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An introduction to the OWL API - The University of Manchester
IDE of choice to develop ontology-based applications using the OWL API. Many developers, especially here at Manchester, like to use Eclipse for devel-.
documentation - OWL API
This example shows how we can calculate and display a basic ontology hierarchy. The example makes use of an OWLReasoner to calculate the class hierarchy, ...
An API for OWL
This repository contains interfaces for, and an implementation of, an API for OWL ontologies along with some sample applications of the API. Building.
Ontology OWL API java - Stack Overflow
I have read the example very useful and I have implemented the OWL API jar file but the only problem is the reasoner. What is a reasoner?
This page shows Java code examples of org.semanticweb.owlapi.model.OWLOntologyManager.
OWLOntology (OWLAPI :: Distribution 5.1.17 API)
An OWLOntology consists of a possibly empty set of OWLAxiom s and a possibly ... For example, if this ontology imports ontology B, and ontology B imports ...
The OWL API: A Java API for OWL Ontologies
For example, unlike other APIs such as Jena [11], or the Protégé 3.X API, the repre- sentation of class expressions and axioms is not at the level of RDF ...
OWLAPI - Monkeying around with OWL
... in the form of the OWLAPI. This means that most heavy-duty ontology applications use java or a JVM language (see previous posts for some examples of JVM ...
Comments on OWL-API - GitLab Inria
owl-src: drwxrwxr-x 5 euzenat unknown 170 Dec 6 13:30 api (*) => API source ... example of a servlet loading an OWL/RDF ontology and diagnosing the OWL sub ...
Using HermiT from Java - HermiT Reasoner
To use the OWLReasoner interface from the OWL API (package org.semanticweb.owlapi.inference) instead of HermiT's Reasoner class, the third line above has to ...
An Open Source Database Backend for the OWL API and ...
implementation of a database backend [2, 1] for the OWL API based on. Hibernate. This paper will describe the ... As an example of the first problem, the.
[PDF] The OWL API: A Java API for OWL ontologies
The OWL API is a high level Application Programming Interface (API) for working with OWL ontologies that supports parsing and rendering in the syntaxes ...
ProtegeOWL API Programmers Guide - Protege Wiki
The Protege-OWL API is an open-source Java library for the Web ... the API by examples, and most examples create parts of OWL ontologies ...
OWLReasoner (The OWL API)
The figure below shows an example class hierarchy. Each box in the hierarchy represents a Node . In this case the top node contains owl:Thing and the bottom ...
Read class restriction or axiom via OWL API 5
We use the OWL API version 5.1.4 and a small example ontology. 1. Prerequisites. Install Maven to build the project (explained here); Java 1.8 ( ...
CWPK #17: Choosing and Installing an OWL API
When you work with online file documents, you will need to use different Python commands and conventions, as the examples below show. We will ...
1.4 OWL API - Databases and Information Systems
Basic API for accessing, querying and manipulating OWL-Ontologies. • Used by some SemWeb application ... Example: Add Ice creme to the pizza ontology.
RESTful Encapsulation of OWL API - SciTePress
RESTful web interface of OWL API methods, such that ontology developers and researchers independent of ... Example: GET
Java Examples for org.semanticweb.owlapi.model ...
This java examples will help you to understand the usage of org.semanticweb.owlapi.model.OWLOntologyCreationException. These source code samples are taken ...
net.sourceforge.owlapi - Maven Repository
This is the maven build of HermiT and is designed for people who wish to use HermiT from within the OWL API. It is now versioned in the main HermiT version ...
OWL 2 and SWRL Tutorial
I have prepared a Maven project that contains all the sources from this example, dependencies on OWL API from Maven Central repository, and Pellet 2.2 from ...
Jena Ontology API - Apache Jena
The examples in this document will be primarily code samples. We also won't be explaining the OWL or RDFS ontology languages in much detail in this document.
JENA API extension of the OWL API. Protégé is also an open-source, Java ... API. Reasoning, support for SWRL. own examples on how to.
Cooking the semantic web with the OWL API - ResearchGate
It presents the OWL API, a high-level... | Find, read and cite all ... For example, an application using an ontology in order to perform,.
Welcome to Owlready2's documentation! — Owlready2 0.36 ...
Owlready2 allows a transparent access to OWL ontologies (contrary to usual Java-based API). Owlready version 2 includes an optimized triplestore / quadstore ...
openllet.owlapi.OWL java code examples - Tabnine
@Test public void datatypeDefinition() { final OWLDatatype between5and10 = OWL.Datatype("between5and10"); final OWLDatatype between6and8 = OWL.
OWLOOP: A Modular API to Describe OWL Axioms in ... - arXiv
the OWL-API to provide a general-purpose interface between OWL ... Figure 2: A simple ontology used as an example throughout the paper.
Web Ontology Language (OWL) - STI Innsbruck
OWL Full. 6. Syntaxes. 7. Tools. 3. Illustration by a large example ... OWL-API. • A Java interface and implementation for the W3C Web Ontology.
OWL API for iOS: early implementation and results - W3C
The original Java OWL API 3.2.4 was leveraged as a test oracle. After parsing, the following tests were performed against each KB as significant examples: ...
owlcpp: a C++ library for working with OWL ontologies
For example, the libraries with the most extensive functionality, OWL API [9, 10] and. Apache Jena [11, 12], are implemented in Java. Given.
A Java API for Working with OWL 2 Ontologies
The OWL API is not thread safe in general, but it is likely ... reasoning process was interrupted for any particular reason (for example if.
API Example Code - DarkOwl, LLC
Links to API Example Code ... Test Request (Python 3): Checks the DarkOwl “Test” API endpoint. Responds with {“answer”: “hoot”} if a successful connection ...
API - Snow Owl
Custom media types are used in the API to let consumers choose the format of the data they ... ...
OWLOOP: A modular API to describe OWL axioms in OOP ...
A simple ontology used as an example throughout the paper. Both aspects might be tackled by developers with different expertise, i.e., on OWL formalism and ...
Rendering OWL in Description Logic Syntax - People
addresses changes made to the OWLAPI LATEX rendering framework in order to ... For example, datatypes specified as XML Schema Datatypes or in RDFS are.
Inferring ontology graph structures using OWL reasoning - PMC
For example, the OBO Relation Ontology [6] provides a systematic way to ... Onto2Graph uses the OWLAPI [35] to process ontologies and ...
Replacing entities in an OWLClassExpression (or OWLAxiom)
One of the problems when generating ontologies using the OWLAPI is ... in an OWLObject, for example, an OWLClassExpression or an OWLAxiom, ...
referencedComponentId and examples can be found in table 4-2 OWL Ontology Reference Set ... Use the OWL API to infer the class hierarchy.
The OWL Reasoner Evaluation (ORE) 2015 Competition Report
The OWL API is a very rich and rather heavyweight framework that is not tightly integrated with most reasoners. For example, systems using the ...
Java OWL API - Заметки Бельчонка -
Project Structure -> JDKs -> Classpath путь к owlapi-src.jar, owlapi-bin.jar ... [ ...
API Introduction - SendOwl
The SendOwl API allows third party applications to access and update data ... or updating the accept and content types header must be set, for example:
The OWLlink API -
access remote OWLlink reasoning engines, it turns any OWL API aware ... example shows the typical access of a supported reasoner using the OWL API.
OWLOOP: A modular API to describe OWL axioms ... - SoftwareX
We present an extension of the OWL-API to provide a general-purpose ... Fig. 2A simple ontology used as an example throughout the paper.
OWL API - PowerPoint PPT Presentation -
The OWL Genie API - 2 getEquivalentProperties(propertyURI) returns a list of space-separated property URIs. Example Calling getEquivalentProperties with
Semantic Embeddings for OWL 2 Ontologies - UiO - DUO
6 on page 32 and example code using gensim to train a. fastText model is given in Subsection 3.2.7 on page 33. 3.5.4 OWL API. The OWL API [30] is a Java API for ...
Short Tutorial on using Pellet + OWLAPI + SWRL Rules
I've been looking through Pellet and OWLAPI documentation over the past few days, looking for a good example of running existing SWRL rules ...
scowl - Scaladex
The examples below are also available in code. Scowl expressions use and return native OWL API objects. import org.phenoscape.scowl ...
2 OWL Concepts
Example 2-1 creates a simple OWL ontology, inserts one statement that two URIs refer to ... SQL > set serveroutput on; SQL > -- Now invoke validation API: ...
OWL 2: the next generation
OWL 2. The Next Generation. Ian Horrocks. . Information Systems Group ... APIs (e.g., OWL API, Thea, OWLink).
horned_owl - Rust -
Horned-OWL. ... The focus of this library is on performance, compared to the OWL API, thereby allowing large scale, bulk manipulation of ontologies that ...
bzweather.owl - Ontop :WeatherStation rdf:type owl:Class ; rdfs:subClassOf geo:Feature , sosa:Platform . ### Generated by the OWL API ...
Lab 1
A good place to get familiar with the OWL API is Download and try the examples listed there.
Web Ontology Language - Wikipedia
OWL and OWL2 are used to refer to the 2004 and 2009 specifications, respectively. Full species names will be used, including specification version (for example, ...
Download ontology Related tools. OBO format tools in GitHub: a wrapper for the Java (OWL-API) implementation of ...
Application Program Interface - Image Owl
This example uses the R httr package. library(httr) url <- '' body <- list(client_id = 'Your API ...
Programming the Semantic Web - e-Lite
core/src-examples/jena/examples/rdf ... OWL API. • A Java API and reference implementation ... several examples are available, right now.
Semantic Web Tutorial 13/14: Web Ontology Language (OWL)
Noureddin Sadawi
Using the KnowledgeOwl API
For example, to get all articles in your knowledge base, limited to 20 objects per page, add "limit": 20 to your query parameters. Accessing ...
Xpath in Java for accessing OWL Document - Edureka
Don't query RDF (or OWL) with XPathIn the question, all that's being asked for the is rdfs:label of an owl:Ontology element, so how much could go wrong? ...
Rendering OWL in LaTeX for Improved Readability
Readability: Extensions to the OWLAPI BE ACCEPTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT ... We provide an example Terminology in Figure 2.2.
Developers – SMS Communications APIs and Console.
See API Access Key Security for more information. Example Request. curl -i -H 'Authorization: AccessKey ZoeEG68M79w0QyM' ...
Creating Semantic models in OWL format
Once Owl file is downloaded, SDI provides API to upload API: Base URI /ontologyJobs . Sample Ontology for example of Air Quality App is as below ...
APA Style Introduction - Purdue OWL
This section contains resources on in-text citation and the References page, as well as APA sample papers, slide presentations, and the APA classroom poster ...
How to create a valid semantic map owl file and visualize the ...
(Actually I am not familiar with OWL API right now, and I haven't ... and I want to store the data I got in a semantic map file(For example, ...
The Rough Guide to the OWL API: a tutorial - SourceForge
In the OWL API, an OWLOntology is an interface, modelling a set ... map the ontology IRI to a physical IRI (files for example).
Parsing Icd-10 With Owl-Api - Biostars
... going to help you very much with using an OWL API though, but you might find that parsing the plain text files will be very easy. For example, a line in ...
And Now for Something Completely Different: Using OWL with ...
For example, social networking (“Who was the author of the blog post that ... If the OWL API was used instead, the code would have to be ...
Extracting OWL Ontologies from Agent-Based Models
Keywords: Netlogo, OWL, OWL-API, Ontology, Transparency ... Indeed, sometimes the latter may be preferred; for example, when discussing certain aspects of ...
An Introduction to OWL - Knowledge Media Institute
OWL is an ontology language designed for the Semantic Web ... RDF Schema terms (just a few examples):. – Class; Property ... APIs and Frameworks.
Java2OWL A System for Synchronising Java and OWL ...
Java programs using the OWL API for loading ontologies have two class ... ally extend the extension ontology, for example by adding special ...
Extending OWL to Support Custom Relations in Knowledge ...
We also present our additions to the OWL API for the declaration, ... For example, if you modify owlapi 3.5.1, please recompile in this ...
Using OWL API, given an OWLClass, how can I get...anycodings
As Ignazio has pointed out, anycodings_semantic-web EntitySearcher can also be used, for anycodings_semantic-web example: OWLClass c = ...; OWLOntology o ...
WebVOWL - Web-based Visualization of Ontologies
For example, the following URL opens the VOWL visualization of the FOAF vocabulary ... The converter is based on the OWL API, which can handle various OWL ...
OWL Syntaxes - | Ontogenesis
... standard syntaxes that virtually all OWL tools and APIs support, ... The example below shows the definition of Teenager in RDF/XML.
Introduction to OWL - Marco Ronchetti
OWL is (partially) mapped on a description logic, and ... Jena, WonderWeb OWL-API, Protégé OWL API, OWLIM ... An example OWL ontology.
Overview - Virtual Observatory
We since switched to the Protégé-OWL API for convenience. ... For example, if a new object type was to be added to the existing list or ...
How to set prefix in output OWL file using Protege OWL API?
Hi, I'm trying to set prefix for my output file, but I still get "j.0" prefix, as in example:
Tutorial: A starter's starter - owlcs/owlapi GitHub Wiki's-starter
I am new to Java and new to OWL API: how do I start? ... Your basic snippet will look like this (this example parses the Pizza ontology from ...
REQUEST. Examples. 1curl --request GET \2 --url 'https://api.hoot.owl/v1/get-owlet' \3 --header 'Authorization: Bearer ' \ 4 --header 'x-owl-version: v1'.
OWL-API : Une API Java pour manipuler des ontologies
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Visual Studio Code for the Web
Using the VS Code repo as an example, this would look like: ... you can go to to experience the Night Owl theme ...
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APA Format & APA Citation Generator - Citation Machine
This page provides you with an overview of APA format, 7th edition. Included is information about referencing, various citation formats with examples for each ...
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Looking for a helpful APA format guide? Find easy to follow guidelines to format your APA paper here! There's even a full APA format example ...
SolidJS · Reactive Javascript Library
Simple and performant reactivity for building user interfaces. · Guides · Tutorial · API · SolidStart · Ecosystem · Examples · Playground · About
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Build queries without SPARQL · Help Portal · User Manual · Example Queries · SPARQL · RDF Data Model · List of prefixes ...
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Keys need to be quoted, for example "cellAlign": . Note that the attribute value uses single quotes ' , but the JSON entities use double-quotes " .
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