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1 Separateness Covenants - Richards, Layton & Finger
Bankruptcy Remote Entity? (8-606-5185). SEPARATENESS COVENANTS. One characteristic of a BRE is the inclusion of separateness provisions (or separateness.
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2 “Bankruptcy Remote” Special Purpose Entities in Commercial ...
Bankruptcy remoteness practices seek to prevent substantive consolidation of a borrower with its bankrupt affiliates to avoid exposing its assets to the claims ...
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3 Bankruptcy Remote Entities in Commercial Real Estate ...
This Note discusses the fundamentals of using a bankruptcy remote entity to purchase real estate, including the reasons an investor may be required to establish ...
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4 From Bankruptcy-Remote to Risk-Remote - Cadwalader
By negotiating for these additional protections, creditors can ensure that the single purpose entity remains, if not a bankruptcy-remote ...
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5 Current Status of Bankruptcy Remote Entities - Ice Miller LLP
Bankruptcy remote SPEs are typically used in real estate transactions and structured finance to isolate the assets that are the subject of ...
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1 See for example “Bankruptcy Remoteness Criteria for Special Purpose Entities in Global Structured Finance Transactions”, Moody's, October 2014. BRIEFING. AN ...
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7 EX-3.2 -
Representations, Warranties and Covenants of Each Member, 12. ARTICLE 4 ... Definition of Special Purpose Bankruptcy Remote Entity. Exhibit A:.
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8 Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Loan Covenant Strictness
In syndicated loan contracts, a borrower's failure to comply with a covenant restriction triggers a default, and as such the lender's right to ...
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9 Separateness Covenants - Practical Law
Bankruptcy Remote Entities in Commercial Real Estate Transactions · Basics of Secured Commercial Real Estate Financing · Borrower Defaults and Lender Remedies in ...
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10 General Growth - Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
Lenders have used bankruptcy-remote, special purpose entities (SPEs) ... Typical separateness covenants in loan documents provide that the SPE has a limited.
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11 How to construct a “ring fence” | Norton Rose Fulbright
“Non-petition” covenants — under which a parent agrees not to file a bankruptcy petition against the subsidiary — are typically not enforceable, ...
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12 What Is A Bankruptcy Remote Entity? - Realized 1031
A bankruptcy remote entity is a separate legal entity whose bankruptcy or insolvency would have a minimal economic impact on the other entities within the ...
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13 Bankruptcy Remoteness: A Summary Analysis
“Bankruptcy remoteness” is a term used to describe the combination of rights, duties, and covenants found in the organizational documents or loan documents.
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14 Bankruptcy Remote Financings In Jeopardy After Michigan ...
The organizational documents of the newly formed entity (and the loan documents) will contain very extensive separateness and SPE covenants ...
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15 Freddie Mac Launches CMBS Loan Product - Moss & Barnett
of the SPE, and the mortgage loan documents, must contain certain bankruptcy-remote covenants. These covenants generally include restrictions intended to: ...
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16 Separateness, Bankruptcy Remoteness, and True Sales
Structuring the SPV to be “bankruptcy remote” so that it is unlikely ... the implied contractual covenant of good faith and fair dealing.
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17 Serving Two Masters: When 'Bankruptcy-Remote' Meets ...
Known as “bankruptcy-remote entities,” or “BREs,” these entities are subject to structures and covenants in financing documents and their ...
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18 Coronavirus Fallout for Guarantors: Recourse ... - KMK Law
During the last recession, most bankruptcy-remote borrowers were established with covenants that they must maintain separateness from any other ...
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19 U.S. Operating-Asset or Whole- Business Securitization
if the parent becomes bankrupt, the assets and cash flow that have been securitized will not be ... fact, many of the standard bankruptcy-remote covenants.
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20 Single Purpose LLC: Everything You Need to Know
Lenders also have the authority to require the SPE to be what is termed "bankruptcy remote." This means that the LLC must have the approval of an ...
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21 Practical guidance at Lexis Practice Advisor® - Fried Frank
purpose, bankruptcy-remote entity (SPE) criteria) are discussed in later ... These covenants are included in the loan documents and, except for certain.
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22 "Cleverly Insidious" Bankruptcy Waiver in SPE Operating ...
The court went on to rule, however, that a restrictive covenant added at the ... 11 cases where loan agreement with bankruptcy remote debtor provided that ...
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23 Bond covenants, bankruptcy risk, and the cost of debt
Examining the most frequently used bond covenants, we document that four out of 24 restrictions are associated with significantly higher bankruptcy risk. The ...
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24 New York Bankruptcy Court Topples Contractual Barriers to ...
estate bankruptcy case in history in ... bankruptcy-remote provisions in their organizational documents. ... insolvent if it complies with the covenants.
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25 Bankruptcy and Real Estate: - Gibson Dunn
liens and protections against other liens. • Seperateness covenants. Structuring a Bankruptcy Remote SPE – Liabilities and Creditors.
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26 The not-so-remote possibility of the bankruptcy of a ... - Lexology
A bankruptcy remote entity is a special-purpose vehicle (or special purpose entity) (“SPV”) that is formed to hold a defined group of assets ...
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27 Effective Use of Special Purpose Entities
LPs, including the borrower, without violating a single asset covenant. ... Lenders require bankruptcy remote special purpose entities in order to prohibit ...
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28 Are carve-outs to nonrecourse loans only for the 'bad boys'?
bankruptcy-remote entity, more commonly known as a special- purpose entity. ... property; voluntary bankruptcy ... of separateness covenants, such.
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29 Asset-Backed Securities: Costs and Benefits of “Bankruptcy ...
ABS are designed to achieve “bankruptcy remoteness” of the securitized assets ... protective covenants or put options in their contracts that could achieve ...
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30 Bankruptcy-Remote Special Purpose Entities and a ...
Securitization: How Remote Is Bankruptcy Remote?, 26 HOFSTRA L. REV. ... with an elaborate scheme of separateness covenants and independent ...
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31 Single-Purpose Entities & Independent Directors: Does ...
In a typical2 structured finance transaction of equipment that involves a bankruptcy remote entity, the Parent creates a subsidiary whose purpose is limited to ...
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32 How Remote is Bankruptcy Remote? Is an Operating ...
To minimize the risk of a bankruptcy filing by the SPE, the SPE operating agreement typically restricts or limits the manager, managing member, or entity from ...
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33 The ABCs of Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)
Bankruptcy Remoteness: Most securitizations involve a sponsor, ... the effectiveness of portfolio limits, triggers, and covenants, ...
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34 Lessons From General Growth Properties - Fordham Law
its related corporate entities, despite the fact that bankruptcy remote ... assets to secure the debt of another.16 These covenants limit the SPE's.
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35 Mezzanine Finance: Overview - Simpson Thacher
debt investment, the mezzanine debt covenant package may be ... purpose entity intended to be a "bankruptcy remote" entity which.
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36 Special Purpose Entities & Asset Isolation
The terms insolvency-remote and bankruptcy-remote are not legal terms; ... Covenants to maintain the SPE's activities separate from the.
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37 General Growth Properties - Proskauer
Casting a Cloud over Traditional Perceptions of Bankruptcy Remote Financing Structures ... commence a bankruptcy case; separateness covenants that require a ...
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38 Understanding the Role of Independent Directors in Corporate ...
Also known as “bankruptcy remote” entities, SPEs have covenants and requirements in place, including the appointment of Independent ...
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39 "BAD BOY" GUARANTYS - Barley Snyder
The insolvency was a breach of the SPE covenants and caused full loan liability of the guarantor under the non-recourse guaranty.
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40 Real Estate Law & Industry Report - Alston & Bird
an entity can be an SPE if it has limited purpose and debt but without Separateness Covenants it cannot be fully bankruptcy-remote.
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41 In an asset securitization or structured finance transaction, the ...
Outside credit risks or exposure should be removed to the greatest extent possible. Typically, assets are transferred to a bankruptcy-remote special purpose ...
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42 a bna, inc. - real estate! law & industry - Goodwin Procter
law to the bankruptcy remote structure and summarize how the GGP bankruptcy filing has ... ing and (b) the ''separateness covenants'' designed to.
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43 Not So Bankruptcy-Remote SPEs and In re General Growth ...
remote” in an attempt to protect lenders ... General Growth's bankruptcy-remote SPE ... entities adhere to “separateness covenants”.
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44 Costs and Benefits of "Bankruptcy Remoteness" - jstor
are designed to achieve "bankruptcy remoteness" of securitized assets from ... pledge covenants) that would prevent the issuance of new secured debt outside.
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45 The Not-So-Remote Possibility Of The Bankruptcy ... - Mondaq
A bankruptcy remote entity is a special-purpose vehicle (or special purpose entity) ("SPV") that is formed to hold a defined group of assets ...
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46 Securitisation - Shearman & Sterling
5.1 Bankruptcy-Remote Transfers p.13. 5.2 Principal Warranties p.13. 5.3 Principal Perfection Provisions p.14. 5.4 Principal Covenants.
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bankruptcy-remote vehicle (“BRV”)24 —is an entity that a parent company ... bankruptcy.37 For example, often times the SPE covenants will include a.
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48 Bankruptcy Remote Special Purpose Entities Are Not ...
Jun 14, 2016 —
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49 Protecting Lenders In Structured Financing Transactions
... In Structured Financing Transactions: The Utility of “Bankruptcy-Remote” ... which typically include separateness covenants and limited ...
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50 Commercial Real Estate Loan Defaults and Remedies (TX)
For larger loans, the lender will also require that the SPE be bankruptcy remote. Typical SPE covenants to include in the loan documents.
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51 Evaluating the Role of an Independent Directors in Corporate ...
Also known as “bankruptcy remote” entities, SPEs have covenants and restrictions to protect the underlying SPE assets from bankruptcy, including the appointment ...
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B. Jurisdiction, applicable law and recognition in bankruptcy-remote issues (avoidance ... Covenants also include restrictions to engage in activities other.
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centers were structured as “bankruptcy remote” special purpose entities whose ... “separateness covenants” requiring them to maintain their assets and ...
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54 JARGON - Latham & Watkins LLP
deal, the Affirmative Covenants regarding delivery and maintenance ... Bankruptcy Remote Vehicle: a company that is set up within a corporate.
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55 Debt - Liberty Broadband
On May 12, 2021, a bankruptcy remote wholly owned subsidiary of the Company (“SPV”) ... The Margin Loan Agreement does not include any financial covenants.
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56 Project Finance Primer for Renewable Energy and Clean ...
the bankruptcy-remote Project Company level, and thus insulates the Sponsor (including equity investors in the Sponsor) and the Holdco from liability to ...
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57 What Is a Single Purpose Entity and Why Is It Important...?
A bankruptcy remote LLC is one in which it is required that the LLC have the ... lenders should also require a set of covenants designed to ...
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58 Special Purpose Vehicles in Bankruptcy Litigation
An SPV is designed under the law to be a bankruptcy-remote ... monitoring compliance with covenants and enforcing specific remedies.
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59 Podcast: A Primer on Asset-backed Leverage Facilities
So, it's essential that the SPV be “bankruptcy remote,” meaning that it ... separateness covenants to ensure the borrower is a third party, ...
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60 Securitisation - Germany - Mayer Brown
organised as bankruptcy remote special purpose entities. (SPEs). ... An SPE's activities will be restricted by negative covenants.
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61 S. Miller Co-Authors Article on GGP Bankruptcy - Morgan Lewis
“Lenders have used bankruptcy-remote, special purpose entities (SPEs) since the early 1990s to attempt to isolate their collateral from the ...
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62 Sharpest tool in the shed: A primer on asset-backed leverage ...
The upshot of the carefully planned bankruptcy-remote structure discussed above is that a leverage facility is anchored by a borrower that is effectively an ...
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63 dealing with potential bankruptcy of a licensor; a ... - DLA Piper
BANKRUPTCY REMOTE ENTITY MAY BE ONE WAY TO AVOID RISKS FOR ... BREs structured as corporations need to include operational covenants in the charter ...
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64 General Growth Bankruptcy Ruling Has Potential Far ...
many previously held assumptions regarding special purpose, bankruptcy remote entities and independent directors because they were thought to provide ...
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65 The Nuts and Bolts of Negotiating Nonrecourse Carve outs ...
Lenders will insist on SPE and separateness covenants as necessary for bankruptcy remote bor- rower. Borrowers should re-focus on which loan document features ...
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66 Hertz ABS' bankruptcy-remote status not imperiled by rare ...
... park letters of credit used to help the company meet unsecured debt covenants does not put the SPV's bankruptcy-remote status at risk, ...
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67 Reports - Reserve Bank of India
In order to ensure that the assets actually achieve the bankruptcy remoteness, it is essential to move them out of the balance sheet of the Originator and ...
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68 Recent Bankruptcy Court Ruling Has Major Implications For ...
erence to the bankruptcy-remote and lockbox covenants in the transaction documents, although it did pro- vide the SPEs' secured creditors ...
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69 Separateness Covenants Clause (Pro-Lender) - Lexis Advance
This separateness covenants clause is used in a real estate financing transaction in the loan agreement and the organizational documents of the borrower ...
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70 Non-recourse Loans—A Dangerous Misnomer
bankruptcy-remote, single-purpose entity (SPE). In response to the ratings agency requirements, lenders include SPE covenants in their mortgage loan docu-.
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71 New Jersey Law Journal
bankruptcy filings in which the borrower colluded in some fashion. ... remote entity (an SPE) and comply with. SPE covenants; and interference with.
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72 U.S. CMBS Legal and Structured Finance Criteria
and bankruptcy-remoteness covenants in the defeasance documents. The defeasing borrower should deliver opinions as to the enforceability of ...
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73 Single Purpose Entity (SPE), explained
A bankruptcy remote entity is always an SPE, but not all SPEs are ... a lender will often require that the owning entity covenant to adhere ...
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74 3.5 Legal isolation of transferred financial assets
Under the typical two-step arrangement, the transferor sells financial assets to a wholly-owned bankruptcy-remote entity (BRE) that, it turn, ...
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75 Representing Real Estate Joint Ventures in Mortgage ...
a bankruptcy filing by the borrower. ... form a single-asset, bankruptcy-remote entity to serve ... Covenants in loan documents either require the bor-.
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76 The GGP Case—What It Means for Lenders
All of the “bells and whistles” that real estate lenders and their counsel have been requiring to ensure bankruptcy remoteness remain ...
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77 Special Purpose Entities – The New Chapter 11 Debtors
specifically, the so-called “bankruptcy remoteness” of a special (or ... separateness covenants and the borrower had an obligation to retain ...
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78 Recent Cases Concerning “Springing” or “Bad-Boy ...
protection or affecting the “bankruptcy remote” aspects of the single-purpose ... Separateness” the mortgage lists covenants for the borrower, including one ...
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79 General Growth Properties and the Boundaries of Bankruptcy ...
Bankruptcy remote covenants require the affirmative vote of one or more independent directors — directors without any vested interest in the ...
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80 Restructuring the next wave of cov-lite debt | White & Case LLP
Historically, financial covenants have been viewed as a form of 'early warning system' for lenders, enabling them to initiate restructuring ...
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81 The Application of Structured Finance Techniques to ...
representations, warranties and covenants regarding the general business of the borrower and the ... bankruptcy remote provisions are intended to ensure.
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82 Structured Finance MEMORANDUM - Kutak Rock
The “bankruptcy-remote” requirements may not prevent a bankruptcy ... covenants under which the creditors agree not to file bankruptcy ...
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83 Real Estate Secured Loan Review and Credit Risk
Reviewing Financial Statements and covenant ... One carve out required borrower to remain a bankruptcy remote SPE and remain solvent and pay ...
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84 Does Non-Recourse Liability Still Exist? - Carr McClellan P.C.
This separateness, referred to as being “bankruptcy remote”, is beneficial to ... The NMLA rendered solvency covenants in nonrecourse loans ...
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85 Going-Concern Debt of Financial Intermediaries
prevalence of covenants in both bonds and loans. ... deposits and bankruptcy remote, non-recourse repos—seems to dampen the role of the Dia-.
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86 Repo Priority Right and the Bankruptcy Code
5There can be other reasons for creating bankruptcy-remote SPV structures, ... program, monitor covenants that long-term creditors may impose by way of ...
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87 Structuring Commercial Mortgage Securitization Special ...
Krause, Not So Bankruptcy-Remote SPEs and In re General Growth Properties Inc., ... prohibited by their loan covenants, as seriously impairing the SPEs' ...
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88 Noncompetition Agreements in Bankruptcy - Chicago Unbound
The issue of bankruptcy's effect on covenants not to compete arises most frequently ... that "all legal obligations of the debtor, no matter how remote or.
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89 TEXT-Fitch updates UK whole business securitisation rtg criteria
These include a comprehensive security package, bankruptcy remote special purpose vehicle issuer, committed liquidity at issuer level, ...
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90 Think Like a Lender — 8 Ways Lenders Protect Downside Risk
However, bankruptcy remote does not necessarily mean bankruptcy proof. Lenders should recognize the bankruptcy risks that cannot be eliminated, ...
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91 Property and the True-Sale Doctrine
conventional sense: either the likelihood of the event is too remote, ... that financial covenants are included in private loans agreements to limit the ...
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92 The End of Mortgage Securitization? Electronic Registration ...
Abstract. A central tenet of asset securitization in the United States—that assets are bankruptcy remote from their sponsors—may be ...
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93 Bankruptcy-remote entities are widely used in securitizations ...
Bankruptcy lawyers have long warned that bankruptcy-remote ... with a bankrupt affiliate through insertion of “separateness covenants” in.
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94 Legal analysis for structured finance transactions - CRISIL
are, therefore, bankruptcy remote from the originator's estate. ... Covenants restricting the transferee's ownership of the assets will be viewed as.
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95 Securitisation - Walkers Global
5.1 Bankruptcy-Remote Transfers p.17. 5.2 Principal Warranties p.17. 5.3 Principal Perfection Provisions p.18. 5.4 Principal Covenants.
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