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1 What is an alternator sense wire? - Quora
The sense wire is directly connected to the battery positive via a separate wire, the reason why it is not connected to the main positive at the alternator ...
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2 Battery Voltage Sense - Morningstar Corporation
Select Morningstar controllers allow for precise measurement of battery voltage using the connection labeled 'Battery Sense'. Long wire runs or small gauge ...
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3 Battery Sense Wire Kit Field Installation Instructions for 36V ...
The following wiring diagrams detail installation of common Alpha® Battery Sense Wire Kits in XM2 and XM3 power supplies. Actual battery placement will vary ...
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4 Alternators & Voltage Sensing - Marine How To
These sensing wires measure the actual battery terminal voltage and allow the regulator to drive the voltage at the battery end to the correct point.
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5 Please could you explain the battery sense terminal? - Sollatek
Battery sense is used for accurate battery terminal voltage measurement, hence correct charge levels and HVD/LVD actions. A cable carrying load will have a ...
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6 Help needed wiring my new alternator sense wire.
I assume therefore that the sense wire is sensing the starting battery voltage which will cause a problem for the charging regime.
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7 Where to connect alternator voltage sense wire
In this case the best compromise would be to put the voltage sensing wire on your domestic battery. However if you have any kind of automatic ...
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8 Alternator Remote Sense Wiring - NHTSA
Vehicles with reversed wires may not start if the vehicle is parked and the engine is shut down for extended periods of time, due to parasitic battery drain.
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9 Alpha 874-842-28 Battery Sense Wire Kit for 36 ... - eBay
Alpha Battery Sense Wire Kit For 36V And 48V # 874-841-25-001. New condition, please see photos for details, thank you.
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10 Where to connect alternator voltage sensing wire - PistonHeads
The sense wire is used to account for the voltage drop between alternator and battery to ensure an accurate charging voltage, i.e. it should ...
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11 Removing and Replacing Alternators with Remote Sense
It utilizes a small sense wire that reads the actual battery voltage and signals the regulator to increase voltage output as needed, ensuring ...
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12 Alternator wiring...where does the sense wire go? - HybridZ
The field wire is the one closest to the positive output stud on the back of the alternator, and should be connected to a switched hot battery ...
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13 ArgoFET and Voltage sense wire? - Victron Community
I have two battery banks, and want to separate them with a ArgoFET. My alternator has a voltage sense wire that i guess is used to measure ...
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14 Remote Voltage Sensing - MAD Electrical
And under the hood, the battery may be at the opposite side from alternator mounting, which will also require a long wire. The long length of wires will ...
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15 Alternator Regulator - Balmar
To complete installation of the sense circuit: 1. Identify the favored location for battery sensing. NOTE: The voltage sense wire MUST be installed on the ...
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16 Alternator Wiring: How to Wire an Alternator -
It would help if you connected an alternator's sense wire to the battery terminal to communicate with the voltage regulator.
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17 Alternator Trouble shooting - HubbardHobbies
The Voltage sense wire usually connects to the Battery + or charge wire 12-18" from the alternator. This gives the alternator feed back on the overall ...
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18 What's the purpose of the sensing wire for the alternator?
I'm looking through the wiring diagrams for the charging system and I notice ... This type of regulator circuit is called "battery sensing".
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19 What Are The 4 Wires On An Alternator [Alternator Wiring]
The sense wire on an alternator connects to the battery side of the voltage regulator. It helps the regulator sense the voltage to regulate the ...
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20 How a 3 Wire Alternator Works - It Still Runs
The three wire types in a three-wire alternator include the battery positive wire, the voltage sensing wire, and the ignition input wire.
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21 Internally Regulated Alternator Sense Wire - ClassicZcars
The internally regulated alternators (used on the 78 and beyond) use a sense wire to control the alternator output.
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22 Balmar voltage sense wiring - Class B Forums
In the low voltage at the batteries because of sensing up upstream ... the sense wire) were the predominant factors for battery failures.
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23 Batteries and Alternators - Wood-Mizer
battery and alternator are in working order ... Minimum battery voltage required for testing is 12.5 volts. ... down the exciter wire to the alternator.
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24 Alternator System in Your Subaru
The older alternators do not have fuses between the battery sense wire and the rest of the car so you could potentially damage the voltage ...
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25 Maretron Battery Voltage Sense / Power Cable
The Battery Sense / Power cable (FC01) is a battery harness with fuse for the Maretron DCM100 Direct Current DC Monitor. Features: Provides battery sense ...
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26 Using the Voltage Sense Connections on a Power Supply
As a result the resistance of the sense wires can be high without having an impact. The power supply is forced by the sense lines to supply the correct voltage ...
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27 Alternator sense wire | Chevy Tri Five Forum
I don't think there is a problem with senseing the voltage at the alternator with a large enough wire from the alternator to the battery. The ...
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28 Dirty Dingo Motorsports - LS Conversion Swap Information
Hooking the Sense wire to the battery positive on the alternator will make the regulator prematurely limit the voltage output. One thing you may notice here is ...
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29 MAX CHARGE MC-612-DUAL - e Marine Systems
RED power wires. • Fused (1A) battery sense wire pigtail. • Magnetic programming tool. • Installation and operation manual. If any of the listed items is not ...
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30 Mando alternator red sense wire -
General Q & A - Mando alternator red sense wire - The red sense wire on my mando 55 amp alternator is drawing 3 amps from my battery wtih the engine not ...
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31 Sterling Power ProReg-D Advanced Alternator Regulator
battery charging, Advanced Alternator Regulator, multi-stage regulator, battery charger, ... Protects batteries if battery sense wire falls off.
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32 -voltage-regulators - Just Parts INC
14.2v IR/EF 18ACR - "A" Circuit; 4-Wire; Battery Sensing (14050). ... 14.3v IR/EF 15ACR,16ACR,17ACR,18ACR - "A" Circuit; 2-Wire, Machine Sense, Black D-, ...
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33 alpha technologies services wire sense battery kit 36v dual ...
87484220 ALPHA TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES WIRE SENSE BATTERY KIT 36V DUAL STRING 6. Shop online or call 1-800-238-7514.
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34 Should You Buy a Boat Lifepo4 Battery Charger without a ...
Short answer : Best Practice is to have a separate voltage sense wire on your chargers (solar and shore) and voltage regulator. Read this...
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35 Voltage Sensing for Balmar MC624 Regulators
Most charge controllers have a remote battery sense to address this. The sense wires carry essentially no current, so experience no voltage ...
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36 0 battery sense wire kits, 1 36v single and dual strings, Fig. 8 ...
0 battery sense wire kits, 1 36v single and dual strings, Fig. 8-1, 36v system, single string – Alpha Technologies DSM3 for XM3 - Technical Manual User ...
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37 Alternator Wiring Diagram: A Complete Tutorial | EdrawMax
The circuit comprises three main wires: battery positive cable, voltage sensing wire, and ignition wire. The ignition input wire is attached to the engine.
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38 wilbo666 / Toyota Alternators - PBworks
The alternator regulator 'S' terminal is used to 'Sense' the battery voltage ... and this make sense as Toyota were unlikely to add an extra wire (and hence ...
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39 2 wire alternator wiring diagram - Conquerall Electrical
With a three-wire system, the alternator can sense voltage at the ignition and fuse block. It charges the battery more vigorously to bring all systems up to ...
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40 Victron Energy Smart Battery Sense - Bay Marine Supply
Victron Smart Battery Sense · Improves battery charging. By measuring voltage at the battery bank terminals, errors arising from voltage loss due to cable ...
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41 ws500 - for 12v to 48v charging systems - Battle Born Batteries
into the alternator wiring leg. The second wiring leg is directed to the battery bank, and includes positive and negative voltage sense wires, positive and ...
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42 6-Series Alternator Wiring Addendum - Sailboat Owners
6-Series Alternator Wiring Addendum. RR. Positive Battery Sense RED ... On Case Ground (non-IG) alternators, the ground wire(s) in the regulator wiring ...
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43 multi-stage voltage regulator - installation and operation manual
without the “H” designation your kit will not include the wiring harness or fused battery sense pigtail. Locate And Mount The Regulator.
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44 FAQ-Alternators - Powermaster
Simply run a charge wire from the battery terminal on the alternator to the positive ... meaning that it has sensing ciruitry for alternator rotation.
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45 Understanding alternator wiring
Edit: The sense wire is the battery voltage, usually controlled by the ignition switch. The last one "Field" is the excitation signal or ...
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46 APS-500-Regulator-User-Guide.pdf - Ocean Planet Energy
not reconnect batteries until wiring is complete, and ensure wires are connected in ... voltage sense wires, positive and negative current sense wires for ...
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47 Max Charge MC-612 Installation And Operation Manual
Fused (1A) battery sense wire pigtail. 4. Magnetic programming tool. 5. Installation and operation manual. If any of the listed items is not included with ...
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48 What's going on here? (Possible alternator issue)
With a multi-meter the batteries are stable at 12.9v. ... 15.5v at the battery suggests the alternator's sense wire has a bad connection.
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49 Alternator exciter wire diagram. Discussion Starter -
The exciter wire if unbroken will have battery voltage on it with key turned ... The wires are positive, the ignition input, and the voltage sensing wire.
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50 Alternator sense wire (was:Replacing the isolator with boost ...
Alternator ground connection is the casing, grounding back through bracketing and eventually through battery ground cable.
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51 Cascadia alternator - what does this little wire do? | Page 2
I reconnected the sense wire and now my alternator puts out 14.1 to ... this wire now so for the last 4 months, my 4 brand new batteries ...
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52 A Common Sense Approach to Charging System Diagnosis
This is typically due to wiring and resistance issues with the system, ... Sense voltage should match the battery voltage and excessive ...
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53 Battery Sense Wire Kits; Single And Dual Strings; Fig. 8-1, 36V ...
EnerSys Alpha AlphaNet DOCSIS DM3X Series Manual Online: battery sense wire kits, Single And Dual Strings, Fig. 8-1, 36V System, Single String, Fig.
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54 Relocate Voltage Regulator Sense Wire?
Dear Friends, I'm thinking about a little rewiring between the alternator and battery on my '84 F250. I noticed some of the insulation is ...
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55 alternator installation - and operation manual - Merlin Equipment
Greater chance of early battery failure. Voltage Sensing: Voltage must be sensed at most commonly used battery bank (typically house). Connect sense wire to ...
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56 3 wire Alternator (use jumper or voltage sense)
This is a street /strip car in my sig. Battery and disconnect switch in trunk. 3 wire alternators use an internal voltage sensing regulator.
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57 Alt fail on 2011 Ambassador, where is the relay? - iRV2 Forums
On a DUVAC system the sense wire is needed because the battery is isolated from the Alternator via the diodes in the DUVAC. With a Big Boy setup ...
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58 Are You Smarter Than a 'Smart' Charging System? - MOTOR
The S stands for “Sense” and is connected to a location in the wiring harness ... With a voltmeter connected to the battery, simply disconnect the voltage ...
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59 Monitoring of multicell battery string with single sensing wire
A battery monitoring system utilizing only a single sense wire for each string is presented. The system expands on conventional impedance measurement ...
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60 Sense wire connection on 4G alt | Forum
I need help with alternate place to connect sense wire on my 4g alternator. ... You can run the wire straight to the battery, to the starter ...
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61 Customer Questions -
MZS Voltage Regulator Rectifier 6 wire Compatible with Mariner Outboard ... Q: To anyone who has installed, Does the battery sense wire go to the run ...
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62 Regulator sense wire and dual battery banks. - YBW Forum
Hi, More electrical questions. I've got two battery banks controlled through a battery isolation switch. At the moment the sense wire for ...
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63 Sense (electronics) - Wikipedia
In electronics, sense is a technique used in power supplies to produce the correct voltage for a load. Although simple batteries naturally maintain a steady ...
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64 5A on alternator sense wire - IH8MUD Forum
The battery is being charged and the lamp on the dash is functioning as expected but the sense wire is popping 5A fuses on startup.
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65 Automotive voltage regulator and charging system
The control circuit also senses breakage in the battery sensing cable, and ceases driving the alternator when this occurs.
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67 Cable, Battery Cells - Nuvation Energy nStore
Purpose: Connects battery cell voltage sense wires to the Cell Interface. Compatible with: 'Battery Cells' port on Cell Interface Voltage Rating: 1250VDC ...
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sensing and the best charging performance, consider sensing the battery voltage ... If you do not sense at the battery, use the included sense wire to.
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69 How does the alternator regulator sense wire work?
Regulator can adjust the alternator current output(B+ wire) to the battery accordingly by controlling the amount of current it pass to the field ...
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70 Delco SI Alternator... does sense wire need fusible lnk?
Both of these wires need to be protected from battery voltage. That can happen at the battery or the battery end of the wire. Both work. Many ...
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71 Technical - Alternators/charging and 1 wire - The Jalopy Journal
All wiring to the battery is new as are the cables, etc. ... one wire) or are some internally regulated with a sense wire?
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72 three-function solar controller - Alternate Energy Company
Extra space for wire turns. Fits on power panels. Better Battery Charging. Connecting battery sense wires and optional remote temperature sensor.
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73 Alternator sensing Wire Mod- Need more Volts - GM Forum
I was manually charging the Odyssey battery yesterday for a reason.... With a basic load on, fan on lights on & brakes lights on at idle, volts drops from ...
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74 Viewing a thread - Wiring a GM 3 wire alternator - AgTalk Home
I know the big terminal goes to the battery, but the 2 little ones, ... The most common place to connect the #2 sense wire is to the big BAT ...
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75 Alt putting out 16 volts | For B Bodies Only Classic Mopar Forum
Most likely got some corrosion at a connection in the battery sense wire, this will cause increased resistance which in turn lowers the ...
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76 AD244 Slave Wiring from a DR44 (master) - Electrical-battery
The L is for if you have a dash idiot light that tells you the alt isn't charging and S/F is voltage sense if you wire that up to 12 volt ...
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77 Powerwise Charger Sense Wire Melted
It came with a Powerwise Onboard charger, which I 'removed' from cart and bought and installed an EZGO charger plug. I bought new batteries, and ...
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78 Voltage regulator | Kawasaki VN750 Forum
I *THINK* the brown is a 'sense' wire (feedback to the regulator to ... then you have a short somewhere in the wiring or a shot battery.
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79 Marine Power Alternator wiring | IFish Fishing Forum
The sense wire should go as close as physically possible to your battery, no place else. As I explained, 'S' is intended to measure the ...
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80 How Do I Wire a GM (Delco-Remy) Alternator to Make It Work?
The #2 voltage sensing terminal allows the voltage regulator to sense the battery voltage so it knows when to turn the alternator on and off.
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81 BMS sense wire voltage pulsing from 46.1v to 51.2v
Generic LifePo4 battery pack 48v 40AH. 16s aluminum case prismatic cells. All cells individually test to 3.3v. The pack has been sitting for 2 ...
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82 1 Wire GM Alternator and Generator Light | Electronics Forums
In an OEM application the sense wire is connected to either the starter battery connection or the battery. Many swaps that I have seen simply loop this wire ...
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83 Alt sensing wire question | Chevy Nova Forum
The original charge wire is sufficient to charge your battery and is protected by the original fusible link, so leave that in place. The 6 gauge ...
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84 Advanced Alternator Regulators -
Dynamic progressive battery charging: This is a term used to ... destruction of the other battery bank, as the battery sense wire will.
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85 Victron Energy Smart Battery Sense Long Range Voltage and ...
Smart Battery Sense is a wireless battery voltage and temperature sensor ... at the battery bank terminals, errors arising from voltage-loss due to cable ...
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86 Alternator Installation
Disconnect the negative cable from the battery/batteries. ... Connect the gauge's voltage sensing wires as close to the battery's ground and positive ...
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87 Sterling Battery to Battery Charger Install | Page 3
He suggested A2 is a great place to attach your ctek's “alternator battery terminal” to. A2 can't be used for the red sense wire because that ...
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88 Alternator Voltage Regulation 101 (with Wiring Diagrams)
Electronic Voltage Regulator · Battery terminal: Connects to the battery for charging. · Voltage sense terminal: Allows the regulator to sense the ...
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89 Installing a delco one wire alternator - Jag-lovers Forums
The other is a voltage sense connection. There is an optimum voltage for charging a lead-acid battery that varies from 14.4V at room temperature ...
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90 LS conversion alternator wiring question - The 1947
I moved the battery to the drivers side, and removing the ammeter ... You will have to have an exciter wire and a voltage sensing wire if ...
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91 Installing one wire alternator | For A Bodies Only Mopar Forum
I believe it is a one wire to the battery, but I didn't realize there ... "sense" wire which adds "voltage accuracy" to the installation.
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92 Balmar-12-24v-Alternator-Manual-2016-ON.pdf - Enerdrive
Greater chance of early battery failure. • Voltage Sensing: Voltage must be sensed at most commonly used battery bank (typically house). Connect sense wire to ...
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93 Alternator-Upgrade Wiring Tips for Popular GM Charging ...
By locating the voltage-sensing wire closer to the battery, the alternator can compensate for this slight drop in voltage and maintain the ...
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