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1 Yellow Light of Death | Retro Consoles Wiki - Fandom
The Yellow Light of Death (often abbreviated as YLoD) is a common problem which affects all models of the PlayStation 3, moreso the original phat models and ...
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2 PS3 Repair: Play Station Yellow Light of Death
Like a canary in the coal mine, a flashing yellow on the PS3 gaming signals impending doom. The Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) is not the latest role playing ...
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3 What is the ylod - PlayStation 3 - iFixit
The YLOD is when the system is no longer functioning properly and displays a flashing yellow light on the power indicator.
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4 Yellow Light of Death Repair - iFixit Repair Guide
› Guide › Yellow+Light+of+Dea...
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5 What causes the YLOD? - PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs
The temperature difference between room temperature and maximum operating temperature throughout the years slowly destroys the console. It's thought that the ...
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6 How to Fix Ps3 YLOD Problem : 10 Steps - Instructables
The problem is identified as YLOD ( Yellow Led Of Death ) . The console does not start and remains in stand by, when you trying to start it you can see the LED ...
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7 iFixit Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit Compatible with ... iFixit Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit Compatible with PlayStation 3 : Video Games.
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8 ps3 ylod repair kit products for sale - eBay
Get the best deals on ps3 ylod repair kit when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ...
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9 Playstation 3 PS3 Yellow Light of Death YLOD Reflow repair
Playstation 3 YLOD - Reflow ... The most common cause for this fault is when the UNLEADED solder on under the CPU and RSX chip cracks, this is due to the solder ...
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10 7 Step Procedure To Fix PS3 Yellow Light of Death And PS3 ...
However, in a limited number of cases, the YLOD warning may be due to a faulty power supply preventing the console from properly booting up. To determine what ...
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11 Identify the cause of YLOD : r/PS3 - Reddit
There's been new developments in the search for identifying the cause of YLOD. Previously, its been believed that the cause was due to solder ...
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12 PS3 - Elimination Of All Causes Of YLOD on Fat Model
So i decided to get a fat model ps3, as fat models are prone to ylod so sooner or later my console will also get the ylod, ...
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13 YLOD Repair Guide
The YLOD repair consists of the full disassembly of the console down to the board level and uses a standard heat gun to "reflow" the solder joints to the CPU ...
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14 YLOD - What do PS3 owners use YLoD to mean? -
PlayStation 3 (PS3) owners use the acronym YLoD to refer to the Yellow Light of Death - a signal that the console has encountered a major system error.
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15 How to fix Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) PS3. FULL GUIDE
› guides › how-to-fix-yello...
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16 YLOD - Urban Dictionary
Yellow,Light,Of,Death The Yellow Light of Death is a way for your PS3 to tell you that it's crapped out on you, and you're going to have to send it back to Sony ...
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17 PS3 YLoD Motherboard Repair Guide, With Gilksy Videos
A yellow light that signifies a significant hardware failure, replacing the normal green power indicator on the ps3. Luckily for you, people have taken it upon ...
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18 PS3 YLOD fix - Playstation Yellow Light of Death repairs
The Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) occurs as a result of a design and manufacturing fault. Like Microsoft's Xbox 360 where the RROD was attributed to excessive ...
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19 Sony PS3 YLOD Yellow Light Repair
The Yellow Light Error, also know as the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death or Yellow Light of Doom) is a general hardware failure. It usually means that the PS3 ...
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20 Permanent Fix for PS3 YLOD - Tech Spirited
PS3 YLOD – Who's the Culprit? ... So why does the PS3 freeze mid-game or while attempting to start up? Why does it sometimes refuse to start altogether? What's ...
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21 How To Permanently Repair YLOD on Fat PS3 - PlayStation 3
› ... › PlayStation 3
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22 PS3 YELLOW LIGHT OF DEATH #playstation #ps3 ... - TikTok
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23 Getting An Engineers Report Sony Ps3 Ylod - UTSA Online
This is likewise one of the factors by obtaining the soft documents of this getting an engineers report sony ps3 ylod by online.
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24 PS3 slim YLOD RLOD fix - EEVblog
I found this slim PS3 CECHK04 model in recycling, it was turning on with a high speed fan and red light blinking. It was opened and missing the ...
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25 New PS3 YLOD fix | Obscure Gamers
The solder balls definitely failed. I put a number of 360 and PS3 boards through our X-Ray inspection machine at work and large numbers of the ...
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26 PlayStation 3, PS3 YLOD, Yellow Light Of Death Repairs
PS3 YLOD, Yellow Light Of Death Repairs Canterbury Even though the PS3 has been replaced by newer models, we still find it to be a popular system.
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27 PS3 Ylod fix - Yellow Light Of Death -
PS3 Ylod fix - Ps3 YLOD - Yellow Light Of Death ... Is your Ps3 flashing yellow? In Stock Now! ... Products in stock will be shipped out the same day or the day ...
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28 How To Repair A Ps3 That Has The Yellow Light Of Death ...
solder the defective chip with lead. the YLOD is mostly caused by over heating, so if you use anything that can easily melt to repair it, the problem will ...
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29 Playstation 3 repair | ps3 ylod fix - Video Game 911
PS3 Yellow Light Issues (YLOD) Hardware Failure. This condition can be caused by many factors and depends on the failure point. ... PS3 Motherboard Failure Even ...
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30 YLOD: PS3 Repair experience? - Page 8
It is called Dimensions Reparations. I got my PS3 YLoD repaired today. Works perfectly for now. The guy does the repairs at home. He charges 10$ ...
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31 PS3 issues following YLOD fix -- what now? - Arqade
As you've said in your edit, the GPU is probably at fault. I'm not able to judge whether your PS3 is repairable, however my guess is that ...
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32 How to fix PS3s YLOD (and some other defects) - trisaster
What is the YLOD? 2. 2. Possible causes. 2. 3. What PS3 version do I have? What parts are in it? 3. 2. Diagnosis. 5. 1. Power supply pack.
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33 What causes YLoD on PS3 Fat? -
The yellow light of death (YLoD) that indicates general breakdowns and issues on the PS3 Fat is infamous. This problem is generally caused ...
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34 Sony Responds to Yellow Light of Death Fix - Tom's Guide,news-4680.html
Apparently, the YLoD problem takes place 18 to 24 months after the original purchase, conveniently six or more months after the warranty expires ...
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35 My PS3 YLOD while updating to 4.82 in order to downgrade
kumikochan said: all ps3 systems will eventually get a Ylod because the solder doesn't use lead because it is seen as a kids toy hence why there ...
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36 Broken PS3? YLOD? Tips, tricks and facts. - PlayStation
The YLOD will pop up as a safe-guard, preventing your system from operating and thus shutting it down for you. It's often followed by a blinking ...
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37 Repairing a PlayStation 3 with the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
Repairing a PlayStation 3 with the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) · The working hypothesis · The heat gun fix still works · Why does the heat gun fix ...
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38 PS3 Playstation 3 Original YLOD or GPU Fault
Playstation 3 Original YLOD Repair Service. If your PS3 has developed this very common fault then we have repaired thousands so are well equipped to repair ...
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39 PS3 YLOD, What's my options? - PCSpecialist
So last night I was happily playing Skyrim on my PS3, when "Poof", it turns it's self off. I go to turn it back on and to my sheer enjoyment ...
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40 I have a fat PS3 that I think is on its last legs. Where should I ...
However, for many years people thought the fix for the YLOD was to try to reflow the solder balls under the CPU and GPU, or for repair companies ...
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41 What YLOD Is And How to To Avoid/Fix TuT - The Tech Game
The PS3 has hundreds of solder connections beneath its CPU & GPU, and if only one solder ball were to crack or fracture, you would get the YLOD.
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42 Better to sell a whole YLOD PS3 or sell the individual ...
My PS3 just got the YLOD a couple days ago as some of you may have seen in my other thread - titled "My PS3 will last forever" :lol:.
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43 22 PS3 YLOD Fix ideas | ps3, play station 3, repair guide
Mar 1, 2017 - Explore Nick Wooster's board "PS3 YLOD Fix" on Pinterest. See more ideas about ps3, play station 3, repair guide.
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44 LOG: PS3 YLOD Fix - Overclockers UK Forums
This PS3 was fixed from YLOD on July 3rd 2010 and is still running strong. EDIT: Please feel free to add decent links/videos and offer sound ...
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45 Watercooled PS3 YLOD -
I've fixed PS3s with YLOD issues and a lot of times the cpu heatsinks weren't seated properly giving enough force. Try tightening your ...
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46 PS3 YLOD Repair Attempt - Part 1 - taukeke
Dec 29, 2014 —
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47 PS3 Fat/phat Ylod Fix Replacement NEC/TOKIN 470uf 6.3V ...
Usually, replacing one set of these near the RSX chip will resolve the issue but if not, more replacements may be needed. One replaced capacitor from the PS3 ...
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48 PS3 YLOD not caused by the solder bridge thingy?
So a little backstory. My ps3 got ylod about six years ago and my dad fixed it. It worked just fine for couple of months and then it broke ...
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49 PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Fix- YLOD FIX - Home
The most common problem with PlayStation 3 gaming console is yellow light of death or in other word PS3 YLOD. We try to show you how it is possible to fix ...
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50 ylod ps3 repaired! but now what? - Ars Technica
Someone can correct me or add to this if I missed anything, but the YLOD is generally caused by solder cracking between important chips and the ...
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51 PS3 Yellow Light of Death Repair - uBreakiFix
Does your PS3 suffer from the "yellow light of death" error? What was once a source of frustration for PS3 users, is now a repair service we provide.
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52 ps3 ylod fix (@ps3ylod_fix) / Twitter
ps3 ylod fix. @ps3ylod_fix. Have the dreaded PS3 YLOD (Yellow Lights of Death)? Dont send it to Sony, Save yourself $200 and a 6 week wait, ...
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53 Mythbusting the PS3's YLOD - RetroRGB |
Back in July, a post on psx-place claimed to have found the real cause of the PS3's YLOD: The “tokin” capacitors that filter power for the ...
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54 Backwards compatible PS3 YLOD, is it worth paying sony to ...
its worth it to go inside your console and clean it out as well as check out the condition of the thermal paste. better to catch it now before you hit the ylod ...
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55 Worth Getting a YLOD PS3 to Fix and Jailbreak? - PSXHAX
hi all wanted to ask if its worth getting ps3 ylod then fixing it up and jailbreaking ?
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56 POLL: PS3 Slim YLOD, is it possible? - GTPlanet
If you put a blamket over it then it will overheat within a few days and then YLOD. I know someone who did it on purpose because he didn't like ...
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57 How reliable is a PS3 after ylod repair? - AVForums
Had my ylod ps3 repaired in march, same problem cropped up again in may but still under warranty with console doctor so they fixed it again. I' ...
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58 I repaired my Dad's PS3 (YLOD) by heating up the - Sony - Fixya
The PS3 is fitted with a very good cooling system. Unfortunately some of the 60gb models still overheats (either the GPU or CPU). This causes the YLOD and is ...
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59 Solved - PS3 YLOD Fix - Se7enSins Gaming Community
Fluxing PS3 BGA's+ Clamp Bending! Seeing as the newer slims do not get YLOD, I have not included video for slim YLOD fixes because they do ...
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60 PS3 YLOD Repair - Facebook
PS3 YLOD Repair. 139 likes. The Safest, Easiest and Quickest way to Fix the YLOD, Red Light Of Death, The Red Screen and A Range Of other Problems TODAY....
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61 PS3 nec caps/ylod
So they will again overheat and cause another YLOD soon after the reball. Lastly, the heat that shorten the life of the NEC/TOKINS may not have ...
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62 The Sunday Seven: Coming to Terms with PS3's YLOD
The YLOD. The Yellow Light of Death. This is the dreaded sickness that PlayStation 3 owners fear. With my PS3 nearing its sixth birthday, ...
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63 My PS3 has gotten the YLOD - PlayStation - Neowin
My PS3 Phat (60GB well now 250GB) has been in my bedroom for the past few months. ... has given up the ghost and now has the dreaded YLOD.
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64 Ps3 YLOD - Sony Community
How much for repair my ps3 of YLOD in malaysia seevice centre?​. Expand Post. Other Products · PlayStation 3 (PS3) Slim Specifications ...
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65 Fix the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) on Your PS3 Today!
This program will fix the YLOD once and for all! But why do you need a guide, you may ask? Well, the PS3 YLOD issue is caused by a general ...
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66 How to recover "Save Files" from a "Dead/YLOD" PS3?
I only used it for... like a year and last week it got the Yellow Light of Death, a light that appears when the System of the PS3 crashes, ...
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67 YLoD PS3 -
My original PS3 FAT from 2007 just YLoD on me. I managed to resurrect it by heating up the GPU and CPU with a clothes iron.
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68 Seven Tips Before Buying PlayStation 3 Anti-YLOD Quality
However, many gamers are trapped when seeing the price of a cheap PS3, but in fact the console only lasted a moment because of YLOD (Yellow ...
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69 What you need to know about the PS3 Yellow Light of Death ...
Misery Loves Company - What you need to know about the PS3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) · Keep it cool. Your console should be well ventilated.
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70 PS3 YLOD FIX - Pinoy PlayStation
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71 Safe repairs for PS3 YLOD? - The Student Room
I successfully fixed my YLOD quite easily. All you need is, a cardboard box, about the size of your PS3 and a hairdryer. Merely, place the console inside ...
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72 YLoD PS3 Fat worth fixing? - PlayStation 3 - PSNProfiles
From what I read back during the "YLoD" days, not only will it happen again even if you get it fixed, but it will most likely be sooner, rather ...
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73 PlayStation 3 - Wikipedia
The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a home video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The successor to the PlayStation 2, it is part of the ...
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74 Contains Helpful Information On How to Fix PS3 YLOD
November 28, 2011 ( - For those who have a PS3 that has been infected with the dreaded Yellow Light of Death (YLOD), is ...
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75 Fat PS3 Yellow Light of Death YLOD Repair - Tech Home Travel
This symptom is defined as the yellow light of death (ylod). The Xbox also has a failure producing a red ring of death (rrod). Having researched ...
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76 Gilksy's Playstation 3 (PS3) Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix ...
Gilksy's Playstation 3 (PS3) Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix and Repair Guide. Discussion in 'Playstation 3 Guides' started by InsaneNutter, ...
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77 PS3Fixer Launches The Easiest YLOD Yellow/Red Light of ...
If your PS3 doesn't start and shows a RED/YELLOW light -- you got the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD), this means that your PlayStation 3 broke ...
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78 Anyone know how to tell if a YLOD is due to a power supply ...
The thing is that older versions will probably Yloded with time. Some people buy Yloded PS3 on ebay and fix them or get for parts. My Old 20GB ...
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79 Ps3 cfw shop -
72. playstation 3 için orijinal firmware yerine yüklenerek ps3'te kopya ... that enables you to change the PS3 Fan Speed to prevent overheating and YLOD.
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80 PS 3 SLIM Kondisi YLOD, Video Game, Konsol di Carousell
Beli PS 3 SLIM Kondisi YLOD di Jakarta Selatan,Indonesia. GAN HARGA NETT. ... PlayStation PS 3 PS3 Slim One Piece Musou Gold Limited Edition Fullset.
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81 【レア商品】【限定1点】⭐︎PS3 CECHA00 60GB 初期型 ...
Gone wrong...,I Bought a Brand New PS3 Instead of PS5 | 2021 Unboxing,使用死亡黄光 (YLOD) 恢复和修复 Playstation 3 - ASMR,Sony PlayStation 3 Console ...
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82 SONY PlayStation3 CECH-2100A
CECH-2100A PlayStation 3 (120GB) Charcoal Black ps3 game Console Used Sony ... \u0026 Repair of Playstation 3 with the yellow light of death (YLOD) - ASMR ...
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83 美品 百年戦争限定モデル動作確認済 PS3 本体 コ... ゲームゲー
24件の売買情報を集計した限定 PS3 コントローラーの価格や価値の推移 ... 動作確認含めてしばらくps3ソフトで遊びましたがいわゆるYLODという症状が ...
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84 Psn id checker - Bosozoku
Aug 26, 2011 · My fat has a YLOD so I'm getting a Slim. ... PS3, Vita, and PS/TV games and apps don't support the name change as If you linked your ...
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85 Ozito 2000W Variable Temperature Heat Gun $19.95 + ...
This reminds me of when I used a heatgun to fix my phat ps3 with ylod. It lasted another month before it dies again.
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86 PS3 クラウド ブラック 本体 160GB ソフト9本 セット
PS3 クラウド ブラック 本体 160GB ソフト9本 セットテレビゲーム. ... 用ゲーム本体テレビゲームPS3 FF7 クラウドブラック 160GB CECHQ00AC YLODジャンク(PS3本体.
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87 Untitled - Page 385 - Google Books Result
**YLOD Acronyme pour Yellow Light of Death, littéralement Lumière Jaune de la ... ce voyant signifie la fin de vie de la PS3 ou... un peu de bricolage ou ...
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88 ココア ストーク ミントチョコキャンディー 200g×30袋セット ...
'ps3 cechl00 ylod 対策 Xjypi-m36998762409 - カテゴリー本・音楽・ゲーム > テレビゲーム > 家庭用ゲーム本体ブランドプレイステーション3商品の状態やや傷や汚れ ...
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89 Descargar Juegos para PS3 Gratis - GamesTorrents
Juegos Para PS3 por montones y a tan solo un click de descarga. La consola Play Station 3 es una de las mas populares del mundo y que posee mas juegos.
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90 【ブルーレイ】 BUCK-TICK/惡の華-Completeworks-〈完全 ...
コンバイン クボタ R1-12 スポロケット よろしくお · シートを PS2対応 PS3 CECHA00 後期型高速ドライブ搭載 YLOD本格対策機 wcH8A-m83706954768 ...
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91 The Video Games Textbook: History • Business • Technology
... showed a 2-year failure rate for the original PlayStation 3 to be around 10%. Called the “yellow light of death” (YLOD) by the BBC's Watchdog program, ...
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92 クリック ヤフオク! あーちゃん抱き枕カバー 花宮なつか うなぎ...
完全OH済み☆PS3本体 初期PS2対応 CECHA00☆12cmLEDファン 温度センサー搭載 YLOD対策済□580商品説明□商品詳細PS、PS3のみならずPS2のソフトも出来る大変レアな初期 ...
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93 【議論】PS3「PS1、PS2のソフトも遊べます」PS5「PS4の ...
ps4は9年目に突入しそうねまさかps3より長いとはなぁ ... PS3は普通に遊んでてもあっさり壊れちまう可能性が高いんだよな悪名高きYLODや経年劣化で荒 ...
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94 Tokoteknologi: Electronics Design & Repair - Google Books Result
Reballing YLOD PS3 Rp 500.000,Fix Blank Screen Rp 500.000,-Fix Gambar Pecah/Freeze/Hang Rp 500.00,Downgrade NOR Slim (CECH20xx, CECH21xx, CECH25xx) Rp 400rb ...
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95 変人窟(HJK)
eRemote miniを導入する · [GAME]PS5にSSDを増設する · [GAME]YLODで起動しなくなったPS3をヒートガンで修理する · [NAS]HDL4-G1.0を4TB化した時の作業メモ ...
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96 アルミスーツケ... サイズです -
[ 12 ] 【なったとき】 PS3 CECH-2000 2台 となります ジャンク ... CECH-2000AYLODの症状がでていて一度分解し、ヒートガンで直しましたが、再度YLOD症状がでました。
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