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1 Mythbusters! 5 essential facts about motor oil - Champion Lubricants
FALSE: Oil additives give the lubricant its detergent properties that keep your engine free of sludge. They also include rust retardants to prevent corrosion ...
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2 4 Myths About Motor Oil You Shouldn't Believe | Uncategorized
Some old-fashioned rules about motor oil are being dispelled. Keep reading this article to learn the real skinny on motor oil.
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3 Car Capers - Mythbusters Wiki - Fandom
Myth– Bleach in the oil can destroy the engine. Verdict – Confirmed; Notes – Bleach is a degreaser and will destroy your engine if it gets into the oil.
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4 Get to know what's true and what's not about motor oils
Get to know your engine oil like you would your vehicle. ... MythBusters: Get to know what's true and what's not about motor oils.
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5 Motor Oil Mythbusters winners - Auto Service World
Here are the winners of the Jobber News Motor Oil Mythbusters Quiz presented by Valvoline. All winners correctly answered the quiz questions. All winners.
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6 MythBusters Episode 15: Scuba Diver, Car Capers
Results from every myth tested on the television show MythBusters, including episode summaries ... Used cooking oil can be used as fuel in a diesel engine.
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7 Mistakes in the Mythbusters' episode on fuel economy devices
You can use vegetable oil in a diesel engine and it does work but there is a small industry of people that do conversions to diesel engines ...
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8 5 Weird Car Myths That Are Actually True (5 That Are Pure ...
While it's not exactly good for you, thanks to the fluids in your body, this myth is actually true. 9/10 Nonsense - Engine Oil Intervals. Engine ...
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9 Mythbusters time - Oil pan and motor mounts -
3rd Generation Specific (1993-2002) - Mythbusters time - Oil pan and motor mounts - Hey everyone - Just stripped down an FD long block this weekend, ...
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10 MythBusters (2006 season) - Wikipedia
The cast of the television series MythBusters perform experiments to verify or debunk urban ... flammable lubricating oil), so it must be dry for the engine to work.
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11 Mythbusters... | Bob Is The Oil Guy
Did anyone watch "Mythbusters" on the Discovery channel yesterday? ... I'm sure the chlorine in the bleach cleaned the engine before it ...
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12 Motor MythBusters | Leak in the Radiator - Facebook
› ... › MotorTrend+ › Videos
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13 Maintenance Mythbusters: AAA Top 5 Misconceptions for Auto ...
Without proper oil changes, engines can fill with sludge. Ultimately, a lack of oil changes will destroy your engine. However, the thought that ...
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14 Mythbusters' 2007 appearance in Oscoda remembered | News
Those myths including whether the jet engines from a 747 could tip ... from the Mythbusters film crew, moments before she drains the oil ...
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15 Motorcycle MythBusters
"I don't care if the owner's manual says to change the oil every 5,000 miles. I'm going to change it twice that often to protect my motor." Okay ...
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16 Mythbusters: Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve | Page 2 | IW STi Forum
› threads › post-3750120
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17 Blog Archives | L&T Auto Repair Shop
Often referred to as the “lifeblood” of your engine, motor oil performs the ... Check out the “Windows down vs A/C” results from Mythbusters.
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18 Can hemp biodiesel replace standard diesel? | by Taylor Woods
Hemp MythBusters — Can hemp biodiesel replace standard diesel? · Soybean Oil (52%) · Recycled feeds (13%) · Corn oil (13%) · Canola oil (12%) ...
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19 Eight Motor Oil Myths Debunked | Christian Brothers Automotive
Do you know your motor oil? Over the years, a number of myths have become so widespread they're often seen as “truths” by many people.
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20 Mythbusters: Don't get driven to distraction by motoring myths
In fact, idling can actually be bad for your engine: petrol is a solvent, meaning the extra fuel injected into the chamber can wash away the oil ...
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21 Mythbusters.....After Run Oil - R/C Tech Forums
Offroad Nitro Engine Forum - Mythbusters.....After Run Oil - Ok let's have at it. There seems to be a direct split amount Nitro RC guys ...
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22 SDL and WVO on Mythbusters - Peach Parts
Who in their right mind would subject a good engine to such mistreatment? Running the oil in 4 different cars before you put it in the benz THEN going ...
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23 4 Common Motor Oil Myths and Why They're False
The guys on Discovery Channel's Mythbusters have exposed some pretty incredible myths. But when it comes to debunking some of the most ...
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24 Hot Rod Honda CR-Z: The Motor MythBusters Make a Hybrid ...
The Motor MythBusters are turbocharging this Honda CR-Z to find out! ... when the OPEC oil crisis started the trend of decreased ...
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25 Mythbusters on cooking oil diesel; the comments are ... - Reddit
Gasoline engines, definitely not... you won't make it far if you try. Unmodified Diesels will run oil (cooking oil as well as old engine oil) as ...
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26 MythBusters (2005 season) - Wikiwand
"Cola Myths" – Cola can be used as a toilet cleaner. Busted, For this myth, Adam dirtied M5's bathroom with engine oil in preparation for the cleanup. Jamie was ...
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27 Can you guys help me or do I need to call MythBusters?
Tech / General Engine - Can you guys help me or do I need to call MythBusters? - Any truth to the myth that a HV oil pump can suck a pan dry?
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28 The Biggest Myth About Warming Up Your Car in Winter Is ...
Under normal conditions, your car engine runs on a mixture of air and ... "Gasoline is an outstanding solvent and it can actually wash oil ...
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29 “Mythbusters” Edition, No. 1 - Chattanooga Pulse
The discussion ranged into oil change intervals, premium gas and ... Your engine and engine computer are designed to perform optimally on ...
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30 Hyper-miling – Excerpted from the Mythbusters - LinkedIn
The Mythbusters put it to the test and found they could not double their ... use a very thin synthetic motor oil too during your next change ...
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31 Alternative Fuels Mythbusters: Biodiesel - Knozone
Biodiesel is a renewable, biodegradable fuel alternative that can be manufactured from vegetable oil (most commonly soy), animal fats, even recycled cooking ...
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32 Episode 63: Air Cylinder Rocket, Gunpowder Engine
The valve was only partially severed, so the MythBusters had to wait 45 ... test run was a failure due to the oil in the engine: the oil and ...
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33 Tweets with replies by Faye Hadley (@SupraFaye) / Twitter
Co-Host of Motor MythBusters & ... 30% leakage will cause drivability concerns, & 50% leakage is usually accompanied by a misfire or major oil consumption.
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34 Myth busters: Consumer Reports takes on alleged gas-saving ...
That was in the days before advanced synthetic oils, fuel injection and electronically-controlled engines, where cold-engine wear was a ...
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35 PM's 15 Favorite MythBusters Car Myths - Popular Mechanics
Over the years, the MythBusters have taken on a variety of ... pursuing car in a car chase with road tacks, a smoke screen and an oil slick?
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36 Mythbusters: Fuel Filters - Racor News
At a recent TrawlerFest diesel engine class, ... All diesel fuel contains asphaltenes– molecular compounds found in crude oil.
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37 Anti-idling myth busters - My Journey Portsmouth
The best way to warm up your vehicle is to leave the engine running for a few minutes. False. You only need to run the engine long enough to get the oil ...
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38 The Myth Putting Acetone in Your Gas Tank
Does adding acetone to your engine really improve fuel efficiency? Read on to find out!
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39 Mythbusters - S2KI Honda S2000 Forums
Myth #7 - Bleach in the engine oil will blow up your engine. Result - plausible - whilst the engine didn't exactly explode, it did get red ...
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40 Mythbusters as economists - Environmental Economics
Last night, Adam and Jamie set out to bust the myth that oil companies and ... combustion engine, except for the small explosion problem.
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41 Mythbuster uses Used Cooking Oil as fuel! [Archive]
Spent cooking oil has been used as fuel in some engines for awhile I believe. No myth here, it will work. Some restuarants have started ...
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42 How to check and add engine oil - Ford IE
Motor oil is your engine's lifeblood. It lubricates the internal parts, so the engine can run smoothly and efficiently. Because your engine needs a certain ...
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43 MythBusters--staight fryer oil in diesel auto - SpeedWake
Did anyone catch the latest episode of MythBuster regarding the use of ... The car started out on fuel oil, then once the engine was up to ...
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44 Gas Myth: Leaving the Engine Running While Pumping Gas
While fueling, have you ever considered starting your engine back up to see exactly what the fuel gauge shows? Has it been incredibly cold ...
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45 Don't Try This at Home! 9780787983697 Used / Pre-owned
Arrives by Fri, Oct 7 Buy MythBusters : Don't Try This at Home! 9780787983697 Used / Pre-owned at
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46 mythbusters pumping gas while car is running
Starting engines is hard on them. But while most modern cars can go as far as 10,000 miles without fresh oil, the occasional change is still ...
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47 Mythbusters test fuel saving devices | Cadillac Owners Forum
now did anyone see the most interesting part of that mythbusters episode ? the fact ... coarse we would dump our used engine oil into the fuel tanks fo the ...
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48 15 Car Myths That People Still Believe - Getty Oil Company
Conventional car engines can't combust kerosene. ... Discovery's “Mythbusters” proved that in real life, bullets go right through the tank ...
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49 Air Cylinder Rocket | Mythbusters - Discovery
Meanwhile, Grant, Tory and Kari have a blast exploring if it's possible to get an engine running with gunpowder. ... Mythbusters. 20 Seasons. S4 E25 4/12/06 ...
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50 What would happen if someone put drain cleaner into ... - Quora
So, running with drain cleaner in your fuel will damage, not only your fuel system, but will get into the engine oil and cause untold wear to your engine ...
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51 Series / MythBusters - TV Tropes
The Franchise went into indefinite hiatus in 2021 following the debut of Motor MythBusters, which saw former Build Team member Tory Belleci joined by ...
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52 MythBusters - Aired Order - All Seasons -
Mythbusters, Jamie and Adam put their noses to the test to find out if that nasty ... interfere with its flight or will the jet engine just blow it away?
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53 Myth Busters: Dispelling air filtration myths in the age of Covid ...
Thus, most air filters are rated by their ability to keep particles of different sizes from entering the engine. Since modern filtration systems ...
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54 Bleach in a Gas Tank? (What REALLY Happens)
While MythBusters proved that the gas tank will rust, this contaminated fuel has contacted a litany of other components if you've run the engine ...
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55 Mythbusters: Ethanol and Foreign Oil Displacement
Mythbusters: Ethanol and Foreign Oil Displacement ... There are some things that internal combustion engines can do better than brute muscle power.
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56 All you need to know about clean cars and fuel efficiency - Way
But happily, MythBusters discovered that a clean car improves fuel efficiency. ... These oils flow more easily through your oil pump and engine, ...
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57 Will Sugar in Gas Tank Ruin Engine? - Salem - Capitol Subaru
Is there anything to the old urban legend that pouring sugar into a gas tank will destroy a car's engine? What should you do if you suspect that someone has ...
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58 Record-setting race car driver, Mythbuster Jessi Combs was a ...
› Latest News
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59 Toyota MR2 Fans Attack 'MythBusters Jr.' on Facebook For ...
And in 1988, a supercharged version of its 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine made its way to America. The comments on the video—of which there are ...
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60 5 Busted Myths About CBD | Bluebird Blog
Bluebird Botanicals' full-spectrum CBD oil is derived from hemp, which is why we can send our products to all 50 states (with few ...
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61 Does Sugar in a Gas Tank Actually Cause Harm?
The myth that if somebody adds sugar to a car's fuel tank, that it will dissolve, enter the engine and cause an engine to blow up is false.
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62 Anti Idling Information, Statewide M & O, Transportation ...
Mythbusters. Myth: The engine should be warmed up before driving. Reality: The best way to warm up your vehicle is to drive it ...
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63 Mythbusters - Etsy
Check out our mythbusters selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces ... LASER BLUEPRINT: F-1 Rocket Engine Poster.
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64 Fact or Fiction?: Premium Gasoline Delivers Premium Benefits ...
... combustion engine, the process of refining gasoline from oil, ... During the four-stroke cycle of a typical car motor, the piston drops ...
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65 Pin on Car Life Hacks - Pinterest
The guys on Discovery Channel's Mythbusters have exposed some pretty incredible myths. But when it comes to debunking some of the most common motor oil ...
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66 Mythbusters: Test Rider Edition - Keefer, Inc. Tested
Mythbusters: Test Rider Edition ... garage and you will find clean bikes, lubed chains, fresh filters and fresh engine oil in the machines.
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67 7 Car-Care Myths That Need to Die - Kiplinger
Do you really need to change the oil every 3000 miles? ... resistance to pre-ignition (a hazard to your engine that you might hear as pinging, or knocking).
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68 Does towing an SMG car in gear damage the engine?
A good solenoid cleaning and refurbishment will probably take care of that. Once the oil pan came off, there was a decent odor of fuel in the ...
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69 Mythbusters: Oil Creates Jobs and Makes Us Safer Edition
The simple truth is that the oil industry is not the engine of job growth that many advocates claim it is. Between 2005 and 2010, ...
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70 That College Kid Whose Jeep I Saved Wound Up Stranded ...
... even Adam Savage from Mythbusters tweeted about it. ... Apparently the engine wasn't knocking, and the oil level looked okay after the ...
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71 Compressed Air Myth Busters - Michigan Air Solutions
Low oil pressure; Overheating; Excessive oil consumption; Excessive current draw; Failure to start or motor stalls. Download.
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72 Why Couldn't the MythBusters Flip a Truck With an RPG?
Suppose the RPG hits the engine and the engine breaks into two pieces with one piece going straight down. This would cause the rest of the SUV ...
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73 Myth Busters - The top five most common vehicle myths
Our experts do recommend letting your car idle for up to 30 seconds before driving, but the reason for this is to circulate the engine oil ...
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74 Myth Busted: Can Sugar Destroy a Car's Engine? - Mycarforum Can Sugar Destroy a Cars Engine? Its a car-culture legend, passed down from ...
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75 MythBusters: Animal Behavior DVD | DVDs - Nasco
Special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman take urban legends and put them to the scientific test. The MythBusters team designs an experiment to ...
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76 BioDiesel Benz on "MythBusters" - MotorsForum
on May 10, 2006 Episode of "MythBusters" on Discovery Channel (Episode #53 - ... The MB petrol engines should run on Ethanol but they might need adjustment.
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77 Mythbusters: debunking the claim that fuel economy standards ...
Kazman — whose organization has received considerable funding from oil companies over the years — compared fuel-efficiency targets to ...
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78 Mythbusters: Season 16 Episode 4 - Road Rage [HD] [Buy]
Learn more about the Detailed Specifications. Features. Synopsis, The MythBusters test three car crimes straight from Hollywood: the cliff top push, ...
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79 Watch MythBusters Season 14 | Prime Video -
The MythBusters burn rubber at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway testing racing myths. Can man beat machine in a 30-ft, standing-start sprint? Can a driver lose ...
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80 Need Mythbuster on JD oil vs univeral oil on brake
It did happen once with Deere Torq-guard engine oil though - they had a bad batch. Deere wasn't lying, but whoever made their oil screwed up and cause a lot ...
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81 5 Common Car Myths to Stop Believing
This myth is so commonly held that Mythbusters tackled it on the popular ... since engine oil gets grimy over time and will stop lubricating ...
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82 Mythbusters - Sportster Style - Harley Davidson Forums
One can easily go 5k miles (the HD recommendation for engine oil) on conventional or synthetic oil. Synthetic can often go further.
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83 Mythbusters: Coconut Oil for the Face - Kopari Beauty
Today on The Salty we're playing “Mythbusters.” It's come to our attention that a lot of girls out there are afraid of using coconut oil in ...
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84 Shattering Hammers on Mythbusters - I Forge Iron
Then quench it in motor oil. Because the carbon in the oil will soak into the hammer and case harden it. They heat hammer heads in a charcoal ...
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85 The Number that Busts the Biggest Myth of the 21st Century
Extended oil drains are the big bad wolves of the quick lube ... back in the National Oil & Lube News (NOLN) archives “MythBusters” style to ...
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86 Automotive Myths: We Separate Fact from Fiction | Auto Lab
Two of the MythBusters drove through a driving test course that ... Failing to use premium fuel in these cars can cause engine knock, ...
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87 The offical Mythbuster "Car Skip" Thread -
Not just stupid about the placement of the engine in a Fiero, ... totaled 3 times the motor was wicked strong too as long as you have oil in ...
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88 Mythbusters. - Page 7 - The Volkswagen Club of South Africa
On a VW if you remove the thermostat the engine will run Hotter. ... On the dyno with challenge cars they make best power with the oil at ...
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89 Rotary/ RX-8 Mythbusters Social Media Series
Oil Consumption; "All RX-8s need a rebuild at *insert mileage here*" ... Or "According to Mazda's compression graph my engine is foobah!".
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90 myth busters - • View topic
Mr. Diesel's first design was for this engine to burn some sort of vegetable or peanut oil, NOT diesel fuel. The reason we have diesel fuel ...
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91 What to mix with petrol to guarantee engine death? - Page 2
Bleach in petrol will cause poor running but rusty petrol tank in the morning, according to Myth Busters Bleach in oil will cause engine ...
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92 MythBusters: The Explosive Truth Behind 30 of the Most ...
Earl ran normally; however, after the engine was turned off, the car experienced a little minor backpressure from the carbonation.
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MYTHBUSTERS: THE TRUTH ABOUT ETHANOL ... replace much of our imported oil by 2030. The technology of ... emissions and helps keep your engine clean.
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