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1 Highest Paying Jobs With a Bachelor's Degree - Payscale
Bachelor's Degree Jobs by Salary ; Job Title:Graphic Designer, Range:$34k - $65k, Average:$46,616 ; Job Title:Senior Software Engineer, Range:$83k - $158k ...
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2 Bachelors Degree Salary - ZipRecruiter
The average annual Bachelors Degree salary as of December, 2022 is $52097. The majority pay between $38000 to $60500 per year.
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3 Average Salary by Education Level: Value of a College Degree
Bachelor's degree holders earn an average weekly pay of $1,334, or $69,381 per year. Their unemployment rate is 3.5 percent, which is nearly ...
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4 Salaries for Public School Teacher with a Bachelor's Degree
According to our 100% employer reported salary sources the median salary for a Public School Teacher with a Bachelor's Degree is $51,902 - $57,413.
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5 What is the salary range for jobs if I have an online bachelor's ...
The salary range for those of you earn a bachelor's degree in education are just as richly varied as the different careers that you can choose.
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6 19 Highest Paying Bachelor Degree Jobs - GetEducated
If you have a bachelor's degree, your earnings can make a significant leap. The BLS says the median salary for someone with a bachelor's degree is $1,305, well ...
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7 Salaries of bachelor's degree graduates. PayScale, Inc., an ...
The average current salary is $57,000; half of the graduates get less than $48,000, and another half get more than $48,000. Also, 10 percent of graduates get ...
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8 How Much Can a Master's Degree Increase a Teacher's Salary?
Middle school teachers with a bachelor's degree across the country have a similar income to elementary school teachers, according to the Bureau of Labor ...
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9 Guidelines to GS Grade Level Equivalencies
A General Schedule (GS) pay scale is one of many pay systems in the Federal ... GS 7 = Bachelor's degree with Superior Academic Achievement for two grade ...
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10 Average Salary With A Bachelor's Degree
The average salary of someone with a bachelor's degree had a median weekly income of $1,281 (or $66,612 annually). Individuals with advanced ...
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11 Average College Graduate Salaries -
Average salary by education level ; Associate degree, $963, $50,076 ; Some college, no degree, $899, $46,748 ; High school diploma, no college ...
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12 Chart: Which College Degrees Get the Highest Salaries?
How do different college degrees compare for earning potential? ... and it's based on PayScale's year-long survey of 1.2 million users that ...
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13 10 College Degrees With the Best Starting Salaries
A bachelor's degree in one of these fields can lead to a high-paying career without the ... Payscale reported an average starting salary of $95,900 with the ...
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14 Average Salaries of College Graduates 2022 - Forbes
At the median, graduates with a bachelor's degree earn $2.8 million over the course of their careers, according to the Georgetown University ...
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15 Average Salary for College Graduates by Industry (Plus FAQs)
The average starting salary for college graduates is $55,260 per year as of 2020. Students graduating with a degree in computer science are likely to earn the ...
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16 The Average Salary by Education Level - SmartAsset
Americans with a bachelor's degree earn a weekly average of $1,305. Average earnings for workers with bachelor's degrees work out to $67,860 per ...
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17 Best Undergrad College Degrees By Salary (2008)
From: ... Will your college degree lead to a job at all? Will the job pay well?
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18 Salary Increase By Major - Wall Street Journal
› public › resources › documents › in...
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19 Teacher Salary with a Master's Degree
We compare the salaries of teachers with a master's versus a bachelor's ... 61% of all large school districts use standard pay scales for teachers that ...
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20 10 Careers Where a Masters Degree Pays Off
According to the website PayScale, the average salary of U.S. workers with a bachelor's degree is $63,386, while those with a master's degree or higher earned ...
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21 Applied Computing Salaries | UW Extended Campus
Regardless of which college degree salary report you read, applied computing is near the top of the list. NACE's 2022 Salary Survey states ...
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22 Human Resources Degree Salary: What You Can Expect
If you want to advance your career beyond entry-level positions in HR, a bachelor's degree is an important step. Not only will it increase your job prospects, ...
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23 Cal Poly Bachelor's Degree Grads Rank 14th in Nation for ...
Cal Poly bachelor's degree graduates rank 14th in the nation among public universities for median salaries, according to's 2015-16 College ...
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24 Highest Paying Jobs with a Bachelor's Degree | Maryville Online
The accounting field, for example, provided a respectable median annual salary of around $77,250 as of 2021, according to the BLS. Furthermore, accounting grads ...
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25 2022 Engineering Salary Statistics
› engineering › outreach › welcome
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26 What Is The Typical Salary For Someone With a Healthcare ...
According to, a bachelor's degree in this field will earn an entry level student about $45,000 a year. While that may still seem mediocre to ...
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27 10 College Majors With the Highest Starting Salaries
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median usual weekly wage for full-time workers age 25 and older who have at least a bachelor's degree was ...
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28 Salary Scale for Teachers, Counselors, Clinical Staff
Experience prior to a bachelor's degree will not be credited. Satisfactory Work Experience will be counted. Experience will be accepted at any ...
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29 The Average Accountant Salary With a Bachelor's Degree
According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants with bachelor's degrees earned an average salary of $79,520 in 2019. The bottom 10 ...
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30 Solved Salaries of bachelor's degree graduates. PayScale
PayScale, Inc., an online provider of global compensation data, conducts an annual salary survey of bachelor's degree graduates. Three of the many variables ...
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31 Higher Education Pays: - American Institutes for Research
Figure 2: Median First-Year Earnings of Bachelor's Degree Graduates by Institution ... or $30,000 more than the Texas-wide median bachelor's degree salary.
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32 Salary Benefits of Earning a Masters in Engineering
Examine the typical master's in engineering salary in various engineering branches, and learn how ... Payscale, Bachelor of Engineering (BEng / BE) Degree.
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33 10 Best and Worst Paying Jobs for Master's Degree Grads
The median pay for those with a master's degree is $1,326 a week, or about $69,000 a year — that's nearly $12,000 more than the median for bachelor's degree ...
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34 Salary Allocation / Frequently Asked Questions - LAUSD's
Official transcripts verifying the bachelor's degree and any postgraduate coursework* ... Subsequent to rating-in, in order to qualify for pay scale group ...
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35 GS-7 Pay Scale - General Schedule 2021 -
Employees with a Bachelor's Degree hired under the Pathways Internship Program start at GS-7. Starting salary for a GS-7 employee is $37,674.00 per year at ...
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36 College Majors with the Highest Salaries - HeyTutor
Full-time workers with a bachelor's degree have a median annual salary of $60,996, while high school graduates that didn't go to college earn $37,024 per ...
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37 2021 North Carolina Public School Salary Schedules - NC DPI
CERTIFIED TEACHER SALARY SCHEDULE. Years. Bachelor's Teacher. Bachelor's w/ NBPTS Certification of. Monthly ... BACHELOR'S DEGREE - INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT.
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38 Bachelor's Degree - Putnam City Schools
Employment · Job Opportunities · Certified Salaries · Bachelor's Degree · Master's Degree · Doctorate · Negotiated Agreement · Substitute Teaching · Employee Absence ...
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39 10 Best Bachelor's Degrees by Salary
10 Best Bachelor's Degrees by Salary ; #10 – Bachelor's in Aeronautical Engineering · : $63,000 · : $113,000 · design aircraft; missiles; satellites ...
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40 Loyola receives high rankings from PayScale in its annual ...
Loyola placed 75 out of 965 private colleges and universities based on the salary potential of alumni holding bachelor's degrees; when expanded ...
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41 The Economic Value of College Majors - CEW Georgetown
STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), health, and business majors are the highest paying, leading to average annual wages of $37,000 or more ...
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42 The Most Lucrative Business Majors By Starting Salary
According to PayScale, annual salaries for finance majors with just a bachelor's degree can get as high as $115,000+ for portfolio and finance ...
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43 COE - Annual Earnings by Educational Attainment
In the same year, the median earnings of those with a bachelor's degree were 63 percent higher than the earnings of those who completed high school ...
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44 Scientist/Researcher Salary Structure
Undergraduate Program: Students pursuing Associate's and/or Bachelor's Degrees Annual ... (salary cap for students pursuing an Associates Degree). $39,811.
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45 Teacher Salary by State -
Teacher salaries vary in states across the country, ... but also the average salary for teachers who hold a bachelor's degree, ...
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46 Trade School vs. College Degree Salaries: Who Makes More?
Traditional colleges award bachelor's degrees to students after four years ... College Degree Salaries for the 7 Highest-Paying Occupations.
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47 Employment | HR / Pay Scales - Little Rock School District
Certified Pay Scales · Classified Pay Scales · Stipend Schedule · Signatures · Teacher pay scale information · Range I-requires a bachelor's degree granted by an ...
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48 Comprehensive List of Average Salary with College Degree
Highest Educational Degree, Median Income ; High School Diploma, $28,290 ; Associate of Arts Degree, $36,362 ; Bachelor's Degree, $47,240 ; Master's ...
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49 Five Two-Year Degrees That Pay Off - Monster Jobs
PayScale calculated the average, annual pay among all associate's degree holders ... need a bachelor's degree in radiation therapy or a two-year degree in ...
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50 15 Jobs and Salaries You Can Get with a Business Degree in ...
According to PayScale, these are the average earnings in the United ... Average salary with a Bachelor's degree in Business: 64,000 USD/year ...
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51 College grads expect to earn $60,000—here's how much they ...
PayScale estimates the typical graduate with zero to five years experience makes $48,400. The National Association of Colleges and Employers ( ...
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52 Benefits and Pay - NYC DOE
Find out about salary and benefits when you work for the New York City ... with an education that gives them the tools to thrive in college, in careers, ...
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53 50 Highest-paying College Majors | - Lone Star College
Learn more to earn more with an affordable, world-class education. 200+ programs including university transfer, high-quality job training, ...
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54 How Much Does a Teacher With a Bachelor's Make in Florida?
The average salary for teachers with a bachelor's degree was $43,735. Pay Scale. The range of salaries earned by those with bachelor's degrees ...
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55 Top 20 Highest Paying Degrees in 2023
... it's important to know which college degree can help you. Discover the top 20 highest paying college degrees, and what careers they lead to.
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56 Highest paying bachelor's degrees in the U.S. 2021/22, by mid ...
Highest paying bachelor's degrees in the United States in 2021/22, by mid-career salary (in U.S. dollars) ; Electrical Engineering & Computer ...
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57 Measuring the value of education - Bureau of Labor Statistics
And workers with at least a bachelor's degree earned more than the $907 median weekly earnings for ... Earnings are for full-time wage and salary workers.
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58 Salary Information - Virginia Beach Public Schools
Instructional Experience-Based Step Pay Scale · Instructional Experience-Based ... Compensation Philosophy of the School Board of the City of Virginia Beach.
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Teachers may enter the Salary Schedule at Classes II, III, or VII. ... Class II – Step 1: Hold a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution recognized ...
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60 The Difference a Master's Degree Can Have on Starting Salary
A graduate with a bachelor's degree in computer science is projected to earn a starting salary of $68,103, while a computer science major ...
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61 What Salaries Can You Earn with a Marketing Degree?
Considering that most marketing jobs require a bachelor's degree, ... or salary sites, like Payscale and, to find out what your ...
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62 What Can I Do With a Business Management Degree?
Business Management Degree Jobs; Management Degree Salary: Average Range ... A Bachelor of Science in Management is typically earned through a traditional ...
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63 How much do graduates with a Bachelor's in Education ...
As you peruse these jobs, the average salary range is about $35000 to $60000. ... a Bachelor of Education Studies Degree” for the complete list of jobs.
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64 Pay Scale for Jobs in Florida Requiring a Bachelor's Degree's_Degree.pdf
(2015 wage estimates in dollars). Title. Employment. Mean Median Entry** Exp***. Pay Scale for Jobs in Florida Requiring a Bachelor's Degree.
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65 College Degree vs High School Diploma: Wage Gap ... - Money
Typical young workers with college degrees now outearn their high-school-graduate counterparts by a record-high $22,000 per year.
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66 What is the Average Salary for Careers in Healthcare ...
According to the BLS, a bachelor's degree is required for this job, and the median annual salary is about $79,000. The upper end of the pay scale exceeds ...
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67 10 Highest-Paying Bachelor's Degrees - BestColleges
How much can you earn with a bachelor's degree? Workers with a bachelor's degree earned a median annual salary of almost $68,000 in 2020. That was about $19,000 ...
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68 Business Administration Salary Guide
Education: Advanced Degrees Can Lead to Higher Salaries ... You can begin your career in business administration with an associate, bachelor's, or master's degree ...
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69 Social Worker Salary with Bachelor's Degree
What are a Social Workers Bachelors Degree Salary Range? A Social Worker salary with bachelor's degree depends on education, experience, location, ...
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70 Health Information Management Salary: How Much Can I Make?
Graduate with an associate or bachelor degree in health information management and you can make an excellent hourly/annual salary on average in any state.
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71 Which College Major Pays The Highest Mid-Career Salary ...
Engineering degrees make up the top three highest-paying college majors according to mid-career salaries. Payscale's annual College Salary ...
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72 What Salary Can I Earn With a Degree in Journalism?
Compared to the median wage for all occupations – $41,950 – that's not a bad salary. However, it's important to put this figure in context. As of 2020, the ...
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73 What Is the Salary of a Graduate with a Political Science Major?
According to June 2021 data from, professionals with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science and less than a year of experience earned an ...
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74 Essential Guide to the Highest Paying IT Careers
They turn the program designs created by software developers and engineers into instructions that a computer can follow. Bachelor's degree. Computer Support ...
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75 50 College Majors That Earn the Least Money | Stacker
PayScale's salaries do not directly reflect those of the U.S. Bureau of ... You may also like: Best jobs that require a bachelor's degree.
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76 What average salary can I expect with a Bachelor's degree in ...
Check out each hospitality management salary here! ... the average annual salary range is between $65,20 to upwards of $108,060 per year for ...
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77 Best-paying jobs: 5 bachelor's degree you should consider
Best-paying jobs with a bachelor's degree, according to Payscale · 1. Interaction Design. Early career pay (alumni with zero to five years of ...
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78 A Closer Look at 9 Human Resources Salaries
We're here to help you sort out HR positions and salaries so you ... by writing or assigning job descriptions and deciding salary scales.
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79 Federal Pay Scale 2022 (Government GS Pay Scale) | FRG
Such positions include a team-leading roles, which have about 10-15 people in submission. The Master's degree and 1 year of working at an equal ...
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80 Cyber Security Salary & Job Outlook | NEIT
Earn your degree in Cyber Security today. ... With an average salary range of $125,000 to $215,000 , information security managers help ...
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81 Your Salary Schedule - UTLA
There are three places where salary point courses are regularly listed: ... accredited-university units that you have earned after your bachelor's degree.
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82 College students expect to make $103880 after graduation
Today's college students expect to make around $103880 in their first, post-graduation jobs – but the average starting salary is actually ...
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83 Bachelors Degree Program | On Campus or Online
At SPC, you can complete many of our bachelor's degree programs ... According to, the average bachelor's degree earner makes 25% more than ...
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84 Salary Scales FY23 | Fairfax County Public Schools
An additional step was added to the top of all salary scale pay lanes. In addition, a 0.9 million scale enhancement was approved to bring the family liaison ...
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85 Pay & Benefits - U.S. Air Force
Pay is only a part of the inclusive package you receive. ... College of the Air Force earning college credit starting with Basic Military Training.
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86 Is an Information Technology Degree Worth It? - Value Colleges
An IT degree salary will vary based on both the person's educational background and desired position. A bachelor's in IT can pay very well.
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87 According To Payscale, A Degree from SUNY Does PAY off
Most people go to college to earn a degree with the long term goal of getting a job. But it's not just about the job, it is about the ...
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88 3 High Paying Careers in Human Resources
"While a bachelor's degree is the entry-level educational requirement for most human resources ... Average Salary: $152,996 - PayScale.
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89 How do school districts compensate teachers for advanced ...
On average, a master's degree earns teachers an additional $2,760 in their first year of teaching compared to a bachelor's degree. This salary ...
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90 Graduate Earnings by Major & Degree – University of Texas
First-year median earnings for a graduate with a bachelor's degree from UT-Austin range from $30724 for a major in fine and studio arts to ...
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91 Why a College Degree Could Mean a Higher Paying Job for You
A teacher's salary may vary depending on the school district, and whether it's a public or private school. The pay can range from $34,000 to ...
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92 These are the highest paying college majors of 2022 | Fortune
Engineering majors also earn the highest median wages mid-career. Chemical engineering graduates ages 35 to 45 make a median wage of $111,000.
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93 PayScale ranks Notre Dame No. 9 for monetary value of a ...
With a typical college degree from the schools in this report, a graduate will earn a gross income of about $1.95 million over a 30-year career, ...
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94 How Much Do Kinesiologists Make?
There are several factors that can affect kinesiology jobs salary. The higher the degree level, the higher the salary potential. Those with a graduate degree ...
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95 2020-2021 Minimum Salary Schedule | Texas Education Agency
› salary-and-service-record › 2020...
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96 Datapoint: How much do psychology graduates earn?
About 38% of bachelor's degree holders earned at least $60,000, the median salary of master's degree holders. About 17% of bachelor's degree ...
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97 Social Work Salaries and Hiring Outlook |
At the upper end of the pay scale, hospitals pay a median wage of $55,500. Generally, those with advanced education, such as a master's degree, ...
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