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1 Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructors Insurance
Fitness Instructor Insurance ... K&K's Fitness Instructor Program is designed for U.S.-based personal training, exercise, aerobic or Pilates instructors directly ...
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2 Fitness Instructor Insurance - From $11/Month | NEXT
General liability insurance covers a wide range of fitness instructor accidents and basic risks. You'll have financial protection if someone gets hurt during a ...
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3 Fitness & Personal Trainer Professional Liability Insurance
Professional liability insurance for personal trainers and other fitness professionals is designed to protect your business from claims of:.
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4 Insurance - AFAA
Professional and general liability coverage for as little as $11/month. AFAA is pleased to partner with Next Insurance, Inc., a leading provider of fitness ...
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5 Fitness Instructor Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers | ACE
Protect yourself with liability insurance. Join thousands of ACE Certified Personal Trainers, Instructors, Health Coaches, and Medical Exercise Specialists.
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6 Fitness Instructor Insurance - At the Gym, Online, or On The Go
What Insurance Do I need As A Fitness Instructor?
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7 Professional Fitness Instructor Insurance - IFG
Professional Liability: Coverage for injuries and/or damages to property arising specifically as a result of the fitness instruction services you provide. You ...
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8 The Best Fit in Fitness Insurance
Easy to apply, easy to renew - PHLY's Fitness and Wellness Insurance for Personal Trainers is the risk protection instructors need to help ensure - and ...
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9 Insurance for Personal Trainers - NASM
GET PROFESSIONAL AND GENERAL LIABILITY COVERAGE FOR AS LITTLE AS $11/MONTH ... As a newly Certified Personal Trainer it's important to insure yourself against ...
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10 Fitness Professionals Insurance - HUB International
This program is for LIABILITY coverage ONLY. It protects the insured fitness professional when negligent acts and/or omissions result in bodily injury and/or ...
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11 Personal Trainer Insurance | From £4.13 a month - FitPro
Yes, we are the UK leader in the provision of flexible insurance cover for fitness industry professionals like you. But FitPro is also widely recognised as the ...
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12 Personal Trainer Insurance: Best Options, How Much It Costs
Next Insurance: Best for personal trainers who need coverage fast · Hiscox: Best for fitness professionals who work abroad · Insure Fitness Group: ...
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13 Wellness and Fitness Insurance - Get a Free Quote - GEICO
Wellness and fitness insurance is a type of professional liability insurance that helps protect professionals like personal trainers and yoga instructors ...
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14 Group Fitness Instructor Insurance - CPH & Associates
In these litigious times, group fitness instructors are encouraged to carry professional liability insurance (or malpractice insurance) to safeguard their ...
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15 Personal Trainer Insurance and Fitness Instructor Insurance
Our fitness instructor insurance includes a professional liability insurance policy to offer you added protection. A common form of professional liability ...
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16 Fitness Professional & General Liability Insurance | Hiscox
Coverage for contracts: Our fitness professional liability coverage satisfies most standard contract insurance requirements. If you work on a contract basis for ...
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17 Individuals - Sports Fitness Insurance Corporation
Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors – Apply online for instant protection that follows you wherever you work in the US.
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18 Fitness Instructor Insurance and Cost - Insureon
What types of insurance do fitness instructors need? · Business owner's policy · General liability insurance · Workers' compensation insurance · Professional ...
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19 The Best Personal Trainer Insurance Providers in the USA
Insure Fitness Group · Liability cover for both general and professional occurrences · Up to $1,000,000 coverage per occurrence and $3,000,000 cover per annum · Up ...
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20 Malpractice insurance for Fitness Professionals - HPSO
Malpractice insurance for Fitness Professionals. Helping others is at the heart of your practice as a fitness professional. Helping care for your career is ...
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21 4 of the Best Personal Trainer Insurance Options for 2022
Insure Fitness Group provides professional and general liability insurance and support for personal trainers, as well as hundreds of other health and fitness ...
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22 Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor Insurance
Professional liability insurance for personal trainers from Markel Specialty is a way to help you protect yourself. It's affordable and flexible, ...
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23 Professional Liability Insurance - IDEA Health & Fitness ...
Liability fitness insurance protects you if a lawsuit is brought against you for negligent practices. The purpose of a waiver is to warn the client of possible ...
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24 Personal Trainer Insurance - Hands On Trade Association
We provide: Professional (malpractice) & General (slip-and-fall) Liability Insurance Coverage for Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors and more for ...
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25 Personal Training Insurance | Lockton Fitness
Lockton Fitness offers specialized personal training liability insurance for fitness instructors. Plus helpful tips for trainers. Get a quote + buy online.
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26 The Guide to Health Insurance for Fitness Professionals
It can be a headache getting health insurance. Here's a guide to health insurance for fitness professionals, with smart ways to save money.
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27 Fitness Instructor Insurance - Alternative Balance
WHAT COVERAGE IS INCLUDED IN MY FITNESS INSTRUCTOR LIABILITY INSURANCE? · General & Professional Liability · Products-Completed Operations · Damage to Premises ...
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28 Exercise Professionals Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance
Guild Insurance is partnered with AUSactive to provide the best cover for exercise professionals to protect against claims in their professional practice.
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29 Personal Trainer Insurance - A Rated Liability - Thimble
General liability insurance for fitness and personal trainers is designed to respond to incidents involving bodily injury and property damage. Professional ...
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30 Personal Trainer Liability Insurance: Cost & Quotes From $11
For the best liability insurance for personal trainers, we recommend CoverWallet, NEXT, and Thimble. CoverWallet's general liability insurance comes with non- ...
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31 Insure Personal Trainers
Online resource for insurance programs to the fitness industry.
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32 Liability Insurance for Fitness Professionals - CM&F Group
CM&F specializes in fitness professional liability insurance, also known as fitness trainer insurance or fitness instructor insurance, that is tailored to ...
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33 Fitness Instructor Insurance - Clarke & Sampson, Inc.
... proud to partner with United States Liability Insurance, member Berkshire Hathaway, to bring you an online insurance platform for fitness instructors.
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34 1 Rated Personal Trainer Liability Insurance - Nacams
Professional Policy for Personal Trainers ; 20/20/20. Exercise. Cardio. Circuit Training. Dance Instruction ; Aerobics. Barre. Kickboxing (non-contact). Cize.
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35 Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer Liability Insurance
Fast quotes for General Liability and Professional liability insurance for fitness instructors and personal trainers.
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36 Does My Gym Provide Adequate Fitness Instructor Insurance ...
Fitness instructors who offer individual and/or group training at gyms and health clubs sometimes have certain insurance protections through ...
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37 Personal Trainers: Insurance and Other Ways to Protect Your ...
Also known as malpractice insurance, professional liability insurance shields you from costs arising from "professional negligence", or the failure to properly ...
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38 Guide to insurance for fitness professionals | Markel Direct UK
As you probably know, public liability insurance is considered essential cover for every fitness professional. It covers the legal costs and expenses to ...
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39 Group Fitness Instructor Insurance - Dance Studio Insurance
Check your contract if you aren't sure. Insured fitness professionals who are not required by others to get group exercise instructor insurance choose to do so ...
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40 Fitness industry professionals - Gallagher Insurance
Professional indemnity insurance ... Provides cover for claims that may arise from a breach of duty of care that you are obliged to provide as a qualified fitness ...
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41 CoverSmart Fitness Instructor
INSURANCE FOR FITNESS INSTRUCTORS ... coverage per loss with up to $2 million in coverage per policy term for professional liability and general liability ...
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42 ASFA & HPSO Partner to Provide Insurance for Fitness ...
ASFA® recommends all fitness professionalscarry liability insurance, which is why we have partnered with HPSO, the largest provider of healthcare ...
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43 Understanding Business Insurance for Fitness Instructors and ...
Third-party claims are some of the most common for fitness instructors. Therefore, general liability insurance is an important investment and ...
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44 Liability Insurance for Fitness Instructors - XINSURANCE
As a fitness instructor, the risk of injury can be high. Don't expose yourself to personal liability. Trust us & get fitness instructor liability insurance.
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45 Fitness: Personal Trainer & Gym Insurance - NOW Insurance
A Professional Liability policy is a great place to start for individual trainers while General Liability coverage will add a layer of security for fitness ...
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46 Personal Trainer Liability Insurance - Get Free Quote
Professional liability insurance covers your personal trainer or fitness instructor business if you're sued for performing professional services, ...
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47 Where and how to find insurance | YMCAfit
The main type of insurance that is especially relevant to fitness professionals is Public and teacher liability insurance. Public and teacher liability ...
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48 Personal Trainer Liability Insurance: Starts at $169/year - Berxi
Does Berxi Offer Group Liability Insurance for My Whole Staff? ... Wondering if you can insure the other instructors or trainers in your studio or gym? The answer ...
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49 Fitness Instructor Insurance as low as $31/month | Huckleberry
Buy affordable fitnessinstructor insurance onlinein less than 5 minutes. No paperwork. Instant coverage. No-commitment quote. GET STARTED.
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50 Fitness Instructor Insurance- We Answer 7 Common Questions
Most policies start with general liability and professional liability insurance, which can protect you from claims of bodily injury and property ...
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51 Personal Trainer Insurance To Protect Your Business | biBERK
What is Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers? As a fitness business owner, you face many risks. For example, you have a responsibility to meet certain ...
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52 Fitness Professionals | Balens
Benefits of the Balens Fitness Professionals Liability Insurance Policy: · Cover for legal defence costs against criminal allegations. · Pre-disciplinary and ...
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53 Liability Insurance For Personal Fitness Trainers
Insure Fitness Group offers the most comprehensive personal trainer instructor insurance in the industry. We cover thousands of fitness professionals with ...
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54 Fitness Instructor Insurance | Insure4Sport UK
What insurance do fitness instructors need? · Public Liability insurance · Professional Indemnity insurance · Sports Equipment insurance · Personal Accident ...
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55 Fitness Instructor Insurance | Insurance Canopy - YouTube
Insurance Canopy
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56 Fitness Instructor Liability Insurance
Reliable & Affordable Liability Insurance Dedicated to Fitness Professionals & Trainers ... The inherent risk that goes hand-in-hand with your fitness career is ...
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57 Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor Insurance | Professional ...
Professional Fitness Insurance Guide ... Covers you for damages and legal costs arising out of third party bodily injury or third party property damage, also for ...
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58 Fitness Instructor Insurance: Coverage & Quotes | AdvisorSmith
If you hold your own classes or employ other fitness instructors, you'll want to make sure you have sufficient professional liability coverage to protect ...
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59 Insurance for Personal Trainers -
Insurance Personal Trainers Need. There are a few personal trainer insurance policies you should consider to provide coverage for your business. Personal ...
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60 CoverSmart - Fitness Instructors - ESP Specialty
Are you an individual fitness instructor looking for business or personal liability insurance for fitness instructors? ESP is here to help.
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61 Personal Trainer Insurance | Progressive Commercial
For example, you fail to spot a client while doing a new exercise and they fall and break their hip. Professional liability could help cover the client's ...
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62 Health and Fitness | Hoffman Insurance Service Inc.
We have partnered with many of the world's leading personal trainer and instructor certifying authorities to offer best-in-class coverage to fitness ...
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63 How to Obtain Fitness Instructor Liability Insurance?
Getting a fitness instructor liability insurance will also give you complete protection from professional and general liabilities ranging from ...
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64 Yoga and Personal Trainer Insurance Coverage
In addition to having the proper insurance for personal trainers in place to protect you as an instructor, you can minimize risk by assessing your client's ...
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65 Affordable Professional Liability Insurance | AFPA Fitness
Affordable Liability Insurance for AFPA Holistic Health Coaches, Nutrition Consultants, Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Yoga Teachers and Pilates ...
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66 Fitness Trainer Insurance in Los Angeles - API Fitness
Professional Liability Coverage. This fitness instructor liability insurance covers from negligence claims and breach of contract costs. Premises and General ...
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67 Individual Personal Fitness Instructors Insurance - FL Dean
Protect Your Deal with Our Liability Insurance for Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers. Any Fitness - Yoga, Aerobics, Weight Loss or Strength ...
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68 Fitness Instructor Insurance - Get A Quote - Protectivity
Our Fitness Instructor Insurance includes Public Liability Insurance which covers you should you be sued by a third party such as a client for injury caused ...
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69 Fitness + Personal Trainers - Keystone Southwest Insurance ...
Whether you are a personal trainer or fitness instructor, you know that there are risks inherent to your job. You need an insurance policy that's built to ...
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70 What is Professional Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers?
Personal trainers help people reach their fitness goals. Learn about professional liability insurance for personal trainers and what it covers.
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71 Personal Trainer Insurance in Massachusetts
The majority of Massachusetts professionals who work as personal trainers or fitness instructors ought to have personal training insurance. Few (if any) people ...
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72 Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers - NFPT
Liability insurance protects you and safeguards your personal training business if something should go wrong. The majority of personal trainers never ...
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73 Understanding Risk Management as a Fitness Professional
There's risk in every business, but fitness professionals can often face higher risk than most. While personal trainer insurance can offer solid protection, ...
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74 Insurance for fitness professionals - Physical Activity Australia
Critical to your professional operations is public liability and professional indemnity insurance, an essential part of good risk management for you and ...
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75 Fitness Instructor Insurance Canada - Zensurance
Fitness liability insurance is a necessary coverage for a broad range of physical fitness, lifestyle, and personal trainers. It is specialized insurance ...
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76 Fitness Professionals Need Protection from Four Primary ...
All fitness professionals—whether they teach classes or train one-on-one, whether they are employees or independent contractors—need insurance to protect ...
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77 Fitness Professionals Insurance - Galea Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Professional indemnity covers any advice that trainers give. Clients who follow your training advice can develop injuries over a period of time rather than ...
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78 Insurance For Fitness Trainers - AAAI/ISMA
CPH & Associates has more than 15 years of experience as a leading provider of Professional Liability Insurance. With more than 120,000 policyholders nationwide ...
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79 Fitness Insurance - UK Coaching
What's Included? · £10 million public and products liability insurance · £1 million malpractice professional indemnity insurance · Personal accident cover · Cover ...
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80 Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer Insurance - Salon Gold
We have been providing specialist cover for personal trainers and fitness instructors, on the move or working from a gym, for over 35 years.
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81 Fitness/Training Coach Liability Insurance Coverage
Prime Insurance Company provides protection for any fitness/training instructor from potential liability claims as a result of accident. Get a quote!
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82 Fitness instructor insurance with membership - EMD UK
Get fitness instructor insurance and membership from just £49 per year. Includes £10m public liability and discounted PPL.
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83 The 6 Best Personal Trainer Insurance Companies for 2022
Fitness insurance has become more and more popular since more and more studios and gyms require personal trainers to have proper insurance coverage before they ...
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84 Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer Insurance Info
Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer Insurance Information · Injury to Participants (no Professional Liability Exclusion for bodily injury losses only) ...
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85 Fitness Instructor Insurance - Get A Quote - SportsCover Direct
We offer very competitive Fitness Instructor insurance via our sister brand, Protectivity Insurance, including protection against third party claims.
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86 Fitness Trainers – Liability Insurance - E&O For Less
for Personal Fitness Trainers, Instructors & Students. Instant Coverage & Instant Certificate; Portable Protection Wherever You Teach; Starts At Just $16.41/ ...
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87 ProFit Insurance Affiliates :: NAFC|Fitness Certification
We insure everyone from personal trainers and instructors to independent fitness studios and nationwide franchises—all with a wealth of expertise won through ...
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88 Personal Trainers Insurance | Indemnity & Public Liability
Personal Trainer insurance may provide cover against claims of professional negligence and third-party injury that may occur on your premises.
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89 Personal Trainer Insurance: Find Liability Coverage
Personal trainers and other fitness professionals provide guidance to clients who may be pushing themselves to their physical limits.
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90 Fitness Professional Insurance Guide - HFE
Insurance in a gym or health club environment ... As discussed, employed trainers and instructors are usually covered by their employer's insurance whereas self- ...
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91 What Insurance Does a Personal Trainer Need? - ISSA
One in ten fitness trainers and instructors are self-employed. If you fall into this category, disability insurance is a must. It can help ...
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92 Fitness Instructor – American Professional Agency, Inc.
This policy provides professional liability insurance coverage to Fitness Instructors who help clients assess their current level of physical fitness, ...
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93 Get Quote and Buy Fitness Insurance Online - K&K Insurance ...
Commercial general liability, property insurance coverage for a variety of health, fitness facilities and instructors including exercise studios, ...
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94 Best Personal Trainer Insurance in 2022 - All you Need to Know!
Insure Fitness Personal Trainer Insurance · Liability cover for both general and professional occurrences · Up to $1,000,000 coverage per occurrence and ...
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95 Insurance for Fitness Professionals & Instructors Online
upcover is an award winning online fitness insurance provider in Australia offers professional indemnity & Public liability insurance for fitness Industry ...
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96 Do Personal Trainers Need Insurance? -
The price of liability insurance for personal trainers varies on the amount of desired coverage. Some professional fitness organizations have ...
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97 Fitness Training + Medical Insurance - FitLegally
In effect, many personal trainers who bill insurance are offering a post-rehab program that help their clients transition from physical therapy to full activity ...
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98 Professional Liability Insurance Application for Individual ...
Individual Fitness Professionals ... APPLIES ONLY TO ANY CLAIM FIRST MADE AGAINST THE INSURED AND REPORTED IN ... What is your Fitness occupation?
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