dairy
Transition management is key for allowing cows to return to normal cyclicity quickly after calving, and supplementing nutrients such as omega-3 ...
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26 Infertility and abortion in cows | Agriculture and Food
Infertility is when cows do not become pregnant (as a result of bull or cow health). Abortion is when a foetus dies during the pregnancy, before ...
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The most common cause of infertility in beef herds is poor cow nutrition. ... Neospora is a protozoal disease that is mainly reported in dairy cattle, ...
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28 Causes of Infertility in Cows - Iris Publishers
Diets with crude protein content of 17 to 19% may cause decreased fertility; Cows fed this way have high concentrations of urea and ammonia in ...
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29 Non-Infectious Causes of Infertility in Dairy Cows: A Review
Although infectious agents affect fertility, many non-infectious factors cause infertility in dairy cows. Thus, major non-infectious causes of ...
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30 Infertility in cattle - University College Dublin
For example only about. 25% of humans and 35% of dairy cows produce live offspring after each insemination, natural or artificial. In cattle, infertility has a ...
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31 Fertility in dairy cows and ways to improve it
The fertility of dairy cows affects the genetic improvement and financial sustainability of dairy herds. Fertility is a complex trait that ...
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32 The Consequence of Postpartum Uterine Disease on Dairy ...
Uterine disease increases infertility in the dairy cow (Ribeiro et al. 2016). Cows with endometritis take longer to become pregnant compared to healthy cows ...
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33 Nutritional Causes of Infertility in Dairy Cows - CORE
infertility in dairy cattle, however, often more than one nutrient may be involved or other non- ... fertility in apparently normal, cycling dairy cows.2.
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34 Genome has good indicator for fertility - Progressive Dairy
Infertility of lactating dairy cows represents a major challenge for dairy production. Reduced reproductive performance has been associated with declines in ...
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35 Getting Problem Cows Pregnant | MU Extension
An average interval of 70 days from calving to first breeding and a high fertility rate are important to maximize efficiency in dairy herds.
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36 Dairy fertility | Department of Agriculture, Environment ... - Daera
Infertility has been identified as the number one problem on dairy farms and is estimated to cost dairy farmers in Northern Ireland approximately £50 ...
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37 Decreased fertility with increasing parity in lactating dairy cows
Decreased fertility with increasing parity in lactating dairy cows. Can. J. Anim. Sci. 88: 425Б428. The relationships of parity and progesterone (P4).
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38 Reproductive potential in female cattle discarded as infertile
18 of the 38 cows had normal embryos after being kept with a bull for 39 days. In a study of 41 animals which had been discarded as infertile from 6 dairy ...
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39 The Often-Forgotten Role of Minerals in Dairy Cattle Fertility
These trials support the role of manganese, zinc, and copper in boosting fertility in lactating dairy cattle. Supplementing with MINTREX® trace minerals ...
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40 Causes, prevention and management of infertility in dairy cows
› chapters › edit › causes...
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41 Therapeutic management of infertility in cattle: Combination ...
Cattle suffer to a large extent from the postpartum reproductive disorders which cause great economic losses to the dairy farmers. This is due to lack of ...
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42 Milk Production and Fertility in Cattle - Annual Reviews
Extended intervals to first postpartum ovulation are normal even in healthy, well-fed beef cattle because of the suckling effect (13). Approximately one-half of ...
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43 Fertility and the transition dairy cow - CSIRO Publishing
In this paper we integrate recent research findings with previous knowledge of the interaction between transition cow metabolism and nutrition ...
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44 Low fertility in dairy cows | PROLIFIC Project | Results in brief
Researchers have shed more light on the looming crisis of low fertility in the dairy cow industry using genetic assessments of fertility.
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45 USDA Awards UToledo $500000 for Fertility Research to ...
Every time a dairy cow is bred and fails to become pregnant, a farmer loses a month of profits on the cow's milk. If it grows to two months, ...
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46 Infertility in dairy cows – Possible bacterial and viral causes
samples were collected from 40 infertile dairy cows kept at five dairy cattle farms in Hungary. ... Key words: Bovine infertility; Dairy cow;.
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47 The Value of Improving Fertility - Phibro Animal Health
Recent areas of increasing interest are superovulation and embryo transfer in cattle. These techniques are gaining popularity among dairy producers to achieve ...
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48 Effects of nutrition on fertility in dairy cows
Reduced fertility is particularly obvious in cows where milk yields are above 6000 L per lactation (27, 39), and in cows fed in excess during the previous dry ...
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49 Inducing Ovulation with hCG Improves Fertility Outcomes of ...
Twin pregnancies are undesirable in dairy cattle as they dramatically compromise cow lifespan and, consequently, herd economy. Clinical problems in cows ...
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50 Effects of excess dietary protein on fertility in the beef herd
It has been well documented that a negative relationship exists between blood, plasma, or milk urea nitrogen and fertility in dairy cattle, with increased ...
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51 Developments in dairy cow fertility research.
This compares with conception rates of 55% in the early 1980's. Table 1. Range in fertility performance across 19 Northern Ireland dairy herds recorded between ...
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52 Coxiella burnetii in Infertile Dairy Cattle With Chronic ...
Infection apparently persists indefinitely in sheep and cattle, and bacteria are shed at parturition and via milk. ... In cattle, Coxiella ...
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53 Managemental And Environmental Causes of Infertility
The livestock business suffers greatly from infertility in farm animals. ... 50% of modern dairy cows have aberrant post-partum oestrous.
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54 Walsh_et_al._2011.pdf
Cow. Fertility. Infection. Oestrus. Embryo. Pregnancy. a b s t r a c t. Fertility in dairy cows has declined over the past five decades as milk production ...
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55 Guidelines-for-female-fertility-in-dairy-cattle.pdf - | ICAR
In the dairy industry, female fertility refers to the ability of a cow to conceive and maintain pregnancy within a specific time period; where the preferred ...
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56 Non-Infectious Causes of Infertility in Dairy Cows: A ... -
Abstract: Infertility has been linked to numerous factors in higher producing dairy cattle. Although infectious agents affect fertility, many non-infectious ...
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57 Strategies for increasing fertility in high productivity dairy herds
Pregnancy success is low in lactating dairy cows. Reduced fertility of the dairy female is only expressed in the lactational state but the magnitude of ...
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Infertility in dairy cows under intensive productive systems is a growing problem and is one of the main causes of culling.
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59 Risk factors limiting first service conception rate in dairy cows ...
Cows with peri- or postpartum disorders were less likely to conceive (OR = 0.55, p<0.001) than cows without disorders. Survival curves generated ...
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60 Crossbreeding of Holstein cows improves fertility without ...
Since 1960, Holstein dairy cows have exhibited a substantial decline in fertility, with serious economic consequences for farmers.
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61 importance of immune function for optimal reproduction of dairy
One of the most widely-discussed issues regarding reproductive management of dairy cows is the historic decline in fertility for lactating cows that began ...
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62 Fertility in dairy cattle: a review - HuVetA
Szent Istvan University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Department and Clinic of Reproduction. Fertility in dairy cattle: a review. William Shortle.
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63 Dairy Farmers | Zoetis UK
The fertility product portfolio from Zoetis offers a combination of products to provide control of the cows' oestrus cycle, treatment regimes ...
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64 Infertility in farm animals - Vikaspedia
Ovarian Atrophy : Ovarian atrophy is caused from nutritional problems and is most often seen in dairy cows with high production. Mummy : A mummy in the uterus ...
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65 A Practice Approach To The Infertile Cow
The following causes may play a role in the infertile cow: l. embryonic death. APRIL, 1980 ... insemination and conception rates in dairy cows. PhD thesis.
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66 Improving the Reproductive Management of Dairy Cattle ...
improving the reproductive management and fertility of smallholder dairy cattle subjected to. AI. This project was subsequently extended for 2001–2002 with ...
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67 Fertility in the face of stress in dairy cattle - MAG Online Library
To understand the effect of stress on fertility in the dairy cow, the normal reproductive cycle of a dairy cow must first be understood.
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68 An Overview on Functional Causes ... - Longdom Publishing SL
An Overview on Functional Causes of Infertility in Cows.
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69 5 ways you are creating infertile cows - ABS Global
Another genetic approach to enhanced fertility is crossbreeding. Dairy producers need to ask themselves if the reason for not crossbreeding is a ...
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70 Supplementation of ascorbic acid to improve fertility in dairy ...
The economic gains of a dairy farm increase as cattle reproductive efficiency improves. However, the historical decline in fertility of Holstein dairy cows ...
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71 Dairy Cattle Fertility by Hoard's Dairyman - Issuu
While dairy heifers usually have greater fertility than lactating cows, the incidence of true sterility, however, is likely greater in heifers ...
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72 Uterine inflammation affects the reproductive performance of ...
Uterine disease make it harder for cows to get pregnant because it affects the establishment and maintenance of pregnancy, being another cause for infertility, ...
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73 Genome-wide Association Studies for Female Fertility Traits in ...
Poor female fertility has become a serious worldwide problem in modern dairy cattle industry, due to its unfavorable genetic correlations ...
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74 Fertility in Gyr Cows (Bos indicus) with Fixed Time Artificial ...
Results showed an overall 41.94% FSF and a significant association was detected ( ) between FSF and daily milk yield; pregnancy rates were 42.20% and 41.67% for ...
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75 Ovarian Disorders Treatment in Dairy Cows with Infertility
It is established that cows that remain infertile within a year, have their milk yield reduced by 30-50% and sometimes by 70%. In such ...
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76 Poor Reproductive Performance in Dairy Cows - Alltech
It is very important to ensure that cows have an optimal immune status during early lactation in order to maximize fertility. Some cows will have a higher risk ...
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77 02 Infertility in Dairy Cattle - Research at the RVC
Hear what Professors Claire Wathes and Martin Sheldon are doing to solve the dilemma of infertility in high yielding dairy cows.
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Fertility of lactating dairy cattle has declined throughout much of the world in the last fifty years or so although accompanied by large ...
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79 4 steps to improve dairy cow fertility through feeding
Possible causes of fertility problems in dairy cows · Beta-carotene deficiency · Feeding deficiencies · Follicle quality.
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80 An Overview on Functional Causes of Infertility in Cows
References · A review of the causes of poor fertility in high milk producing dairy cows · An update on cystic ovarian degeneration in cattle.
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81 Cause of infertility in cattle found - University of Illinois Extension
FOLLOWING on the discovery of a genetic mutation in certain breeds of dairy cattle that links high milk production to infertility ...
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82 Cow Infertility - Information and Expert Advice
Decreased fertility can be caused by a number of issues from genetics, the age of the cow/bull, infections and nutrition. Certain aspects are unavoidable ...
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83 Nutrition and fertility - W.E. Jameson & Son
Fertility for the high genetic merit dairy cow is declining. For every 100 dairy cows inseminated for the first time, only approx 34 are expected to.
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84 Causes, prevention and management ... - BDS Chapters Online
Chapter synopsis: Reproduction and fertility are central components to successful dairy enterprises, and an appropriate management and understanding of the ...
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85 Tips on feeding and cow comfort to improve fertility
1. Focus on intake from eight weeks before to three weeks after calving · 2. Turn her around quickly after calving · 3. Ensure cows are not ...
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86 Dairy Cow Fertility through Genetics - Engormix
The reasons for the decline in fertility are complex and not completely understood. Inbreeding, lack of selection for reproduction, stress of ...
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87 Fertility BV Animal Model - DairyNZ
High Fertility BV cows had over 30% higher 6-wk In-Calf rates.
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88 Causes of infertility / Cattle Reproduction / Reprodaction
Reproductive efficiency of dairy cows is a key factor in determining milk output and profitability. The reproductive target for optimum production in cows is to ...
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89 Practical Dairy Fertility
Calculated based on. Mean calving index (target <380 days, unit cost £2.50/day) &. Proportion of served cows not re-calving (target <8%, ...
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Possible factors affecting fertility in dairy cattle. ... important nutrient for dairy cows both before and after calving and.
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91 Economic Impact of Infertility in Crossbred Dairy Cows
infertility, economic impact, crossbred dairy cows; Khartoum State. ABSTRACT. The aim of the current work was to estimate the economic loss due to ...
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92 The Impact of Selection for High Milk Yield on the Health and ...
Table 1: Genetic correlations between milk production level (305-day milk yield, kg) and health, welfare and fertility traits in dairy cattle from two.
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