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1 A Tribute to Shane McConkey – The Story of Rocker Skis ...
The story of rockered skis pretty much boils down to one person, the late Shane McConkey, skier and base jumper who revolutionized the act of ...
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2 Shane McConkey Explains How He Invented the Powder Ski ...
› video-shane-mcconkey-explains...
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3 The Wisdom of Saucer Boy - SKI Magazine
The invention of “shaped” skis and the popularization of fat skis for soft snow. As we all know now fat skis have totally changed the way we ski ...
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4 Shane McConkey came into this world December 30, 1969.
Shane McConkey is revered as a pioneer of freeskiing and ski-BASE jumping, and through his talent and ability to use his trademark irreverent humor to inspire ...
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In a joint venture with Brunetto of Wolf Skis, Denkers developed the Wide Glide, which has quickly become the major part of Evolution's business ...
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6 Evolution of Ski Shape | International Skiing History Association
It was invented by now-forgotten artisans sometime before 1808 and was adopted universally after being popularized by Sondre Norheim and his friends in Telemark ...
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7 An Abbreviated History of Modern Ski Technology - REI
1988: Ski company Atomic tasked one of its engineers, Rupert Huber, to come up with a better powder ski. So, Huber sawed a snowboard in half and ...
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8 Are You Suffering From 'Fat Ski Syndrome'? - Adventure Journal
A fat ski also requires more angulation on hard snow to put it on edge which may cause knee pain. I am watching skiers with fat skis on groomers ...
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9 Nordica Girish Skis | Cigar Aficionado
In 1996, when professional skier Shane McConkey sketched a pair of fat skis with a rockered sidecut on a beer napkin at a bar in Argentina, everyone thought ...
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10 History of Skiing - The Story with Great Photos
-1962: the invention and spread of plastic-shelled ski boots. Invented by Bob Lange. First hard shelled ski boot. -1967: The World Cup of ski racing was created ...
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11 McConkey proud of new powder tool - The Denver Post
The Pontoon is a powder tool that revises McConkey's Spatula, a ski he designed for Denver-based Volant skis that developed a cult following ...
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12 There's (Still) Something about Shane McConkey | NY Ski Blog
Shane McConkey brought fat skis down from the heavens (Tahoe) and taught ... having a tremendous amount of fun inventing games like G.N.A.R. ...
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13 The Skis Americans Don't See, Part One - Realskiers
Over time, the other innovation of the era, super-fat powder skis, ... not happen in the U.S. Carving is a skill that has to be developed, ...
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14 The Close-Out Line: Shane McConkey - Explore Magazine
Ever ridden fat skis in powder? ... Realizing that powder was akin to water, he then invented a reverse-sidecut, reverse-camber ski not ...
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15 Ski geometry - Wikipedia
Ski geometry is the shape of the ski. Described in the direction of travel, the front of the ski, typically pointed or rounded, is the tip, the middle is ...
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16 Hometown Hero: Shane McConkey - The Rankin Richey Team
In 1996 he made the previously shunned fat skis cool when he began using them as his daily skis of choice. The Volant Spatula was the first ...
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17 Powder Skis - Why fat is not all that - Snowsport Professionals
This style of skis first came about in 1988 when Rupert Huber developed the Atomic Powder Plus skis (originally by cutting a snowboard in ...
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18 Shane McConkey's Last Run | Men's Journal
The fat skis are a perfect example. When they came on the market in the mid-1990s, fatties were for intermediates and tourists. Shane saw it differently: The ...
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19 A 'rocker' revolution in skiing |
Rockers are allowing skiers of all levels to use a fatter ski, ... in powder, the rocker in its various evolutions has made skis way easier ...
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After World War II, a number of engineers leaving the airplane business built prototype skis from aircraft aluminum. Howard Head was the most ...
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21 Allmountain/ powder ski (3), snowHeads ski forum
wbsr, So presumably, before "fat skis" were invented, when it snowed, everyone stayed in the cafe? Or alternatively, they just went skiing Toofy Grin.
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22 PowderPeople | Freeskilegende Shane McConkey
PG: You developed some years ago the Volant Spatula, the first reverse/reverse (negativer Seitenzug und negative Vorspannung) ski.
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“Fat skis are a bit of a double edged sword, especially for the beginner to intermediate skier. They make it easier to float through almost all ...
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24 MSP: McConkey Never Threw His Chute - X Games
But beyond a hard-charging, cliff-hucking, trick-inventing, mind-blowing skier and BASE jumper, McConkey was a constant entertainer. Countless ...
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25 Evolution of Skis - Snow Magazine
Invented by ski racer Guido Reuge, the Kandahar binding dominated from the late 20s until the 'safety binding' in the 60s that's still used ...
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26 HELI SKIING | Satmodo Blog
In the olden days, this wasn't true, but most solid intermediates can heliski due to the invention of fat skis. A wide range of unique blue ...
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27 Ski Gear -- Behold The Big Boys: While Skiers Slip And Slide ...
Fat skis, 160 to 180 millimeters long and up to 115 centimeters wide, are nearly twice as wide at the waist than the average slalom ski. They ...
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28 Observations on the ski industry — brother can you paradigm?
The invention, largely credited to the late Shane McConkey, represented a paradigm shift in the shape of skis, the way that they were made, and ...
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29 I just started again after 9 years. Why does everyones skis ...
The first production ski that was fat and rockered was the Volant Spatula. True, it was invented by Shane McConkey but K2 wasn't involved ...
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30 A Skier Idiot.. RIP Shane McConkey, Skiing's Greatest… |
Mark Epstein and Michael Jaquet wrote it all down in “Freeze Magazine”. Shane's roommate Kent Kreitler and other Tahoe skiers and snowboarders started “Boards ...
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31 Fat-ypus Handmade Skis - Powder Skis - All Mountain Skis ...
Powder Skis - All Mountain Skis - Park Skis.
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32 Powder Skis: What Are They & Do You Need a Pair - MTBS&F
A powder ski is a wide ski with a lot of tip and tail rocker designed to float in fresh snow. Powder skis are designed specifically for skiing ...
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33 Fat Skis… Why All The Fuss? - Catamount Trail Association
The designation of “fat” when referring to the width of skis is ... at K2 and Black Diamond initially made ski models that were specifically ...
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34 Sock Rocker - Fat Cantab
The final frontier of foot-to-ski integration technology. It's a well documented fact that most people couldn't ski prior to the invention of ...
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35 1970s Miller Soft Vintage Unmounted Powder Skis
Miller himself was an accomplished ski racer and prolific inventor from Utah, who taught skiing at Alta later in his life. In the early 1950s, ...
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36 Exercise 6 Image and Video w/ Narration - Trinity College
In addition to founding the IFSA, Shane altered the ski world by popularizing fat skis and later inventing a new type of powder ski.
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37 What is 'Extreme Skiing'? – SkiBro | Blog
The Swiss-born Saudan is considered to be one of the fathers of extreme skiing and is credited with inventing the 'windshield-wiper turn' in the ...
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38 Fat Cantab - Which is the most influential ski ever - Facebook
The Spatula is what you read about mostly and was conceptualized by McConkey as early as 96. The PP is what you mostly saw as rentals at heli-ski outfits ...
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39 History - ODYSSEY SKIS
I discovered that shortening my skis, making them wider, ... I filed for a patent on the Wide Short Ski in August of 1991, and introduced the industry to ...
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40 How Ski Tech Has Changed in the Last 10-15 Years - Curated
The Salomon 1080 made waves, and other competitors quickly followed suit. Jason Levinthal, freeskiing pioneer, founder of Line skis, and garage ...
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41 The Fresh Skis Museum
These prehistoric skis have bindings made of twisted birch over the ... In 2002 Salomon pushed things forward further by making a fat ski ...
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42 The Kit | Skiing holidays - The Guardian
For several years manufacturers have made fat skis to give better flotation in deep snow off-piste. But the fatter the ski, the worse it was ...
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43 For Those Who Haven't Seen McConkey Yet -
Fat Skis – He brought them to freeskiing. Then he invented rockered skis. Ski BASE – He may have the most Ski BASE jumps of anyone in the ...
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44 Head - Al's Ski Equipment Barn
Head Skis is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of premium ski equipment. We are a technology driven company, our motto being ...
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45 Powder Tools
Well, first you are going to want to go with a fat set of skis – a minimum of 110mm under foot ... This Norwegian invention can extend the life of a person…
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46 All Mountain Skis That Are Great In Moguls | Page 2 | SkiTalk
One of my favorite skis for bumps is the ON3P Billy Goat, which are 116mm powder skis, nonetheless the flex and tail shape made it really ...
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47 Types of Skis | Best Skis 2019 - Popular Mechanics
Skis have gotten fatter and fatter and skiing has gotten slower and ... doubters the same thing: Mogul skis made skiing fun for me again.
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48 Should I rent powder skis in Killington or is my regular ... - Quora
•3300 BC: Skis from this time period were discovered in Finland. They were 180 centimeters long and 15 centimeters wide. These skis had five grooves.
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49 What to Know About Heli Skiing - Tordrillo Mountain Lodge
You can even skid in powder on fat skis! Fat skis also allow skiers to go much faster and still feel confident and in control. Often you ski on ...
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50 Ski geometry - Wikiwand
In 1984, one of the Olin executives asked ski designer Frank Meatto if it were possible to make a beginner's ski that would make skiing easier to learn. Meatto ...
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51 A History of Skiing - New Generation Ski Instructor Courses
1850: The first ever camber ski is invented by woodcarvers in the province of Telemark, Norway. They find that the bow-shape of a cambered ski ...
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52 Tips for the Uninitiated to Powder Skiing | turnshape
1) Get fat skis – Thanks to the invention of the snowboard, skiers borrowed a concept from it and created fat skis.
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53 Customer reviews: Bowtie Fat Ski Carrier/Sling, Red Over Red
This made carrying things much easier on my husband's recent ski trip with a group to Canada. Quite a few people on the trip were interested in getting this!
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54 Driggs Idaho Outdoor Store | Yostmark Mountain Equipment ...
Clair Yost opened Yöstmark in 1993 and is the inventor of the Mountain Noodles, one of the first soft, fat, powder skis made for the excellent powder conditions ...
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55 How To Buy New Skis - Style Altitude
This is the definitive formula for how to choose the right skis, created after ... to ski anyway like they do so their opinion about float in powder may go, ...
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56 11 of the Most Influential Skis of All Time - Ski Essentials
ALPINE SKI SIZING. This guide is for Alpine Skis. For help with Nordic Ski sizing, please call us at: (877) 812-6710. Ski Sizing can be tricky, ...
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57 Spatula - Freeride Ski Museum - Milano Montagna
Made from 2001 to 2003, it was the first production ski to feature reverse camber as well as reverse side cut. The ski was initially envisioned by the legendary ...
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58 Retro - Miller Soft Skis - The Backcountry Ski Touring Blog
Designer and inventor Earl Miller was a character. I used to love chatting him up at the ski shows. He always had a unique take and bucked the ...
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59 Skiing Owes Jake Burton More Than He Ever Got Credit For.
With Burton's invention, the ski industry was, all of sudden, no longer the ski industry. It was the 'winter sports industry' and snowboarding's ...
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60 Skiing History Magazine -
Farewell to Ski Pioneers Rupert Huber of Atomic Skis, inventor of the fat powder ski; racing promotors Anne and Joe Jones; adaptive ski ...
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61 Powder & Posturing: The Powder 8s - BigLife Magazine
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) had recently opened its backcountry gates, and fat skis were taking over the scene. With easy out-of-bounds access and ...
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62 HISTORY - Extremskis
The families garage's were shortly turned into a inventor's workshops ... Compared to other brands at that time the Extrem skis were made super fat and the ...
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63 The 13 Lightest All-Mountain Skis for Men - Powder7
Skis are getting lighter, and having lightweight all-mountain skis can mean ... Norwegians basically invented skiing, and they take that winter sports ...
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64 My Quest for the Best All Mountain Telemark Ski
I've done a series about the telemark ski evolution and it made me realized ... Fat skis used for powder do not suffer from those issues.
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65 Page 34 of 34 » Alta Skiing Video Blog - The Daily POW
Do you long for the days of the original Raichle Flexon's, the 3 piece boot invented by NASA engineer Eric Geise? Enter Full Tilt. According to the guys at Full ...
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66 The Complete Guide to Aspen's Storied Ski History
The Zip-Fit Liner system, developed by Sven Coomer of Aspen (who also designed the sublime HotGear Boot Bag), is a good example. And the valley's Jack Rafferty ...
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67 UKC Forums - Powder Skis Recommendations
Looking to get some powder skis this season. I've been looking at K2 Hellbents does anyone have any experience of these or any recommendations for wide ...
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68 Telemark Skiing in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley
Many years later, Telemarking was re-invented in Crested Butte, Colorado, USA. An important contributer to its re-birth is Rick Borkovek. He wrote many articles ...
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69 Heli-Skiing Is the Best Drug I Have Ever Taken
Photos John Schwirtlich - Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing ... Wiegele, who invented the fat skis that made the sport popular, and possible, ...
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70 Skis vs boards: The battle for pride, place…and powder.
These days, with the advent of fat powder skis, it is a level playing ... Bevan, who rides a locally invented and produced Gentemstick, ...
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71 The tale of Nonstop from the beginning
Since the inception of Nonstop in 2002, we've made it our unwavering focus to carve a path for skiers and snowboarders to redefine their level, racking up 16 ...
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72 Robert (Bob) Sutherland - The Globe and Mail
Developing the perfect powder ski became a passion. Before wide powder skis came out, he was cutting two pairs of skis longitudinally to make a ...
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73 US5871225A - Short, wide ski and binding - Google Patents
The ski of the present invention provides a sufficiently large snow engaging surface that floatation and planing is obtainable in soft snow and the skier is ...
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74 Skiboards Museum
The term was determined based on the construction and use of short skis by the existing manufacturers at that time. Skiboards were made to carve on edge like ...
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75 Fat Bike Skis: Ride Snow Like You've Only Imagined
The inventor, Brooke Scatchard, has been refining and building the Fat Bike Ski for the better part of 15 years. For more information on how to obtain Fat ...
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76 The Fat Bike Ski Builder - VT SKI + RIDE
I came up with the first design as my senior project at Champlain Valley Union high school. I made a prototype in shop class and applied for a ...
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77 The Pleasure - FREESKIER
The Americans, however, knew when to pick up the ball and run with it. When Dartmouth College's Dick Durrance invented the dipsy-doodle (a bouncy step-turn for ...
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78 Go Telemark Skiing - The Washington Post
Telemarking was invented in the mid-1800s by the father of modern skiing, Sondre Norheim (who was from the Telemark area of Norway). It has two ...
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79 Heli Skiing with Powder Mountain - Whistler Breaks
Powder Mountain specializes in day trips, semi-private and private packages, ... The A-Star Helicopter is the most beautiful ski lift ever invented.
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80 How to Size and Select Skis - SKI BUM
The average 2016 model had a shovel width of 130. “Wide is the new long” is an expression used in the industry. This has, by all accounts, made skiing easier, ...
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81 Archaeologists Extract 1,300-Year-Old Wooden Ski From ...
Measuring about 74 inches long and 7 inches wide, the second ski is slightly larger than its mate. Both feature raised footholds.
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82 When and Where was Skiing Invented
Asking who invented skiing might seem like asking who invented shoes. ... while the longer ski was lubricated with animal fat.
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83 Vintage Hand Made Fat Little Snowman With Skis Figurine - Etsy
Made of ceramic and so cute for winter decor. Nice condition and handmade. ... Vintage hand made fat little snowman with skis figurine.
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84 Brooke Scatchard Introduces the Fat Bike Ski - Seven Days
Innovation doesn't necessarily lead to profits. But Scatchard remains convinced he's created a product that will sell. Last year, he competed ...
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85 Backcountry Ski Boots - Skimo Co
The best ski mountaineering boots are light enough to let you travel far yet powerful enough to ski safely. Skimo racing boots weigh less than 1kg while ...
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86 North Legion develops fat skis - SMX captures backcountry
› news › SMX-north-legion-...
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87 Skiboarding: A Eulogy - The Ski Journal
Austrian brand, Kneissl, launched the Bigfoot in 1991 and brands like Line started building very short and wide, twin tip skis and calling them skiboards as ...
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88 Ski Hunters of Siberia - Alaska Department of Fish and Game
In some of the depictions the skiers hold bow and arrow. Thus there is a strong likelihood that the origin of skiing is closely connected to big-game hunting, ...
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89 Reviews | Powder Factory Skis
The green-built skis use a non-toxic biofuel epoxy resin and sustainably grown wood for cores. Powder Factory founder Casey Day says his team is ...
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90 The Evolution of Pow Skis - Liftopia Blog
At some point, skiing pioneers recognized the “need for speed.” This need, coupled with the invention of plastic in the late 1800s, allowed for ...
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91 Featured Brands - Christy Sports
The company was founded in 1952 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, by Hannes Marker, inventor of the first safety ski bindings, and has stood for safety and ...
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92 The legacy of ski legend Mike Wiegele - Pique Newsmagazine
Raised on a farm in post-war Austria, Wiegele's passion for skiing blossomed early and never faltered; humble and poor, he famously cut down a ...
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93 Skiing Powder |
I wish I'm kidding. But I broke down and took a powder lesson on a private. And basically I had to "un-learn" all those wide stance stuff. As ...
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94 The Art of Hokking – AdventuresNW
Ever since Nils Larsen introduced me to these short, fat skis I've ... of the Altai skiers, Nils, along with François Sylvain developed the ...
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