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1 Nigerian Bureaucracy in an African Democracy By Bola ...
Second, there is a misunderstanding of the instrumental role of bureaucracy for governance. By political and economic standards, Nigeria is a weak state. Its ...
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2 Bureaucracy and Development in Nigeria: Issues and ... - IPRJB
Weber saw bureaucracy as the type of administration which is organized rationally, logically, impersonally and according to official rules as a means of ...
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This paper explores the issues involved when bureaucrats execute these demanding tasks in various parts of Nigeria. This paper considers the federal government ...
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4 The Role of Bureaucracy in Good Governance in Nigeria
The bureaucratic accountability is the core of public administration in a democracy. Under a constitutional system of government such as Nigeria ...
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5 What Is a Bureaucracy and How It Works, With Examples
The term bureaucracy refers to a complex organization that has multilayered systems and processes. The systems and processes that are put in place effectively ...
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6 Bureaucracy | Definition, Characteristics, Examples, & Facts
bureaucracy, specific form of organization defined by complexity, division of labour, permanence, professional management, ...
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This paper presents a critique of the bureaucratic theory: The Nigerian ... administration was projected to be the ideal and ... survey research method.
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8 The Military-Bureaucracy Relationship in Nigeria
is: What is the relationship between the Nigerian military junta and the ... so centralized a political administrative system as prevails in ...
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9 Public Bureaucracy and National Development in Nigeria
The introduction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has enhanced the processes and activities involved in public administration. Hence, today we.
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10 The Case of Nigeria - JSTOR
Politics and Administration of Nigerian Government (London: Sweet and Max- ... able fact that the higher civil servant's opinion of what is "right" or.
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11 administrative processes and the challenges of service ...
This paper examines the effect of bureaucracy, administrative processes and procedures on service delivery in Nigeria. This article view bureaucracy as a ...
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12 Bureaucratic Politics and the Implementation of Liberalization ...
The study applies the bureaucratic politics model to explain ... “The Restructuring of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC): ...
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13 Bureaucracy - Wikipedia
Historically, a bureaucracy was a government administration managed by departments staffed with non-elected officials. ... Today, bureaucracy is the ...
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tackle such nagging issues like, what is the place of the bureaucracy ... Do civil servants understand and adhere to administrative ethics?
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15 The Functions of the Federal Bureaucracy - Cliffs Notes
The federal bureaucracy makes regulations (the rules by which federal and state programs operate) through an administrative process known as rule making.
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attainment of development in the ongoing reform process in Nigeria? ... public administration which is founded on (i) the theory of bureaucracy, ...
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17 Management of Bureaucrats and Public Service Delivery
and implementation processes; (ii) the flexibility with bureaucrats can be ... fashioned its Nigerian administration after the British Parliamentary Civil ...
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18 Bureaucratic Abuse In The Nigerian Civil Service: A Critical ...
The Civil Service is an administrative bureaucracy which occupies an essential position in the ... what is happening in the next departments. Bureaucratic ...
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19 Chapter 9: State and Local Bureaucracy and Administration
The bureaucratic system uses official channels of communication where activities are documented as to who decided what, to what effect, and at what cost to the ...
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20 Bureaucracy and Development
not, what is it about the 'nature of India' that makes it so? ... bureaucrats took over the administration of sub-national units that had been previously.
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21 Max Weber's Bureaucracy and Job Performance in Bayelsa ...
study was the Bayelsa State Civil Service, Nigeria. ... administration, “Bureaucracy” has earned quite a large number of unpleasant connotations.
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22 chapter 10 bureaucracy and political development, with ...
are political or administrative in character, including a sophisticated bureaucratic ... calizing of the Nigerian bureaucracies in the traditional American.
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23 The Bureaucracy Learning Objectives - Cengage
Describe the formal and informal processes of bureaucratic policymaking. ... Administrative discretion is exercised through rule making—the ...
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24 Administrative Decentralization - World Bank
Outputs vs. Outcomes: · People vs. Institutions: · Bureaucratic and Technical Infrastructure: The processes by which information is received, processed, and ...
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His research interests include public administration theory, bureaucratic politics, and public policy process. He has forthcoming articles in Administration ...
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26 Management of Bureaucrats and Public Service Delivery
developing countries: (i) the process of project implementation is rarely ... government fashioned its Nigerian administration after the British ...
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27 Administrative Procedures and Political Control of the ...
Administrative Procedures and Political Control of the Bureaucracy ... “Explaining Administrative Process: Normative, Positive, and Critical Stories of ...
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28 Accountability and Control Measures in Public Bureaucracy in ...
administration in Nigeria, it is important to analyze the extent to which the government ... describe and understand how political violence affects national ...
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29 in nigerian - Lagos State University
some features of the cultural and political environment; and lastly, by finding out the influence of these aspects on Nigerian bureaucracy. L. ON ADMINISTRATION ...
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30 Bureaucratic Dysfunctions in Nigerian Public Schools
Bureaucracy refers to a specific form of social organization for administrative purposes. It possesses a formal structure characterized by clearly defined ...
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31 Bureaucracy Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster
› dictionary › burea...
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32 Bureaucracy and Public Policy Implementation in the Nigerian ...
Minimization of undue political interference in administrative processes. References. Bureaucratic Decision Making: Evidence from Nigeria. https:// ...
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33 political interference and bureaucratic performance in
D. Department of Public Administration,. College of Management and Social Sciences,. Samuel Adegboyega University, Ogwa, Edo State, Nigeria. Collins Odigie,.
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34 Bureaucracy: Definition, Examples, Pros and Cons - ThoughtCo
Complex multi-level administrative hierarchy · Departmental specialization · Strict division of authority · Standard set of formal rules or operating procedures ...
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35 What are The Characteristics of Bureaucracies (Main Features)
He came up with this term to define large administrative well-structured organizations, dealing with businesses and concerned with executing ...
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36 Conundrum of bureaucratic processes and healthcare service ...
It discovered that bureaucratic impersonality cannot impact on the quality of service delivery in government hospitals in Nigeria. Separation ...
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37 Bureaucracies at Work - Brill
this chapter deals with reform processes in african bureaucracies taking ... cific administrative segment as well as document each segment's capacity.
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38 What Is Governance? - Center for Global Development
One would want to know whether bureaucrats are recruited and promoted on the basis of merit or political patronage, what level of technical expertise they are ...
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39 Bureaucracy and Service Delivery in the Nigerian Public ...
In effect, the bureaucratic administration under northern Nigeria was under the District Head (Hakimis) and Village Heads.
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40 Conceptualizing an alternative ideal type of bureaucracy in ...
The study of public administration in developing countries requires that we look ... As Lam and Perry aptly describe, extra-bureaucracies “only provide ser-.
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41 Ethnicity and Bureaucracy in Nigeria: Impact on Politics and ...
and organizational processes such as recruitment in Nigerian administration. Ethnicity and Effectiveness of. University Bureaucracy.
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42 Traditional Public Administration versus The New Public ...
components that are compatible with the bureaucratic administration, ... accountability can be assigned by examining each stage of the process to determine ...
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43 The State, Bureaucracy And Corruption In Nigeria
A well-defined division of administrative labor among persons and offices; ... almost become a norm in Nigeria's political processes.
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44 Bureaucratic process definition and meaning - Collins Dictionary
Bureaucratic process definition: Bureaucratic means involving complicated rules and procedures which can cause long delays... | Meaning, pronunciation ...
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45 Road Map for Resolving the High Cost of Governance in Africa
the likes (Aluko & Adesopo, 2004:14). Most social scientists define bureaucracy in a more neutral way as the formal organization of administrative tasks. In.
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46 the effects of environmental factors on
attachments, are more salient in explaining bureaucratic performance in Cameroon than endogenous ... an administrative tool in the process of implementing.
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47 What Is the Bureaucracy? - Role, Structure & Characteristics
2. The bureaucracy provides necessary administrative functions, like conducting examinations, issuing permits and licenses, and collecting fees.
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48 Understanding Bureaucracies and their Types
TYPES OF BUREAUCRATIC ORGANIZATIONS · Cabinet Departments · Independent Executive Agencies and Regulatory Agencies · Government Corporations.
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49 What Is a Bureaucracy? - SparkNotes
A bureaucracy is a way of administratively organizing large numbers of people who need to work together. Organizations in the public and private sector, ...
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50 the efficiency of bureaucracy on the public sector - DergiPark
the term implies, bureaucracy here means public administration as opposed to ... It will be concerned to specify the criteria which determine what is to.
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51 Bureaucratic Theory by Max Weber: definition and principles
Bureaucracy definition: “Bureaucracy is an organisational structure that is characterised by many rules, standardised processes, procedures and ...
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52 Management of Bureaucrats and Public Service Delivery
developing countries: (i) the process of project implementation is rarely ... fashioned its Nigerian administration after the British Parliamentary Civil ...
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53 Bureaucracy A Tool for Scuttling Application of Innovative ...
Nigerian Public Service. Chuks P. Maduabum, Ph.D1. 1 Professor of Public Administration and Dean, School of Management Sciences, National.
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bureaucracy and public policy, organization, Nigeria civil service and other ... Explain the context of public administration, ... What is Administration?
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55 Bureaucratic politics and policy development
findings revealed that the public bureaucracy in Nigeria is expected to play a leading role in ... processes of administration and politics are coordinate.
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processes in various educational institutions in Nigeria show that there are effects of bureaucracy on administrative control system and these often bring ...
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57 Chapter 6: Living With Government--Bureaucracy and Politics
A staff has been defined as "that portion of an administrative organization which has mainly investigatory, advisory, or planning functions, in contrast to the ...
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58 Civil Service Reforms and Governance Challenges in Nigeria
The period between 1960 when Nigeria got her independent and 1966 when the first military coup was experienced was an era Nigerian civil service or bureaucracy ...
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59 the substance of public administration in nigeria -
Features of bureaucracy are taken as the measured values. Bureaucracy, a common form of organization rule by efficient administrative officials, technically it ...
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60 Bureaucracy and Rural Development; the Role of Public ...
Administration in National Development: The Nigerian. Perspective ... necessitating what is known as bureaucratic corruption.
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61 Bureaucracy-and-Corporate-Practice-in-Nigerian-Universities ...
merits of bureaucracy and its overall impact of university administration in ... (vii) They operate under what is called 'Code of Conduct' which regulate ...
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62 the obstacles to effective policy implementation by the public ...
implementation activities and processes. Recommendations offered to overcome the obstacles and challenges and to reposition the Nigeria public bureaucracy ...
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63 MPA-What-is-Governance-Fukuyama.pdf - Tseng College
drum of why low-income countries are advised to reduce bureaucratic ... Governance: An International Journal of Policy, Administration, and Institutions, ...
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64 The Bureaucratic Elite in Nigeria
NIGERIAN BUREAUCRATIC ELITE ... an administrative culture deriving process, the country's public service ... explain the accelerated rate of govern-.
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65 African bureaucracy and public administration: Analysing the ...
The article also examines the constraints facing a bureaucracy in facilitating efficient and effective public administration. Finally, it dwells ...
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66 The perils of bureaucratic complexity: Education for all in Nigeria
paper explored the bureaucratic implementation process ... Campbell, 2015) to explain why in spite of effort to.
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67 The Role of Bureaucracies in Successful Education Reform
Bureaucratic Barriers or Administrative Actions: The Role of ... In which ways are bureaucracies a point of reform friction, and what is ...
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68 The Impact of Ethnic Diversity in Bureaucracies
We do so in the context of Nigeria, where ethnicity is a salient form of ... D73 Bureaucracy; Administrative Processes in Public Organizations; Corruption ...
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69 Local Governance and Bureaucrats' Performance
with administrative records to understand the performance of local bureaucracy. In this section, we detail the data collection procedure, describe the ...
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70 Survey data on bureaucratic processes and entrepreneurial ...
This article presents data that examined the impact of bureaucratic processes on the performance of small and medium enterprises in Nigeria.
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71 Using the lens of Max Weber's Theory of Bureaucracy to ...
impartiality imposed on the decision-making process and the stable administrative structure it facilitated. However, Weber did criticize bureaucracy for its.
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72 Paradigms of public administration - University of North Florida
Or, as Henry puts it in the preface of our course text: in its original definition, bureaucracy in government was about good government, that is “uncorrupted, ...
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73 Bureaucratic Corruption in Africa: The Futility of Cleanups
Paying bribes to civil servants has emerged as an important method to compete for those rents. For profit-maximizing enterprises faced with ruinous government ...
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In a bureaucracy, authority is legitimized by a belief in the correctness of the process by which administration rules were enacted; and the loyalty of the ...
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75 The Consequences of Political Interference in Bureaucratic ...
towards political involvement in bureaucratic processes.2. 1Other evidence implies that ... is the most basic administrative unit of government in Nigeria.
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76 Bureaucracy and development | CEPR
How does bureaucracy matter for development? ... mostly focused around evidence from field experiments and micro-level administrative data.
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... Nigerian system. Keywords: Bureaucracy, Bureaucratic Corruption, Public Administration ... our livelihood but the big question is, what is corruption?
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78 A case of Ondo State, Nigeria | International Scholars Journals
of administration. Available literatures succinctly demon- strate the dominant influence of top bureaucrats in. Nigeria‟s policy processes especially during ...
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79 The Bureaucracy and Governance in 16 Developing Countries
administration, but they have taken on particular significance to ... bureaucratic structures and processes œ in different contexts œ lead ...
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80 Representative Bureaucracy and Bureaucratic Practice in ...
pursued in favor of general representation, in employment process into federal civil ... in the contemporary approaches and methods of administration.
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Nigerian continues to face numerous contradiction between what they need to survive and what is possible under current administrative laws, religious, ...
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82 Chapter 8: The Executive Branch: Bureaucracy ... - W.W. Norton
Whereas administration refers to all the ways in which human beings rationally coordinate their efforts to achieve common goals, bureaucracy refers to the ...
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83 Bureaucracy and Service Delivery - Annual Reviews
This article reviews the literature on the politics of bureaucracy in the ... to both what is being administered and at what level of administration.
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84 Public Policy and Bureaucracy | SpringerLink
It is possible to think that the ability of bureaucracy to exercise power in the policy process is as a result of the rise of the administrative state with its ...
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85 Role of bureaucracy in policy formulation and ... - iPleaders
Bureaucrats play an important role in financial administration through various roles. They advise ministers on aspects such as financial ...
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86 Bureaucracy |
A government administration so defined must be understood, according to Weber, ... This was clearly a major step in the process of bureaucratization.
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87 The Role of Public Administrators in Public Policy Formulation ...
steps of what is often acknowledged as the premier civil service. (the British administrative system), Nigeria along with many other.
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88 Bureaucracy in Business: Definition, Characteristics and How ...
This allows each employee to have defined rules for their work. There is a measure of equality among employees at each level, which minimizes confusion about ...
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89 Bureaucratic Processes in Media Practices in Nigeria
It can also be defined as a type of administration, primarily manned by some permanent officers recruited by a body which acts independently, ...
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90 Bureaucracy and Corruption in Nigeria: Implications for ...
It can be therefore be said that corruption in Nigeria is as old as the history of business or public administration in Nigeria Again, few ...
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91 A Brief History of Bureaucratic and Organizational Structure ...
Maybe the place to start is the word bureaucracy, which was coined in the early 18th century by a French government minister. Translated, it ...
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92 bureaucracy and workers productivity: an appraising glance
This is what is described as over devotion to precedence, ... Nigerian public administration, apply to bureaucracy in its worst forms only.
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The bureaucrats are arranged in a clearly defined hierarchy of offices. The functions of each office are clearly specified. The bureaucrats accept and maintain ...
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94 Public administration and bureaucracy
What is the other commonly accepted definition of the state? What are the three main functions of the state (corresponding to the three branches of government)? ...
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95 Advantages and Disadvantages of Bureaucracy - Bscholarly
The parliamentary system of the then 1960s Nigeria created the office of the Head of State, which was totally ceremonious. The notorious ...
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96 Bureaucracy and the Evolution of Public Administration
A bureaucracy is an administrative group of nonelected officials charged with carrying out functions connected to a series of policies and programs. In the ...
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